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  • Ek Space by: Sarika Bhushan 225.00

    These stories are me and myself: the inner urge that I have had; the experiences that I have gone through; the environment that I have been in. A kaleidoscope they’re: one can peep through the vignettes of life.

  • Zindagi ki Samajh (Hindi) by: Muskan Sharma 160.00

    I think our life is a mixture of emotions like happiness, pain, jealousy, and gratitude. Quotes in this book are also a mixture of these feelings. These quotes express the experiences of all our life. I hope all of you relate to this.

  • Bachpan ke Rang (HINDI) by: O P Gondule 168.00

    “The Stories are only available practical measure to take kids to deep sleep at night and to wake them up with a smile from a deep sleep in the morning.” Shri Gangaram Ji Gondule (My Grandfather). This book is a collection of 18 stories based on childhood memoirs from villages, JNV hostel memoirs of the late eighties and early nineties, and fantasies of today’s time. It’s for sure that, the book will certainly revive the childhood of all age groups. This book depicts love, emotions, fear, jealousy, the hatred within the boundary of childhood. This book is a journey to find out myself within my heart and readers will find them out at their heart. It has different shades but the spirit of the book is only that childhood is at the core, for kids of today’s era and for kids of eighties.


    Utilitarian Biodiversity of Kalahandi and Nuapada District of Odisha reflecting the traditional medicine and its methodology used by local tribes.

  • Neel & Miraya’s Friendly Adventures Back to school again! by: Dr. Jagdish 349.00

    “Neel & Miraya’s Friendly Adventures Back to school again” is a children’s book that captures the mind of two little children who cannot go to school anymore because of the nationwide lockdown. They miss their time at school with their friends and wish for the school to re-open once again. They ask all their relatives for something that they can do about it and eventually come up with ideas of social distancing, wearing masks, and maintaining safety if schools were to re-open someday. This lyrical book captures what parents, teachers, and children should know, with respect to safety protocols to prevent the spread of COVID19 once schools re-open. This book aims to be an entertaining yet simple way to imbibe these safety measures among children and their parents.

  • Rukna mana hai (HINDI) by: Upasna Pal 150.00

    Sometimes going through life can be a little bit of a roller coaster. There are many ups and just as many downs as we journey through the high and low points. Life becomes a little simpler when you accept that as we pursue our goals, there will inevitably be challenges and barriers along the way. This is why a few extra sources of inspiration, such as motivational books, never hurt anyone. The most valuable asset we have and the one which we should be investing the most time, effort, and resources into is — ourselves. This whole book is about how we can achieve success simply by choosing to invest in ourselves and our growth. This book is sure to inspire and motivate you to invest in developing your talents further and would be an excellent resource for anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset.

  • E Zindagi by: Juned Ur Rehman 200.00

    This book ‘ E ZINDAGI ‘ is the sea of care, love, and motivation, which contains many emotional and happy moments of life. This book is not written only on any single topic, rather it is written on many different facets of life which are the part of almost all human beings life, like Relations ( between parents and children, between brother and sister, etc.), much more about the student life and the life begin after that period, about the situations which come in someone’s life and how to handle that situations, about someone’s feelings and much more real life-related and motivational content is also present in this book.

    Quotes and Shayri at different-different places make the book more interesting and effective.
    This book is written in HINGLISH ( Hindi language, English script), which makes the book so much easy to read and understand.

  • AVIGAT ANTAR PRAKAT HAWE by: Hirambar Naam (Subodh Prasad) 363.00

    It’s a spiritual book based on practical teaching of a perfect master. It is experience of a master in his superconscious state of mind called Samadhi.

  • Majja ni life by: Sushil Nayak 160.00

    Majja ni life is all about life. In this book, you will find the author’s simple yet meaningful experiences. The author endeavours to share his experiences with readers. This book is written with the simplicity that is what makes it unique. If you want to experience this book, read articles one at a time and mull over them. It consists of several articles or experiences which the author wrote at different times. This book is for people who love simplicity. This book does not promise to teach you any extraordinary thing but it will surely add value to your life. This book will work as more of a reminder than any authority.

  • Twacha – stories of females with skin diseases by: Dr Pooja Agarwal, Dr Jigna Padhiyar, Dr Nayan Patel 150.00

    In our daily lives we come across many people with skin diseases but we never realise the impact the disease has on these people. This book has been written with the sole intent of bringing to light the plight of females who suffer from various skin diseases. These short stories are based on real life patient incidents which touched the authors over the years. Most stories share the stigma faced by the women at the hand of society, however positive stories of unerring familial support are also shared which serve as ray of sunshine in this otherwise difficult world. A sincere attempt has been made to bring about awareness and change in the mindset of the society towards people with skin diseases.

