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    Twenty-first century India has been undergoing turmoil and strife. On one hand, the civilised human being is finding it harder to be civil, on the other, a huge wall made of hate, hunger, atrocities and deprivation is looming over them, making it hard for people to cross over the wall. Like Jalianwala, there are guns and the mortar of freak and untruth salvo being fired in every direction. In the midst of this man-made chaos, people are still surviving. These poems are the spontaneous outcome of these salutations. The poems dip into the thoughts of fellow citizens, their life and happiness, emotion and the enormous impending damages in the environment. The untold misery and agony of countless human beings has found expression in the form of poetry. Bells of Freedom seeks to influence our minds for just a fraction of a second and make us think about the ambience we are living in today. The poems question if this is the state we had dreamt of. It should hence be a breath of fresh air, enabling us to think about a new dawn. Let our wishes find the button of the road to the New Dawn.

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    Thesaurus on Apiology is a compilation of terms which provide a clear distinction between relationships as Broader Term (BT), Narrower Term (NT) and Related Term (RT). It is indispensable for those who are searching for an alternative word, or for those who are at a loss for the right word to fit a thought. In this book, there are over 300 entries arranged in alphabetical form. The minute branch of Apiology field is designed to facilitate the retrieval of a rich source of specific knowledge. The index has also been provided. This accessible thesaurus is ideally suited for Students, Researchers, Librarians, Zoologists and will also prove beneficial for the conduct of focused searches in the field of Apiology.

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    A roller-coaster ride of a story.

    All these words apply to Bobby Dsouza’s enthralling narrative in equal measure. It takes you along on his journey from being a disillusioned bankrupt & a nobody on the Streets of Mumbai to someone who has already inspired 21000+ people which includes delegates who are highly intellectual, CXO’s, CEO’s of top-notch corporates, the young minds & people from diverse geographies. He is keynote and motivational speaker who is passionate about inspiring people to live their dreams

    His humble journey starts from the story of a 25-year-old woman’s broken marriage (Bob’s mom) who decides to secure the future of her three children without any help from her closed loves ones or the society around, and the journey takes you through the indigence, the tears, the happiness, while also giving you a peek into the crashes , fails, laughter, romance, heartbreaks & a life lesson of ‘Fallen to rise”

    The goal of the book is to help people realise that if a ‘nobody’ who still does not know where his father vanished, can achieve so much, so can they… if only they discover and utilise their true potential.

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    Affected Admiration is a world portraying the simple love of a young couple of today’s times. Bereft of any pretension, this book is about bold and dignified love journey, showing ups and downs of a relationship and discovering the new emotions that erupt in one’s mind after entering into a blissful love cocoon. This is her first attempt toward earnest writing.

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    ““The world has changed due to globalization, and human beings have changed due to digitization.”The people of the world have become puppets in the hands of technology, internet, telecommunications, and visual media. This can be seen in all the sectors, including that of games and sports. The tornado of technology began in the 21st century; started by millions of talented minds. These two phenomenon—globalization & digitization, have transformed this world, bringing it to the palm of our hands. Human beings have become completely paralyzed because of these technological developments in the modern times. Games and sports are the only activities today that are undertaken in the real sense, that make us fit, fine, and healthy, round the year. So, the book……………
    “Impact of Cricket on the Youngest Indian” is explicit in itself. Though, the book has been written in three parts keeping its essence for the readers. These are:-
    a. Genesis of Cricket. Genesis of cricket as sport since 1597 in England. Details of first ODI in 1844 and first test match played from 15-19 March 1877 at MelbourneCricket Ground between Australia and England. History of Women cricket in the world and how Indians cherished cricket; discarding indigenous sports. Role of Coach is pivotal character; can be read in this part.

    b. Impact of Cricket. Impact of cricket on youth Indian. Its pros and cons has been delved and brought under this part. Misappropriation of power, money and corruption in the BCCI may be the focal topic to study. Crazy of cricket fans and their attitude have been analyzed and brought into notice to the parents of such youth. Factual value and benefits of sports can be understood by reading this part.

    c. Gist of Cricket. It includes Rules, Laws and summary of cricket.

