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  • The Bhagavad Gita by: Sunita Malhotra 399.00
    Sanskrit is the source of Indian scriptures. It is the store-house of all that is benign and worthwhile. Most of us are not in a position to unlock the power and glory of our ancient heritage, being out of touch with this divine language. The Srimad Bhagavad Gita is a scripture of enduring and all-encompassing magnificence. Anyone in the entire planet can benefit from a few verses from The Bhagavad Gita. The core teachings of Lord Krishna in The Bhagavad Gita is that where there is virtue, there is the prospect of victory and glory and wherever there exists unrighteousness, injustice and immorality, there is destruction—physical, moral and spiritual .This book is an attempt to unlock the Sanskrit in The Bhagavad Gita using lucid commentary in English and expert grammatical analysis of verses in Devanagari. All the chapters are unique and portray the yoga of self-control, the yoga of meditation, and bhakti-yoga. Free-flowing and essential Sanskrit, Hindi, and English verses make the book useful for all. Well-formatted Anvaya, Prattaya, Samaas, Dhatu words, Pada-indexes, and Sandhi make this edition a useful work for scholars and academicians worldwide.
  • Gurudev by: JAGENDRA RANA 315.00
    Guru Shishiya Tradition refers to the age-old Indian tradition of Gurukul. The shelter of a Master is the stepping-stone to achieve the real objective of this life. The spiritual progress in life is dependent on the link established with the Master. The grace of God starts flowing automatically with the grace of the Master. This work is entirely aimed at serving my own brethrens of Ramashram lineage.
  • Business Interruption Insurance by: JAGENDRA RANA 252.00
    Business interruption insurance (also known as Loss of Profit or Consequential insurance) is a type of insurance that covers the loss of income that a business suffers after a disaster. Business interruption insurance compensates a business for loss of revenue after a catastrophic event regardless of physical damage to the property or equipment. This work is an excellent food for your thought and vision of financial security.
  • Kids Delight by: Abhiraj Vashisht 90.00
    Parents are the first teachers of their kids. They should guide them right. Giving electronic gadgets in kids hand at an early age has an adverse impact on their mental health. Instead load them with story books for fun and learning morals. Keeping this in view, picture books are of great help because the visuals function as a good memory aid for them.This book comprises of all the above said qualities. Fun gets doubled when kids while coloring the book learns vocabulary and morals values that is needed to a greater extent. So gift your child this coloring book that will fill colors not only in the pictures but also in their lives.
    This book “Transdermal Drug Delivery system for Aceclofenac” explains the developmental aspects of transdermal drug delivery with detailed discussion on methodology involved in selection of potential drug candidates, selection of polymers, preformulation parameters, in-vitro in-vivo performance evaluation of developed system. The book is a suitable guideline for graduate and postgraduate students and researchers in the field of transdermal drug delivery.
  • Reaching the Mirage called Happiness by: MRINAL NAG 440.00
    ‘Reaching the Mirage Called Happiness’ written by Brig. Dr. Mrinal Nag is an endeavour to apprise fellow human beings that happiness can never be achieved by chasing it. Happiness drifts away like a mirage if we chase it but can be easily achieved by all of us if we learn to share our success with fellow human beings of the society especially with those who are poor, needy, and sick for no fault of theirs; those who need our help to be happy. Approximately 1.3 billion out 7.8 billion people in the world at present are poor and hungry. There are millions of people who are needy and sick in various parts of the world. People like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and many others are donating to help the poor of the society. People like Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa offered selfless service to the sick and helpless people of the world. Doctors and Nurses treated Covid-19 patients at great risk to their own lives. All these people are great examples for us. They inspire us to donate to the poor and offer our selfless service to the sick and helpless. The mindset of giving back to the society will only come to us if we learn to become good human beings first, which precedes being human. The ingredients of DISCIPLINE, if followed properly, can make us good human beings who would develop a mindset to help the needy and would even donate our own body organs to be used after our demise. The book has suggested a World Charitable Fund Trust to help the poor of the world in addition to the existing organisations. It has also suggested a recipe to achieve happiness which, if followed, will ensure happiness for all. This book may prove to be very useful for all parents, teachers, students, and young ones, to decipher the secret of achieving happiness.
  • KAVYANJALI by: Dr. Sudha sharma 250.00
    This book makes a journey of various stages of a women life and moods.The book blends seamlessly nature and expressions and depicts optimism.
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    Barnakosh is a bengali magazine.