  • Ashyach Eka Vatevar by: Pravin Dilip Bhoir 130.00

    The book “Ashyach Eka Vaatevar” is a collection of poems written by Mr. Pravin Bhoir. These poems tell us about many things experienced by author on day to day basis. These poems have many

    shades of emotions — love at first sight, a wish to complete the journey of life with your beloved, one sided innocent love, sacrifices made in life/love, love of wife and love for wife, readiness of

    daughter to sacrifice her love for her father’s wish and some more. Without the company of friends a person is incomplete. From the long lost friends to the office

    colleagues, each one is important. Some poems from the collection like “Gappanchi beer”, “Ek diwas asahi”, “Chataka” brings out the best and experiences of the true friendship.

    The book in short gives us an overview about life and the many sweet, sour, salty experiences of it.

  • Safar by: Sharada A Kalale 180.00

    The book is a collection of poems on a wide variety of topics ranging from mythology to philosophy, from patriotism to revolution against grievance and finally a tribute to students and teachers

  • Tin Tirikkhe Bhoy by: Mritunjay Mukhopadhyay 209.00

    “Fear” isn’t it such a fussy word. Some are afraid of the darkness, some are afraid of lightning, some jump in fear when they see a lizard or a cockroach or afraid of loosing their beloved. Every human being has their own fears. Let’s think about it for a moment – what is your underlying trepidation? A sanguinary scene in which human soul cages the bird. When we think about it carefully, these thoughts are already present within us. We can give up or keep on trying or maybe indulge in encouraging the unjust. Lust does these put down us at the proper place? or drags us into further darkness, in a bottomless dreadful pit drowning us in absolute nothingness. The best feeling is our life is to love someone. Its such a fascinating feeling yet the panic lies within it. It seems that there are no emotions that fear does not crosses path with become fear apprises us of the underlying jeopardy we might put ourselves into yet disregarding this alert, people go ahead trailing behind a misery? What is the secret that people commit suicide? By what paranormal force did a letter appeared out of nowhere on the last page of the opus?

  • Alla bas, Baqi Hawas (Hindi Poetry Collection) by: Dr.Zuhair Ahmad Zaidi 185.00

    Shayari is the jewel of living Tehzeeb, the pain of the believers of Tehzeeb, the voice of its society. – Various
    genres of s Shayari never kept themselves silent in the testimony of the culture and its existence from time to
    Ghazal is also a genre of poetry. The new Ghazal brought Laila-Majnu story from Basra in Iraq and Ajam, but here it got so entangled in the chandelier of Padmini’s forehead that it shattered even to the sultanates of Southern India. The journey of Ghazal has certainly not been easy.
    In the meantime, a voice came from the courtyard of Blue Rose; from the fragrance of Ghazals by noted senior Author, literature Ranjan Zaidi,Allah Bas, Baaqi Hawas!;

    Samandar teri lahreN kis tarah mujhko dubo dengiN
    VaheeN se phir main ubhrunga, jahaN gahraiyaaN hongeeN
    Vo nafraton men jiya aur Badshah bana
    Khuda ki shaaN use bheed ne kuchal dala
    Qabr ki eijad kavve ne ki
    Qabr men Farishte kaise pahunche?
    Kabootar se poochhna padega
    Tum pareshaan ho
    Beti badh rahi hai

    Now this collection of Urdu ghazals, nazms and differrent ashaars has been published for you by the Blue Rose publications.

  • Raas’ : The Mandal Raas of Mulher Province of Maharashtra by: Dr. Meghana Ashtaputre 275.00

    Dr. Meghana Ajay Ashtaputre
    Assistant professor,
    Department of Indian Classical music-Vocal
    Faculty of Performing Arts
    The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda,
     The author of this book is Vocalist of Indian Classical music.
     Preliminary Knowledge of music received by Dr. N.V. Diwan, pune
     Received a Talim of Gwalior gharana of vocal music from Dr. Govindrao
    Paluskar, Nasik and Smt. Ranjana Dharwadkar, Baroda.
     Basically she is a Science graduate , B.Sc ( Zoology) from S.P. College,
     Bachelor of Performing Arts ( BPA ), Vocal music , Gold medalist.
     Master of Performing Arts ( MPA ), Vocal music
     Ph.D in Music
     ‘Sangeet Visharad’ by Akhil Bhartiya Gandharv Mahavidyalaya Mandal,
     ‘Sangeet Alankar’ by Akhil Bhartiya Gandharv Mahavidyalaya Mandal,
     Working as an Assistant professor in the Dept. of Indian classical music,
    vocal , Faculty of Performing Arts, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of
     ‘Shreshtha Kala Sadhak Award’ received by Gujarat Sangeet Natak
     Research Scholarship received by The Maharaja Sayajirao University of
     Recommended as an authorized ‘guru’ for the students who get the
    scholarship by ‘Gujarat Sangeet Natak Academy’.
     She has performed in various classical music concerts in various cities
    and states of India organized by various prestigious organizing bodies.
     Published so many articles in national and PEER reviewed journals and
    presented Research papers in many National- International seminars.
     Author of a book ‘ Sangitik Shabdakosh 1000


