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  • Reinee by: Rasa 905.00

    Reinee, is a multitasking woman of the 21st century who is successful in all the walks of life. The book describes her and her beauty in poetic form.

  • Panchtantra Kavitaon mein by: Santosh Malakar 300.00

    “Pachtantra Kavitaon mein” book is simply presented and illustrated collection of poems of famous Panchatantra Stories, which inspires children to read again and again and learn useful teachings of Panchatantra in poetic form, which remain engraved life time in children’s mind, because it is believed that poems are helpful to make them musical and develop their imaginations.

  • WHO KILLED HER by: Ridhima Mishra 151.00

    This thriller novel paints in words an incident in the life of a girl Julie, who is a junior writer and editor in California Times where she found her beau. One day she woke up to find her mom missing and sets out to find her. In the meanwhile, she ascertains that her mother was assassinated and embarks to find the assassin and bring justice to her mom. Her love interest helps her on the long excursion. In the course, Julie discovers many buried secrets of the past. So, let’s find out if she manages to put up with those secrets and unmasks her mother’s homicide.

  • Learn before earn by: Mohit vashisht 170.00

    It is self help book, basically for entrepreneurs and business man.

  • Safalta 24*7 by: CA MANOJ SHRIKRISHNA CHANDAK 365.00


  • The Bioscope of Life and Other Stories! by: Suhani Srivastava 84.00

    The Bioscope of Life and Other Short Stories is a book made with a lot of love and dedication! This book will show you the reflection of people’s mindsets, illusions and how something like a Bioscope can change one’s life.

  • Life Cycle of Universe: Mother-Child Theory by: Jalendu V Shah 375.00

    Centuries old expedition of mankind to comprehend nature & universe based on reproducible mathematics and elevated science to evolve improved theories proving and un-proving them
    endlessly leading to nowhere.
    Mother Child Theory platforms “Something to everything” with deep insights to entire life cycle of
    universes expressing each interactions within and outside universe. Logically position correction to
    energy equivalence as E = k * m * C 2 , condensation of light speed from supreme to zero, gravity
    dependent light speed restraining black holes and their classification, their Polar and Equatorial
    Galaxies and matter beyond event horizons, interstate, ovary verses with Aether and Xir as universal
    fluid, Gravity defined as balancing forces of Viscosity and Magnetism, trajectory voyage of our
    universe in atmosphere of mother un-limit science to get closest to the Ultimate Unified Theory.
    Eradicating Big Bang theory, the Mother Child Theory supremely enlighten the new era of modern
    science and definite direction to astrophysics.

  • Chasing Hope by: Pranavi Khandekar 350.00

    Life has been hard, but I have learned a lot from it. I may not have it all together, but I’m working on myself. To be honest, i’d like to stay in a continuous state of improvement. Because that’s my idea of My Perfect Journey.” – Pranavi Khandekar Chasing hope is the second collection of poetry by Pranavi Khandekar. Her first collection of poetry, silent shouts, was published in the year 2018. Pranavi has been dealing with anxiety and clinical depression since the age of 9.

    She feels that she can express her thoughts, emotions and feelings, best through writing.

    You can contact her on Instagram (the_online_journal) or on email (

  • Chlorhexidine Gluconate – A Complete Guideline by: 1.Dr.Meeta 2. Dr.Rakhee 3.Dr.Chintu Kumar 4.Dr.Saurabh 350.00

    This book is written in simple words so that every reader can understand the basics of Chlorhexidine, its history, mechanism of actions indications, toxicology and side effects with recent references for further advance study of the topic. An emphasis of Chlorhexidine products is well highlighted in this book.


    A Monkey Mind’s Log, a maiden collection of verse, is a creation from jottings found in the personal diaries of a company executive covering a period of more than two decades.

    The “fan poems” in the collection include dedications to personalities as diverse as Shreya Ghoshal, A R Rahman, Nilanjana Roy, Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Mira Nair  and Vijay Raaz.