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    “This book is written with the purpose of cherishing the memories of brave warriers of Meghwal (Megh, Meghwar, Bhagat) tribe. These are oral stories passed by generation to generation. The amazing book will describe about struggles and sacrifices of this tribe. Eventhough this is a crushed community but the author has collected some wonderful stories of Megh tribe’s heroes whose bravery is uncomparable.
    HastiMal Khumanji Meghvanshi comes from Megh (Weaver) community of Thar desert of Western Rajasthan. He has completed his M.A. from University of Mysore and planning for further studies and research. His main areas of interest are religion, philosophy and anthropology. He is married to Koshalya Gadhveer and blessed with 3 sons. The author has suffered with discrimination and disrespect being part of this community. The book will reflect his pain too. The purpose of this book is to bring awareness in other communities to realize about the loss caused to this community and also other communities may realize the dignity and sacrifices of this community.”

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    Everyday we wake up with a new desire, hunger to do something different which will touch the lives of people and more importantly our own soul. Most of us have hopes and dreams. We encounter pain, love in some form or other and eventually we all crave for freedom during the various phases of life or sometimes in just one day!
    Poet, Namit Nayak, tries to communicate some of these emotions through his poems in “a new world”
    Hurry! Pre order your copy today!

    A New World by: Namit Nayak 145.00
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    “Why Hijab, Still Confused?”, written by Muhammad Saad, is specifically for those people who are confused that why some women wear Hijab (an enveloping outer garment worn by women to cover themselves in public, which covers the body and the face). This book logically and statistically tries to show the problems which are emerging due to anti-Hijab attitude, the reason for its increase in the last few decades and why Hijab failed to safeguard some women of East.Along with it, some basic knowledge regarding women status in Islam is also provided. Reader might think that what was the purpose of teling such things in this book. The reason behind it is that in such a time when digital and printed media are being used to divide us then it becomes our responsibility to know each other in order to strengthen our nation. If media has told you hundreds of lies regarding Islam and then I claim that ideas of this book gives the best protection to our sisters, then definetly it will not work. You should first see that how Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)gave women a high status and then along with those rights he ( Peace Be Upon Him) told a way for their protection.
    05:53 PM

    Why Hijab, Still Confused? by: Muhammad Saad 164.00 120.00
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    ” If someday you are auctioned ? Then what will be your last calling bid value to have your accquisition?shall I tell you? It will be a sum possessing very less value. No matter how much knowledge or skill you amass, all that won’t be enough to bring back your life, if you loose it someday in some sort of calamity or accident. But after your death, along with your ashes remains your ‘STORY’. A story which defines your journey , your hardwork , your sacrifices which brought you to the place you are standing right now at. This ‘STORY’ tell the value of your last calling bid. We have combined several such different stories based on different lives and compiled them into “SASTI KITAAB.”

    Sasti Kitab by: Sanatan Mishra 140.00
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    All the compositions have created a sense of human love and self-esteem in them but simultaneously, all the stories seem to be annoying on the illusive attitudes, creeds and traditions of society. If there is any exploitation, it is also a painful pain in them, if there is inner-conflict, it is also solutions in them, there is also the end of the story, and the story is also endless, there is also a strong description of the relationship between man and woman. Some of the stories on some selected topics from the vast ocean, the effort have been made to fill one thread.

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    Formulas Material is related to formulae important and relevant for class XI Commerce and Arts students. This book is dedicated to formulae only, and is especially meant to help students. Students can easily solve numerical problems and get solutions from this book. The book describes all the formulae in an easy format. Students can easily access the formulae without any confusion.

