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  • The Grainy days in Madras by: Janani 166.00

    We, everyone has a right to live happy in this world. Someone has to be behind one’s act. Someone has to be behind one’s happiness. Someone has to be behind one’s pain. Good childhood makes the better person. A girl called Yara who is in depression for so long because of her bad childhood memories, it led her to use drugs and started to loose all her loved ones. Who was really behind her actions? Who pushed her to a dark phase of life? Is she really out of her past psychologically?.

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    This phonics book introduces your child to vowels and consonants. Helps children to learn PHONICS with themselves to build their basics strong. These books are designed step by step by the observation of the child while learning the concepts. Any child can learn it individually from the basics to the advance level of phonics. This particular book is defined as a basics level which makes child to learn and write words. Tuning child with Creative activities which brings interest to learn the concepts fun fully. ‎Synthetic phonics · ‎ Analytic phonics · ‎ List of phonics programs phonics methods

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    The book intends to explore about today’s life which is evident from the title of the book. The book is an effort to express the truths of life in a beautiful manner and therefore they have been expressed through poetry. The poems are in all forms including ghazal, muktak and free verses. It explores love, philosophy, life, patriotism, nature, social media and ecstacy…. Among others. It has been the endeavour of the author to strike a chord with common people and the joys and emotions felt by all of us in everyday life. Feel free to express yourself about the book as this will help in writing better next time and every time. Consider yourself a part of the project called Hansta Hua DP.

    Hansta Hua DP by: Mukesh Anand 199.00
  • MY LOVE PROPOSAL ( మై లవ్ ప్ర పోజల్ ) by: D. MAHADHAR 129.00

    Everyone has a different emotional feelings in their mind.  Such as life is a group of emotional feelings. But no matter how many feelings there are in life. The feelings of LOVE is beautyfull wonderful, and great full. That’s is my feeling emotion. A kind of emotion that
    Doesn’t reach  whenif reaches the destination in the  emotional emotional life of love, anyway I propose that I give you a Rose flower made in history feeling such love is a kind of emotion if it is in the mind a kind  when it comes outlt. Will be like a war with , Navarasana will be drunk. Called love while doing so.  There are a lott of pictorial girls, boy, Red in mind so that’s how the kick would be. If you Read these 11 LOVE STORIES of mine every bridal love that happens in the world  wants to set married hoping that this word will turn into a love and be happy for the rest of life yours sincerely. Tq. 

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    A gruesome murder, a scared witness, a retired police officer brought back to finish an unfinished case and a suspect in custody in less than twelve hours. Bravo! When everyone thinks that the case is closed, little they expect that this is just a beginning. Welcome to the world of Yogi, where the line between good and bad, right and wrong has no meaning. Yogi! He is not a normal person and certainly he is not a Hero by any standards. He is a lone wolf and his methods are crude. He fights the demons with the devil inside him. The best in him comes during the worst situations in life. He is not someone who you wish to be a part of your life. But, if he appears at your doorstep, then know that you are up against something far more dangerous than you can imagine. If you are not the bad guy then don’t worry, you are in safe hands. This book is my dedication to the unsung Heroes, who lurk in shadow, embrace darkness and walk the path of death, so that we can have peaceful nights of sleep.

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    There’s an amazing thing about apologies that when you stop expecting them from the person who hurt you; you bloom and gleam  beautifully.  EXPIRED APOLOGIES is a collection of English poetry. It’s not a book but a vial of elixir which is able to stimulate the most blissful emotions in you.  Its sunsets, laughter, tears, kisses, breeze through your hair, wine down your throat and divinity in your bones, fondled all at once. Traverse through and live it. 

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    A memorable travel through the lenses of a public servant traversing along the path of wisdom, truth, philanthropy, humor and wit.

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    True love is nectar for any soul and these poetry are utensils in which that nectar is filled. This book about the presence & key role of true love in your life. If you want to submerge yourself in the deep ocean of love then this book is for you.

  • जीवन ! कैसे जियें? (Jeevan ! kaise jiyein? by: Shailesh kumar gupta 450.00

    jeevan ! Kaise jiyein? mystically deliver the true knowledge about the truth of life in a realistic manner which can be experienced in real time while reading this book with concentration. This book is specially for the spiritual knowledge integrated with the real world secrets of life. This Book can transform a person’s problematic and confusing life into calm, Stressfree and enlighten life. This book provides self help capability to the reader in true sense

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    This book revolve around social evils of society like poverty, dowry, corruption and social disparity.

