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  • SHREE RADHA-LEELAMRIT: Prem Ki Adhishthatri Devi by: ROSHAN SHARMA 330.00

    In the various branches of devotion to India and the whole world, Despite the availability of abundant material, till date, no such book has been in light Could Came, in which The entire life-wise description of SRI RADHA, The love of Lord Krishna is available for all.

    The book “Sri-Radha-Leelamrita: Prem ki Adhisthatri Devi” is the first book, in which Lord Krishna’s beloved, Sri Radha’s form, qualities, beauty, origin, and sacred unknown mysterious love Leelas descriptions are available in serial, which is full of love and devotion. Why? -the Idol of Sriradha-Krishna is revered as a symbol of love and worshipped everywhere, those wonderful leelas are described in this book. Emerging from Golok to The earth, Raas, Maharaas, Prem Leela, Virah, Daan-Leela, 100-year separation of Radha and Krishna, again meeting of the couple then after death, what will happen to their love to know must read the book.

  • Virah Sarita by: Subodh Kumar 155.00

    This is a poetry book that continuously goes on into three parts and each part comprises its own various subsections. The book is not related to the anguish of love or separation only but touches many aspects of life. It shows the goal of human life and breaks the limitations of that mind which is trapped in a labyrinth of thought.

  • Adhoora Shayar by: Jiten Meel 230.00

    Adhoora Shayar” is a book of a hybrid genre. It is a collection of some quotes and poetry based upon various topics such as life skills, love, faith, time, relations, emotions, nature, misery, family, future, community, motivation, and many other interesting topics. It is a collection of my viewpoints toward every aspect of life in simple words with beautiful rhymes. It is not just a collection of words or creations, but a collection of experiences, lessons learned, and inculcations. Some of these will resemble your situation of mind and emotional state, some may inspire you, some will give you a way through some depressing conditions of life and some will touch your heart, also it will work as a healing factor if you are broken heart. It will be a pleasant journey through this creation as it has realistic material as well as all the things beyond the extent of your imagination. It has a variety of content and it’s a nice thing to explore if you are interested in poetry or if you too a poet. let’s together make a dive through this magical realm of beautiful rhymes.

  • ZARAYAM in Western U.P by: Dr. Sanjay K 456.00

    This story is based on crime. West U.P. In a village, many murders takes place over a small piece of land. In the family, only Shikha’s two young children and younger sisters Shivani and Bhola who are her brother-in-law are survived. She makes both of them not fight with anyone and asks them to take good care of their children so that they do not go into the world of crime. Both follow it. Shivani becomes a PCS officer through hard work. Bhola becomes an international-level shooter player. They both care about Shikha’s children by raising them and instead of giving birth to their own children, they give them the name of their parents. His work is appreciated in the surrounding area. Children grow up. Both the children make pressured to name the land. And one day the sister’s son whom he named his son kills both of them by taking the land.

  • She Breathes Between the Lines by: Thingamphy Horam 230.00

    The simple joy of it all is not always knowing, but rather learning along the way and fixing myself to grow deeper in life. I hope the readers will breathe with me as I breathe between these lines until all the rhythms of the poem come alive and perceive to love yourself more.

  • HELSAND by: Chetan Prakash Satpute 380.00

    Sushant is a smart, self-respecting but a little shy, conscientious and thoughtful boy. while Mansi is a dancer, very smart, beautiful but a little selfish. a girl who thinks about something when it happens or doesn’t think about anything at all. Sushant is taking admission for MA in Sociology. But Sushant was admitted a little late in his batch. Because the result is late, it takes 15- 20 days to start the course. On the first day, Sushant knows nobody.
    But He makes two-three friends in a day or two. The group is formed. But in a couple of days, a girl also appears in class. He thinks that this is the girl who will be my friend or no one else. In the next two or three days, he is preparing to get info about Mansi. Sushant is shy and afraid to talk to her. But for some reason, he talks to her. He doesn’t even understand it. He then tries to talk her out of it for some reason. Sometimes Mansi replies to Sushant, sometimes nothing. Sushant doesn’t want to understand this. But his friends tell him, don’t try to get too involved with her. Sushant doesn’t want to listen to anyone. Because Mansi used to be so free with him for some time that if anyone saw them, they would think of them as a couple. The difference between a couple and a friendship is obvious to everyone. But what was going on between the two of them, they did not understand well. But the fact is, they both liked each other. The two have spent a lot of time together in the 2 year MA course. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Both spend time with each other. In all this, Sushant was aware of Mansi’s habits and her dreams. Every girl wants to live an independent life and have her own career. In fact, Mansi would have come to that city to set up his own dance studio. She is the instructor of Zumba
    Dance. Putting aside everything in the MA course, she is pursuing a career. Therefore, the number of meetings between Sushant and Mansi decrease. And Sushant also knows that whatever it is between the two of them, it will end as soon as the course is over. After the course, Sushant tells Mansi everything. But this time Mansi also wanted to talk to Sushant and both of them did not agree with what happened in the end. Even Mansi is not ready to give up.

