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    Why this book for you? This book is the only book to teach the most used words in English 650 words of daily life with pictures to describe you in one place (animals, birds, flowers, trees, vegetables, body parts etc.) compilation of more than 3000 most commonly used words compilation of Very useful words of art, Science, business, and language word power – no more challenge!.

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    Contains 27 chapters of various topics of finance, useful for the people of all walks of life with practical applicability. A simple guide and informative book to all enthusiasts including students and working professionals. The topics of finance and financial plan have been explained and covers the topics of financial market such as public issue, share capital, mutual fund along with the information on hedge fund & leverage fund and open end fund & closed end fund. The significance of Debentures and bonds are explained. A separate Chapter has been dedicated for business professionals with their importance and scope in the modern world of economy has been explained very well. Financial analysis has been explained along with the various financial ratios in various groups of financial ratios with its impact to the business. The major functions of Reserve Bank of India have been summarized along with the significance of Banking, non-performing assets and the importance of upcoming wallet Banking. The impact of inflation-deflation-recession to the economy have been summarized. Besides all Negotiable Instruments along with Miscellaneous topics applicable to finance have been explained in general. General information can be gathered with innovative ideas about the Finance and financial market.

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    “Silver Lining – Shikha and Rohan get entwined, and how!!! Taking the first initiative was not easy for Shikha, and as they enter the new phase of their lives together, something terrible waits to be revealed. Will they be able to unravel the problem? Will they be able to bear the pain? Will they recover with time?

    A Lot Less Life – Trapped in a turbulent marriage, Tara clings on to the most beloved and most priceless feeling ever, but her dreams are drowned once again… and when humans break the rule of Nature, Nature has her own ways of giving it back. It may take time, but Nature always gives it back.”

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    It’s my creation, my feelings which are flown in my heart and mind with my blood. Sometimes thoughts are so much rigorous and sometimes blocked. Meanwhile, my diary writing made me calm and quiet. Each and every word define my inner personality which is groomed with my conditions. Some of my writing existed in struggle and negative moments. But they are proved as my strength expressed in words.

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    Every poem I wrote was crying out for help. I was alone and depressed and had no idea about who I was or who I would become, which tore me apart. I was looking for a book which understood me, and the only purpose behind writing this book was to get people out of that feeling and help them not feel alone. This book shouts out the problems a teenager goes through – falling in love, anxiety, mood swings, confused identity, and feeling alone surrounded by people.

    Hot at times by: Ashi Dahiya 90.00
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    it is the collection of Hindi poems with different dimensions and mostly based on burning issues of environmental pollution and its future effects along with patriotism

    Udheshy by: Shanmuga Rao 149.00
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    The Lilt of Love and Life’ is an anthology written by Geeta S. Upase. This congregation of fifty poems is an amalgamation of traditional and modern poetic values, pertaining to nature, love and day-to-day trifles, beauty, parental affection, womanhood, loneliness and sanctity of life. R.I.Ijeri (Bilingual poet) Few of her lines illuminate the essence of life, The world enlightened with peace and prosperity, Where no religion divides, humanity, Where no animosity exists, Where no woman is subjected to gender discrimination, Where all have calm equipoise mind, to experience the eternity of life. (Geeta S. Upase) ‘The Lilt of Love and Life’ explores the beauty of nature, love and life. Each verse weaves stories of the universe that readers will thoroughly enjoy. – Shiny Hoque, Community Manager SHEROES

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    Details of book: book is comic love story of 4 girls living in same flat as paying guest.

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    There will be no one at the time when a part of you gets up and leave giving you no solid reasons. I have been to that dark, silent cave, everytime reachering in and out in search of that someone which finally took the shape of this book. During those days what kept burning inside me were these words which i read somewhere that all the ending are beginning, we just don’t know it at that moment.

    Irshad by: Rohan Kumar 122.00
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    “Can you succeed just by the school education, which contributes only 15% in your success?
    Let me tell you that education related to personality development contributes 85% to your success.
    Unfortunately, this education is rarely ignored in school and colleges.
    This is the main reason, even after taking a degree and diploma, the youth is unemployed.”

