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  • Textbook on Organ Donation – Multidisciplinary Perspectives by: Dr. Reeta Dar 1,550.00

    It is a multidisciplinary academic book on organ donation for graduate and post-graduate students of philosophy, sociology, psychology, law, medicine, public health, and nursing. The book, written in a simple language, compares India’s living and deceased organ donation and transplant activities with that of the globe. Besides, it divulges the complex medical, ethical, legal, social and psychological aspects of living and deceased organ donation and transplantation. This book is helpful for researchers in identifying and selecting topics for further research. Based on the review of literature and PhD research work of the author, this book is one of its kind in India.

  • Himalayan Verve in Verse by: B.D Kala 500.00

    Himalayan Verve in Verse is a compilation of poems composed by Late B.D. Kala. The poems allude to the folksy fervour of Himalayan oral poetry that is at once modest and beautiful, devoid of any excessive refinement or a pompous show of knowledge and mind-boggling mysticism. These are songs, as old as hills, genuinely simple and sincere, that every mind and heart secretly seeks to sink. In short, the anthology is intended as an addition to the ever-widening basket of Indo-Anglian poetry.

  • Introduction to Classical Thermodynamics by: Dr. Ananda G K 800.00

    It is well known that thermodynamics presents students with particular difficulties. They find the concepts evasive and the methods obscure. These problems arise because it is traditional to emphasize at the outset how general thermodynamics is. Unfortunately, when ideas are introduced in an unspecific context they fail to make contact with the student’s experience – such ideas do not become part of the physical intuition of the student. In this introductory text, the subject is developed in stages beginning with the basic notions, which are illustrated using an ideal gas as a model system. The generalization of these concepts is achieved first using the classical laws of thermodynamics and second using the formalism of Gibbs to provide a systematic introduction to the thermodynamic potentials. Work processes on polarizable media subject to electric and magnetic fields are discussed and transformations of matter, including phase change processes and chemical reactions, are treated in detail. The book contains many worked examples, and approximately 250 questions, which are keyed to the text. The questions include traditional and applied topics, and longer questions have been programmed to guide the student.

  • Let’s Quit ( Secret of Stop Smoking within 15 Days) by: SUMAN SAHA 249.00

    “Kill the cigarettes before it kill you”

    This is not a self-help book, Actually, self-help book may motivate you but the Main purpose of this book is to help you out from your comfort zone, basically goal for this book is to inspire you to become aware of the facts of smoking and appreciate the fullness of who you are. It will not be a luxury but it will be the cheerful journey.

  • How to Self – Control & Discipline by: Prem Aggarwal 207.00

    It is written with the purpose to instruct its reader on solving personal problems and bringing a better change in the lives of themselves and the people around them. The writer’s core motive is to increase self-awareness, and performance and create satisfaction in one’s life. In this book, I am presenting all my experiences and learning that help me to grow and bring a positive change in me for the upliftment of my own and for people around me. It includes a short message to follow in every day’s life and be the best version of yourself. Many times in life, we are seemingly hell-bent on finding excuses as to why we cannot step into our own personal greatness. Well, I am here to tell you that anything that you dream possible is possible. In this book, I am inviting you to accompany me on my journey of leanings. I have been planning to write this book for years, but for some reason, I kept starting and stopping. But after being encouraged by myself, I eventually found the courage to share it with the world. The experience is both internally challenging and rewarding.

  • Learn from Life by: Divya Anant 225.00

    This book is related to poetry and fiction.

  • Ripping off of the Thievery by: A. Siddiqui 234.00

    A heist, a plan offhanded, and a bloody hiatus of three break-in frolickers from Brizzle who’d the faintest clue the fraction they decide robbing a rich, lucrative suburban. Preparation of expectancy’s a hard-learned per se, as such the whimsical turns up blind-headed when the trio-of-unfortunate muddle their britches to a situation uncalled rather, looting a bank even, for they were only barging into a nearby mansion the previous hour, oblivious to a brewed- fuss stored innit for them the very-morning. A thrill slapstickery of crude-banter, nutsy, drama, triple the hilarity leading the troupe of hapless Bristolians a schemed chaos to prattle over!

