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    This story is the story of a fierce battle for life of a new-born and his father. This is a story of love, compassion and above all victory. This is the story of human courage and survival-instinct.

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Ve 47 Din by: VYALOK 200.00
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    What possible legacy could a nine -year old Labrador leave behind for her childhood friend? When, how and between whom does the sibling rivalry happen? Who finds a snake in a sprawling old colonial bungalow and saves his family? Do all therapists wear white coats with a stethoscope around their necks? Intrigued and eager to know more?! Read ‘K9 Connect’ – A celebration of true friendship and unconditional love. K9 Connect is a collection of personal recounts of dogs that one has been fortunate enough to have grown up with, raised or simply interacted with on the streets. Their nobility, large heartedness and graciousness is the common thread that runs across the stories. It also nudges the readers to turn inwards, understand why they want to bring a puppy home, whether they are ready to be pet parents and then take a thought-out decision. The book strives to drive home the point that if one has been blessed with uncritical canine attachment, altogether ignorant of our faults, the least one can do is to be responsible pet parents and look after these wonderful creatures. Be kind and love them. Stay Connected….

    K9 Connect by: Vinita Seth 110.00
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    My forthcoming book entitled “BHARAT ME DHARMIK PARYATAN PRABANDHAN” is an endeavor to highlight the challenges of Religious Tourism in India. While writing this book, it put special emphasis on creating food for thought in the minds of readers regarding various processes involved in the development of Religious Tourism, so as to publicize and tap onto its immense potential. India being a predominantly religiously denomination, has immense scope of religious tourism, especially with respect to the domestic visitors. Publicity and challenges of the development processes through various means of media management for the upliftment of widespread religious tourism products as these are being attracted by a large number of domestic visitors. By understanding the core dynamics and sorting out the challenges we can make Religious Tourism prosper.

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    A fast-paced beauty girl is based on Binny. Unfortunately his studies were taken against his wish. She was forced to marry without consent, at an early age. She also started living inappropriate relationships. When his loved ones had such an inappropriate relationship, what happened to them? Binni had knowledge of opening his sin through his beloved, what would have happened to him? This novel based on religious, social and psychological facts is a small effort to give ‘inappropriate’, ethical message

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    “English Across the Board is the first joint venture of both the grammarians Aditya Nand Sarswati and Sania Jan that has come up as an elaboration of their own classroom experiences.
    Both are the teachers of English at Open Minds A Birla School Kankarbagh, Patna, and have contributed in the fields of education and language researches for more than a decade. They also master various genres of literature in other languages too.Their work has been praised and acknowledged by different reputed institutions as well as CBSE itself. This book will prove a complete solution for all the queries regarding English Grammar and its application.It is written explicitly for the students appearing in State Board, CBSE, ICSC and all competitive examinations over the country.”

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    Conditioned his entire life to enact a diabolical attack on the United States by a foster father who raised him to learn respect, honor, and tradition, a young teenager finds himself propelled overseas out of the only world he has ever known and into the cold concrete jungle of a country he was taught to fear. After overcoming the brutal culture shock of a decidedly different way of life in America, Saleem begins to learn that there is a different way to look at historical events. He struggles with his innate desire to remain loyal to his upbringing and continuing with his life-long plans, his understanding, and friendship with the so-called enemy. Being able to see the world from a different perspective opens his eyes. Jihad is a unique and refreshing novel about difficult choices, and about the importance of family, of honor and of love, particularly when they intersect with an ideological shift in perspective. Can Saleem, at the tender age of seventeen, figure out what the “right” thing to do might be, particularly when he comes face to face with the truth about the Mujahideen, Americans and his own life?

    Jihad by: Sanat Malhotra 285.00
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    This book contains fundamentals and detailed information on microbial genetics and molecular biology concepts, useful for graduate-level life sciences students. It also illustrated various basic concepts of moleclar biology topics with detailed neat diagrams. The concept of microbial genetics such as genetic material, plasmids, transposons etc. In the same way molecular biology concepts such as replication, transcrition, translation, regulation of gene expression etc., are well illustrated.The book is very well useful to the both students and faculty of UG level B.Sc. courses such as microbiology, biotechnology, plant and animal life sciences etc.,

