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  • Special Education-Theories to Practice by: Dr. K.R. Jaya Chandran 399.00

    The book ‘Special Education – Theories to Practice’ is a source of guidance for quality services in special education and disability service management. The concept of Special Education, Inclusive Education, different research theories of Inclusion of Disabilities, Human Resource in disability rehabilitation, Standard of Practice in Rehabilitation, and the Process of quality services are the key areas discussed in this book. The policies, procedures, purpose, scope of services, key performance indicators (KPI), professional practice strategies, role of different professionals, responsibilities and management of support services, etc. are eloquently explained in this book. The book is crafted for teachers, parents, specialists, schools, and related institutions serving child development or in service of children with special educational needs.


    This is based on a true incident which occurred in Kolkata. People of the city and of the nation were left shaken to the core.


    The main aim of this book “CHRONICLE OF HUMAN RIGHTS” is to promote and enhance the society about the rights and value of his/her own. Every person has dignity and value. One of the ways that we recognise the fundamental worth of every person is by acknowledging and respecting their human rights.

  • Under My Skin by: Mansi Shinde 170.00

    Under My Skin is a collection of poetry about love, heartbreaks, loneliness, anxiety, trauma and a bit of femininity. This book is a journey of realization in my twenty years of existence. Each poem refers to one dark emotion a person faces. It will walk you towards empathy. But what it really says is life should keep rolling in spite of the obstacles. Smile and start walking again because you never know what you might come across the route. This book is my heart folded outward into your hands to reveal itself.

  • Forever is a Choice by: Apeksha Prakash 129.00

    Ahaana, a 23- year old girl full of dreams and goals, meets Uthkarsh during her internship. With time they turn to be friends and then from friends to partners. What makes Ahaana feel insecure all of a sudden? What makes their relationship unstable? What part of her past haunts her? How does it affect their relationship? Will Ahaana and Uthkarsh script a tale of forever? Is forever a choice or an option?

  • Blessed One by: Hiranya Borah 399.00

    The novel is based on a curse story; a curse has been chasing a family generation after generation due to a crime committed by a powerful person due to ego clash with another powerful person. The protagonist was also on the firing line of the curse. However, he was saved from the curse by the blessings of his mother and mother goddess. The basic theme of the book is ‘blessings are more powerful than the curses.’ The book contains some unbelievable stories how the protagonist had been saved from almost sure death by a supernatural power. Throughout his life, the protagonist was in search of an answer why he was saved by the Almighty when he was about to die. Finally he got the answer when he was unconscious due to a murderous attack by a spurned lover by pumping three bullets in his chest. He survived the attack to become an enlighten person who finally has decided to denounce the world forever to devote his life for the mankind and for preservation of the environment.

  • Bondhu Noi Bondhu Noi Hridoye Safety Pin Tomer Sathe Dekha holo Mohamarir Din by: Kumkum Baidya 120.00

    Kumkum Baidya, by profession is a Senior Software Engineer. Educational qualification MCA. Born and brought up at Baruipur near Kolkata. His father is a Lawyer and politician. Mother was teacher of Bengali literature and politician. Her love for the literature was cultivated by her mother. She writes for the magazines Parabas, Annyanishad, Shobdermichil, Ritabak, Sobdo kolpo cloud, kobitautsab, living plus etc. Her poems are available in Milansagar. This is her 1st book on poem.

  • Panditain Ji by: Rajesh Kumar Shukla 199.00

    “Panditain Ji” is all about feminism, written & created in the backdrop of status of Indian women in our patriarchal society during colonial times when thinking of women’s rights & aspirations were considered taboo. The pivotal plot this literary piece beholds is women empowerment by allowing widows to get re-married and abolition of Zamindari system letting poor & downtrodden people reclaiming their own destiny which they were entitled to.

  • Character Determines your Success by: Radhika Ujwal Badhe 170.00

    Since the beginning of the twentieth century, our lives are filled with many challenges. All of these challenges are complex and their solutions elusive well the society also heaps on the additional concern. Yet they share a common link by human beings. Granted, a few natural calamities don’t require human collisions, but most do. Therein lies the basic paradox about human nature. Moreover, the Covid-19 lockdown of an unbroken solitude for months has altered our personalities too. This volume will help you to change your perspective that, “You don’t have to be lonely when alone, and solitude can be a positive space for reinvigorating, rather than depleting your minds.” The normal human tendency to be self-centered, egocentric, and selfish creates problems and undermines the quality of our lives. We will discuss the ways that can enhance our lives by lowering our self pre-occupation a bit and talk about the ways in which we might improve society by promoting a less egoic world. I imagine that extroverted people are more likely to take advantage of such an opportunity. So, at this moment, let’s feel the real richness when you are so expensive that no one can buy your 𝐶ℎ𝑎𝑟𝑎𝑐𝑡𝑒𝑟.

