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    “This book is all about “Ramashram” founded by Shri Ranasaheb. The
    material in this book has been amassed mainly from books of
    Naqsbandia lineage & web portals. The detail about tombs and
    locations thereof has been given to the extent possible. It is by grace
    of Param Sant Samarth Sadguru Rana Saheb that this book was
    conceived and concluded. I am extremely thankful to Ramashram
    Satsang family and especially indebted to Shri S. K. Srivastava
    (Gopal) Chachaji for extending assistance from time to time in
    completion. This work is entirely aimed at serving my own brethrens,
    fellow-disciples and seekers.”

    Ramashram by: JAGENDRA RANA 240.00
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    Homecoming teen girl is eager to know about her mother`s success journey. To fulfill her daughter`s avid curiosity mother is preaching her fourteen Do and Don`t do principles of celebrating life from teenage to 25. The narration illustrates the travails of an unsatisfied generation, whose ideology is different from their parents and children.

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    “A Guide for Software Testing: A Comprehensive Description” is about how the testing process can be conducted at various positions of a system; its importance and how the testers can approach to test the code. What kind of parameters they would take and how many of testing’s will be conducted and what kind of tools they would take to scrutiny the code? And if any bug out what sort actions to be taken by the testing team against it and how the developer and tester both of them are interpreted in solving the cases at criticality. How they test the object-oriented applications and its issues and testing life cycles etc so almost all the topics were covered according to the job market. Eventually, we should say that if you go through it thoroughly almost you would get an idea about Testing and its strategies. This book can guide us how the testing process would be headed at various organizations. It is a fair guide to the people who wants to become a test-engineer in their careers and it pushes you to learn terminology of testing as well. It is a book all about testing that helps you to imbibe the concepts of it, apparently.

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    Total political & social satire poems, addressing to present picture of our country. Where we are and where going on ? Author is a novelist and well known poet having the full sense of Nonsense politics & social unfairness in present our life.

    Geela pani by: Anupam Tripathi 216.00
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    The requirements of a typical candidate have been the major consideration in the compilation of this book. Basic and advanced levels of English are covered in the book, with the conceptual and practical application of appropriate examples and use of cases being discussed in depth. Each chapter deals with different aspects of spoken English, and is laid out in a detailed manner so that you get the full conceptual and practical knowledge. This book will not only serve you as a complete Practical English Grammar and Spoken English Guide and practice book, but also enhance your language skills and help you in pursuing higher education. The book also contains 100+ secret tips that will help you master vocabulary, conversation and speak fluent English easily. It will help you refines your speaking, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar skills for more effective communication. This book will help in improving your English grammar skills, vocabulary, conversation and English speaking skills as well as in speaking better and correct English fluently & confidently. After reading of this book – you will feel much more confident and better- equipped at speaking English. By ending of this book- you will become the master/mistress of Spoken English. This book will prove useful as a complete guide and Practical Practice Spoken English Book for those who are preparing for TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, PTE, VERSANAT, Jobs Interviews… etc.

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    “This book delves into the mystic world of the Tangkhul Naga

    where the line between the real and spirit worlds are blurred.

    Drawn from the deep oral storytelling tradition, the author

    successfully takes the readers to a place where the present

    and past exist together side by side – where supernatural is

    a part of everyday life. The book captures a very important

    essence of the Tangkhul Naga and their beliefs and is a

    welcomed addition to the growing depository of English

    writing from the North East India.

    Jim Wungramyao Kasom

    Author of Homecoming and Other Stories.”

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    “Strawberries and Cigarettes,

    Is a book expressing mostly the heart of nowadays youth. It’s a journey from falling in love with not only someone else but one’s own self and then getting that heart broken, and then picking up those shattered pieces and continuing on.

    -Because not all the time can we let things out on our own, sometimes we find our story in the words of someone else.”

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    “Every part of me will be in love with you for the rest of your life. I wanted to be the one that you never see coming. It is tough to believe that you let me go. You may see a million sunrises in my absence, but only I can make that beautiful for you.” An intense feeling of love, which is beyond to express in words, acts like a fierce “flame.” Moon has the power to make nights beautiful by fading the darkness away with its charm. This book is about the “flames” of a lover who was left by his love of life. His pain and grief that not being with his charm of the living “moon”. But he will never stop his fight until he wins his battle. This book contains 36 poems. It is a journey of true love. And its madness for beloved ones. This book is the expression of unconditional love towards their partner. “I will love you until God decides that it is time for me to leave this body…leaving my body is an end but my love will conquer this world to start a new beginning. In my absence, it will worship you for ages.” There is no death for love. If you truly love anyone, even your death will conquer this world.