  • Red Card by: Ranju Aery Dadhwal 225.00

    This book examines the politicization of victims of terrorism and the reality of the victimization experience of Hindus of Punjab. A very short introduction into the historical, ideological and local, and foreign roots of terrorist violence in Punjab in which Hindus are being embattled till today. This violent war of politics and power lasted for almost a decade.

    Families of Hindus killed or migrated from the state have been shedding tears for the last three decades. Terrorism/ Terrorist does not have a widely agreed definition but is widely accepted as a method of coercion. Victims of terrorism are a unique group of individuals whose experience is overlooked in Punjab on terrorism. Unlike America, where we have seen lobbying activities and political involvement of the victims of terrorism in policy-making and law-enforcement transformations, Punjab has forgotten Hindu terrorist victims for political gains.

    Killed to lay the foundation of Khalistan or were terrorized and forced to flee the state. To this day these people are deprived of not only justice but even the red cards given to the families of the victims of terrorism. Without the card, they are deprived of the Government concessions available to them.

    This book is based on fieldwork in Punjab, Haryana, some parts of Himachal, and Delhi. This focuses on the needs and experiences of victims of terrorism and political violence and does not intend to create a rift between the communities. This book will be of much interest to students of terrorism and political violence for power, victim’s condition, and disparities injustice delivered, if any.

  • Refining Relativity by: Karunesh M Tripathi 245.00

    Einstein’s derivation of Special Relativity Formulae is marred by mistakes and is done only for events of a light signal in motion. The formulae are, however, used mostly for other-than-light events. Without questioning the theory itself, the book discusses the mistakes and ways to correct it. The generality of expressions is also enhanced by taking obliquely moving frames (i.e. the observation frame moving in a direction oblique to that of light signal), an improvement over the existing derivation. In view of this, changes in the Lorentz Transformation Condition become inevitable. In addition, the book is full with many other new concepts. Thus it is a must-read for all connected with Physics and the concepts need to be discussed and adopted by the entire Physics community.

  • Hansi Ekmatra Dawa Hai by: Sudhir Bhargava 300.00

    COVID has been a time of suffering and posts COVID the world is full of depression and irreparable losses. Loss of loved ones is something that can never be dealt with but as some say “laughter is and will always be the best form of therapy. “So we wanted to bring a bit of that healing into your life by means of this joke book.

    Hope we are able to bring a little smile to your face and elevate your pain.
    Let’s laugh together because it may not add years to your life but will add some life to your years.
    Happy reading

  • Programming in C by: Dr R kanimozhi, Mrs V Rathika, Dr K Bhuvaneswari, Mrs S Hemalatha 200.00

    Programming in C will teach you how to write programs in the C programming language. This book will provide you with a clear understanding of this language. The book starts with an introduction to programming in general followed by a detailed introduction to C programming. It then delves into a complete analysis of various constructs of C such as decision control and looping statements, functions, arrays, strings, pointers, structure and union, file management, and preprocessor directives. It is an essential book for those who are interested in learning C in a simple manner.

  • PEHCHAAN- VOL.2 by: AMIT TYAGI 125.00

    Amit Tyagi dwara likhit ‘PEHCHAAN VOL.1’ aur ‘PEHCHAAN- VOL.2’ do alag-2 hindi prernaadaayak kavitaaon ke sangrah hai, tatha AMIT TYAGI ki kuchh anya rachnaaon me shumaar Action/ Romance/ Drama parikalpana se paripoorn hindi upanyaas ‘BEEJ’ hai.