  • BMPD (Bharat Madhya Pradesh of Dil) International Bodhayan/ Pythagoras Mathematics by: Shivram Mehta 200.00

    बीएमपीडी एक बुक का नाम है। ज्यामिति की सबसे बेस्ट बुक (Geometric is the best book) है। शोध का अध्ययन ज्यामितीय के क्षेत्र बोधायन पाइथागोरस प्रमेय, समकोण त्रिभुज, वृत्त के क्षेत्रफल, वर्ग के विकर्ण, समबाहु त्रिभुज का क्षेत्रफल, एक वृत में समबाहु त्रिभुज, एक वृत्त में षटभुज इनके प्रचलित फार्मूले सबसे जटिल पद्धति है।
    लेकिन आज शिवराम मेहता के द्वारा वर्णित फार्मूला सबसे बेस्ट सरल एवं उपयोगी रूप में सिद्ध किया गया है। जो कि कम समय में प्रश्नों का हल होता है।
    =भौतिक विज्ञान में आज तक प्रारंभिक इकाइयों के फॉर्मुले नहीं थे। सबसे बेस्ट नए फार्मूले का शोध किया गया है। इकाइयों का मान याद रखने की जरूरत नहीं है। एक इकाई से ,दूसरी इकाई में बदलने के लिए फॉर्मूला का प्रयोग करें।
    = बीएमपीडी में महत्वपूर्ण ज्यामिति एवं भौतिक विज्ञान की प्रारंभिक इकाइयां है। जिनके ज्यामिति के वर्णित फार्मूले 8 और भौतिकी विज्ञान के प्रारंभिक इकाइयों के 6 टोटल 14 है। यह 14 फार्मूले बीएमपीडी बुक में महत्वपूर्ण है। इन फार्मूले से कमजोर से कमजोर छात्रों भी कम समय में प्रश्नों का हल कर लेते हैं। इसीलिए हमारे समय को बचाते हुए इन फार्मूलों को अधिक से अधिक उपयोग करें। आपको ज्यामिति बहुत ही सरल लगेगी।
    नोट _बीएमपीडी बुक में वर्णित फार्मूलों से कम समय में प्रश्नों का हल होता है। इसमें यह खासियत है।

  • Samporn Shradhanjali by: VINOD GUPTA 246.00

    In this book the author has presented the duty of a teacher. A teacher is the most respected and revered person in the society, who selflessly thinks about the welfare of his disciples. Where is the lack in his upliftment, he tries to correct it ! It is the teacher, who inspires us to walk on the right path in the world. The importance of sacrifice in the life of a teacher is very high. It is the teacher who helps in shaping the life of a successful person.

  • A Life of my Dreams by: Sonam 150.00

    Tara is a girl of action, who has newly achieved what she had always desired. Her freedom sets her on a journey, on which she experiences love and witnesses the disasters love can cause. In a moment, she gains it all and loses it all. Will her love stand the test of the time?

  • Mind Yousva Power to Empower by: Jayasri Tangirala 989.00

    Mind You sva(self) is a compilation of blogs about You sva (self) and your mind on a wide spectrum comprising
    thoughts, behaviour actions, beliefs, attitudes, personalities and their impact on interpersonal relations in specific and life in general. Counselling advice has been depicted in a narrative way in order to cater to all genres of people.