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    “उपन्यास ‘ राम तजें क्या होगा रे’ , एक वैदिक कालीन प्रयोगधर्मी ग्रंथ है| उद्देश्य राम के जीवन को मिथक से मुक्त कर इतिहास के लिए अपेक्षित सत्य जोड़ना है| उस काल के भूगोल, राजनीति से जुड़े इस उपन्यास का प्रथम उद्देश्य सीता वनवास के कारण सीता और लव कुश के मन की व्यथा को अभिव्यक्त करना है| दूसरा उद्देश्य उस युग में नई नई प्रचलित जन्मजात वर्ण व्यवस्था को लेकर राजनीतिक द्वंद एवं विभाजन की चर्चा रहा है|

    उपन्यास शोधपरक , रोचक , एवं विचारोत्तेजक है| भूमिका राष्ट्रपति पुरस्कार प्राप्त, देश के लोकप्रिय साहित्यकार डॉ॰ श्याम सुंदर दुबे ने लिखी है तथा विनोद कुमार श्रीवस्तव द्वारा रचित इस उपन्यास को समकालीन उपन्यास लेखन में गज़ब का हस्तक्षेप निरूपित किया है|”

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    “The ‘ Doll House ‘ Novel exposes the shameless and untold truth behind the women’s life in the Indian society . Our society worships woman in the form of goddesses, but simultaneously engages inruthless mental and physical rape of the same women . This irony and prejudice can be realized through this novel . In this false shiny world of physiognomy, the attraction of the bundle of colorful crispy notes has dragged them towards a point of no return. In these glittering narrow street of Mumbai , such womanhood is either wandering around to maintain her simple existence or is constrained due to circumstances on this painful path of life. Their body is simply breathing to maintain their life and every moment a piece of their body and soul dies. They are an embodiment of broken femininity and shattered dreams. This real picture has been laid out in this Novel.
    Forced to work in ‘ Bar House ‘ surrounded by compulsions, the characters of ‘ Doll House ‘ Kshama ,Nissar, Maya, Ragini represents the class of women of the Indian society who have come here struggling and fighting for their survival. When we tried to know the truth of the life of these women, we found that they are living their lives on such a miserable and worthless conditions, where they have no choice but to undergo the guise of self – mortification and people’s greedy behavior.

    Doll House by: Manisha Sharma 199.00
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    “Change For Success is a life-changing book for personal and professional achievement. This book will transform your individual potential into performance. Change for success will help you:

    • To discover your true passion and purpose.
    • Set your goal and manage your time for maximum effectiveness.
    • It will turn your adversity to achievement.
    • To understand that leadership is not about others, but a true test of yourself.
    • What you will do when you lose everything.
    • To reinvent your life for health, wealth, and happiness.”

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    Two best friends—Charu & Kishala leave their small towns to dwell in one of the major financial and entertainment hubs of the country. They’ve newly graduated and are about to start their first job. They wanted to explore the city, earn lots of money, and have fun in life. But little did they did know that life would have fun at their expense, playing with their emotions and mind.
    A stranger enters their lives, and things are never the same again.
    What happens to them? What happens that disconnects them from each other, and everybody else? What makes them leave the city of their dreams to start over again?
    Will Charu & Kishala survive their new job? Will their decade-old friendship prevail? Will they pull through?
    What awaits them? Which new turn of events will they have to deal with next?
    Read this book and find out.

