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    “The Secrets of AISLE, MIDDLE, WINDOW & COCKPIT” is a delightful Masterpiece by D A ROCKS, in ‘The Destiny Collection Series’.
    The novel is an ensemble of lives of four Chitchor romantics: Lalit, Vijay, Nirav and Mehul.

    Vijay is an ace Wedding planner carrying out Tia’s Wedding with Mehul, a debonair Pilot. Tia doesn’t turn up on the wedding day, but Mehul still goes ahead and gets married in the same mandap.

    How is that possible? Who does Mehul get married to?

    Why didn’t Tia make it for her own wedding?

    After a few weeks, Vijay is on a flight to Delhi and instantly falls for Naina, the air hostess. Nirav is fast asleep on the window seat. Lalit on Aisle opens up to Vijay in the Middle, that he is an Angel investor madly in love with his sweetheart, Mojito. Sadly, he can’t marry her as she is getting married to a family friend. Lalit is off to the washroom, and Nirav wakes up to eat. During the conversation with Vijay, Nirav talks about his ambitious Startup idea and wedding plans with Kavya, a family friend.

    When Mojito looks into the mirror, she sees kavya. what’s the deepest connection between Mojito & Kavya?

    What does Vijay do with the Secrets of Lalit & Nirav?. Will Vijay choose to get the wedding business of Nirav & Kavya, or help Lalit marry Mojito, or a Quid pro quo between Lalit and Nirav?, OR does he have an agenda of his own?

    Dive into beautiful romantic relationships of:

    A Wedding Planner & An Air hostess;

    An Angel Investor & A Cricketer;

    A food blogger & A passionate admirer of the food blogger;

    A Pilot who is in a state of war from within, when he realizes he has feelings for his dead friend’s wife.

    This novel also celebrates friendship; some you make, some just happens.

    The carefully written narrative, well defined subplots, delicately etched characters, and meaningful characterization, takes you deep into the world of their Secrets.

    Indulge and immerse in this work of fiction, and make it a part of your Book shelf and personal treasure.

    The next time you book a flight, ask for a ‘MIDDLE’ seat.

    Fasten your seat belts and embark on a marvel, filled with fun, adventure, dreams, romance, suspense, thrill, humor, love, heartbreak and hope, as this flight changes everyone’s life for good.

    The flight soars into skies. Will these delicately etched characters ever come back?

    About the Author:

    D A ROCKS is a natural writer, an empathetic reader of situations, a personal brand, and has a curious heart for a slice of life.

    He holds an MBA, and is a part of the Core leadership Team in an MNC.
    He loves music and admires talent.

    He is a strong believer that life is a destiny and not a coincidence.

    Favourite quote: There is no prosthetic for an amputated soul.

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    You May Find Yourself Here is all about those little things in life that matter. Written in the form of poetry and quotes, this book deals with the feelings, experiences, and situations wherein everybody finds themselves in but in the hustle bustle of life we sometimes fail to appreciate them.

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    A hidden treasure not seen by light
    Looking closely at history, wealth is one of the most eye-catching objects. man can become an adventurer for wealth.
    The unseen wealth is only visible to the adventurous

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    This book is a truthful transcription of Shri Narendra Modi’s personal TV interviews over a long period, starting from the year 1999 up until 2014. It aptly brings out his consistent, compassionate and uncompromising persona

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    Reach out to Minds isn’t a book that I set out to write. My ideas and perceiving the person, places, and events multiplied as I set on writing the poems one after the other. This pursuit gave me strong inspiration for analyzing the things better to meet creative head in me. The poems relate to the normal juggles in the minds where people forget the exact essence of life. The new direction of making one’s own self-awakened to the thoughts requires the at most maturity in the person.  The book which can be referred to as the notes from the life enhances the visualization of the minute, sensitive yet sensible things that occur around us. Every poem is unique, each representing a particular scenario and perspectives. The personifications, depicting the things out of a scenario, comparisons that I can bring in is something that makes me involved in writing. The book includes both rhymed and unrhymed poems as well. This book feels more special not just because it’s my first one, also it holds my two most liked activities that I do frequently i.e. poetry and drawing. The illustrations that are used in this book are designed by me which gains me more pleasure. I take this as a great opportunity to reach you all with my book that feels really special! You can reach the author at: +91 9113278284