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    “Terror network” is written to spread information about some of the terror agencies that are functioning around the world. It voices the strategy as well as the ideology of these terror organisation that how they work and why. Thus, it is important for the world, especially our country’s defence forces, to understand it.

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    Diya meets Fergal in a forest while hiking and finds him different. In an attempt to find answers, she discovers the truth about Fergal being a paranormal creature and his paranormal world. She had promised herself that she would take revenge for her father’s murder… But while seeking revenge she discovers that the truth about her was kept from her… Let’s see what the truth of Diya is? How she will manage her relationship with Fergal?

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    This book is all about refreshment, entertainment and to encourage your will power. At this phase of life that is your “teenage” you may suffer from mood swings and sometimes may feel depressed, take out some time and read this interesting book that may help you to make out the best out of your mood. It is encouraging and can make you and your will power strong. These lines in this book will teach you how to challenge your problems and to live this phase peacefully.

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    Leadership, is a topic that’s never convincingly satisfiable after reading just one book. Hence I have tried to collate as much as possible the best in my opinion here. This book can be used in two ways—One as just a good self read to understand Leadership as a whole. Second as a medium to train others providing great resource to trainers and educators for developing good leaders all over the world. Please feel free to use the matter from here and enhance it further as per your training needs. This might be just a drop in the ocean effort from my end but as Mother Teresa would put it—’Each drop gathered forms an ocean’…I have started for you to continue…Hope this drop in the ocean adds value to your life and training sessions…Good leaders build good nations and good nations would lead to building a peaceful world.

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    This book is a bouquet of various oddities and strange grammatical and funny usages of English language, English Riddles, Mathematics, Math-Tricks, Math-Matrixes, Math-Magics, Math-Riddles, and Math-Medics.

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    The ‘Song on the nowhere road’ is a novel about the heart-rending trauma of unrequited love. Set in Bangalore in the early nineties, it traces the life of the bachelor protagonist, Ananto Roy, a young corporate executive with a penchant for English literature and rock-music. Working in a government owned company, he comes into contact with a variety of friends and acquaintances whose foibles and romantic flings bring out various shades of interpersonal relationships in the diverse cultural milieu of modern-day urban India. Falling in love with the bewitchingly charming, but unattainable Sini Menon, Ananto finds his very world shaken to its roots which forces him to ask profoundly disturbing questions.

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    At our every walk in the pathway of our life, we come across moments. Bound with less of choice, we have to walk through it, be it happy or sad. Such moments that we encounter from the start till the end of our lives are being piled up in this book which is named “Moments of Life – a book of poetic illustrations”.

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    Contains 28 Chapters of various topics of Finance, useful for the people of all walks of life with practical applicability. A simple guide and informative book to all enthusiasts including students and working professionals. Covers the sensitive chapters with topics such as Money, Risk Factors, Frauds, Financial Plan, Funding, Loans, Budgets, etc., with the significance of Bankruptcy, Demonetization, Exchange Rates, Globalization and Computerized Accounting. A separate chapter has been dedicated for Finance Professionals with their requirements of qualities and qualifications. The importance of Finance Professionals and their scope in the modern world of economy has been explained very well. The significance of Portfolio Management and Wealth Management along with the Services Provided by Financial Institutions has been explained in different dedicated chapters. Also covered the major activities in financial markets, such as, Investment, Initial Public Offer and Market Capitalization. The importance and advantages of Fixed Deposit also explained. Financial Analysis, Credit Rating and recent Bank Merger Plan have been explained along with Revenue-Income-Profit-Earnings. Besides all Intellectual Properties along with Miscellaneous topics covered in finance have been explained in general. General information can be gathered with innovative ideas about the finance and financial market.

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    “”” A drop of ink may make a million think””- Lord Byron,
    Is exactly what I hope to achieve from this book . When I started writing, it was at first very personal , like for a friends special celebration or an announcement, but then I witnessed what a powerful impression words could leave behind .

