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    A true story of a working woman who like any other working woman is an expert juggler, juggling between different roles with élan. One fine day, the safe haven she had built for herself was threatened. She was transferred to another city. This is the story of her coming to terms with the change, accepting the challenge, going to the new city alone and doing her best in her job, at the same time managing her family with a remote control and frequent visits. In all this process, she has learnt many of life’s lessons. She has grown and evolved. She has realized that there is a world outside her own family. She has found herself. This book will give the readers an insight into her psyche, her struggles, her trauma and her guilt. It will make you smile at her small victories and will break your heart when she is down. The book would also make you want to hug her and tell her, “Woman, everything will be fine”.

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    Work of non fiction turns out to be the most strange one
    says Sonal. B the author. Our life can give us the most
    strange situations that we can ever come across, our
    ideologies are the most under-utilised resources, our
    brain isn’t the a pack of billion neurons it’s a
    superpower, Here the author gives you nineteen true
    stories about life inspired by her own experiences and
    her own life and thoughts the way she has accepted her
    life in all the colours as she believes that there are more
    colours to life than just black and white

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    “Shades of Adolescence” is the journey of the author as a growing adolescent. She has categorised this period of her life into different phases





    She expresses all the dilemmas and mess going on in her mind in a poetic form. This is an attempt to connect with the readers so that one can relate to the experiences and feelings penned down by the author. This book serves the purpose of taking the readers through the ups and downs of an adolescent’s life to ignite an ardent urge in them to focus on all encompassing growth. In contemporary time, where youngsters are stepping on the pathways dealing with loads of competition and varied issues, it becomes imperative for them to blossom into critical thinkers with an optimistic attitude. The book rationalizes the thoughts of adolescents to be proactive, develop resilience, tolerance, focussing on nuances that leave them better humans. It enforces meaningful values in your lives and become enigmatic harbours of change.

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    Rail Chakra is a collection of stories of personal experiences of the author and his colleagues during the 39 years he worked at Indian Railways.
    This book discusses the first whitepaper published on Indian Railways moving from red to black on profitability and views of the common man. The Author has produced two novels and five anthologies. Pravich Magha Sobati is a book on the parikrama of Narmada River. The Author has been featured on Akashwani and Doordarshan Mumbai for ‘Kathakthon’- a story telling program.

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    You must have read many love stories but you would’ve not read something like this.

    “After nine years his love returned, who was deemed dead… Years of fasting kept by his eyes, he finally got her glance…”

    This tale is about Meera and Armaan’s love. Meera is a Hindu girl whereas Armaan is a Muslim boy. Their love became a victim of misfortune and broke away everything. On the day of their Ring Ceremony, Meera was declared dead in a truck accident and after hearing this news Armaan landed up in a coma. Nevertheless, Armaan did not give up waiting for his Meera.

    This story is full of drama, love, romance, and thrill. GO AND READ!

    Dastaan by: Mukhtaz 319.00
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    There are people who are born nice and sober,

    But I am not one of those.

    It is dreaded dark night,

    I’m sitting outside my house.

    Oh, sorry! It’s not my house, no, no, not at all.

    We, I mean we women, are caretakers.

    Not watchdogs, we are just housekeepers.

    “Tapasya” too is a woman like many of us who took full care of the house, every dweller of the house. Even then, today she is thrown out of her house like garbage.

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    This book is not intended to be a biography of Mr.Salman Khan’s life. Though the events in his life are described to a limited extent, this book is about Radha’s journey, and Salman, as seen or thought through her perspective and opinions. ‘I, Me And Salman – 95% Fiction’ is the first volume of a two-part fictional series in Hinglish.