  • Gender School and Society by: Richa Mehta 400.00

    This book-Gender, School and Society is designed around B.Ed syllabus (of F4) and provides
    constructs of gender, patriarchy, and several theories of feminism. It presents some social constructs of gender, stereotyping of girls in school and society and say women in society, media, literature and occupation. It also highlights our education system, with special reference to India, hidden curriculum, teacher attitudes and projection of patriarchal values in parenting, peer culture curriculum content analysed with a gender lens. The book proposes views on policy intervention in school education and national curriculum framework. This book is presented by a teacher with wide teaching experience in a premiere Education Department of the country recognised by several national and international awards for teacher education.

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    Congratulations!, Mere hearing this word, we starts diving in the ocean of fantasies and optimism; like something good has happen. And our mind starts focusing on all the positive encounters which were experienced recently. We become goal oriented. On contrary to it whenever we encounter some bad news, catastrophe, failures or negative situations; then also our mind registers all those scenarios and it may focus on negativity and reinforces our beliefs to feel like a loser or a failure. These are just the THOUGHTS which our mind gets every now and then. This book is all about what we think, how we think and how those THOUGHTS impacts us. Through THOUGHT PROCESS I am trying to demonstrate the impact of thoughts on our life. Prior starting any personal or professional assignment, we think of it. Any creation that exists today was once a thought in someone’s mind. A good running business was an idea(a thought in someone’s mind). This whole
    universe which is the creation of almighty power (God), prior creating this universe God also thought to create. Once upon a time, this book used to be a THOUGHT in my mind. Now then as it is on papers it has become a creation. Thought process is about the quality of thinking that differs from individual to individual. How different thoughts impacts lives differently. How a positive thought leads us to achieve progress and prosperity, on contrary to it a negative thought encounters us criticism and leads us to nowhere in our life.

  • Echoes of the Grim Horror of Partition in Indian English Fiction by: Dr. Chandan Kumar Jha 300.00
    Partition is an enduring subject of Indian writers in English. The event was an unparalleled catastrophe of recent history which ravaged Indian and Pakistani and affected the Sikhs, Sindhis, Hindus, Punjabis and Bengal is in particular many hart rending stories and accounts of partition continue to be written and discussed and the blame game is still not over. It has been a favourite topic of many authors, artists, journalists, film makers and even writers of memoirs. The present Book discusses the highly complex subject of partition which deals with politics of greed, the abdication of the authorities and the sufferings of males and females during and after Partition. Numerous books have been written on the subject in regional and English language. For the purposes of present book entitled only four novels written in different decades, say 50s, 70s, 80s and 90s have been taken up and the novels like Train to Pakistan, Azadi, The Ice Candy Man and What the Body Remembers have been taken up for serious critical discussion in order to highlight the similarities and dissimilarities of approach and view points from both male and female points of view.
  • Winning the Hearts by: Sudarshan Kumar Saini , Ravindra Joshi & Dr. Carlos Rufin 1,280.00

    Of the 223 slums of Delhi, very few residents availed electricity legally.

    The only resort was to win their hearts. This alone could make them register for legitimate electric connections and pay their dues. It was time for innovation to replace the conventional methods as Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited embraced ways to empower the slum dwellers and improve their lives. In return, it would win their trust and loyalty.

    After successfully taming the other sets of subscribers, the giant electricity distributor had finally looked upon the small yet significant consumer base – the slum residents. The people at the bottom of the pyramid were most difficult to overcome. All good-old strategies had failed.

    Would Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited succeed in reducing its losses from this impoverished segment? What would it do to penetrate into this section? Unfold their journey of challenges and achievements as you flip through the pages of this book.

    Initiatives Implemented Successfully

    1. Post privatization; A different approach
    2. Slum cluster – third and toughest segment of consumers
    3. SCG – An innovative business model for Slums
    4. ABHA-Anchors of SCG; Training & Engaging Slum Women
    5. SCG Innovation Council; Slum Women Engaged in Innovation Council
    6. Building the capacity to pay- Skill development; Vocational Training Centers
    7. Shaping up the future of impoverished many through education
    8. Unleashing true potential of the weaker sex- Women Learning Centers
    9. Generation Next in the making- Education initiatives for children and youth
    10. Accidental Insurance Scheme for Slum Consumers
    11. Drug De-addiction Drive
    12. Mission: Efficient Complaint Management by Slum Women
    13. Safety and Energy Conservation Awards for Slum Houses
    14. Sanjeevani – Mobile Medicine Van for Slums
    15. Pay from your homes -Mobile Cash Van at Slums
    16. Celebrating the joy of gifting- Win while you pay for Slum Consumers
    17. RO Plant in Slum Clusters-Clean Water for the Poor
    18. SCG Cultural Club for Slum Talent


    What TPDDL has done shows how powerful the impact can be for business and society when a company carefully thinks about uplifting the general living standards of the community it serves. Developing and executing such model is not easy, there are plenty of challenges along the way. It requires technical expertise and a sensitivity to the needs of the client population. It leads to the construction of a community led business model. It results in the creation of innovative social agents like the “Abha” network. It is hard work but when done well, the rewards are a win for the community and for the business as well. There are so many lessons to be learned from the work of  Tata Power DDL in Winning the Heart to Improve the Life of Socially Deprived.