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    They are back. The celebrated detective and his friend – only this time, the forces that Holmes is required to pit his cerebral powers against, are not as awesome. Indeed not, it does not get more threatening than rampaging mice, parrots that swear and missing scarecrows. All of which Holmes tackles with characteristic panache (and much less success), while Watson is a loyal if not always enthusiastic collaborator. It is an excellent spoof on Conan Doyle’s stories, in his language and style, and the touches of burlesque do not degenerate into slapstick. The writer skilfully recreates the world of 221B Baker Street – its inclement weather, telegrams, blue-blooded clients, indiscretions and disguises. Doyle’s tools are used to singular effect to make this book a most enjoyable read.

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    “Sometimes reality is not what we see with our eyes open; sometimes reality is what we see with our eyes closed!” Experiencing feelings in boundless moments through innumerable touches right through one’s soul, is that love? Some say that love is real when it is rooted in the real world, that physical proximity validates love and gives it its true meaning. But is it always necessary to have the one you love right beside you, sitting next to you, having coffee for the rest of your life? Do we need to touch the person we love to feel her presence? Can love not transcend the limits of flesh and blood and reach the astral level of the soul? Can love not be without the ‘intimacy’ we crave for? If you ask me, love is not always about the intimacy we crave, sometimes love is about letting go and waiting! By the way, I am Kaya. I am in love with Hima without the terms and conditions of meeting-dating-and-mating! The day I laid my eyes on hers, my soul was shaken. And it was only her picture by the way! What name should I give to this extraordinary phenomenon? Of course it is love that I fell in with her! And it hasn’t changed even after years of her absence. Yes, she left with an unfinished rendezvous. It’s been years, and I am still waiting for her to finally start what seems like an endless rendezvous!”

    Kaya by: Swati Das 250.00
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    Stumble upon the prism of lovers once again by losing yourself in this poetic voyage, which takes you through all the shades of life encapsulating love, companionship, bliss, triumph to anxiety, distress, heartache, death, loss, rejection, and redemption. The words flocked in arouse the senses by embracing the petite things that make life magical. It’s a contemporary antidote offering candid explorations over the scuffling questions of how to find the true purpose of living? What is life without love? What does it mean to be lonesome? Why do we seek out for connections? Explore love amid all its precision with crunches of gloominess making it sugary and peppery off and on. So, pour yourself some coffee and curl up with this book to let yourself feel something striking and exquisite.

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    Words of Wisdom – Featuring the finest collection of Quotes and Poems from a bunch of creative writers. To know more, Pre-order the book today. Limited stock. HURRY UP !!!!!!!!

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    Why it is important to “not forget to love yourself” even when you become a parent.

    Dedicated to everyone:

    “To all the parents: Buy it and know it, why loving self is equally important when you become a parent.

    To all the kids: Buy it and know it, how much happiness it brings to your life when you see your parents happy”

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    Winter, it may come again or not…I don’t know. But it is winter which told me the uncertainties of loneliness, the cry of leaves, freezing veins, a period of hibernation, quest of spirituality, and metamorphosis. No wonder while I was walking alone on the seashore, in between the lips of my mind and sea, there the waves communicated—the waves of my mind and sea. Soon the winter breaks the silence into pieces of thoughts, slowly evolving me unto my total involvement into the depth of expressions. On the seashore, from the lips of two waves, the ultimate silence of winter breaks and the winter speaks.
    A language of Survival
    Silence and Meditation
    Without tears and wetness
    An intense desire
    To born again….

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    She comes from an educated family, and pursuing her graduation in the city, she returns to her village. It is then that she realises the sheer difference that exists between city and village life. She is very happy upon meeting the villagers, and observing their natural beauty. It is then that she meets a girl her age she comes to know more about the locals, and realises that the people of the village are very innocent, honest, simple and it is only due to a lack of awareness that they flock towards radical ideologies. Finally, she decides to return to the village and improve society through social work, and modernize it. She does so with the help of her best friend in the village, and her classmate. In this duration, she faces a lot of problem. Her family was against her decision of returning to the village, opening a new school for the village children, and her fight against child marriage. She convinces her family to open a hospital for the villagers, and also motivates her boyfriend to become an IAS officer. Read to find out why she wants to serve the society and fulfils her dream of the ideal village.