  • खगोलीय व्यवस्था-ज्योतिष by: Mohit Purohit 290.00

    This study is an attempt to develop an accurate, mordern and scientific point of view regarding Astrology. It has been written with an aim of removing hypocrisy imposed over Astrology in order to reestablish it in its pure and original form.
    Today conditions all around the Earth are such that it has become essential for Humans to penetrate their understanding a lot more deeper into this timeless revolutionary knowledge in order to allow maximum positivity to grow in their life. Astrology will grow Human understanding regarding Earth and other Planets and also help humans to develop in all dimentions of life with a lot more deeper understanding about their role in the Universe.

    This study is an attempt to develop an accurate, mordern and scientific point of view regarding Astrology. It has been written with an aim of removing hypocrisy imposed over Astrology in order to reestablish it in its pure and original form. Today conditions all around the Earth are such that it has become essential for Humans to penetrate their understanding a lot more deeper into this timeless revolutionary knowledge in order to allow maximum positivity to grow in their life. Astrology will grow Human understanding regarding Earth and other Planets and also help humans to develop in all distentions of life with a lot more deeper understanding about their role in the Universe.

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    This novel is totally based on imagination, a fictitious story. It is about an unexpected love story.A true love faces so many problems in its journey and finally reaches its goal.

  • MAGICAL QUOTES AND STORIES by: Umme Kulsum 150.00

    This is an amazing and magical book which contains of inspiring and motivational quotes and stories that can change your life. This book can change your negative thoughts into positive ones. If you read this book and understand all the magical words in it nicely then no one can ever stop you from being prosperous and successful in your life.


    The increasing negative situations in the society gave me voice. His frustrated deformed tendencies that mentally weaken a human used to make a shout in his heart. Every moment, he inspired me, not laxly. Awakened for some new positive changes in the society.

    My pen, my feelings are dedicated to society including God. My life is devoted to the feet of Mother Saraswati.

  • Where is your house? by: Thakur Shantanu singh 200.00

    This is a journey in which a 17 year old orphan boy goes beyond infinite to get answers to his questions.

    This endless journey of that boy starts after committing suicide from a seaside hill.

    The boy tries to commit suicide nine times from that hill, but each attempt fails.

    The boy tries to commit suicide by jumping from that hill every 6.10 minutes in the evening, but every morning, he finds himself in a cave on a small island.

    There is nothing in his understanding that what stopped him from committing suicide? And who brought him here in this cave?

    He tries to find the person who has prevented him from doing this work.

    One day that boy gets that person.

    The boy asks the person the reason for all this.

    He tells the boy, “You are chosen by God Himself,”

  • Jeevan mai alpaviram by: ATUL KUMAR CHAURASIA 178.00

    Life during lockdown period.

  • Beauty of nature STORY WRITING BOOK by: Ayush Kumar 120.00

    This is a story writing book this book is a name is THE BEAUTY OF NATURE

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    कई महिनों से एक विषाणू नें सारी दुनिया में त्राही त्राही मचा रखी है.हमारे भारत में भी,40-50 सालों से,हमारे ही लोगों नें निर्मित किए ,एक वाॅयरस नें ,देश को डावाडोल करके रखा है.किसी को उसकी कोई जानकारी नही.क्या काले धन को ,स्वयं सफेद करके देने में रूची लेनेवाली सरकार ,देश को काले धन से मुक्ती दिला सकती है? खुदकूशीयो पर नियंत्रण ला सकती है?

  • Ranjesh’s Practical Effective English Communication And Soft Skills For Undergraduate Courses by: Er. BK. Ranjesh Roy 614.00

    Ranjesh’s Practical Effective English Communication and Soft Skills for Everyone is specifically designed to be strong in English Communication Skills for Intermediate and also Undergraduate Students of all disciplines who want to improve their language skills.

    This book serves not only as a high School and College exams but also helps you to develop Soft Skills that will be useful everywhere in your professional life now a days. This book is a must for everyone.

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    The book contains poems which are based on real life experiences of the author and his spiritual thoughts. He has delivered all the positive and creative thoughts that he observed during his lifetime on paper successfully. Selection of words and sequence of lines written in the poems is quite impressive that attracts the readers.