  • My tree is alive – dream series by: Varun Sharma 84.00

    “MY TREE IS ALIVE” is a fiction book from the dream series with an emotional journey of a boy based on the theme of trees written by Varun Sharma, an Indian author. This story describes an encounter involving a 12 years old boy named Jay and a woodcutter to save the tree with a strong message, to make the world a better place to live in the future.

  • Dhoop Ke Katre by:  Sarla Dhasmana Bendale 160.00
    Dhoop ke katre is a book of poetry that is fictional yet relatable, it is based on the experiences which leave the reader with a feeling of acquaintance and familiarity.
  • Zero to Five  by:  Anupam V. Jessy   245.00
    Started writing the book from August 2017 and my first novel book was ready in about three years. I understand that if I had a doctor’s degree, I would write a book about health, but there is no match with my studies in my book. Whatever is in my book inspires good and true guidance. A depressed person gets even a little internal energy, so I have only been churning my thoughts about this subject for about three years. The beginning is always done on its own .. So in this ‘ZERO TO FIVE’ book, I have started myself first, but I believe that it is not a spiritual but an inspiration. There are a lot of interesting ideas in the entire book from beginning to end. I have great hope from myself that this book will definitely inspire the reader and they will also get a lot of power to grow by themselves.
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    Acharya Chanakya was the smartest man of his century. In this book, the verses spoken by Acharya Chanakya have been translated into Hindi and explained to the students. Each verse spoken by Acharya Chanakya has been translated into simple language for the students in relation to how those verses will apply in the students’ lives. In Hindi language.

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    Madhura is a young girl who after her mother’s death went away to New York with her uncle leaving her father. Soon she came to her right age and was to be married to the son of one of her uncle’s friend. The date being fixed she now had come to India to invite her father to the wedding.

    MADHURA by: Sunil Seeke 127.00
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    The purpose of this book is to give guidance to the aspiring students in
    engineering and Computer Programming related courses. Further, this book
    will give you a comprehensive idea about the JAVA Programming languages. I
    believe that this book will enable you use your brain up to the fullest to work
    smartly and achieve your goal in all endeavor. I fervently hope that this book
    will help the students to get a sound understanding of how to code and
    writing programs in JAVA. I’m sure that this book fundamentally will increase
    your capability of getting good score in your organization, entrepreneurship,
    examination and interviews in a stress-free manner.

    Agriculture plays an important role to cover primary aims dder etc. by optimum utof mankind like food, fibre, fuel, foilization of terrestrial resources and the inhabitants of each country depended on bread-basket filled by the farmers. The increase in productivity of agriculture could only be achieved by division of work and specialization. Agronomy is a branch of agricultural science that deals with the study of crops and soils in which they grow and an Agronomist works to develop methods that will improve the use of soil and increase the production of food and fibre crops. This book (Volume I) has been prepared in most simple and clear way for consolidating thirty important topics related to agronomy to cater the needs of the students appearing for several examinations. It is a collection and compilation work from various resources and has been endeavoured to include as much information as possible in very simpler and lucid manner. All the short notes are made specifically to make it more syllabuses oriented for enhancing the comprehending capability of the users and can impart basic and innovative knowledge of many important fields of agriculture specifically on agronomy and will provide a strong foundation by furnishing them readymade notes.
  • Voice of the Verse by:  Celinaa Srivastav, Kuhuo Bajaj, 225.00

    “The voices of these verses convince us that age is no bar to expression. It is truly a work of art.”
    -Shri Amitabh Bachchan

    With the Foreword written by Shri Amitabh Bachchan, well appreciated by Shri Ravish Kumar, Senior Executive Editor of NDTV, and many other eminent personalities; “Voice of the Verse” is a collection of well-crafted English and Hindi poems that revolve around social and emotional matters of our world. These allegorical verses have the underlying aim of making an impact on the readers’ minds.