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    World’s largest collection of “Guess the word, with the clues” puzzles. One book for all – The kind of puzzles loved by children of all ages across the globe. Collection of unique puzzles, written by a DOCTOR, who is a popular trainer, educator, entertainer and motivator for kids. Its fun for the whole family! Awaken and activate the genius within you…

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    The Highlanders offers a brilliant fictional account of the Mizo society of the North-East India in transition against the background of the insurgent movement of MNF (Mizo National Front) that started in 1966. Although the novel covers a period of twenty four years (1965-1989), it also depicts the advent of Christianity to the region, the decaying role of the Chiefs due to the abolition of chieftainship, changing of food-habits, life style, dress codes and even vocabulary due to Mizo people’s interaction first with the British and then with the army personnel. It is an “Epical Imagination: Presented with Artistic Skill.” – Aparna Mahanta, Gorioshi, August, 2003

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    The Love Letters – A made for each other couple – the husband dies suddenly in a heart attack – the bereaved wife discovers a bunch of love letters hidden in his personal belongings. She is shaken !!

    The Climatic Moment – A married man visits his friend’s place in his absence with a hidden intent to enjoy the intimate company of his friend’s beautiful wife. Does he !!

    Love Infinite – After long twenty-seven years, he is going to meet his first love. He is excited, he is impatient- what it would be like !!

    The Characterless – A woman is preparing to meet her childhood flame, now an award-winning writer. What will follow !!

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    The names Kamala, Madhavi kutti, and Suraiya are associated with a wonderful and exciting lady from “God’s own country”, Kerala.
    Kamala Das was born to liberate women from the clutches of a male-dominated society. Her mission was very difficult, and it’s tough to decide how far she succeeded in accomplishing her goal.
    During the course of her life, she found herself in the midst of many bold and controversial situations that led to a life of insecurity. Sex outside the legal orbit of marriage, her rebellious desire to fly, to search for her “one true love”, and her statements that consistently changed, made her wonderful, real life experiences very exciting.
    Her work generated heat, and the readers got glued to her poetry and prose instantly, enjoying each and every word penned by her. This book explores her life and experiences.

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    Today in our country youngsters found themselves at a crossroad from where they are not able to find the right path. They are fighting for a job, career path, cultural shift, generational gap, deficiency in education, corruption habits, clarity of political visions etc. In this scenario, they want a true guide, a selfless mentor and a fatherly teacher. This Book tries to fulfil all these needs of young ones in one place. While reading this book they feel parental love and upbringing, teachers’ affection and teachings, mentors’ good friendliness and guidance and counsellors’ advice in career progression and futuristic planning. In short, this book tries its level best to change the lots of young Indians so that they can strengthen themselves not only to uplift their fate but also their country’s future.

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    The book’s title Agape (Ancient Greek ἀγάπη, agapē) its a story about unconditional love, in which love isn’t just a feeling but a joyful resolve.

    It is story of a twin flame couple, Elan and Alena. Despite their heart-breaking pasts, they still give in to their need to find love again. This story is about their struggles, about them battling their fears in order to love each other selflessly. It describes their journey, of how they win their lives back and how they tread a beautiful path together, a path that they’ve woven together. They shape not only each other, but also the world around them; making it a better place to live in.

    Agape is a story of love, life, and detachment. It takes the readers on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Expressing that challenges can help people to emerge all powerful if they have faith and undying love for one other.

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    Lohgad, world’s largest fort and capital of the Sikh Kingdom, was built by Asia’s richest person, Bhai Lakhi Rai Banjara with Sikh Guru Sahiban. This fort is spread in between Himachal Nagar and Haryana over 7000 acres. The main aim of Sikh Guru Sahiban and Bhai Laki Rai Banjara was to build this fort to protect humanism against the atrocities of Mughals. In 1708, Baba Bandasing Bahadur along with Bhai Manising, Baj Sing Binjrawat, and Bhai Lakhi Rai declared war against Mughals and in 1709 declared Lohgarh as a Sikh state and capital of Khalsa Raj.