  • Saugandh Hai Teri by: Sandeep Mehta 124.00

    This book is a collection of Patriotic, motivational and philosophical poems with suitable examples and short stories. “सौ रातें मैंने जागी है,

    तब जाकर जीवन भान किया।

    पहले आया विष का प्याला,

    तब जाकर अमृत पान किया।

    घड़ियों की टिक-टिक तानों ने,

    आहों को अलग-सा राग दिया।

    धड़कन की बढ़ती हुई गति ने ,

    तनिक नहीं आराम दिया।

    सन्नाटों से भरी हुई महफिल में,

    मैंने अश्रु स्नान किया।

    पहले आया विष का प्याला,

    तब जाकर अमृत पान किया।

    मखमल की बिछी हुई बिस्तर पर,

    करवटें बदलना भारी था।

    कभी उठना था कभी बैठना था,

    पर पैर पटकना जारी था।

    उस काली अंधेरी रातों में,

    मैंने नर्क पहचान किया।

    पहले आया विष का प्याला,

    तब जाकर अमृत पान किया।

  • Engraved on the Mountains by: Insha Haque 149.00

    I felt like a parched traveler in the middle of a desert looking for an oasis, when I found one out, it turned out to be a mirage”, Adi while looking for her. Love stories around the world are similar, a guy and a girl fall in love and get married, but it
    isn’t that simple in this story.

    This is Adi, a college student who is sweet and shy and is kind too. He used to be carefree and buoyant but something occurred in his life and his life turned topsy-turvy and he turned into a troubled anxious and unsure soul.

    There is Noor, a burqa clad college student who is fiercely independent with excellent sense
    of surroundings, a person who can stare back when stared upon. Having extensive wit, she can put up a poker face if needed.
    This is their story, story of love and emotions, story of his efforts and her hesitance. A story
    how yesterday is different from tomorrow and how today is beyond imagination on the previous day. A story about how you may fall in love now and how you might live tomorrow. See the ups and downs in their lives with the repercussions on each other’s lives. See how
    one’s efforts become the others’ destiny.

  • The Adventures of Pink and Blue by: Jasleen and Ronnie 289.00

    Pink and blue are two prodigious Kids with freaky powers who are still trying to live a normal life in the city of Glackomole. However, if they discern any threat to human kind, they are ever ready to go out and fight the evil. The partners in crime are their Crusader pets – Caticorn for Pink and Dog Copter for Blue. Together they encroach upon and squash the evil acts of monsters like Devil-Of-Hell, Banana Monster and finally the super beast Corona Witch. The book is a children fiction and crime thriller.

  • I love You Sir by: Saima Kutikkar 120.00

    If you like reading love stories, speacially a student’s love story, then this book is for you. ‘I love you sir’ is all about a story of a student named ‘Nidi’ who falls in love with her proffessor ‘Gavrav’. It was a love at first sight when Nidi had no idea that he was a proffessor.You will able to read about a student’s and sir’s chemistry. And finally at the end something happens and they both gets separated. Read the book to know how Nidhi falls in love at fight sight, about their chemistry, and why they gets separated.

  • Zara Sochiye by: Krishna Kumar 208.00

    Zara Sochiye – One of the inspiring book. Book was written by Krishna Kumar. He talks about his early life, efforts, hardship, luck and chance. How should and ordinary man develop his mind? He is sharing his experiences with the experiences of world thinkers, scholars, scientists, friends etc. In this book, an ordinary man’s experience is shared with the same respect with the experience of thinkers of the world.

  • Lovestruck by: Pratyush Madhav 164.00

    Raj and Riya meet on the college campus. As usual, in love stories, both of them felt the spark between them. But later this casually gets deeper down, into the soul. They have their beautiful time that they spend together, and they have their cruel villain too, to fight with. Life plays a cruel card on this diverse couple of North and South India, as they meet their destiny by playing and acting their part in this game. As things again get better with time, they have their wonderful life. But, as usual, life had to throw in some stones in this already not so calm pond, to make even more massive waves, disturbing the flow of their lives. Raj Pours his heart into his diary which will make you spend a little of your time figuring out some of their secrets. Join Raj and Riya on this roller coaster of emotions, and take a peep into the secrets buried in the depths of this bloody journey.

  • GRAMMAR 100 by: Anil Dagar 334.00

    “Check your grammar, attempt exercises and have fun.”

  • Khaamosh Nazar by: Dr. Nisha Maharana 130.00

    Khaamosh Nazar is a poetic memorabilia written from the perspective of not one, but many women around us. The poet’s approach towards the intriguing human emotions brings out a plethora of memories which are untouched by many and takes you down the memory lane.