    I, Me And Salman – 95% Fiction by: Priya Saralkar 315.00

    Radha has an imaginary Friend-in-Mind. Salman Khan. Err, yes. THE Salman Khan. THE Superstar Salman Khan. If Calvin can have an imaginary playmate Hobbes, what’s stopping Radha from having Salman Khan as her imaginary Friend-in-Mind? So what if he’s the heartthrob of millions? So what if he’s beyond her wildest reach despite living in Mumbai? So Radha leads her ordinary life, sharing her journey with her Friend-in-Mind Salman, through 20 years of a break-up bhari Zindagani. Life becomes very filmy for Radha, when she falls in love with the Friendly Neighborhood RJ. Yes, if she can have Salman Khan as her imaginary friend, she could do something equally filmy, such as falling in love with the voice of a RJ. Will Mr. RJ reciprocate? He’s reluctant, what else? But Radha has already found his favour. Unwittingly, being his favorite listener, Radha has now won a contest, and the prize is… A Date with Salman Khan. Oops! Now what?

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    Mazhaiyidai Minnalgal is a collection of Tamil poems penned down by Paramaguru Kandasamy. These poems are indispensable for every lover of modern lyrical verse. It contains more than hundreds of Paramaguru Kandasamy’s wittiest and most profound poems that primarily talks about real and imaginary incidents as Peace, Care, Anger, Love, Family, Social problems, Students, Politics, Environmental Pollution, Youth Unemployment etc. In a nutshell, the collection of poems covers three large headlines.
    1. Thooralgal
    2. Athikkati&Allangatti
    3. PeyMazhai

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    Imperfectly Perfect is a culmination of multitude musings. The book contains short write ups and poetry conveying a message on human relationships or pure emotions.Most instances are based on real life incidents, observations or occurring, however they are my own observations and do not bear any relevance to any specific individual.The write ups have occurred over an extended time frame of five years and have been published altogether.

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    What if life doesn’t go as you wish? What will happen if you go with the flow and don’t take the second chance? Will life still be perfect? Natasha’s life is far from her expectations. An unhappy family life and a desire to be loved forces her to take many decisions which turned out wrong. Her inability to decide things for herself made her an engineer. Does engineering make her happy? Will she finally stand up for her and do what she likes? Will Natasha take her second chance? The Second Chance is a story of an Indian girl who realizes the importance of a right career, love, family, and freedom through her life journey.

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    Lueur-a book of 21+1 balmy poems is Naveena’s debut book. Lueur is a French word which means GLOW. She says that reading and writing poems are a stress buster for her. The book covers poems on diverse topics such as inspirational, self-help, romantic, patriotic and nano poems.

    LUEUR by: Naveena Singh 95.00
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    Sanjay is an introvert, self-observer and a dreamer with an aspiration of becoming a filmmaker. His love for Jaanu can’t get any higher than his urge to realize his dream. Jaanu is adamant, quiet and studious. she too dreams of achieving heights in life. However, she believes life has no higher purpose other than accomplishing love at any cost. The day doesn’t take long to arrive when they have to choose between love and their dreams. Contrary to Jaanu, Sanjay can’t avoid a dilemma to hit his life hard. A decision curses them to drown in the infinite darkness to bring their lives to nowhere, but the dungeon of failures & sufferings. Do they have enough courage to fight back against the darkness that smeared in their lives? Will they accomplish their dreams? ‘THE CURSED COUPLE’ might not be an extraordinary story, but it’s a truly romantic love story which makes you realize that ‘love’ is life and the importance of making a qualitative decision in one’s life. To know more go and check out these awesome video trailer links below:

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    Intellectual property rights (IPR) have been characterized as thoughts, developments, and inventive articulations in view of which there is an open readiness to offer the status of the property. IPR gives certain elite rights to the designers or makers of that property, keeping in mind the end goal to empower them to receive business rewards from their innovative endeavors or notoriety.There are a few kinds of licensed innovation security like patent, copyright, trademark, and so on. The patent is an acknowledgment for a creation, which fulfills the criteria of the worldwide oddity, non-conspicuousness, and mechanical application. IPR is essential for better distinguishing proof, arranging, commercialization, rendering, and in this manner insurance of development or inventiveness.

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    It is hard to believe that even in this 21st century we are torn apart by mere things that divide us, make us feel unwanted.If it is so hard to fit in, why not stand out? Be a class apart. If you feel unwanted make it up to yourself and not others. If you feel unloved, start loving yourself first. If you are too distracted or scared by the evils of the words, stand up for yourself and share your thoughts, ideas and speak your mind for there is only one life to live. Make it a remarkable one. Set yourself free from the shackles and boundaries because there is a whole world out there waiting to be unfolded by you.