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    This little book intends to present the list of 100 most commonly mispronounced words in the English language. The words catalogued are meticulously cherry-picked from the daily conversations of ESL (English as a Second Language) speakers in India. The symbols used in this book are based on the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as well as the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. This book is meant for all the ESL learners. It contains an audio CD with all the words pronounced correctly by both British and American speakers.

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    What a joy and relief it is when kids start loving what they do specially subjects like Maths..

    This story takes the readers through a series of events that Sam and Polly, the main characters go through to realise the value of Maths in day to day life and how they realised it is better to start loving the subject instead of fighting it and letting it affect their lives.

    It is definitely a parents dream come true !!!

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    This story is based on true events of someone’s life. This is a romance,thriller,scare from family story. This is the story on how Subho and Rikhi goes through so many obstacles but still holds each other. The friendship went through many obstacles and it also led to get insulted by people.Will they able to make it what they were meant to?

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    Insurance awareness and penetration in India is still quite low. One of the main reasons for this is lack of awareness about insurance and its benefits. Even when awareness exists, the perceived value of buying insurance remains low due to many reasons. Among those who do buy insurance, the lapse ratios are high due to lack of awareness and mismatch between expected returns and actual benefits. Thus, there is a necessity to create awareness among the masses about it. This is a classic book that aims to do just that. It will give you an insight into the insurance industry and make you aware of the nitty-gritties of insurance. It will make you familiar with the role of every stakeholder and the government policies that play a part in Insuring the Uninsured.

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    This is an intense story of a relationship between a Muslim girl, Zoya, and a Hindu Professor, Alok. This relationship leads her to think about the social problems of her community and achieve the goals of her life. With the help of Professor Alok, she achieves her goals and fulfils her ambitions. Her two close friends Khushi and Sana help her during the difficult phases of her life. Ultimately, Zoya emerges as a winner in life. This tragic novel also deals with the current social problems of Muslims.

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    Love is like trudging on the sharp edge of a razor. If you’re not careful, you’re bound to hurt yourself. ‘Tis not just the tale of Juno’s swans, but of two people met by chance. She’s an ambivert girl, stricken with her demons. He’s a carefree spirit and tenderhearted. On the way of getting along, love sneakily makes its way into their lives. While he’s being upfront about his feelings, she chooses to live in denial. Whether he will be able to pull her from the grasp of darkness or will she succumb to her fears and give up what her heart has been seeking so affectionately, find out in I LOVE YOU… a little too much.

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    MR. VIJAY NANGIA teaches:
    > Accounts for class XI & XII > Accounts for B.Com(P/H)
    > Cost Accounting for B.Com(P/H) > Financial Management for B.Com(P/H)
    > M.PHIL (Commerce) > M.Com > M.B.A.
    He has been the visiting faculty for AFBBS and taken guest classes for K.V. School and a visiting faculty
    for many leading Institutions in New Delhi. The Basic objective of this book is to present the class XII Accountancy in a simple and a smart manner. Sincere efforts have been made to present the subject matter in an easy to understand language and with graded examples. Some special features of this book are as follows: Theory in simple and understandable language. A large number and variety of examples. Formats aa per requirement giving sound conceptive base. Additional practice questions for practice. Sample papers with answers.

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    The fundamental problem with Indian agriculture is that farmers face as many yield risks as price risks. No other sector can claim this level of uncertainty at almost every level of operation. These risks assume higher proportions given productivity and technology lacunae and affect the economy as a whole due to the agriculture sector’s extensive linkages. But de-risking agriculture does not begin or end with insurance. ‘No risk, no gain’ may be an old adage but true wisdom involves diversifying, insuring and managing risk. The country will do well if farmers are educated about and heed this advice. This book is now more important than ever, since insurance was made compulsory for borrowing farmers with defaulters not being entitled to claim insurance; insurers defining areas for each notified crop for calamities excluded many isolated cases of crop failure; and adverse selection of crops by farmers continued on account of information asymmetries. This book serves as a guide to pursuing crop insurance and also highlights a number of exchange-specific problems to explain the inefficiencies in futures markets. In short, this book offers solutions to various complex technical problems relating to crop insurance and claims. It offers a holistic, long-term approach on the perception of Indian agriculture.