    Doston ye PEHCHAAN Kavita sangrah ka part-2 hai, joki thodi nakaaraatmakta me sakaaraatmak aur sath me thodi si vyangaatmak prernaadaayak kavitaayen hai, jise ek baar poora padhne per aapke ander ki saari nakaaraatmak oorjaayen jalkar khaak ho jaayengi, aur isee ke sath aapke ander ek nayi sakaaraatmak oorja ka sanchaar hona praarambh ho jaayega.

  • PEHCHAAN- VOL.1 by: AMIT TYAGI 125.00

    Amit Tyagi dwara likhit ‘PEHCHAAN- VOL.1’ aur ‘PEHCHAAN- VOL.2’ do alag-2 hindi prernaadaayak kavitaaon ke sangrah hai, tatha Amit Tyagi ki kuchh anya rachnaaon me shumaar Action/ Romance/ Drama parikalpana se paripoorn hindi upanyaas ‘BEEJ’ hai.

    Doston ye PEHCHAAN Kavita sangrah ka part-1 hai, jise ek baar poora padhne per yakeen maano doston, aap sabhi logo ka jindagi ko dekhne ka nazariya hi badal jaayega, aur aap log apni iss roj-marra ki oobaau jindagi me ek nayi umang ke sath khud ko tarotaza-sa mehsoos karoge.

  • Inner Child Magick by: Sravanthi Bathala 777.00

    A self-help book that helps us become aware of emotions & how they play an important role in impacting our lives. Also understanding how our inner child plays a huge role in how we perceive the world and ourselves.


    Cytokines are small proteins that are crucial in controlling the growth and activity of other immune system cells and blood cells. There are a wide range of cytokines that plays a vital role in the pathophysiology of periodontitis. Newer cytokines are on the research table to be discovered in the coming era. This book offers knowledge of the cytokines discovered till date and its association with periodontitis.

  • I want to Live by: Sunil Koul 220.00

    It’s a story that is written keeping in mind a woman. A woman who fought and keeps fighting. A woman who dreamt and never stopped dreaming. A woman who fell in love because she wanted to feel in love. A woman who made her own way.
    Runmoy was waiting in the garden of his big mansion. There was a teapot with a couple of teacups ready for Savitri to arrive. Runmoy stood up when he saw Savitri walking towards him. ‘Kaise hain aap Runmoyji (How are you Runmoyji)?’ asked Savitri Devi shaking Runmoy’ s hand. Runmoy responded with mixed emotions, ‘Abhi tak to theek hai Madam, aage ka aapke upar hai. Boliye? (I am fine till now, but it further depends on you. What have you got?)’. Savitri Devi
    took the opposite chair and passed on the documents to Runmoy who started sweating looking at the different pages he held in his hand. (Talking in Hindi, he said) ‘What rubbish is this? Where did you get this from? Do you know what are you playing with? I will destroy you.’ Runmoy stood up and started shouting but it was more of desperation than command. Savitri remained seated and said, ‘I am ok if you don’t want to believe me. I will hand it over to the press and let’s see the drama. Are you ok with that?’ Runmoy signaled his secretary and the server to leave them alone. ‘What do you want Savitri?’ Said weak-looking Runmoy. Savitri
    looked into his eyes and said, ‘You are trying your best to become rich, and I have no issues with it but not at cost of destroying me. I will not let anyone destroy me and the empire I have made. Unlike you, I have worked hard every day for the last 20 years to make this happen. You listen to me and listen well. All this drama you have created with someone whom I don’t know has to be put to an end. I need everything back what you took from me in the last 24 hours and I need it in the next 24 hours.

  • Digital Marketing Tools, Techniques & It’s Aspects – An Integrated Approach on Online Marketing by: Dr.Ritika Malik & Ms.Ritika Aggarwal 220.00

    In this fast-changing world, digital format is working well. Concerted efforts have been made to balance the theory and best examples of digital marketing and social media tools and techniques. Our lives have been transformed by Digital Marketing, it has also impacted each sector from industry to agriculture. The online presence of business is gaining more attention than brick & mortar methods. Also to reach customers in large numbers this Digital Marketing is helping more. This all has been brief in the book.

  • BEEJ by: AMIT TYAGI 399.00

    Amit Tyagi dwara Likhit ‘BEEJ’ -Action/ Romance/ Drama parikalpana see paripoorn ek hindi upanyaas hai, Jisme kalyug ki Mahabharat ke beech ek amar prem-gaatha ka beej panapta hai, aur isee ke sath shuruaat hoti hai ek sachchi prem kahani ki, joki ek romaanchit patkatha ke roop me iss hindi upanyaas me
    rekhaankit ki gayi hai.