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    “Trying to prove that pen is mightier than sword.”

    This book is not just a compilation of write-ups contributed by the writers of diverse age groups, but the people with the same aim. Aim to influence people through their writings and create an impact amidst people. Writers have Penner down their thoughts on various problems which women faces because of our parochial society. They have tried to give a voice to those women who are oppressed by the society. All the writers here demand gender equality rather than prioritising any gender.

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    India’s road safety statistics never fails to shock in its enormity. Over 1.3 million people in India have been killed in road crashes in the last ten years. Another 5 million plus have been seriously injured or disabled over the same period. One of the ways for accident victims in India to be compensated is through motor vehicle insurance which can be categorized under two heads — own damage that covers any physical damage to the vehicle, and third party liability that provides for death, injury and property damage of others involved in the accident. This book gives an insight on the recent trends of judiciary and practices prevailed in the insurance industry. In a country like India which is said to be the accident capital of the world, this is all the more necessary to have an insight on the procedural ambiguities and parameters of compensation to victims of road accident cases. Written in rich, data prose, this spell-casting book is a feast for the brain and the heart.

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    The golden arrow is a legendary weapon that keeps all Rochians awed. Although it is thought to a myth and inexistent, it has two warriors on its trail. If the arrow is found, it solely has the power to defeat an enemy and stop a war, saving thousands of lives. Do these two teenagers have what it takes to succeed in a quest, in which many heroes have failed and disappeared? Leona, a young archer, yearns for thrill and honour in her life, but she lives in the safe and calm confines of Ophelia. On the contrary, the only thing Drake has ever desired is a taste of his own family in his life. One day proves to be anything but normal, as Drake and Leona are whisked into a great turmoil.

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    Kolkata is the city of debates and intellectual discussions over tea. Snigdha Dutta, knows life only in this maniacal city and analogous to everyone, she excitedly awaits the largest celebration of the year, Durga Puja. This festival throws her life off the course to take an agonizing turn. This poignant tale narrates her story across cities and villages, through shady alleys, rambling mansions, dingy brothels and cities teeming with life. Her desperate attempts to heal not just her own open wounds, but also sew shut the pain of others lead to a multitude of events that keep you turning the pages of this piercing narrative.

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    CHANDA is a Hindi novel which depicts love emotions of two young persons. Kishan, the lover, feels a magnetic pull while in love with a beautiful girl Chanda. It is a scintillating love story which may find readers turning pages after pages without blinking.

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Chanda by: Ashok Kumar Sharma 120.00
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    The book is a description of feeling lonely, desiring something unrealistic and reflecting inner contradictions and despair.

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    This is a fictional story of two professionals who were very conscious about their careers but ended up in the total disasters. Henry was a womanizer while Norris had been eyeing on materialistic favors. They were hard taskmasters but very caring. Both of them were short in height and stout. Unlike most of the senior executives, both didn’t play golf but were more interested in team games like soccer. A fitness freak Henry always tried to prove his endurance. He will have sex after lunch and then play soccer for 90 minutes. His wife Clara was taller than him, with a bit heavy voice which made her appeared more attractive. She was 14 years younger than her spouse. Henry was an M.Tech and used to coach her Science. God knows what they had in knowledge exchange that they got married by the time she turned 20. Henry had a bright career and a beautiful wife. Side by side, Norris unlike Henry was training himself professionally through short professional courses from reputed institutions. He met a very elegant lady with tummy tucked in called Debra from Goa. Impressed with each other they got married. Read to know how the life treated them…

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    This book is about a naturally occurring pattern. The leaders that have come into the world with a predisposition to inspire, the ability is not reserved for them exclusively. We can all learn this pattern. With some discipline, grit, and determination anyone can live their dreams. We can all learn to lead. But we absolutely have to conquer the demons inside our mind that are holding us back. Our mind is bigger than the sum of their parts.