    Yug- Chintan by: Hari Om Singh 150.00
  • Sukooon-E-dil by: Mohd Zeeshan 101.00

    Hello everyone I’m Mohd Zeeshan and kindly informing all of you that this is a my first poetry book In this book, you will get to experience love, unfinished dreams,wishes,tears emerging and much more that you can relate to yourself, I hope that you will like the book written by me.

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    Poetry has the feature of getting bigger when it gets smaller. The new era of Malayalam poetry is rich and vibrant with small, subtle and dense expressions. These poems stand in the category of poems that create strong impact experiences and emotions with one or two poems. These poems symbolize the vision of love, nature, memory and dreams as life. Poems that spread the cold of snow and the heat of tears.

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    This book is based on a daughters love for her mother and the grief she felt after her mother passed away. A journey with ups and downs, happiness and sadness. Grief is a long passage that one has to go through. Something you can’t get over but instead learn to live with. But surely in another time, in a happier place, you’ll meet again.



  • PREM NI VAATO by: Hardik solanki 150.00

    Everyone falls in love atleast once in their life. What is love and how is it? Poet tried to explain it in simple language. When we express something from our hearts it effects the one’s heart. Every single poem of this book will take you closer to your Loved ones…

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    As beings that are always evolving, why are we afraid of change? Is happiness unachievable? Daily entanglements of life have caught us all in a web of discontentment, fear and worry. Many of us have lost the ability to identify the good things in life and are always looking for something bigger and better. What if I told you that the secret ingredient for eternal happiness is right within you? Mind Mysteries is a book that will demand your action and attention towards self betterment by showing you the answers that lie in front of you. Commence on a journey of healing, self-confidence, success and encouragement by taking the wheel of your life. Through real-life case studies and analysis, Mind Mysteries shows us the beautiful and important lessons life has to offer and how we can make the most of them. Are you ready for the

  • Usne kaha I hate writer ( उसने कहा आई हेट राइटर ) by: PANCHAM PRAKASH 149.00

    Something like attraction but it is actually a mystery because a writer fell in love with a soul. But he don’t know anything, what is happening ! Will the writer solve his mysterious love with a soul? To know this mystery grab your copy now.

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    Karthik and Anjali set off for a long drive when an accident brings their happiness to a halt. A deeply depressed Anjalistarts her quest in search of forgiveness, which leads her into a world of crime, drugs, and mafia. She learns that she had killed a murderer, Jyotsana, who had grown up in a Juvenile prison. Deepak chooses a different trail to nail the conspirators, whose next target is Anjali. Trapped inside their den, he plots a way to save her. The two are stalked, haunted, and attacked as they dig deeper to unveil the buried secrets of Jyotsana’storn life. Will they be able to find out the truth? “An Accidental Murder” is a pulsating thriller set up in the IT capital of India, where a young couple brace against a world of vengeance and hatred. Entangled inside, it is a journey of their fight to live.

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    Bishal Dev Bandhopadhya was a brilliant individual but a terrible boss. He held a senior position in an organisation of repute in Bangalore. One afternoon, Bishal is found collapsed on his table and dies soon after he is taken to the hospital. His coffee has been laced with poison. Is this murder or suicide? Prakash Chari resigned from a multi-national to start his own detective agency. In the one year that the detective agency had operated, they were lucky in solving a number of varied cases. This is their first big challenge. Everything seems to point towards suicide, but Prakash and his team are not convinced. Luckily for Prakash, he has a great team: Pramod – a retired police detective, Gautam – an ex-colleague and a great friend, Jayanthi – an attractive software engineer who is also a skilful hacker. Hardly anyone liked to work under Bishal and on his death, none of his colleagues at the corporate office were sad; on the contrary they seemed to be relieved. As the agency continues its investigation, the pressure is on to close the case as a suicide. When they stumble on the truth, they don’t like what they have discovered. This fast-paced book takes you through the mind of a young detective as he finds himself in the middle of a corporate power struggle where the winner’s stake is one of the most profitable companies in India.

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    The book is about a genealogy of Dutta Chowdhury family of the village Andul of Howrah district of West Bengal, India. A thorough study by the author who himself hailed from the family, Chowdhury of bloodline Dutta. The book also showcases brief and intact genealogical tree, starting from their founding-father, Purushottam Dutta of the 10th century CE, to now, based on older books from the family archive written by other authors.

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