    So this book contains my poetry which is written on various topics , such as Love or The Youth of today or even Religion to name a few & make us ponder on how we view the world at large .
    These verses express my heartfelt feelings for that particular subject & I hope to leave the readers with an afterthought of
    What can we do next to Improve our Existence ? or shed light on our world through my own perception .
    If my few words can help others reflect ( like it made me), to pause in life , look around , be gracious with gratitude , then I will believe my purpose of writing has been successful .
    We all have a lot to say but I hope this book makes you feel the emotion .”

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    “”” Poetry is a deal of joy , pain and wonder with a dash of dictionary .””
    The above quote depicts the mood of my book – ‘ Deepak ki Roshni ‘ – , the best . My this collection of poems , songs and ghazals is a kaleidoscope of feeling of love , joy , pain , anguish , wonder , disgusts , empathy to name a few .
    All the subjects are a part of our neighbouring surroundings and are related to the life of a common man in some or the other way . Where some of them show the ugly face of society , the others allow us to peep in the world of nature , love , beauty and happiness .
    I have sincerely tried to creat a colleague of how I see the world and what it means to me . So this collection can be called as spectrum of expressions .
    As a veteran , life has enriched me with various experiences which I took as enlightenment . Hence “” Deepak ki Roshni “” was possible .
    I take immense pleasure in presenting the first collection of my poems to you with a ray of hope that you all will consider it and embrace it with affection .”

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    “Today when I will shut the windows, I will not be sad. I will be smiling,looking over our book , on your bedside table. The black cover we chose, it’s not black anymore. The love you poured, colored it red.”

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    In the wider terms, the book throws light on the importance of women in fisheries and the different challenges they have to face in sustaining their livelihood, raising their voices in establishing their identity, and rights in the society with special reference to West Bengal. The author strongly believes that the book is a valuable contribution to the field of Social Sciences, more specifically, in the discipline of Women and Gender studies. The content is based on original and serious research work and has explored an almost new vista of a large scale involvement of women in the fisheries sector. Despite their significant contribution in fisheries, they are unheard by society and are marginalised. The book also explores the role of the state and non-state actors. The author has also tried to focus upon the mechanism of micro-credit as a probable tool of their empowerment.

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    This is a true story, you can call it my life story and it is also related to the media. When I started traveling alone with a little girl, you can imagine how I would have managed my whole life. And I have tried to put some parts of my life in front of you.

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    It is a dramatic story of a family with some chaos in it. In this story that family used to fight among themselves for the property of their father. Their war of property grew gradually and that leads to murder and some non-violence. Will they be able to get over it? To know this read this novel.

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    Aarav is a teenager who wants a happy life and wants to enjoy it to the fullest. But, the school is his enemy, and he hates studies. Although he scores good percentages in the exams. Kriti is his crush in the tenth standard. He fell in love with her. They become friends, and as days passed, it gradually grew, and they become best friends. Slowly they fell in love with each other. After traveling with him for a few months, Kriti leaves him alone and moves away. Aarav loves her truly, and he didn’t expect she would do this. He waits for her until she comes into his life. Will his love win? Will, she comes back to his life again? Will she answer his question? “Why did you meet me? Love”.

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Why Did You Meet Me Love by: MANOHAR RAPELLY 199.00
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    The lives of two university graduates are linked to each other but they are blissfully unaware about the same. Being in the same profession, spies for their father’s company, G.O.L.D — an international spy and crime agency, both are ace agents but the same can’t be said about their personal lives. The duo is destined to inherit the business jointly. Thus, the book unfolds the adventurous journey of the two young spies as they embark on a dangerous mission where lives can be lost. Guided by their intelligence, professionalism, passion and desire for revenge as well as the safety of their clients, the question here lies whether they would return alive and inherit the business? Can they get along enough to catch the gangs who are living comfortably on the money extorted from poor people? Track the journey of Kim Namjoon aka Agent RM and Choi Minji aka Agent Pearl struggling to solve a case which is a priority for their agency during the course of which they discover their affection and unconditional love for each other. Will they come together? Or will it turn out to be one-sided love? Will that hamper their work and turn their lives upside down.