  • Uncommon Wisdom for Common Time by: Narayan Prasad Paudel 270.00

    The author wants to explain to the readers the process of self-transformation through the conscious attempt of self, in each and every stage of their life, for the furtherance of the process of self-refinement. He is very much confident that every concentrated effort and attempt with the highest level of care and confidence in the subject matter could result in a higher level of achievement on the intended purpose of self. Life of every human being is very short if we do not care about the time and which can be wonderful and outstanding with the very specific and purposeful living and that is very possible for every conscious person for those having mindfulness living in each and every moment. This book attempts to answer a few of the following quarries. Few of these include the following questions. How can our changing thought patterns change our behavior? How can we realize wonderful mind power? Do our thought patterns determine our focus? How is the avoidance of fear essential for our peace of mind? How can we expand our real selves? Are we really living our Life? Is there any real-life integrity in the education system? How can we benefit from our insights? What is the ultimate reality of our life? the author is very much curious to explore the answer to the following additional questions through this book. Is there any way to unleash our potential and explore the higher self? Are there any ways to rewire our brains and restructure our mindset? Is it really hard to change our behavior? Are there ways to influence the people? How can we be free from all the hindrances to self-mastery? The present book further seeks to answer the following additional inquiries of each of us. The author is very confident, through his long-term self-practice, exploring the answer to the question that what will happen when one is freed from self-bondage? Does the quality of our lives depend upon our state of mindfulness? Does mindfulness ensure a better outcome and a better life?

  • The Tribute by Poetry by: Dr. (HC) BIREN KUMAR BHARALI 138.00

    This is my first bilingual poetry book in Assamese and English language. Neither I struggled hours together to compose any one of my poems nor I took any shadow of other poets during my work. Nature, humanity and ethnic events are the main theme of my poems. Almost all of my poems I completed in one sitting and there was no specific time selection. Even certain poems I composed at midnight broke my sleep because the same feelings and emotions I couldn’t discover later on. My known friends used to tell me that “Habitual poet means Swabhab Kobi” for my instance of composing quality.

    Human beings slowly became materialistic and they forgot to love nature. Therefore, Nature will also take revenge and a day of complete destruction will come soon if we behave in the same manner. To continue our survival we have to love nature, other species and generate universal brotherhood amongst all.

  • Friendzz Ek Love Story by: Bijen Shah 225.00

    This book doesn’t matter how large or small your circle of friends as long as they are your true friends.
    As little sacrifice and confirmation are required to mention good friends in our lifetime. Every friendship in our life is meant to be forever. Life is a continuous journey of making good and lovable friends and their friendship and that is the beauty of it.

  • It can only Happen in Love by: Mohit Rana 267.00

    Hi, I am Pranay Verma and there are many reasons that my life isn’t normal. One, I am an event decorator (a totally messed up profession). Two, I am clumsy, shy, and exceptionally emotional. Three, I love being filmy all the time (drama is the essence of my life), and last but not least, I am gay (yes, you read it right).
    Since my childhood, all I wanted was love. I desired to have a beautiful love story but I didn’t know that this desire would cost me a very big amount. No matter if a love story is between two people of the same sex or the opposite sex, it is tragic. And in my case, it is extremely tragic. But after going through a hell of a lot of problems, so I finally find love? Do all my childhood dreams come true? Read my story to find out what can only happen in love.

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    Find a Quick Way to Erudite by: Sahiba Siddiqui 485.00 436.00

    Find a Quick Way to Erudite’ is a book with ease upon an accent. This book is much needed because the student’s intellectual development in accent/pronunciation is subpar as they cannot process the reason behind the pronunciation. My only aim in writing this book is to precise the accent and pronunciation of most people. It is the book of knowledge that you have been never known of. By reading this book, you will get a clear concept and would never hesitate upon your pronunciation. This is the only book that rectifies your accent with a logical reason. Now, the days are over to cram the pronunciation of the word because here you find every rule to make yourself erudite upon pronunciation/accent. This book helps you to improve the dialect of ‘Indian Pronunciation’ and ‘British Pronunciation’.I assure you all, the information in the book will enhance your knowledge in a better way. Buy it, Read it, Share it.