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    Eat healthy, feel healthy is the concept of healthaholic. A yummy, delicious, healthy and tasty food with mesmerizing fragrance is what this book looks forward to present. The concept of health plays its importance in any type of food, which is believed to keep us fit and implements a healthy living for a longer lifespan. The delicacies presented by the author is for everyone to relish and enjoy the unique taste, which they have never experienced before.

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    Punshiba, a poor young man, is in his journey of lost love meet the love of his life Ava—a beautiful girl. However, all he had was to watch her loving somebody else. To see her sharing her future with somebody else. He thought like it is the end of the world but in reality, it was not. He can’t run away from the pain, he had to face it! But how should he handle the pain? Will it make him a better person or will make him worse? Read to find out.

    Minor to Major by: R K Kiran 180.00
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    The book reflects on the vices that prevail in the modern concept of love. Based on the true incidents of life, the author has tried to beware the readers about the malice that has seeped into the heart of lustful youngsters.

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    There are lot of enjoyments and no regrets. Old age is like childhood. A Bliss. Youth is not followed by old age. It just melts in old age. Those who wish to sing always find a song. Be it old or young.

    The only disability in life is “Bad Attitude”. Whom so ever you encounter is the right person. I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge as love is stronger than death.

    Your life is a result of choice you make. Everyone needs love in universe. Whatever happened is the only thing that could have happened. So life is short. Do more what makes you happy.

    This shorts stories are woven which sentiments deep down from the heart, confusions of life, mistakes and blunders and above all goodness of life.

    Last novel published by the name of “DO PAL ZINDAGI KE NAAM “.

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    This book Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning will help to enable training for learner, in the mission to accelerate skill development building program as vocational skill to make new skill India. From an individual person who have heartiest and honest desire to full fill the gap between zero level to high level skill by vital experience in this field. This book will help service engineer/service technician who are in the field of after service of the concern topic as book.

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    Antarman”, which literally means the Inner Thoughts Process, as a poetic work, deals with the outcome as despair of human struggle with environment, relations, death and, of course, the mind itself. Man can be seen winning little against the predicament the destiny produces and coming home for good empty handed against the flow of this hard tide. Despair, as an inevitable emotion, sets the man as man when it is seen eye in eye. Happiness operates through the upper layers of one’s being while the sorrow the deeper and finer, and with this view, SHAV-YATRA, DAAH AVSHESH, UDHAN, PUSHP VYATHA, TATVMASI SHVETKETU are some of the poems of this collection worth looking into…

    ANTARMAN by: Ravi Shankar 110.00
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    Life ‘is a small word in which our whole, where it starts and perhaps ends… sometimes it takes 80-90 years, like a bullet train, it breaks in the beginning. Until this moment of my life, I have considered this as a classroom … which teaches us everything. And if we make some mistakes during this time, then we are understood to be like a teacher … often give us They also punish … and sometimes there are thousands of reasons to laugh and smile … But the most interesting thing about this candle is that its chapters change everyday, but we get a new one every day Lessons also go on and its best theme is relationships – some good relationships and some bad … along with age, we are often given curriculum, some of the good things go on changing with time, and like the rest, Years of coaching this class has some big chapters, relationships, warriors, true false accusations, anger, some topics have mostly failed, some notes of this coaching can be found in the pages of a diary Area are imprisoned. There have been little efforts in this to show my little glimpse.

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    Yes! I am MI forever – takes you back in the memory lane. There are bundles of Goosebumps for sure, with the spice of some interesting stats and lesser known facts on each page of the book.

    This is not only a simple book which tells you 10 year’s tales of Mumbai Indians franchise team, but it’s emotions and story of each and every MI fan across the globe.

    From building the franchise back in 2008 to lifting the third title in 2017, here writer has beautifully described whole the journey of TENDULKAR’S team.

    All the ups and downs, all the inside stories and strategies behind every single move taken by this particular team in the last decade, here openup in front of you.