    Tatha Amit Tyagi ki kuchh anya rachnaao me shumaar hindi prernaadaayak kavitaaon ke sangrah ‘PEHCHAAN- VOL.1’ aur ‘PEHCHAAN- VOL.2’ hai.

  • Wings of Soul by: Dr Neetu Singh 235.00

    Wings of soul’ is a poetry collection written by Neetu Singh. Each poem is connected through the common theme of eternal love”

  • Rahasyamayi Murti by: Arpita 205.00

    Anu is the main character of this story. Shiva is Anu’s life partner and a very good friend. Shiva took her to Guwahati city a few days after their wedding. Both of them were very happy with each other and were living happily.
    After some days, they bought something that opened many mysteries of their life and made them think that…

  • Amritanjli by: “Manoranjan Prasad “Chanchal” 122.00

    Taking the support of religion, the purpose of life through various means of devotional mediums like kirtanam, sravanam, etc, which is to have an interview with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is certainly easy. Praising Shri Hari and writing songs of praise was an important part of the life of Chanchal, but after his death, the soulful compositions of Amritanjali were left behind with time, by the infinite grace of God, 2018 his grandson Harsh Kaushik Ji thought of giving his poetic compositions a glorious form again in his student life. Finally, in 2021, he contacted the editor and shared many songs and poems under Amritanjali, and published them in the form of a poetry book. It is expected that the readers will come to know about the priceless moments of “Chanchal” life and their life will also be always attached to the service of Shriman Narayan.

  • 15 NOTES FOR MY LOVE by: JIYA & ANKUR 225.00

    “Falling in love is easy, but rising in love every single moment is the toughest.”

    The girl, Anamika, loved to make acquaintances with people, she was a very social girl but this habit gave her naught. She fell in love with the rising callous singer, who gave her nothing but doldrum. Spending time with him, indeed, was filled with felicity and thereupon she fell in love with the disposition of this young man.

    The question arises here is why did Ekansh leave Anamika when everything was going good?

    Will he ever come back to her again or not?

    Being the daughter of his father’s mistress, she suffered a lot. Life couldn’t be more daunting for anyone, even happiness didn’t dare to stay in the court of a young girl for so long.

  • Sweet & Sour by: News Warriors Collective 340.00

    Sweet & Sour is a collection of anecdotes by a group of media professionals, who were part of the Government of India, deployed in various media units under the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.
    These anecdotes give a peep into policy in the making in the corridors of power in New Delhi, eye-witness account from Sri Lanka during the deployment of the Indian Peace Keeping Force, Afghanistan through its turmoil and several decades of internal conflict in Jammu & Kashmir. Several government journalists missed death by a whisker during the call of their duty. Started just as an exercise to unwind the nerves during the lockdown period in 2020-21, it emerged as a good collection of articles, some breath-taking, some poignant, and some hilarious. It certainly is worth reading.

  • What You Should Know that Your Parents were Clueless About by: Shadi Razavian 499.00

    What you should know that your parents were clueless about is a book that opens your minds’ eyes to the power of words. How this power can make or break your own life as well as the lives of others around you especially your children. The author has shared many practical tips to better parenting as well as self-awareness for a more empowered life through the understanding of the mind and the importance of words. While there are a whole bunch of useful parental guidelines to take away, this book can definitely open a new window to our life’s chase for happiness and a perspective to a life of fulfillment and God-given self-confidence. The author’s sincere and heartfelt writing- style can take you through a journey of self-discovery as she shares he own life experiences. If you are ready to create and transform your life, this is surely a great place to begin. Happy reading.

  • Break Free by: Zachriah Sulayman 153.00

    Break Free follows the stories of people from different walks of life, and their struggle to remain afloat in chaos. The protagonist’s struggle is marred between the expectations of his loved ones, and that of his own self. The book explores the cognitive impact of human emotions in one’s life, and the various intersections that shape our world. The author brings to light how different perspectives and experiences can change the way we see ourselves, and others. It’s a story of human emotions, of broken desires, and above all, of hope that still finds its way in the abyss of darkness.