  • Raag Chunavi by: Dr. Rakesh Varma 339.00

    After “Raag Darbari”, this novel beautifully portrays the journey of an Election Observer. It is a true first-hand account of the Indian electoral system. Rohit, the protagonist of the story is taken aback when his daughter Tanya asks whether he has read ‘ Manusmriti ‘ or not? All over the world people are talking about Manusmriti, but few have read this controversial book. As the story unfolds Rohit discovers How Women are ridiculed and humiliated in Manusmriti. In spite of such humiliation and ridicule, Why no women or women organisation stands against this hateful book? Why EVM is now considered an extension of Manusmriti? Why all religious scriptures are in the Sanskrit language? If Sanskrit is so holy and mother of all languages, Why it is confined to a particular caste? Have Dalit IAS officers been able to make any difference in the lives of poor and downtrodden Indians? Read it to find the truth of Manusmriti, the truth of EVM, The truth of Sanskrit. You will be surprised!


    The priorities of childhood are changing day by day, as such, it has to be recognized that the parents of yesteryears who do not suit the requisite physical and psychological demands of today’s children have also to change to work out new theories and try out new experiments. AN INTELLIGENT PARENT’S / TEACHER’S GUIDE TO SUCCESS AND ACHIEVEMENT OF THE CHILD of M. K. RAINA RATNAKAR gives an account of the lesser-known world of today’s child of which most of the parents are not aware and the same is interspersed with an account of most recent educational research, survey, and analysis in the shape of fresh and stimulating ideas of bringing out the best in the children from the day they start their life in the mother’s womb. This book from the pen of Ratnakar brings with it the assurance for every intelligent parent to see that his child excels in every sphere of childhood.

  • Protégez-vous et protégez votre famille contre les virus by: Shiv Nandan 135.00

    No infection of viral or bacterial has to be feared. We cannot allow our lives to be destroyed by them. Instead, be prepared to confront them. And the way to do so is to develop immunity. The book tells you how to do so. And start living the normal happy life we ought to. Without the fear of any infections in our minds.


    Exercise Therapy Made Easy: Guiding principles handbook- एक्सरसाइज थेरेपी सरल अनुवाद, marks the beginning of the quest towards presenting the principles of Physiotherapy in simple and lucid language. It is an adjunct for the several brilliant students passing out of Hindi medium and is in pursuit of wanting to have a career in Medical and Allied Health Sciences. The vast experience of the author has made her appreciate that the communication with the patient happens generally in Hindi. Universally accepted and proven principles of Physics in relation to Physical Therapy and basics of anatomy have been incorporated and explained in the bookkeeping this in mind. The problem-oriented approach in this Handbook via the Hindi language will not only help aid the theoretical needs of the students but would also help to enhance communication with the patient and thus support clinical practice. Communication is the key and caring through communication matters. The author shall reiterate this in all the forthcoming editions and books written by her.

  • ‘Bits and Bytes – The Digital Stranglehold’ by: Sanjar Ali khan 208.00

    The Book deals with digital technology. It explains how the digits ‘0’ and ‘1’ have permeated into all walks of our lives and the importance of information. Discussed are the different methods of communication through the ages. Manual and sound signals Analogue and digital signals. Numbering systems. Natural numbers, whole numbers, rational numbers, irrational numbers. Binary systems, ASCII, the Hexadecimal system.

    Boolean logic and logic gates. Combinational logic, and digital electronic elements.

    Development of Transistors. The first digital computer – ENIAC. Digital electronic functional circuits and different forms of memory systems.

    The evolution of ICs, microprocessors and microcontrollers digital timers. Memories: mechanical, magnetic, electronic – RAM, ROM, pen drives.

    The Analogue world versus the Digital world. Hardware and software. The nature of software languages.

    Artificial Intelligence, natural intelligence, the human brain. The computer brain and various types of robots.

    The Internet, the cell phone, the GPS, Internet of Things, diagnostic systems and drones.

    The different digital systems are mentioned and the question of what happens if digital technology closes down.