  • Brain Storming Management Task by: Swarup das 250.00

    The purpose of this book is to give guidance to the young and practicing professional in Project execution, Construction, Production, Management and Management Consultants, and those who are pursuing Management Course. Further, this book will give you a comprehensive idea about the General Management and Leadership and application of Skills in various project execution and production. This book emphasis the quality control, quality assurance and total quality management. I believe that this book will enable you to learn new techniques of management and work Smartly. I fervently hope that management book will help the practicing professional and consultant to get a sound understanding of Quality Management. I’m sure that this book fundamentally will increase your capability of doing work in a stress-free manner and upgrade your working style. This comprehensive Management Guide enhances you: – to stimulate your excellent Thoughts! And revive your Logical thinking in quality management. – to create Self Awareness for sustaining personal and professional growth & success. – to create platform for Self-empowerment for Managing & Leading in Corporate World. – to produce better valuable outcomes more smartly, efficiently and more consistently. N.B: To become an emerging leader, increase your emotional intelligence with time. Life is a game of timing. Respect time and time will respect you. Do Hard work / Smart work timely. There is nothing “Impossible” with time! We need to adjust ourselves to the changing environment and cope up with possible changes. A manager/leader needs to foster a congenial work environment where the team members feel psychological safety and offer the best outcome. The users of this book are also requested to use the author’s other book Conscience – The ethical Motives” to become an expert in Self-Management.

  • Adhunik Gram Panchayat by: Deepak Yadav 220.00

    Adhunik gram panchayat is my first Hindi book. With writing this book major aspects related to social concerns are considered as the focus. In which the three tier system (gram Panchayat, Kshetra Panchayat and Zilla Panchayat) and the panchayati Raj has been described in simple language in details and tried to bring the moral and knowledge of the panchayat representatives to the powers of gram sabha members.

  • Kavyamala by: Neeta Singh 141.00

    Kavyamla is my First Poetry book which is written to express my natural opinion on various subject .This book is combination of Love , Patriotism ,relationship ,Current affair ,environment and humanity.

  • The love that never completed by: Aman Gupta 109.00

    This book is a nutshell of emotions, love, togetherness, separation….!

  • I am Not Married to a Bottle of Wine by: A.D.I (f.faria) 150.00

    Make it what your spirit digests it Inhale purest poetry REUNION is the concept around more love and forgiveness engrained in the book.raw mineral poetry fro. Motherland to the spils of the world building up africa ome poem at a time the book is a corner stone

  • How To Make Money in Solar Energy by: Govardhan B S and Akshay G 365.00

    The book “How to Make Money in Solar Energy” by Nirvana Foundation, is primarily meant to serve Students, Laymen, and Entrepreneurs, to learn and understand the basics of Solar PhotoVoltaic Technology and Business. Ever since this technology was introduced in the world, a need has been felt for a book on this technology. A keen attempt has been made to make this book useful and interesting. Leaving aside all the unnecessary things, only the essential facts have been discussed in this book. This book has a direct link with practical work, in which all the common and complicated troubles of Solar PV Technologies have been addressed. This book covers the present Energy scenario in the world, and in India. This book also includes Manufacturing, Distribution, and Government support for Solar PV Technologies. It also coves the projects that are done and the projects that are planned to be done in the coming days. MNRE and Government Plans are also discussed. This book not only covers information about solar PV technologies, but it also contains how to implement the technology into the business and how to get profit from it. It has been noticed, perhaps experienced, that the entrepreneurs lack confidence and knowledge when they start to do the solar business. Therefore, this book has been written in such a way that it will equip the entrepreneur with a basic knowledge of marketing to face ups-downs in Solar Business. It is hoped that this book will be useful for all students, non-specialists, and entrepreneurs to gain the best knowledge about the latest technologies and businesses in Solar PV Energy.

  • Wings To The Broken Soul by: Paulomi Roy 150.00

    We all pass through different phases of life. Our life is like a roller coaster ride, it is never same all the way. Often, some tragic incidents break us into pieces. Being heartbroken, we just look for one ray of hope as an inspiration. However, where does this inspiration come from? Inspiration comes from every small thing surrounding us. Nature along with its creations is capable of inspiring us to the best. We all get heartbroken at some point of time in our life, but let’s not give the heart-breaking reasons the power to destroy us, describe our identity, or define our destiny. Even if, no one steps forward to render help and soothe our pain, we still have the potential to gift ourselves the wings of love. Let’s not forget that even in worst conditions, we are always capable of gifting ourselves the wings to our broken souls. These wings are so powerful and strong that they work like magic for us. These wings hold our aspiring dreams and show us the path of the complete transformation of our soul and body. Every time we flap the wings, not only we bless ourselves with love but also shower love on others. So let’s not forget that in all adversities, we have the capability to empower ourselves with the powerful wings of love to our broken souls.