    “You found it harder, I made it easier”

  • Trailing Terns Path by: Wg Cdr Rajeeve Lochan, Wg Cdr Kamal Deep, 430.00

    Indian Air Force, the fourth largest Air Force in the world is a force to reckon with thanks to those wonderful men behind those wonderful machines that have guarded and continue to guard the Indian skies. Navigators have played an important part in the evolution of this force even though it is less glamorous and has generally remained hidden from the light despite the fact that the history of this breed of military aircrew is as old as that of the military aviation itself. Authors also pay their tributes to the galaxy of IAF Navigators who have contributed to shape the IAF of today and also to those Veteran Navigators who even excelled in civil life once they hung their IAF uniform, be it in the field of civil aviation or other fields. The rich legacy left behind by stalwarts of yesteryears is being untiringly carried forward with élan by today’s generation of Navigators in their pursuit to live up to the IAF motto ‘Touch The Sky With Glory’.

  • The Ash Star by: Bhaskar 160.00

    This book is a partly fictionalized way of sharing Bhaskar’s various learnings throughout his journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur and a corporate lawyer.

  • Learning and Teaching Psychology by: Dr. Aarti Gupta 400.00

    1. This book designed for U.G, P.G, B.Ed. and competitive exams.

    2. The Course ‘Learning and Teaching’ has been conceptualized on the basic premise that learning and teaching should be viewed holistically. This course attempts to facilitate student teachers to understand learning and teaching as a process that works for the construction of knowledge. Psychological and socio-cultural perspectives of learning have been discussed in this course. Various theoretical constructs of learning which will help you to identify the appropriate learning strategies for facilitating the construction of knowledge have been analyzed critically. This course will help you in analyzing the complex nature of teaching learning process and understanding various dimensions of teaching-learning process. Course will explain role of a teacher as a professional as well as a facilitator for learning, as an innovator and an action researcher.

  • How to Read Tarot Card and Use Colour Therapy by: Punam Agarwal 411.00

    Tarot Card and its predictions have drawn many to Tarot Card Readers. This book gives you an opportunity to explore the cards yourself and learn to predict on your own getting the answers to your rightly framed questions. What’s a cherry on the cake is that the remedies are also suggested using varied techniques like Reiki, Color Therapy, Prism, Crystals etc. I am confident you will enjoy this book which has compiled after a lot of research and study.
    Color Therapy as per elements to help as an alternate healing therapy is added to this book’s content to help you explore this art too. I don’t know what people say, but I have used it along with medication and found it useful so I am penning it down here. If nothing, then its an added knowledge to your vast experience as they say no knowledge is ever a waste. Invite you to explore and enjoy this book.


    Most of the content in this book is fiction but some incidents are my personal experiences or happenings that I saw in my social circle. The idea about writing this book is to narrate a unique story for the voracious readers. This book also throws a light on the future existence of word ‘GOD’, as the people with rationale mindset disagree with the traditional belief system until they find a proper logic behind it.
    The Resurrection Machine invented by the protagonist and his children challenges the existence of ‘GOD’. The mess around this machine goes on with a sweet love story running parallel. This amazing love story continues even after demise of the lovers, who are now stronger than their previous lives.

    Although my book is intended mainly for entertainment, but at the same time it also emphasizes on the qualities like Hard Work, Honesty and values of life that should be adhered for a happy life.

  • Walking Meditation: Techniques and Benefits by: Dr. Jai Paul Dudeja 395.00

    This book describes eleven types of walking meditation techniques and their beneficial effects. These techniques are: Walking Meditation in Theravada Buddhism, Zen Walking Meditation or Kinhin, Taoist or Daoist Walking Meditation, Vipassana Walking Meditation, Walking Meditation in Vietnamese Thien Tradition due to Thich Nhat Hanh, Mindful Walking Meditation, Yogic or Om-Mantra-Based Walking Meditation, Jong-Grom Walking Meditation, Labyrinth Walking Meditation, Pilgrimage Walking Meditation, and Walking Meditation in the Forest

    It is sincerely believed that a book of this nature will be useful for all the readers across the globe who wish to understand the significance of the science of walking meditation and practices and get physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits from it.