    It is the exceptional love story of a middle class lady started by revealing of a shocking ‘condition’ by her soulmate to get marry him To overcome from the ‘condition’ she crossed odd events in emotional and hilarious manner, meanwhile story takes interesting turns and touches bottom of readers’ heart Journey through fun filled entertaining love story leaves imprints of happy ness.

  • Call me by your name by: Savita Sahni 229.00

    It is about interfaith marriages. The couples go through struggles to achieve their goals. It makes interesting reading.

  • Parishranta (Maithili) by: Dr Pankaj Kumar Jha 150.00

    Parishranta is a book which deals with the self-analysis of an individual for uplifting one’s emotion continuously. Being the best creation of God, human beings get themselves tangled in exploring permanent pleasures in temporary things which is quite impossible and leads them to the waters of disgrace and repentance. Each chapter of the book has been written to deal with such issues and to find out their solutions.

    By choosing a field of interest, the thinking power of a person increases, which can lead to self-realization. The various modes of coordination between enjoyment and renunciation are also described, which keeps an individual away from the fear of death and inspires him to be courageous, joyful, and energetic throughout one’s life.

    Considering this book as an instrument of power, an attempt has been made to provide lessons to human beings always to engage in ‘Satkarma’ i.e positive work. Similarly, the meaning of life has also been considered empirical not enlightening. The meaning of life is loving behavior and deeds of charity, whose interesting explanations can be found in this book.

    Apart from this, an attempt has also been made to describe the realization of the universe in one’s inner soul and the realization of one’s inner soul in the universe which is the real root of happiness. Devotion and confidence in life is said to be an instrument for paramount success which inspires a man to be energetic and industrious.

    In short “Parishranta” is an effort that motivates an individual to be ‘Sthitpragya’ in every situation and sphere of life and preaches to excel in one’s chosen field with persistent efforts.

  • Beyond The Horizon, An Inter-Continental Anthology by: Dr. Sanjay N. Shende, Ms. Priti Sharma, Dr. Prafulla K. Panda 571.00

    Beyond the Horizon, an inter-continental anthology of poems presents a panoramic picture of
    life with myriad colours— ruminations on the present, nostalgia of the past and hope for
    future. It is a collection of 247 poems written by poets from ten countries of the world
    including USA, South Africa, Serbia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Srilanka, Nigeria
    and India. The major features of this anthology are — rhymed and unrhymed poems, poems
    written by contributors of all age groups—young and old, established poets and emerging
    ones, passionate lovers of poetry and experimenters with this genre. The anthology includes
    poems which are subjective as well as objective offering personal, social, political, and
    cultural perspectives. The anthology features poems in different poetic forms such as sonnet,
    lyrics, and ballad. Apart from traditionally occurring recurrent themes, this anthology
    contains poems on nationalistic fervour, critique of political system, longing for the simple
    rural life, state of isolation, life, death, humanity, inner voice, loneliness and many more inter
    alia. We believe that poems included in this anthology will provide ‘comfort, meaning and
    hope’ and a new perspective of looking at life in today’s critical situation of pandemic.

  • HISTORICITY OF GOD INDRA” – ‘ The King of the Vedic Hindu Gods was a Living Human of Mesopotamia”. (Hardcover) by: Sukumar Das 500.00

    “A Hugely Significant Break-through in Indology” :

    “Some fixed dates identified for Prehistoric India of 15th Century BC”

