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  • Were you ever mine? by: Abhishek Singh 155.00

    At one point of time in your life, you realize that you have lost someone close to you. Someone who was never yours in the first place yet you feel the loss.

    This story is about two girls. They used to share their happiness and sorrows.

    They fall in love but this love cannot be shared because they both fall for the same guy. From there begins a new chapter in their lives- planning; planning to achieve their love. Should we call this love or love triangle or ‘Planned-Unplanned Love’.

    Navya loves Akash, Although she is married.

    Aditi likes Akash and wants to be her better half.

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    Not; every past hurts, nor every past brings scares to remember. Sometimes a past makes you regret to let go. Meet Aisha, young enthusiastic girl aspiring to be a fashion designer. Falling in love was not easy for her, yet she thought Rishab is the man. Falling in his love was not her mistake, but she paid the price. After breaking up, she was devastated with depression. It is the same past that saves her when she meets Aryan. Aryan, a doctor whom she had rejected in the past. This is the story of first love and the love that will shock you to be real.
  • How to learn Arabic by: Abbas Ali Baig 157.00

    It is a book written in English with a view to learn Arabic
    for the beginners.

  • English Era by: Raziul Haque Romy 225.00

    The book, ‘English Era’ is speaking course book that involves lots of speaking tricks ,that many books have not., It is very useful for all categories even for beginners.

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    This book “A-Z vocabulary with trick and love story”,is the gift for the every aspirants who have the great
    thirst to learn the vocabulary from A to Z orderly in very fantastic way.Our team has used the world best
    method to teach you (the wonderful learner) named VEDIC TECHNIQUE. Vedic Technique is the oldest
    technique in the world to learn anything fastly and easily.In ancient times,when there were a lot of
    religious books to learn and memorize like vedas,upanishads,etc.They found difficulties in memorising
    the information or knowledge.So they came up with this marvellous Vedic Technique.In Vedic
    Technique,they just create the wonderful and unique story addition with visualization and picturization in
    their mind to remember the things forever. Our team used this unique and glorious technique to teach the
    aspirant. Here, we have chosen the LOVE STORY not just to feel the romance because we are living in the
    most developed time compared to the previous generation.In this generation especially,our feeling is
    getting lessen and lessen day by day.But, we must astonish about the fact that the one feeling which
    constantly increasing is the feeling of love which we find and feel in the real or hypothetical love
    story.Today,the generation has great emotion regarding with love stories than the other.Here, we must
    remember that in the Vedic Technique, emotion plays a vital role.So we choose the fantastic emotional
    love stories which will teach you the vocabulary from A-Z

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    We often say, ‘age doesn’t matter in Love.’ But are you sure about it? Mohit, a college student, falls in love
    with Manali, a girl who is elder to him. Manali is the daughter of one of his relatives. Mohit expresses his
    love for her. Manali also falls for his love. For some time, she forgets her family and the surrounding
    world. But when she comes to realize the future consequences, she decides to stop. Manali
    compromises her love for their families’ happiness. This story is the roller-coaster ride of love, friendship,
    and family relations. This story will show you what love is? This story will tell you what friendship is? And
    it will also tell you that sometimes, losing your love is a better way than being in love.

  • Hamnafas by: Harshit Gupta 271.00

    There are some relationships in our lives that have no name. Just at some point, they bump into us.
    Then a caravan starts!
    It often happens to us that we are all running from ourselves. Sometimes despite everything in our life, we all feel alien.
    If you feel the reality of life, you will find that parents, brothers and sisters are all tied to the door of some selfishness.

    Humnafas is an attempt to make a place in the hearts of all of you, to establish that relationship, that when you read any story of this book, it will definitely have a relationship as a moment in your life.

  • Know Your Child First by: Dr. K.R. Jayachandran 1,499.00

    This book Know Your Child First is about your child……to support you as a Parent, Guardian, Teacher, Counsellor, Administrator, Rehabilitation Practitioner, Professional, Social Worker, Care Giver or a Person who would love to deal with children at their tender developmental ages or school life, to identify their common learning problems and enhance them for education and social life. A real sourcebook to learn more about learning problems of all the categories of children.

    This book is crafted based on the enormous journey of an enthusiastic Educator, who is an expert in Teacher Education, Special Education, Counselling and Management of rehabilitation support services for children with special needs for last 25 years in India, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

    All the aspects needed for education of children, especially those who are with special needs are detailed in this book. The need and nature of different categories of children are discussed along with practical solutions for successful learning, required support services, vocational education, counselling, educational technology etc. in detail by a well-known Rehabilitation Practitioner & Educationalist, Dr. K. R. Jayachandran.