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    THOU STICKEST A DAGGER IN ME is a striking spoof on the Indian administrative hierarchy, seminally uncovering the present-day bureaucratic-political master cross-fertilizing games within. It’s a shocking tale of the overselling political indulgence in policy formulation as much being a perspicacious pasquinade on its fascinating underselling bureaucratic execution. Set in the storyline of The Merchant of Venice, it provides a side-splitting caricature of the reprocessed financial disruptive wangles of a newly elected government, wreaking havoc and holler on the unsuspecting benefactors. The personal and professional life of the protagonist, Portia, alternate in the chapters as she squares the work-life balance with ‘unbated fire’. In her bureaucratic avatar, as a red-hot truth-chasing civil servant, smack dab in the heart of the Finance Ministry, she attempts to right-side the forced-in financial reinnovations. The noob sarkar, keen to revamp the policy architectonics, gets into a serious overhaul. Ill-advised and lickety-split, they hope to coerce and command the steel frame into a twisted yogasan. This gross underestimation costs them thickly as the bureaucracy hits back and unleashes its schadenfreude arsenal to supply the wide-eyed and naïve newbies with a canasta of refried and rehashed indigestible administrative nashta set in a decked-up booby trap basket. And as the tamasha unfolds, the administration wizards and financial whizzes get into a massive argument over growth versus inflation, fiscal deficit versus liquidity gap, regulation versus supervision. Word Wars spill out in the open spreading like wildfire across the entire financial spectrum of the economy, engulfing banks, financial institutions, government departments, corporates and investors into its blaze. The lifelong fights between the Banks’ Department and the DEA heats up the race for a trumped-up financial inclusion where discounted due diligence has thrown open the regulatory doors to unhinged fraud and delighted default. The Central Bank slugs out with the Department as they deal with an abruptly but gloriously announced demonetization programme. The Public Sector Banks battle it out with the private banks to gain market space and go on the rampage lending shamelessly by throwing caution to the winds flouting asset classification norms without a care in the world. And when the scams come rolling out one after the other, the realization dawns, and a serious rehaul rebegins. What goes around, comes around.In her personal life, she plays out the ‘lottery of her destiny’ by complicating her love life by moving back and forth several times over. Living in an emotional meltdown and donning her ‘boldest suit of mirth’ she hopes Bassanio will find the solutions to her conundrums and win the game of caskets.Written in dejargonised and comprehensible Economics, THOU STICKEST A DAGGER IN ME is not just satire, it also presents a deep insight into the banking and financial systems of the country. Providing a critical analysis of the banking process, it captures the dynamics, the mindsets and the inconveniences in credit activity. And of course, it tells us the reality of demonetization right from its conception to consummation.

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    “””About the book :

    This book depends upon the true love . We can learn the true mean of love . The moral of the story of this book is that we should fall in love with anybody without blindness and we should believe anyone in the world without blindness .
    About the author :

    Kashish Gupta is sixteen years old and lives in alapur , a village of district budaun and studying in class twelfth of school Maharishi Vidya Mandir , budaun . She got the experiences in very little age and she wrote the articles , poems etc . for all about .”

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    “BharaTar” is a Fusion of Art & Technology. It is a featured futuristic Sitar.

    Sitar, an ancient string instrument with its feminine grace, and being a descendent of the Veena, is believed to have been devised by Ameer Khusro in 14th Century, as per the need and resources available at that time, by doing some amendments in it.

    “BharaTar” is descendent of the Traditional Sitar which is devised by enriching Electronic Features, to make it competent for its utility in live concerts along with other Indian and Western Musical Instruments, retaining its taste of “Original Tonal Quality”.

    This book is a thoughtful guide to an exciting challenging future of Sitar.

    BharaTar by: Dr. Bharat Desai 750.00
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    Nadi Jyotish, is the most ancient and accurate process ever in the field of astrology. This is the first unique book ever to deal with the pattern of Nadiamshas which is decoded and synchronized by Prof. Abhijit Krishnan through “The Tables of Nadiamsha” as Chandrakala Nadiamsha, Suryakala Nadiamsha and Horakala Nadiamsha. Nadiamsha are the main and ultimate key factor of Nadis. Unknown facts pertaining to Nadis, Actual divisions of Nadis, Karma Theory, Cardinal features of Planets & Rashis or Bhavas, Explanations of Nakshatras, Various Ancient Dashas etc. are the additional features of this book. This book also sheds light on the author’s journey. Doesn’t matter if you are an experienced practitioner or a new learner, this book will be a handy tool to you.

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    Emerging adulthood fills you with so much curiosity. But in this impassive world what is it that moves the hearts of today’s youth?What stirs their emotions?In the form of Sankalp, we bringyou a collection of instilling poems and ghazals from the students of B.I.T Sindri. ‘Sankalp’ is a glimpse of this curiosity. Can silence argue a win against words? Expressed with an honest flair distilling the minutes of the moments into a few yet fabulous, evocating lines,Sankalp captures the smallest and the grandest thoughts bound to leave a mark in your mind and awaken your eye for beauty. The essentials for success, the excitement of writing and many more captivating works on such topics by the students, the new youth. An added bonus, a conversation with Padma Shree and Padma Bhushan awardee, famously known as the Bihar Kokila, Sharda Sinha. Lets take a vivid journey into the thoughts of these students and see the world through their looking glass.