    Rig-Veda mentioned 237 times that Indra killed Ahhe, identified beyond all doubts as Ashur-Nadin-Ahhe-I of Assyrian Kingdom in the year 1433 BC when Indra [original name was “Idrim” before deification by Rig-Veda, as per Idrim’s own Statue-Inscription and clay tablets discovered from Alaka [ Turkish name ‘Alalaka’ City ruins] was a vassal king under the ‘Mitanni Kingdom’ in present Turkey-Iraq area. Warlord Indra, the vassal king of Alaka from 1449 BC to 1433 BC, killing King Ahhe-I, but failing to take over his kingdom, left Mesopotamia forever, and made his fortune and created a great history by successful invasion and conquest of some parts of India first in 1432 BC, many times till 1390 BC, establishing 4 Aryanised Kingdoms, Suryavamshi, Chandravamshi, and Yadava Dynasty, and a kingdom under Tuvasha, and his own Aryavarta Empire in mainly Afghanistan and part of Iran and Central Asia, with his capital at Harivarta [ now Herat] on the bank of river ‘Hari-Rudra’ , now called “Hari-rud” having his multiple protectorate kingdoms and vassal kings in present India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, locations as specified or indicated by Rig-Veda, while describing 15 major wars of Lord Indra, capturing, colonizing and Aryanzing of the-then greater India, including Pakistan Afghanistan and part of Iran, induced and sponsored writing of ” Rig-Veda” making himself the “King of all the Vedic Gods”, making his own Chief Priest Vrihaspati as Devaguru, his 63 Cavalry Chiefs was God Mautas, his own employer in Alaka vassal state, King Barattarna of Mitanni Kingdom between Assyrian Kingdom and Hittite Kingdom deified as God Mitra [ Sun] , the-then Babylonian Emperor Burna Buriash, named as God Varuna, his “war-designers Ashvin-twins as God Nasatya, all together 12 chief gods of Rig-Veda were all living humans of 15th Century BC in Mesopotamia, and out of 33 total gods of Rig-Veda, natural phenomena Fire, Sun, Air, Water, Rain, and hard drink Soma were major Gods, and rest were very minor gods. Thus Indra was the creator of Vedic Hinduism, introducing foreign invaders as worshipable Gods for the captured parts of India, taking all the gods names from Mesopotamian Gods’ names, and he himself changed his mortal name “Idrim”, glorifying him with the Indo-Aryan Kassite War-God’s name “Indas” with little modification as “Indra” and the Rig-Veda in Cuneiform Scripts became so popular that within 50 years Indra, Varuna, Mitra and Nasatya appeared as God for oath-taking, in the Royal Treaty Texts of Mesopotamian Kingdoms”. A great revealing research work, enlightening and delighting in reading these texts backed by constant supporting reference of unquestionable authenticity. Hope this book will be a “must-read” for people willing to know the ancient world and forgotten past from India to Turkey now.


    Constituent Assembly Debates, which made the Constitution of India, are the
    original source to understanding how the Constitution was made. The
    debates are bold and blunt, conducted using soft expressions and language.
    Rather than reading the Constitution as it is, what we discovered over the
    last fifty years of its adoption is that it is read differently, suiting the persons
    of the political parties speaking as they selectively suppress the spirit of the Letters.
    Terms such as socialist” and “secular were later inserted in the Preamble
    through the 42nd Amendment in 1976 and that opened up Pandora’s box.
    Unfortunate derivation continued to progress, opening up opportunities to
    influence the meaning of socialism, secularism, and religion. Politicians
    didn’t even glance at the spirited debates, on how those very words were used
    to rench the consensus collectively among them. Inequality continued to
    increase year after year, which should not have been there after the insertion
    of those words. Politicians and religious leaders at that time considered it
    more appropriate to convert those words as more relevant terms like
    religion, caste and creed. There onwards, the country started experiencing a
    different taste of socialism, secularism, and religion. In the author’s view, all
    such conceptions were solely serving self-interests. This is where we stand
    today. The author has made a humble effort in this book to highlight the
    misconceptions of these terms as envisioned in the Constitution.
    People tend to be generous when sharing their nonsense, fear, and
    ignorance. And while they seem quite eager to feed you their negativity,
    please remember that sometimes the diet we need to be an is a spiritual
    and emotional one. Be cautious with what you feed your mind and soul.
    Fuel yourself with positivity and let that fuel propel you into positive
    metion.” – Dr. Steve Maraboli.


    This book strives to find out how the rulers of our country missed the opportunities in hand to resolve the boundaries of India with Pakistan and China. The author has used the words “missed opportunities” because opportunities to settle the borders were offered to the rulers of that time. But what happened instead was the wanton self-denial of those opportunities. Those errors of judgment and political mistakes cost the country heavily, both in terms of loss of lives and increasing monetary burden.

    What is waiting to come is difficult to predict. The author considers that the historical and legal documents of the past 200 years provide irrefutable grounds for India to reclaim the large tracts of land at the borders. The book urges the reader to think and wonder: how long will India wait for this settlement? How can we silence the borders any longer, when the noise has been growing louder for decades?