  • MY DALLIANCE WITH WORDS by: Shubhi Pathak 189.00

    MY DALLIANCE WITH WORDS, is an exquisite collection of thought-provoking poetry, which revolve around finding the ray of hope in the times of deep darkness. These literary pieces are aimed at empowering people in the hardship and inspiring them to not lose hope. Mystique and magnificence of nature is celebrated in the poem. patience and positive thinking are the essence of the book.

  • Seeking New Horizons by: Gautam Vohra 274.00

    Gautam Vohra travels to remote corners of the world like the Arctic, the Amazon, Kyrgyzstan,
    Galapagos and vividly describes his adventures.

  • Tarannum by: RAVINDRA SINGH 250.00

    The present book Tarrannum is also mainly a story collection of fictions. it contains 18 stories and 5 poetries., all are based on day to day happenings in our society. Poetries are the feelings of the old man nearing destination of his life expressed in simple words though not very rhythmic.

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    Hello readers, This is a non fiction book which is written to motivate peoples. “The world where I
    remained” will give you a essence of your life.

  • Teaching and Learning of Physical Science by: Dr. Paul Albert. A 260.00

    The book focuses on the aims and objectives of teaching physical science, planning for instruction, practicing the teaching skills in physical science, several methods of teaching physical science and resources for teaching physical science. In addition, the book describes about basic Physics and basic Chemistry. It is also helpful for the first year pre-service teachers who are studying physical science as a pedagogic subject in B.Ed colleges.

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    Shabdjaal is a book which touches varied emotions and experiences of life through web of words. It has poems on various topics be it inspirational, patriotic, emotional, romantic etc.
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    The human mind is truly astonishing. It’s the center of the nervous system – the headquarters of our body – and it’s responsible for pretty much everything. It’s important to know how your lifestyle impacts your brain, and what positive changes you can make to promote a healthier future. These books will help you to understand the way your mind works, how to gain control of your thoughts and actions, and how to combat diseases and disorders that affect your brain. This revolutionary guide uses the most up-to-date research in brain science to reveal how our thoughts affect our career performance. Neuropsychologist leadership expert Dr. Jagdish Pareek present easy-to-follow tips for sharpening focus, increasing retention, improving decision-making, and ultimately, thriving as a leader in the workplace. This book is ideal for anyone who feels stagnant in their career and wants to make simple changes that will provide extraordinary, life-changing results.
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    This book contains the solved problems of Higher Algebra for senior classes of Higher schools,totalling 15 chapters.Problems were selected from Higher Algebra Book of Hall & Knight .There is no such solution book available in the book market.
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    The feelings of the life imagination and truth of life
  • Leah Learns by: Samaira Pareek 199.00

    Leah is a loveable six-year-old with a lot to learn. This compilation of 10 short stories takes you on a journey into Leah’s life. Read all about her adventures with her charcoal black puppy Ash and her adorable younger sister Autumn. There is no such thing as being too early for life lessons. Leah’s parents make sure she learns all about the value of life and being grateful for all the little things. All while having fun and creating beautiful memories that make life special.

  • Lockdown 2020! Ek trasad katha by: Dr. Vishwajit Kumar Navin 230.00

    First part of this story written in just 21 days! In the tragedy of the lock-down, there is the story of an Indian unemployed family who, amidst the struggle of their country mentality and cultural rebellion, integrated their lives into the teachings of Buddha. Elsewhere, only the tragedy looks tragic to the hero, but that hero also continues to cope with his tragedy with restraint and only to live. This has become the story of middle and low families all over the world today

  • Shakti by: Mrinal Chatterjee 150.00

    एक विज्ञान कथा उपन्यास है। इस उपन्यास की सबसे बड़ी खासियत है कि यह विज्ञान पर आधारित होने के बावजूद इसमें भावनाओं की कई परतें हैं। यह विज्ञान पर आधारित होने के बावजूद इसमें भावनाओं की कई परतें हैं।उनके किरदारों की भी खोज करती है। इस उपन्यास के अलग-अलग चरित्र आपको भिन्‍न-भिन्‍न भावावेशों से परिचित करवाते हैं। विज्ञान के साथ मनुष्यों की भावनाओं के ऐसे महासंगम को शायद पहली बार इस तरह से उपन्यास का रूप दिया गया है। यहाँ ‘शक्ति’ केवल ध्वनि ऊर्जा नहीं बल्कि सभी विपरित परिस्थितियों में भी अपने लक्ष्य की प्राप्ति के लिए तूफानों से संघर्ष 2, करने की ऊर्जा भी है। यहाँ ‘शक्ति’ भावनाओं को नियंत्रण में रखकर मंजिल मर णाल 1ल चटर्जी को पाने की तड़प से आगे बढ़ने की ऊर्जा भी है।