    Sankalp by: Sarjana 120.00
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    “Ye Izhaar hai, Mujhe tumse pyar hai”, is a gift book with beautiful collections of love poems on various situations and emotions of love. It happens sometimes that your feelings remain unspoken. This book with lots of hope will give words to your expressions. May our love never remain unheard. Tag the best poem(with the rose bookmark), suiting your best emotions and gift to the one you love. Love is nothing if not expressed. Wish you a cherishing and joyful love-life

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    This is the story of everyone living in Kashmir—a novel about the journey, atrocities, pain, and oppression that has prevailed in Kashmir since decades. It depicts how Kashmiris have suffered and been tortured ruthlessly by some dominant forces. The novel also deals with themes of love and separation towards the end.

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    It is the inner voice of her heart for her soulmate. Though she knows they can’t be together in this life, she still wants him to be a bit considerate towards her. She wants him to understand her feelings and be with her emotionally. His practical approach towards life pains her and she finds herself incomplete. The inner most feelings of a common girl are expressed in this book.

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    Life is as real as it gets…
    Every part of me is a contemporary, brutally honest and dark tale about the lives of today’s youth. The story revolves around the protagonist and how she struggles to understand life whilst growing through it. If you thought ‘Gossip Girl’ was cruel, welcome to the real world!
    Aarya is young, independent, beautiful, charming, popular, and haunted by her past.

    As she deals with the various changes in her life, she realizes how the process of ‘adulting’ is much more complicated than we are led to believe as kids. She finally gives in to the reality when life presents her with circumstances, which she otherwise thought were modern day myths. But her acceptance comes a little too late… when everything falls apart for her.
    How does it all turn out?
    Only she can tell.

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    The book is a compilation of author’s thoughts , poems, quotes and paragraphs. An observant nature, sensible mind and a sensitive heart has resulted in this anthology. These are 5 a.m thoughts, penned down in relation to experiences, stories heard, books read, people met, conversations held, tears witheld, real and pretentious meetings, spiritual and religious folks, pure and contaminated hearts, smiles and masks, solitude and crowds, people who kept and left, birds and humans, family and friends all who have loved and a few who have taught a lesson.

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    Twenty-first century India has been undergoing turmoil and strife. On one hand, the civilised human being is finding it harder to be civil, on the other, a huge wall made of hate, hunger, atrocities and deprivation is looming over them, making it hard for people to cross over the wall. Like Jalianwala, there are guns and the mortar of freak and untruth salvo being fired in every direction. In the midst of this man-made chaos, people are still surviving. These poems are the spontaneous outcome of these salutations. The poems dip into the thoughts of fellow citizens, their life and happiness, emotion and the enormous impending damages in the environment. The untold misery and agony of countless human beings has found expression in the form of poetry. Bells of Freedom seeks to influence our minds for just a fraction of a second and make us think about the ambience we are living in today. The poems question if this is the state we had dreamt of. It should hence be a breath of fresh air, enabling us to think about a new dawn. Let our wishes find the button of the road to the New Dawn.

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    Thesaurus on Apiology is a compilation of terms which provide a clear distinction between relationships as Broader Term (BT), Narrower Term (NT) and Related Term (RT). It is indispensable for those who are searching for an alternative word, or for those who are at a loss for the right word to fit a thought. In this book, there are over 300 entries arranged in alphabetical form. The minute branch of Apiology field is designed to facilitate the retrieval of a rich source of specific knowledge. The index has also been provided. This accessible thesaurus is ideally suited for Students, Researchers, Librarians, Zoologists and will also prove beneficial for the conduct of focused searches in the field of Apiology.

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    A roller-coaster ride of a story.

    All these words apply to Bobby Dsouza’s enthralling narrative in equal measure. It takes you along on his journey from being a disillusioned bankrupt & a nobody on the Streets of Mumbai to someone who has already inspired 21000+ people which includes delegates who are highly intellectual, CXO’s, CEO’s of top-notch corporates, the young minds & people from diverse geographies. He is keynote and motivational speaker who is passionate about inspiring people to live their dreams

    His humble journey starts from the story of a 25-year-old woman’s broken marriage (Bob’s mom) who decides to secure the future of her three children without any help from her closed loves ones or the society around, and the journey takes you through the indigence, the tears, the happiness, while also giving you a peek into the crashes , fails, laughter, romance, heartbreaks & a life lesson of ‘Fallen to rise”

    The goal of the book is to help people realise that if a ‘nobody’ who still does not know where his father vanished, can achieve so much, so can they… if only they discover and utilise their true potential.