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    Fire of Extremes unveils the incompleteness of your heart in a way that seeks validation from your own self and end up turning ice into fire. Allow your most uncomfortable place to bring out the best version of you being fierce, fearless and flawed.+

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    Decency makes and ugly women beautiful but unshamed women
    Looks ugly no matter how beautiful she is

    Everyone must have heard this line and perhaps you will find an example of this in my book, but there is one more thing, we all have heard that there is a reason for everything to happen, there is a reason behind every human being existence and what he, now it is up to the understanding of people that even after knowing the story of human being, they judge him or not, and perhaps there is something similar in this book too, the story of the character Mohini of my book is also like that now you only have to tell whether she is beautiful or ugly.

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    This book is really nothing but a creation in my dream, where today the country is at the top of the modern era, even today there are many such topics in the society on which a large part of the society remains far from being discussed. I feel that such a topic may have been written many times, but by creating it as a story through this book, I am aiming for that section of the society to give my contribution by advising anyone to read this book. Can try! There is an attempt to write the book in detail to make the book interested and excited, after reading from the first word of the book to the last word, you will be able to conclude this book..

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    Couples around the globe marry when in love. But in some parts of the world, and especially in India, the term ‘Marriage’ is quite confusing. In India, ‘Love’ and ‘Marriage’ are thought to be two completely different entities. They can’t exist together. If somehow they do, then the tedious process of bridging the gap between love and marriage is even harder than getting a US work visa! However, love does exist in our land. Just before and after marriages. But only the latter is legal and accepted. Life is quite ironical in so many ways. It takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence, and absence to value the presence of someone very special. But the story you are going to read is quite different. Welcome to My Illusion, My Mistake, the story of Mansi and Manav. They are from different parts of the country, love each other, and want to get married. But this doesn’t happen… Yes, parents, customs and other illogical logics don’t allow them. Their love was at its peak, but Mansi’s family, being overly conservative and concerned, arrange her marriage with an NRI living in the U.S. and working for Wipro. Manav is devastated. He feels his life slipping out of his hand, and leaves his lucrative job in a premier software company, falling into a black spiral of depressive days… After many months, Manav chances upon another girl of the same custom and religion as him in a corporate fair. His life goes through a lot of twists and turns after that… Will he be able to rise from those dark days and nights? Will this girl help him? Only time will tell…

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    “One of the best book that will change your life…

    The purpose of writing this book was a deep desire to share positive Vibes for the young generation’s upliftment. This book promises to lead you an enlightened life overcoming your all physical and psychological turbulences. This is actually an extraction of the solutions to heal agonies of your life. In this remarkable book the author combines intellectual and practical suggestions to win over troubles. By understanding & implementing given ideas, you can control and improve the quality of your daily life.This book ensures best prescription to overcome your phobias, addiction, and inferiority complex strengthening your interpersonal relationship. “”How to be the best version of yourself”” can open a world of success, happiness, prosperity and eternal peace in your life.”

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    This book gives you the authentic information and references to religion and theology, All religion based on the human values and humanity, but same geographical, socio-cultural differences build-up different religion and religious value, but according to the sociological aspect- ‘religion is an Institution for every human behaviour and there socialization’, although religion breaks all barriers of society including socio-cultural, racial and political. Religion based on the ‘whole worlds is a family’ (Mahopnishada chap,. 04, shloka 71) and we are all the different Unit of one tree. Religion and society book the Classic genre book, the book are based in a classic method and set in the cultural-religious decades. Religion and Society genuinely takes knowledge in the very authentic information of the theology

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    A mysterious story in the world of fantasy which is based on playing cards. This story shows who made playing cards and how this playing cards will be famous all over the world.