    Most fantastic thing is, here 19 years old writer offer you comparatively easy English language. So, every reader can understand with ease.

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    Girl: A Living Diamond is a book about girls. In this book, their importance in the society is described in a simple language, which will surely give utmost guidance to the society. This book contains a short story about a girl in the womb through letters, it also describes important stages of her life and also contains a short description of some Great Indian Women. At last, there is a poem “Beti” which will make you feel about her love.

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    Has the darkness ever touched youwith its cold fingers that eventually left like the smoke but the numbness stays?

    Has guilt or fear taken over you?

    Sunerus, devoid of magic, is a town where two friends, Mabel and Sen try to unravel the mystery behind Mabel’s depression and find themselves struggling through time and death. Sen helps her friend to find her redemption and write her story.
    But who is Sen? Where’d she come from? And how does she know everything and solve the intriguing puzzles which darkened Mabel’s life?

    It’s time to learn that the dark is inevitable but what’s more important is to evoke and enliven hope in our hearts, and glorify the bond of friendship and empathy.

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    Noel is a counselor who risks his career for volunteering in an orphanage.
    Nidhi is an engineering student on the surface, but deep down a broken girl in search of some unanswered questions.
    Appu is a sweet little orphan, unaware of the cruelties of the world.
    Despite being miles apart their stories interweave in Aashiyana—the orphanage. Their little journey together changes their lives in a way they never imagined.

    One recurring nightmare, one unexpected phone call, one stolen diary, many lies and secrets, and a calling from the past are just the highlights. And when they depart, they are not the same anymore. They didn’t hurt each other; it was a game of destiny. Will they ever be able to rediscover themselves and more importantly, will their paths ever cross again?

    ‘Beyond Secrets’ is a novel with layers of suspense and different nuances of relationships.
    And one question that can’t have just one answer: how long does it take for a scar to heal?

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    Have you met someone so tantalizing and beautiful that your heart stopped? Has someone ever made your bad day disappear by only talking to you? Have you been a center of someone’s world or just a part of it? Have you ever loved someone to a point of no return? Have you ever suffered a heartbreak? Have you ever felt the need to go on a complete social isolation? Have you been able to move on? Do you still love that person or just the thought of that person? Dive into this riveting journey of a teenager through the medium of poetry to maybe feel it, all over again.

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    We have two worlds, the first is a royal world where more attention is paid to high standard living and another is indigent where covering corpse is utterly vital.
    Meet Raghav Batra, the backbencher and majnu of his class. He had struggled a lot in his life. His ex-girlfriend left him or just the thought that she was his girlfriend and he was her boyfriend.
    Love is the second name of pain but everyone wants to have it. True love is like elixir which is hard to find. Sometimes people spend their whole life to find true love.
    Raghav was also one of those brats who want to find his true love. On the first day of college, he met Aavya Sahani. Both get attracted towards each other. She proposed to him but he refused. Later she convinced him but something else was written in his fate. A twist in their story came when his ex-girlfriend came to him.

    Will Raghav find true love or will he spend his whole life without love?

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    In this world, everyone wants a wealthy life and a successful career. To achieve this, they do everything. One can grow easily at a place where they live and have all the comforts of life but when you go to another country, where no one is there to help, you understand the real worth of success. Only love is the solution to every problem. When you find love in such situation and get emotional support than love becomes more important than success because you cannot get love and relations after once you refuse to choose it.

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    Pakhi, written by Rajiv Sinha, depicts the crying soul of a girl who gets separated from her love. The book describes the condition of today’s pure heart youth who gets detached from their partners. The book not only describes the scene in front of reader’s eyes but will also touch his heart. The author very well highlights the kind feeling of young college girls. Rajiv Sinha in his book has described the present scenario of our society and has tried his best to present the cruel caste system which prevents two pure souls to become one.

    PAAKHI by: Rajiv Sinha 150.00
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    The Detectives of the LAPD are assigned with a case which appears to be routine initially. But as they proceed towards solving the case, all they really find is more and more death and a confused version of themselves. Who is the killer? What is his motive towards the crime? Can the detectives solve the case before anyone gets hurt? Or can the Venganza be fulfilled?

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