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    Affected Admiration is a world portraying the simple love of a young couple of today’s times. Bereft of any pretension, this book is about bold and dignified love journey, showing ups and downs of a relationship and discovering the new emotions that erupt in one’s mind after entering into a blissful love cocoon. This is her first attempt toward earnest writing.

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    ““The world has changed due to globalization, and human beings have changed due to digitization.”The people of the world have become puppets in the hands of technology, internet, telecommunications, and visual media. This can be seen in all the sectors, including that of games and sports. The tornado of technology began in the 21st century; started by millions of talented minds. These two phenomenon—globalization & digitization, have transformed this world, bringing it to the palm of our hands. Human beings have become completely paralyzed because of these technological developments in the modern times. Games and sports are the only activities today that are undertaken in the real sense, that make us fit, fine, and healthy, round the year. So, the book……………
    “Impact of Cricket on the Youngest Indian” is explicit in itself. Though, the book has been written in three parts keeping its essence for the readers. These are:-
    a. Genesis of Cricket. Genesis of cricket as sport since 1597 in England. Details of first ODI in 1844 and first test match played from 15-19 March 1877 at MelbourneCricket Ground between Australia and England. History of Women cricket in the world and how Indians cherished cricket; discarding indigenous sports. Role of Coach is pivotal character; can be read in this part.

    b. Impact of Cricket. Impact of cricket on youth Indian. Its pros and cons has been delved and brought under this part. Misappropriation of power, money and corruption in the BCCI may be the focal topic to study. Crazy of cricket fans and their attitude have been analyzed and brought into notice to the parents of such youth. Factual value and benefits of sports can be understood by reading this part.

    c. Gist of Cricket. It includes Rules, Laws and summary of cricket.

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    “This book is written with the purpose of cherishing the memories of brave warriers of Meghwal (Megh, Meghwar, Bhagat) tribe. These are oral stories passed by generation to generation. The amazing book will describe about struggles and sacrifices of this tribe. Eventhough this is a crushed community but the author has collected some wonderful stories of Megh tribe’s heroes whose bravery is uncomparable.
    HastiMal Khumanji Meghvanshi comes from Megh (Weaver) community of Thar desert of Western Rajasthan. He has completed his M.A. from University of Mysore and planning for further studies and research. His main areas of interest are religion, philosophy and anthropology. He is married to Koshalya Gadhveer and blessed with 3 sons. The author has suffered with discrimination and disrespect being part of this community. The book will reflect his pain too. The purpose of this book is to bring awareness in other communities to realize about the loss caused to this community and also other communities may realize the dignity and sacrifices of this community.”

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    Everyday we wake up with a new desire, hunger to do something different which will touch the lives of people and more importantly our own soul. Most of us have hopes and dreams. We encounter pain, love in some form or other and eventually we all crave for freedom during the various phases of life or sometimes in just one day!
    Poet, Namit Nayak, tries to communicate some of these emotions through his poems in “a new world”
    Hurry! Pre order your copy today!

    A New World by: Namit Nayak 145.00
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    “Why Hijab, Still Confused?”, written by Muhammad Saad, is specifically for those people who are confused that why some women wear Hijab (an enveloping outer garment worn by women to cover themselves in public, which covers the body and the face). This book logically and statistically tries to show the problems which are emerging due to anti-Hijab attitude, the reason for its increase in the last few decades and why Hijab failed to safeguard some women of East.Along with it, some basic knowledge regarding women status in Islam is also provided. Reader might think that what was the purpose of teling such things in this book. The reason behind it is that in such a time when digital and printed media are being used to divide us then it becomes our responsibility to know each other in order to strengthen our nation. If media has told you hundreds of lies regarding Islam and then I claim that ideas of this book gives the best protection to our sisters, then definetly it will not work. You should first see that how Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)gave women a high status and then along with those rights he ( Peace Be Upon Him) told a way for their protection.
    05:53 PM

    Why Hijab, Still Confused? by: Muhammad Saad 164.00 120.00
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