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    The book tries to focus on things which can help a person lead a good life by getting rid of the storms of life.

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    En route Kasol is a thriller book by Young Indian Author ABILASH Geetha Balan- under the Novella category. En Route Kasol is a short book that you can finish reading in a couple of hours or a day. This is the second book by the Author after being amongst the highly rated books in Amazon and with positive review the Author has written this book after a two year break. This book is perfect for teenagers and all general public

    Our earth is a mysterious place, filled with many urban legends and folklores. ‘En route Kasol’ is a tale of 3 people within the small forest town of Kasol, in northern India. Kasol forest holds many secrets, amongst them, the 106 acres single tree forest, considered as the oldest living thing by the scientific community has remained a mystery for many centuries now.
    A mentalist, an activist and a medical researcher come together and try to unravel this age old mystery. Amidst this thrilling adventure, they try to resolve a major challenge that has been plaguing mankind since industrial revolution. A story that is destined to stretch the boundaries of human imagination.

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    “The Secrets of AISLE, MIDDLE, WINDOW & COCKPIT” is a delightful Masterpiece by D A ROCKS, in ‘The Destiny Collection Series’.
    The novel is an ensemble of lives of four Chitchor romantics: Lalit, Vijay, Nirav and Mehul.

    Vijay is an ace Wedding planner carrying out Tia’s Wedding with Mehul, a debonair Pilot. Tia doesn’t turn up on the wedding day, but Mehul still goes ahead and gets married in the same mandap.

    How is that possible? Who does Mehul get married to?

    Why didn’t Tia make it for her own wedding?

    After a few weeks, Vijay is on a flight to Delhi and instantly falls for Naina, the air hostess. Nirav is fast asleep on the window seat. Lalit on Aisle opens up to Vijay in the Middle, that he is an Angel investor madly in love with his sweetheart, Mojito. Sadly, he can’t marry her as she is getting married to a family friend. Lalit is off to the washroom, and Nirav wakes up to eat. During the conversation with Vijay, Nirav talks about his ambitious Startup idea and wedding plans with Kavya, a family friend.

    When Mojito looks into the mirror, she sees kavya. what’s the deepest connection between Mojito & Kavya?

    What does Vijay do with the Secrets of Lalit & Nirav?. Will Vijay choose to get the wedding business of Nirav & Kavya, or help Lalit marry Mojito, or a Quid pro quo between Lalit and Nirav?, OR does he have an agenda of his own?

    Dive into beautiful romantic relationships of:

    A Wedding Planner & An Air hostess;

    An Angel Investor & A Cricketer;

    A food blogger & A passionate admirer of the food blogger;

    A Pilot who is in a state of war from within, when he realizes he has feelings for his dead friend’s wife.

    This novel also celebrates friendship; some you make, some just happens.

    The carefully written narrative, well defined subplots, delicately etched characters, and meaningful characterization, takes you deep into the world of their Secrets.

    Indulge and immerse in this work of fiction, and make it a part of your Book shelf and personal treasure.

    The next time you book a flight, ask for a ‘MIDDLE’ seat.

    Fasten your seat belts and embark on a marvel, filled with fun, adventure, dreams, romance, suspense, thrill, humor, love, heartbreak and hope, as this flight changes everyone’s life for good.

    The flight soars into skies. Will these delicately etched characters ever come back?

    About the Author:

    D A ROCKS is a natural writer, an empathetic reader of situations, a personal brand, and has a curious heart for a slice of life.

    He holds an MBA, and is a part of the Core leadership Team in an MNC.
    He loves music and admires talent.

    He is a strong believer that life is a destiny and not a coincidence.

    Favourite quote: There is no prosthetic for an amputated soul.

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