  • Teen TO World by: Arpit Bhatnagar 222.00

    The author of this book has tried to share the perspective of a child towards his life and the lessons which he has learned till teenage. These lessons may look insignificant to older people but are actually the starting point of a strong foundation. This book’s main focus is on a person’s originality and self-improvement. In this book, some of the lessons may be known, unknown, or forgotten by people. This book strives to help people understand which person is worth their friendship, respect, mentorship, influence, etc. It also wishes to help people acknowledge different aspects of their lives, from knowing to realizing, betrayal to friendship, the potential end to start of a new foundation, self-doubt to self-improvement, and many more things. These lessons are derived from a child’s perspective, aiming to help adults solve major problems at a simpler level.

  • Shaman woman & the rooster by: Jon Pebi Tato 200.00

    The book is totally fictional, no character in the book is based on true events. The book revolves around few People from Damyo village who happen to visit a great shaman in the southern province and in the midst of their journey, an unprecedented event occurs.

  • Tiddler to Ripe: A story from school benches to college garden by: Hitesh Santwani 227.00

    Tiddler to Ripe is such a story about this enticing journey that makes one wise, mature, independent, and a true lover. It is the story that helps readers to know How Life teaches maturity. This story shows the chronological life-flow of Malav, who made first-time friends of the opposite gender, about his feelings, about his nature of possessiveness or tolerance. Sooner, inspired by the love story of someone who he counts as an idol, creates the imaginations of his love story. With the going life he finally fell in love and how an emotional person lives his life has been portrayed in this story. As a writer, I feel there is a small emotional person residing in each person of all generations. I feel each and every person will get help to analyse their own life emotionally.

  • Doosra Pehlu by: Nirmala Rawat 399.00

    The book; Doosra Pehlu;( language -Hindi with a slight tinge of English) by the author Mrs
    Nirmala Rawat depicts the other side of parenting and schooling. The book is full of beautiful
    quotes, references ( of various authors), insights, analogies, instances which elaborate how
    judgments or labels may damage a child’s cognitive domain. Disempowered grown-ups
    disempower children that further turns into complex behavioral patterns or we can say
    personality disorders(which are acquired and can be deleted). A child’s very simple needs if
    remain unmet in the early stage, take various forms, and re-create patterns that may be self-destructive ( in order to fulfill those unmet needs) !! The book is an outcome of the keen observation, experience, vision, and passion of the author. And it will definitely prove a big help in
    improving the parent-child equation where the child will be treated as an equal and not as subordinate.

    The core message of the book is that a child needs unconditional acceptance first and anything
    else second or third. The child must be seen and heard and protected at all cost. Acceptance
    and compassion to children will lead to a crime-free, addiction-free social scenario for sure!!
    So get ready for a joyous, emotional ride !!

  • SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY, OPEN THE CHAMPAGNE (Hardbound) by: Sujit Sengupta 450.00

    Seize the Opportunity, Open the Champagne is a collection of short anecdotes from the author’s work life, from the early 1970s till 2021. Each story offers an insight of a management practice making it useful in a different way. From Front-end to Leadership, there are many lessons that an aspiring individual can learn, with one common theme running from the beginning to end, that everybody and anybody can win. Even the stories from outside contributors that find place in this book share the same idea. The inspiring quality of the book never fails to impress even a casual reader who will find these 200 pages interesting, and entertaining.

  • Mysteries of Internet and Other Conspiracy Theories by: Yashas Ramesh 330.00

    Human being has a sort of curiosity to explore various corners of the Internet. But sometimes he might stumble upon websites or stories which feel really weird and out of the box. Weird websites, False claims of existence, Sudden disappearances are some of the stories which a person must have had listened to at least once in his lifetime. The dark web is sort of a whirlpool with the camouflage of a normal website or a web browser. The individual enthusiast towards the world of the internet or an individual who is working in the field must have certain knowledge about the basic elements of the dark web. If not then the consequences are really unimaginable. There is a common saying that “if Internet is the streets of a city then the dark web is like a gutter under those streets. Even though the upper streets get jammed, then the gutters will have an easy flow”. Same way even though the internet flow can be stopped by implicating certain protocols, then the dark web will have a steady flow. This book describes various incidents with proper pieces of evidence which are often considered urban myths. Stories such as a Mysterious telephone number, An Eccentric YouTube channel, A weird subreddit thread, and so on. The sources of information have taken by various testimonies of individuals who have gone through such incidents and also from different websites and blog posts that are trying to crack the absurd mystery.



  • Teri Aahaten Meri Karvaten by: Amit Sharma 300.00

    As is the title , so the book is about love and more than that this book is about philosophy of love. I observed myself , my lover and world while I was in love and I penned down those observation and feelings into these ghazals and songs.

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