    The world is ablaze. There have been so many drastic changes that the humanity seems to have lost its former charm. But even during this gloomy darkness, there are countless little rays of hope, which although are a bit hazy, yet are enough to illuminate our path. These poems emphasize on such issues of our world in a euphemistic and subtle manner. Some verses rhyme, some are just random collection of words, but each of these catapults the reader into a realm of thought and metaphor which they can relate to. This book is a platform for people to look inside and around and to give voice to their emotions buried deep inside.

  •  Musafir by: Praveen Kotla 210.00
    We all are truly a traveller. Throughout our life we travel through different phases and places, different notions and emotions, different roles and goals. Throughout this journey we pick experiences that shape us as a person. Musafir is collection of such experiences, learnings and memories expressed as poems. Few poems also present emotions of simple objects that are used daily but we don’t pay attention to them as we consider them lifeless however we forget these objects are also traveling through different shapes and role, and similar to us and they too are a Musafir.
  • Sugar Daddy by: Kajal Hemal Mehta 199.00

    Sugar Daddy’ is a story of Shridhar – a bisexual man and impacts of societal pressure on his individuality and his life. With this author wants to remind all of us that it is a time to set ‘new normal’ about many things including sexual orientation.

  • Compendium For A Cybernetic by: Vijaya Mohan Rao Vatti & Mansi Shanbhag 370.00

    ‘Cybernetic is the approach of how information is communicated in machines and electronic devices. In this era of Technology, how can we connect a Human Brain with a Computer Network – a Cybernetic does it all.”

  • Roohani ishq by: Preeti Bindal 149.00
    Through this book, it is presented to all of you an expression of love . Waiting for union and expressing the wait through series of poems and extracts . There is no talk of ordinary love here, but how does it become austerity going forward. The pure form of love is being talked about here, that is why it is named “spiritual love”. When the lover goes away and the beloved cop ups drowning herself in Krishna’s devotion in the thirst of union and in the heat of love , she does not curse but gives thanks, an honor and makes him the medium of her penance, cultivating herself like Meera. She gets absorbed in it. The complete expression of that love through these poems is here with complete dedication and devotion.
    She believes that love is not a thing to acquire ,  but to be someone.
    Although not physically available in this world, it can be played at the bottom of the soul.
    Love is not just a matter of some romantic moments, but that pain, that tenacity, those tears filled with prayers, heads bowed in prostration, and worship of the man.
                    “Love is waiting”
                    “Love is the journey”
                     “Love is penance”.
    A self-expression is a collection of own experiences! And the purpose of sharing it with everyone is to practice love and live it. Drink the pain found in it as nectar, make it easily acceptable.
    Just like a rose is very beautiful, its fragrance is very beautiful, its touch is soft and comforting, so the love is relaxed but
    Just as there are thorns in the rose, they give pain, in the same way, the pain in love is also a part of it, as two sides of the same coin . His exclusion means exclusion of love. Love is the blessing of God, and here is an expression of spiritual love in front of you all through this book named ” Roohani Ishq
  • In Love 1919 – An era of love. by: Sachin Shrivastava 280.00

    AN ERA OF LOVE describes a love story of Princess Vedanshi and a brave soldier Neel. The story begins from an outstanding juncture and leads to an interesting journey where they get stuck in some unfortunate circumstances.

    Be a part of this most desirable love story to witness at what point the journey chooses for it’s final destination.

  • The Jobless Emperor by: Sahil Bhat 400.00

    The book is a story of a jobless boy who takes part in anti-corruption movement.

  • The Full and Final Settlement by: Hiten Bharat Gandhi 230.00

    Harsh Shah, a Gujarati boy from Ahmedabad, starts his career in Mumbai and reaches a Zonal Head position in a big Multinational bank within a span of 10 years. Rhea Khanna, a beautiful, intelligent and career-oriented Punjabi girl from Pune, started her banking career in the same bank under the mentorship of Harsh and had reached a respectable position in the bank. It was a love at first sight for Harsh and he takes all the attempts in this world to win Rhea’s heart. He succeeds and their relationship grooms. All is well in their seven years of glorious relationship, when an untoward incident changes their life and the relationship falls apart. What was the reason behind their breakup? Why Rhea left Harsh when everything was going so smooth in their life?

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    Book is title and enlightened both from Kabir verse, and if I introspect deeply, my life too. This is a light collection of poem ,poem of life, poems beyond from life. As we know human, a being who suffer, who depressed ,who quell ,who makes argument ,who command ,reason of sensational wars, but human a creation of creator ,who make love, who have compassion, a being who know what is sacrifice, but you know the foundation of both, negative, and positive aspects of human have a same reason that we , humans can “think” . That is solution and problem also. As a human I (Sugreev Tiwari) also think, and this book is manifestation of my thinking in verse.

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