  • Lean Aviation Blueprint by: Anish Kumar Pandey 1,399.00

    The book is about the lean methodology which is developed and implemented by Toyota can equally be applicable in aircraft maintenance and engineering to reduce waste and improve productivity for cost-effectiveness.

    Proactive approach, ownership, and situational awareness played a vital role in cost reduction.

    “A stitch in time saves nine”.

    This book consists of areas and methods by which cost reduction can be achieved in order to make the industry profitable. This book will create a sense of cost-saving and ownership which helps in curtailing the operating costs.

    We frequently hear a lot about Airlines going into financial distress, thanks to the challenging business model. Also, primarily the reason behind every Airliner taking a keen interest in LEAN Business Model. Now, this has a massive and complex application on Airlines Management considering the Safety aspect.

    In this book, based on his Aircraft Maintenance experience Anish has made an honest attempt to outline proven measures which will eliminate the wastage without compromising the safety aspect. It is a mine of information, demonstrating simplicity and effectiveness in a one-stop. So, Airlines do not necessarily have to waste any further time in amassing the data.

    apart from lean methodology, this book will give a brief idea of Aviation leaders thinking, strategies to adopt while selecting the external repair agency, Contract strategy that airlines should follow. and many case studies that changes the fortune of aviation.

  • The New Middle Class of Delhi and NCR by: Professor. Mohd. Mohsin Khan & Professor. Asiya Chaudhary 250.00

    It was only in the late 1980s that the importance of the middle class was apprehended in India. With the burgeoning Indian population, the market for specific products multiplied predominantly. Over the past 30 years, successive governments with their prudent macroeconomic policies improved levels of public expenditure, and a healthier Balance of Payment worked to liberate the economic condition of the Middle Class. Significant improvement transformed past ‘Middle Class’ to ‘New Middle Class’(NMC). The metamorphosis enhanced their income and consumption power. The book identifies the impact of this transformation on banking and investment habits, buying /spending habits, education preferences, and lifestyle of the NMC. The purpose is to explore in order to find out their nature and pattern of consumption, savings, and investment. Since the transformation in this class is more visible in metropolitan cities, the areas selected are New Delhi and NCR. It is concluded that the rise in NMC’s income affected their savings/ investments, consumption in various categories of goods differently and lifestyle, leading to a drastic change in consumer behavior, which must not be ignored, as it has a strong impact on consumers goods industry and Indian economy in turn. The consumer goods-producing industry must capitalize on these changes profitably.

  • Driving through the rule book of an investor (Fundamental and Technical Analysis) by: Mr Maurya Hanspal 350.00

    The book talks about the detailed fundamental and technical analysis in the field of finance. The book has been designed completely for the courses of BBA, MBA, and other related areas. Due to the lack of technical jargon being used, the book stands on a unique ground and makes the readers understand the crux of these analysis. Instead of being just a book to read, it guides the reader to undertake fundamental and technical analysis in the real world with practical examples. The book is surely a perfect guide to undertake and implement these concepts with accuracy.

  • KNOWLEDGE CONSORTIUM (Mitigating the inquisitiveness of Being) by: Dr Samir Kumar Hui 193.00

    The book “KNOWLEDGE CONSORTIUM: Mitigating Inquisitiveness of being” is a book of multi-disciplinary nature covering research articles of twenty-two in numbers. It is purely meant for all students, scholars, researchers, and academicians interested in English literature, sociology, cultural studies, and translation studies. This book curved out of the rich academic teaching and research and experience of Dr. Samir K Hui, a brilliant bi-lingual poet and a published short story writer writing both in English and Odia. The book’s interdisciplinary nature gives it a different flavor for its interest in discussing social, cultural, and literary issues that make reading an exciting experience contributing to the study of humanities and social sciences.


    This book is a glimpse into my ongoing flirtation with Dame Literature … and the rare occasion when … she winked back.

    Regarding the poems, some of them arose in response to the morning wishes received as “forwards” via WhatsApp by people who could be considered as the modern roosters – summoning the sun over the horizon every day; others arose out of a deeply emotional response to situations like the present on-going pandemic. And then there are others.

    The short stories are based on happenings as I grew more and more aware of the world around me, and as I wandered through swamps of dog-eared files, never ceasing to wonder at the infinite variety of human feelings, deviousness – and resilience. Altogether, they reflect an attitude towards life: some guiding philosophy, some amount of humour, and … love.

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