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    The book 1000 WOMEN is a whole book of one thousand quotes written by various female writers from India. The main theme of the book and the initiative behind this book is to encourage women to move forward and also to support India in making a better place and secured place to live for the women. This book also projects a view to supporting women, young talented people. In this book, readers will find very young writers, married women, professional writers, journalists, speakers etc. The idea behind this is to give the insight to encourage women in every aspect, give her the equal right to speak. Words are more powerful than a sword because tomorrow’s future can be changed by women.

    1000 Women by: Krishna Prasad 250.00
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    Shiva is a teenager, obsessed with sweet memories of his school life. JNV, where he went to school and lived there in a hostel, has carved him out as a person who believes life as a fairy tale. He has just stepped into his college life. He has no idea why did he choose engineering when he wanted to be a writer. He still hasn’t given up on his dreams and still dreams of living a life according to his fantasies. While he is looking for a way to make his dreams come true, reality hits a tight slap on his face which derails him from his track, he learns the bitter truth of life; that it isn’t as easy as it seems to be. After having failed miserably in his dreams and goals, he is unable to accept failure, he is demotivated and it leads him towards drugs addiction. He is at the verge of completely destroying his life when things take impulsive turns and Shiva gets a chance to become a hero in his story. Mixed feelings is a book that tells us to never cease to hope in life.

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    The book talks about a prostitute, to know more go and grab the copy today!


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    While living across cities and traversing love, sex, and dating in her 20’s and 30’s, this book brings you the unfiltered, brutal and unexplored underbelly from the Indian bedroom (and maybe parks, cars). This book aims to speak about the unspoken, discuss the taboo topics and bring Sex out of the closet into the table (with sexy black stockings and high heels, preferably).

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    Never settle fight for life, career, dreams, and love that you deserve.

    Some secrets with a mixture of love and tragedy made this book completed.
    Sometimes in life, everything which can possibly go wrong goes wrong. Sometimes crazy things happen without any crazy output. We do n’t usually
    get anything extraordinary out of these situations but we also end
    up with a good story.

    The same was the case with Rohit, Akash, Ritu, Riya.
    When love does finally happen, there are more obstacles to overcome.
    However, life has other plans and it’s unknown what ’s waiting on the ne page.
    Who among them will make through and who won’t,
    will be the unknown tales.
    So here it is The Three Tales.

    The Three Tales by: Aniket Dey 172.00
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    This book is a collection of Hindi poems and prose. Most of them are situational based poems based on the theme of affection, love, and admiration for home-making women and a great yearning for a fictitious character of adorable and beloved ‘Maahi’. Though the main language of poems in Hindi there are a few poems in Punjabi as well. The author wants to donate each and every penny earned from this book. So you are requested to buy this book and give your contribution towards literature and charity.

    Mahi- Ek khwab by: Ravi Kumar 167.00
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    “In ‘A Girl in Love with a Beggar’, we read about the life and love story of Kabir and Shona and how they got married.
    Now our Beggar is a well-known writer and Shona is an established doctor. Their life and love story still continues.
    They are living together, learning every lesson that life is offering them. This story is a collection of such lessons.
    They are no exception to the real-life problems but the way Shona and Kabir choose to live through these problems is exceptional.
    People always complain about no one writing the post-marriage stories of love birds and many readers wonder why every romantic movie ends at the marriage of the couple. Here start the love stories following the start of their married life.”

    Kabir by: Anuj 165.00
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    The book describes story of two kids Rajesh and Ritish. To know more grab the book today!

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    The blind warrior could see once more! But only in her dreams; rather nightmares. Only a few years after Anna returns from her search for the mystical sapphire, she finds herself entrapped in a web of recurring nightmares. While the kingdom desperately tries to sculpt her back into the warrior she once was, Anna continues to fight the conflicts that stir within her. From afar, her life seems to be close to perfect. A forthcoming engagement and a promising training gear could only suggest so. If only one looked deeper, they would see that, her life barely scratches the surface of normalcy, let alone perfection. This story witnesses the war between identity and personality; between grief and acceptance; between an unfortunate past, and an inspired future. Will Anna, the warrior princess of Megovia, emerge triumphant? Perhaps. After all, Anna is not one to turn a blind eye to a discovery. Especially not one as precious as the Diamond Discovery. “

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