    Finally the present situation is highlighted – how we are being strangled by only two digits – 0s and 1s.

  • Zindagi Ki Sacchi Aur Acchi Baatein by: Dr Chaman Lal Banga 240.00

    Our life is very important and it is connected to the society. Without society we have no basis. There are many changes in our life which are related to life experiences. Memories of past beautiful moments provide us knowledge. Rishis and mystics have shown us the path of knowledge by performing penance. Accumulation of knowledge is the basis of our life. The things told by great scholars and academicians should be molded in their lives. There are many
    secrets of our life. It is our responsibility in the emerging Indian society to share the experiences of the pleasant journey of life. Our life is an opportunity; we should take full advantage of this opportunity. Every day of life should live with new zeal and zest. ‘Zindagi Ki Sacchi Aur Acchi Baatein’ entitled book describes about Knowledge, Language, Indian culture, Social network, Golden memories, Guru , Old-time sports, Nature of life, Corona period, Festival’s of Himachal Pradesh, Environment, Culture, Human life, Family, Daughters, Agriculture, Life
    philosophy of legends, Music, God, Devotion , Motherland, and other important aspects of life.

  • The Bear And The Orca by: Ruchir Mehta 225.00
    This is a story about a mother polar bear and her cubs in the Arctic. It is about their struggle to find food (seals) due to breaking up of icebergs and their encounter with a pod of orcas. The author, by this book, hopes to subconsciously sensitize children to the sorry plight of the polar bears in the Arctic and to the phenomenon of climate change in general.
  • Shwet Prishtha by: Abhishek shukla 159.00

    बहुत दूर और बहुत देर तक चलने के बाद पता चलता है कि हम चल क्यों रहे हैं । वास्तव में हम अपनी एक ऐसी दुनिया की तलाश में होते हैं जो इस दुनिया से कम से कम रत्ती भर तो बेहतर हो । यह किताब किसी ऐसी ही दुनिया में जाने का एक रास्ता है । एक ऐसा रास्ता जो सफर भर में हमें यह बताता जाता है कि हम अपने आपकी ओर आहिस्ता आहिस्ता बढ़ रहे हैं । “श्वेत पृष्ठ” समाज के अंतर्द्वंदों, विरोधाभाषों और आडंबरों पर जहां एक ओर गहरी चोट करती है वहीं दूसरी तरफ़ प्रकृति से जुड़ाव को सफलता का मूल मंत्र बताते व एक नई दुनिया की सैर कराते हुए समाज में सकारात्मक ऊर्जा का संचार करती है ।

    -राष्ट्रीय सहारा

    “श्वेत पृष्ठ के कवि का आत्मदाह से प्रकाश उपजाने का उनका संकल्प उनकी रचनाओं को धारदार बना देता है । अभिषेक की कविताएं सद्भावनाओं पर शब्द और भावों के हथौड़े से निरंतर चोट करती हुई दिखती है । रूढियां चाहे देश, समाज, जाति, धर्म, ऊंच नीच, भाषा भाव अथवा लिपि ही क्यों न हों कवि उनका पक्षधर न होकर सच्चे मानव मूल्यों के बंद दरवाज़ों और गवाक्षों को खोलता है । युवा कवि अपने भावुक मन और अपने तरल सरल शब्दों की योजना से पाठक को पूरी मार्मिकता के साथ सोचने के लिए विवश कर देता है ।”

    -योगेंद्र मणि त्रिपाठी


  • INDOGRAPHIA (An insight to Indian Geography) by: Ashutosh Aman 150.00

    Best Book of Indian Geography for college going students

  • Operation Mirage by: Vijay Chenji 295.00

    Maj Gen Shiv, a recently promoted dashing General is called upon by the Army Commander, to undertake an Offensive task against Pakistan in the Western Sector. He is simply elated. It is a TOP SECRET plan. Rehearsals are carried out. Nothing is left to chance. To Shiv it is an Operation that could alter the history of the Indian sub-continent. Everything is perfect. But even the best of plans do not go as per script. Just a few hours before launch of the Operation, something has gone horribly wrong. The whole plan has got compromised. A shocked Shiv knows the culprit is someone close but not sure who. He is in a fix because the only one who knows about the plan besides him is none other than his boss.