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    This book establishes a link between the Panchayati Raj and Rural Development. Panchayati Raj being people-centric institutions promotes quality of life of the people living in the rural areas. India is a home of villages where a large chunk of population lives whereas Panchayati Raj is a hearth of governance and development in rural areas. Government has assigned developmental tasks to Panchayati Raj bodies by involving people and their representatives. The goal of Panchayati Raj Institutions and Rural Development Schemes are interlined which focus on resolving issues of the people and take care of development. Government of India, through its legislations, empowers elected representatives of Panchayati Raj Institutions to share their responsibilities in developmental process and promotes services to the local people. This book covers strategy and evolution of Panchayati Raj system and effectiveness of centrally sponsored schemes. This book is useful for the functionaries of Panchayati Raj and Rural Development, students of Political Science, Rural Development Management, Scholars of M.Phil., & Ph.D., Development Agents, Social Activists, Students of different competitive examinations, etc. This book comprises important themes of Panchayati Raj and Rural Development which fulfills expectation of the readers.

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    In this book, you’ll find the lost you.

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    An alien robot investigates crime on Earth while trying to learn about his past and how humans behave.

  • THE LIMIT OF TRUTH 2nd Edition by: Just Roy 210.00

    ‘The Limit of Truth’ is the first venture of Justroy which brings to light the hidden episodes of a large family that witnessed four tragic deaths owing to the unguarded and unresolved normal problems and the usual tittle-tattle that long prevailed in the family. It is a family thriller which holds the curiosity of the readers intact till the very end. The author, through this novel, accentuates on the need to read the premonition of a tragedy in order to funk it.

  • Blissful Reflection by: Pervaiz Ahmad Dar 149.00

    The Blissful Reflection is a collection of series of poems written by Pervaiz Rashid depicting connection of love, longing and desires with that of a human soul. The book is written in a unique way by including love in everyone’s life that brings happiness and peace to the human soul away from hatred and hostility. There are outlets of emotions framed in the poems that enlighten us to see answers we seek with words chosen precisely to express the dimensions of human desire that if transformed into kindness turns one into a better soul. It brings out the love that is buried inside with deep holy insights that direct you towards the light.

  • Psychology and Death by: Vijay Kulkarni 395.00

    Human being having been granted and blessed with intelligence always aspire for more but unfortunately does not build up capacity to achieve it. Always thinks either negative or self defeating or social defeating and creates stress. This mental stress harms the person by way not only disturbing mental balance but also causes physical ailments. It is proved and stated in American Society of Psychologists that almost all about 98 % of the physical disorders are result of psychological diseases. It is therefore important to pay an attention to psychological disorders especially stress and worries that cause more damage to physiology of person.

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    Book of novellas and short stories full of mystery suspense horror adventure with a twist. To keep you up for an excited reading.

  • Mere Jeewan Ke Anubhavh by: HARI DASS AGGARWAL 334.00

    In this book, I am going to show you how can we make life and business
    easier!… Exciting!….. more rewarding!

    I have shared my experience of life and business with you will get rewarded!

    But, it’s important that we’re always moving forward. This is a lesson that I
    learned early in life.

    All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the life better.

    I enjoy life when things are happening. I don’t care if it’s good things or bad
    things. That means you’re alive.

    Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.

    Starting a business is tough. And not just practically, or financially
    — emotionally, too. Which is why these top inspirational business tips are
    so valuable.

    So, let’s jump into it!
    – Haridass Aggrawal

  • The Grainy days in Madras by: Janani 166.00

    We, everyone has a right to live happy in this world. Someone has to be behind one’s act. Someone has to be behind one’s happiness. Someone has to be behind one’s pain. Good childhood makes the better person. A girl called Yara who is in depression for so long because of her bad childhood memories, it led her to use drugs and started to loose all her loved ones. Who was really behind her actions? Who pushed her to a dark phase of life? Is she really out of her past psychologically?.

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    This phonics book introduces your child to vowels and consonants. Helps children to learn PHONICS with themselves to build their basics strong. These books are designed step by step by the observation of the child while learning the concepts. Any child can learn it individually from the basics to the advance level of phonics. This particular book is defined as a basics level which makes child to learn and write words. Tuning child with Creative activities which brings interest to learn the concepts fun fully. ‎Synthetic phonics · ‎ Analytic phonics · ‎ List of phonics programs phonics methods

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