  • Ranjesh’s Technical English for Engineering by: Er. BK. Ranjesh Roy 1,100.00

    This book is specifically designed to be strong and expert in proven tips & techniques in English, Technical English Language & Communication Skill for graduate (B.Tech./B.E.) and also postgraduate Students (M.Tech./M.E.) of all disciplines (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Computer Science, IT) Engineering Students and Professionals who want to improve their language abilities and Communication Skills more confidently and effectively. It has been written based on the current research of Universities and Engineering Colleges syllabi in India which can be used in the classroom or for self-study. Each section of this book explains every appropriate concept from basic to advance in depth with appropriate examples and realistic manner which helps you not only to improve and enhance your Grammar tool, English Language & Communication Skill but also to overcome the problems of common error, building vocabulary, Spoken English, job interviews, group discussions, presentation, technical listening, speaking, reading, writing etc. This book will help you to understand effective communication, English Language, in the professional and to get good scores in the exams. This book is a must for All Engineering Students and Professionals.

  • Ranjesh’s Current Job Interview Questions and Answers for All Job Interviewers & Interviewees by: Er. BK. Ranjesh Roy 275.00

    Welcome to the world of opportunities through my book named ‘Ranjesh’s Current Job Interview Questions and Answers for All Job Interviewers & Interviewees’. It is meant for all Professional Students and teachers, who want to win job interviews in any company, organization in any field – across the country. This book has been written for cracking and winning all the job interviews. It has been designed to help you prepare and crack for any type of job interviews including both at Engineering College and at Management Institutes – across the country. This book is aimed at changing your nervous mindset towards interviews and more importantly, making you believe that to win every job simply in your own hand. This book is the ultimate guide to job interview answers. It is aimed and designed to crack all job interviews across The Globe. This book is a must for All Job Interviewers & Interviewees’.

  • The Panorama by: Hansa 120.00

    Looking outside the window every morning,

    I welcome the Sunshine

    And Thank the rays of the Sun

    For the beautiful and Eventful Day

    For giving me the Energy and Strength

    TO gauge something New and Share with the World

    Which is the eye and ear of my learning, and the mirror of my life.


    As a kid I was always intrigued by the mysteries that surround people, places and incidents. I have been a researcher in terms of looking out for the truth. Though curiosity can lead to problems but I feel that it gives you a sense of satisfaction and mental peace once you get the closure.

    In the hope and positive attitude that the heartfelt emotions being presented by me in this book will reach the people who want to build a good and strong character. Earning good money and achieving degrees and popularity are of No worth if a person’s values are at stake. I have learned in all these years of hardship that Morals, Upbringing and Values should never be compromised if one has to reach the top. Because the Sooner you will reach the top, the faster you can fall on the ground. So let us all be careful and maintain our dignity.

    I have been hopeful  however, I have had many setbacks. But this is Life…full of ups and downs. In a few people’s period of existence there is more pain than blessings. Therefore, one must strive to do good deeds to earn more blessings.

    This book has got immense experiences which tell the depth of my true feelings and I wish this can help everyone who reads this book.

    It is a compilation of different events that have happened in my life and for making me the person I am today.

    When life hurls stones at you,

    Learn to use the shield of wisdom

    When life offers you Flowers,

    Learn to catch and harbor them

    Accept Life the Way It is,

    For it is the Hallmark of a Human.

    Let’s get started with the roller coaster ride and the amazing events that define the life of today’s human being. Stay with me in this journey and delve deeper into the real meaning of liveliness, faith and confidence.

  • Inspire the artist in your child by: Dipti Pandit 250.00

    This art book is for pre-primary scholars where they find interesting hand made content for trace drawings. As we know, drawing is the first hand writing of young kids. These dot drawings will build their artistic approach, memory, imagination and concentration and will also improve their fine motor skills. This book will encourage young kids to develop an interest in art as well as it prepare them for the formal hand writing for future.

  • The War Time Lady by: Adarsh K Warman 200.00

    Lorianna Watson’ , A Highly Upper Class dedicated- Wife, Mother & Daughter in Law.. performing All her duties sincerely in the desperate Times of the War. But After Losing her Soldier Husband – ‘David Watson’ & Her Only Son – ‘Adam’ in the War !! She decides to find out – why all this happened to the Innocent Victims Like them !!?? ‘The War Time Lady’ is the story of a Lady named-‘ Lorianna Watson’; who Finally decides to stepped up For Her Mission Against the Bloody War, with the help of Her Friend -‘Sandra’ & Abled to brings the Peace On The Land Once Again !!!!!

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