    Set in the back drop of 1971 War between India and Pakistan, Op MIRAGE is a military fiction describing thrilling account of glorious ups and downs and uncertainties of war.

    The book is about fighting between two bitter neighbors who are shackled by unpleasant history, syncretic culture and complex relationship. It covers in detail about how Pakistan was cut to size leading to emergence of Bangladesh. The book gives a glimpse into the working of Pak espionage and intelligence agencies.

    The reader also gets a fair idea as to how India lost opportunities to exploit a grand victory.

    Although the plot of this book is a military fiction it is based on some of the true events which the author who participated in the war personally experienced .

    To the present generation who find it hard to believe that Bangla Desh was East Pakistan this book is a must read.

    The language used is simple and free of technical jargon so as it make it is easy for non military readers to follow and enjoy.

  • LIFE-A Contradiction by: Megha Agarwal 165.00

    “Life : a contradiction” is a revealing set of poems which shows some spirituality you can relate. Every truth has its own counterpart, which contradicts it…..and much more. Rest you can assured that more of it is true than you will ever know.

  • STARTUPS FOR NEW INDIA by: Mohan Kumar 249.00

    A never-ending parable that will spark your interest in the startup.

  • Half Past Five by: V. Arora 162.00

    At some point in my life, I used to think, ‘How do people find words to write?’ and ‘How do they write songs and poems?’ It started with ‘I dwell in Possibility’ by Emily Dickinson, and soon I started dwelling in the possibility. These poems were written one poem a day, every day for 40 days continuously. Some days, it took two minutes to write; on some days, it took an eternity. On the days of eternal struggle, I had to list words from different places to weave them together. Some poems are from my collection over time.

  • Dewdrops on the Eyelashes by: Vasudha Chamber 150.00

    Good and evil exist in all of us in balance and harmony . The evil is always conspiring to tilt the balance in its favour and the test of human grit is evident in the way the ‘ good ‘ overcomes the onslaught of the evil in the end by using the tool of ‘ right ‘ expression which is a god given gift to all of us.
    Human endeavour is passionate and simple. It is we who make it complicated and full of obstacles.
    Decongest and declutter yourself and you will experience the most fascinating facet of this poetry called life.

  • Quarantine Dairies by: Adishree Kasliwal 224.00

    This book tells the story of a young teenage girl who tested positive for the novel coronavirus. With her courage and hard work, she remained isolated and ensured the virus did not spread to any other family member living in the house. It gives an insight into her day-to-day life in quarantine. She penned down her daily experiences and emotions; which she later converted into this book. Read to find her experiences, feelings, struggles, and learnings throughout her 14-day isolation.

  • Nadiopacharatantram by: 259.00

    जस वा को ुनया आज एूेशर और एूपंर के नाम सेजानती ह,वुतः वो भारतीय
    योगशा का एक छोटा सा हा ह। सुखमय जीवन तीत करतेए मो ा के यास मअसर
    होनेके लए सुगम उपाय ह- नाोपचार। इस पुक मयोग वणत नाडय ारा शरीर के वभ
    बीमारय का सरल उपचार सुझाया गया ह। उपचार क वध बतायी गयी हनाडय के आधार पर, इसी
    कारण इसका नाम नाोपचारतम्रखा गया ह। त का अथयहाँसम (वध) सेह,न क कुछ
    और। अु।

  • A Chequered Sea Of Emotions by: Kavita Ravindranath 100.00

    While sailing through the varied emotions of life, seldom do we take a pause and actually taste them in the true sense. Sometimes it becomes mandatory to take a break and dive into them. As you read this book, page by page, you will feel the taste of every emotion lingering on your tastebuds long after you have read it. Come, live your emotions!

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