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    “It gives us immense pleasure to bring the book, INSPIRE: A TEXT BOOK OF EDUCATION for HSP – I, as per JKBOSE syllabus. This book is written according to the latest syllabus of JKBOSE HSP –I. This is our first Edition of INSPIRE: A Text book of Education for HSP –I. We have tried our best to fulfill the desires of learners related to the content that they require in a text book.

    Salient features of the book are as follow: .Content is presented in systematic and planned way. .Language of the book is very simple and easy to understand. .It is according to the prescribed syllabus of JKBOSE HSP-I “”EDUCATION””. .The book is student friendly and any further external help in the form of tutor is not required. .It has chapter-wise multiple choice questions for practice. .At the end of each chapter, there is self-assessment exercise. .This book is very economical. .It is framed as per the maxims of teaching. .Figures given in the book are up to date and have been taken from authentic sources.

    “”If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”””

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    “Bhagvat gita is known as the song of god.It is a sequel of questions and answers between Lord Krishna and Arjuna, who wanted to quit the battle of Mahabharata when he realized that he had to fight against his own kith and kin . Lord Krishna answering all questions and clearing all confusions of Arjuna, advised him to do his duty by overcoming his emotions for the wellness of the human being . These advises are so apt and relevant even today.They are guiding principles an ordinary person must learn and follow to understand his purpose of life, duties and karma. One must cultivate knowledge to perform his karma and knowledge needs good health and mind. Above all, submission to super power without too much thinking about results while performing one’s duty will add to the betterment of the whole human kind.

    This book is written in simple Hindi language to reach out to the common people who can read and understand its morale well and practice them in their day to day life.”

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    “This book attempts to trace the origin and history of Dhrupad and its present state. Dhrupad has evolved over many generations, starting from temples to changing its shape especially during Ibrahim Adil Shah’s time when it became more erotic in expression.

    This book comprehensively explains the different schools of Dhrupad gayaki, providing an in-depth study of the Dagar and Darbhanga-Bettiah gharanas and their exponents.

    Covering both theory and practical aspects of this subject, this book is perfect for music students due to the relevance of the topics covered, as well as concert lovers and connoisseurs of music.”

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    This book is a survival note of the hero, described by the hero himself to his friend Mia, Once Who Loved him. This story is a very unique manner of being presented as novel, this story is started with its end, from the last, as a doubt. .. but end with a conviction that yes it’s not. .. book opened with a line, “I would never thought of my end” Mia, the narrator got that from his friend, whom once he loved, he is in jail. His beloved is dead, and he thinks that the society can make his love corrupt, so he decided to live in his own world.

    The Boy by: Prajesh Kumar Roy 207.00
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    This is a book of prose and poems dealing with topics like love, life and forgiveness. All through the book, the author keeps the reader’s mood elevated, sharing the ideas behind the beginning and the end, which makes the book a treat to the mind and the soul. Moreover, he shares his concerns over our nation through one of his articles. Above all, his explanations on the concept of trinity sets apart this book, titled WISDOM WINGS.

    Wisdom Wings by: GEORGE ALEX 200.00
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    The book is the closely monitored and researched work of Dr. Shrikant Tiwari (IIT BHU), Dr. Arun Kumar Singh (MNNIT Allahabad), and Ms. Neda Firoz (SHUATS Allahabad). This book, titled “Computational Science” is for anyone who is deeply interested in computers and their modern-day trends. The book is the fine outcome of the experiences gained by the authors in the core academic research industry. The book can be a good reference for students doing their engineering graduation or post-graduation in computers. It can also be referred to for competitive examinations like NET/SET/GATE/CCC/PGDCA AND DOEACC ‘O’ level etc, and computer related exams and courses. This book serves not just computer engineers but everybody who wants to be able to write better programs by learning what is going on “under the hood” of a computer system. It begins with computer basics and goes on to connect AI and machine learning with strands like genetic algorithms, pattern recognition etc. The book handles the modern computational approach and discusses very naive ideas pertaining to researches in computer science. It provides clear, detailed knowledge in very simple English language and illustrates the concepts with the help of diagrams, charts and figures wherever necessary. You are welcome to recommend this book to your friends and colleagues. In case of any suggestions, comments or queries, please write to us We are always happy to hear from our readers. Happy reading, happy learning!

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