  • UnaVerse 1.0 by: Dr. Waish Ahmad 390.00

    UnaVerse 1.0 is a versed compilation and collection of AIAPGET (Unani) previous year questions– thoroughly explained and masterly cataloged. This book is well focused and quite strict to the objective of the author – that’s the strength I must say. The best part is the explanation of correct answers- which will be captivating learning for readers as it ensures brain exercise while solving the assertion reason portion. Subject wise weightage, current pattern, and solved papers of various recent MO examinations are out-and-out anthological.

    With the turn of every page of this book, I found the methodology of compilation is widely followed in “UnaVerse 1.0” which will ease and provoke intense reading. There have never been adequately grouped or compiled such huge questions as per the current pattern with proper explanation in any previous Unani books. I believe that the content and style of this compilation constitute a powerful appeal for the revival of ‘reading interest’.

    In one swoop I may conclude that this is the maiden effort of quality, discipline, thorough and need-based researched writing. By being bold at this moment; right now, there is no other moment to wait for “UnaVerse 1.0”- going to be a factual helpmate for AIAPGET aspirants.

  • Parampara by: LAKSHMI KUMARI 440.00

    Through this book, I want to help children to read. Basically, this book is for all kids. In which new stories have come. They will get a lot to learn from these stories.

  • Kokhh ki hook by: Preeti kumari 160.00

    This novel is a vote on a sad and stifling trend of humanity in rural areas and urban towns. At the center is the plight of infertile women. The life of the heroine of the novel catches fire when she is unable to give a child to her family even after five years of marriage. There is a deficiency in her, or she cannot ask her husband to get this test done, she cannot even think of adopting a child from somewhere. In her in-laws-in-law’s life, she suffers from the beatings of her husband and mother-in-law, undergoes inhuman torture by relatives and is forced to live a life inferior to that of an animal. But one night something happens to him that his life takes a new turn and everything changes. When she looks back, she finds herself in a different world. Now he has a mission in his life, a plan, a new flight

  • The Cry of Joy by: Abhijit Maity 253.00

    Life in all its forms is always in struggle. We strive for something, and something else turns up. The basic question is why do we not cease to live? The hope that we’ll be happy – tomorrow, or perhaps, the day after tomorrow – supplies us the energy to continue to live. But happiness is the rarest of all other achievements in life. What we actually get in its extreme is just an illusory version of happiness. The poems in this collection are about these human commonalities which confirm that our susceptibilities to pain and sufferings are inevitable, and that we are not at the hand of any supple certainty. The poems imagine about the purpose of life, relationship, and the absence of deep trust in modern minds.

  • Double Murder by: Sanjay Tejaswi 195.00

    As is being known from the name ‘Double Murder’ itself, it is a Hindi novel based on criminal incidents. There is a murder mystery in it as read in books on criminal incidents, who did it? Why did you do it ? How did you do it ? With so many questions, your mind starts to thrill to reach the end. In this novel too, everything is there, for the murder of criminals, without using knife, bullet, in scientific methods, chemistry physics chromosomes have been used. The police, which are said to be full of every mechanism, fail to get to the root of the incident. After the murder of Prince’s parents, the person under suspicion is murdered before he can reach him. And in solving this mystery, Atharva gets engrossed in the depths of hair. Success comes but after losing a lot.

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    Life and Success: The Ultimate Blueprint by: SP Garg, Neha Sharma, 300.00 230.00

    This book is an amalgamation of various motivating success stories of some of the most inspiring names from various sects of life as well as thoughts and musings of the authors to understand life and success well. Life is a journey, and everyone has a unique path toward their respective goals. No two lives can be similar. Your goals and your aspirations define your path. The analogue of success varies for person to person. For some, a good and secure career, wealth, and power might be the epitome of success, while for others, strong relationships with family and friends might be a priority. Overall, it’s to do with the attainment of a satisfactory life. With some efforts, one can achieve a good life decorated with success and happiness. This book showcases all the important aspects of life and success, embellished with a few success mantras to follow. This book has been woven into a perfect blueprint to help you attain success in life, in the most distinguished manner.

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