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    Women were the first humans to taste bondage. On the contrary, the overall growth of women remained stunted”. Women were denied the benefit of education. Economically women became completely dependent upon men. entrepreneurs have emerged. Women entrepreneurs in India have to cope with various socio-economic problems. Women become entrepreneurs due to several factors which may be grouped under “Pull factors” and “Push factors”. The hidden entrepreneurial potentials of women have gradually been changing with the growing sensitivity to the role and economic status in society. Women are increasingly being conscious of their existence, their rights and their work situation. And yet, the middle-class strata women have accepted their role and are not ready to alter for fear of a social backlash. Today, women entrepreneurs represent a group of women who have broken away from the beaten track and are exploring new avenues of economic participation. In the Present world women are now rapidly coming forward as successful leader and this demand increase more in future too. This book tried to highlight such issues in all possible manners. The book has eight chapters which envoy innovative leadership, entrepreneurship and social as well as economic growth.

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    “One of Banter and Perhaps Wisdom is a collection of poetry in free verse. Slightly humorous and
    slightly satirical with mild lamentation, the poems explore the self through introspection and
    questioning. Alluding to instances from the poet's life, as well as other works, the poetry provides
    insights into the mind of the poet. The intention is to leave the reader wanting to understand their
    own lives and their own actions.”

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    ““Programmes must be written for people to read,

    and only incidentally for machines to execute.”

    -Harold Abelson

    “Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaning your code

    will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live.”

    -John Woods

    “Any fool can write code that a computer can understand.

    Good programmers write code that humans can understand.”

    -Martin Fowler

    “Give a man a program, frustrate him for a day.

    Teach a man to program, frustrate him for a lifetime.””

    -Muhammad Waseem

    Programming today is a race between software engineers

    striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the

    Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots.

    So far, the Universe is winning.

    Rick Cook”

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    Navras Laghu kathayein are a bunch of shorts stories through which the author uncovers the subtlety of happenings in life which impacts the life of a person at a large.

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    This book will take the readers on a rollercoaster ride through various emotions. The book explores the sentiments of sadness, romance, love, motivation, spirituality, and resilience, which will enable the reader to taste different feelings through different subjects.

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    “Mrityu” (An App for Creative Dying) is to catapult the taboo subject into the popular and literary mainstream by speaking directly and poignantly to the anxieties it creates. It captures that ineffable desire for immortality, in the face of inevitable loss, which is quintessentially, a natural act to hang onto life.

    Mrityu by: Kappana Vinay Kumar 200.00
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    After the success of her first book of poems— “The Bliss of Solitude”, poet Surbhi Islam makes a comeback with a romantic fiction, “She Fell to Rise in Love”. It is an enduring tale of love, pain, loss, gain, friendship and companionship. In this unusual and offbeat love story, Mehek, a student, who is already struggling to gain a foothold in the small town she recently shifted to, hopelessly falls in love with Raghav, her computer teacher. All hell breaks loose as her efforts to win his heart end in a fiasco. Things begin to change for good when her friend Anand brings joy in her life and proposes her. Mehek accepts the proposal and embraces his love and affection. Raghav, who is in Bengaluru now, starts calling and texting her. But why? What will Mehek do now? Will she leave Anand for her first love, Raghav; or hold Anand’s hand as he supported her when she was left in lurch. “She Fell to Rise in Love” is a roller coaster ride of emotions.

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    This is a poetry book that I chose to confide in, expressing my kindest gratitude towards nature’s very essence and opportunities it provides us with. It began as a whisper, a gentle breeze shaping my thoughts in the most subtle manner, pure in its most pristine form, like winter dew on leaves, bringing with it a calling of hope, a calling of love, and a calling of adolescence. It was then that I began to search for love and sorrow in tides, command of the sun, cry and anger of the wind, the saturated landscape with an infinite potential, and me. Thus born was possibility that was always present but unfound in the dark reaches of my reckoned soul.

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    “This a true and factual account of the author's journey in the Indian Army. He was born in 1932 in
    Haripur, a small town in the North-Western Frontier Province of present-day Pakistan.
    His love for the Army developed from watching troops go by during World War II on Grand Trunk Road,
    a road next to his house.
    When partition happened, his family, like many others, went through the trauma which brought them
    back to India virtually destitute.
    The author joined the National Defence Academy in 1949. He, unfortunately, lost his right eye in an
    accident happened at the National Defence Academy. He in spite of the loss continued and thrived with
    his career. His display of courage to persevere through the rest of the service with one eye speaks
    volumes. He was a Directing Staff at the Defence Services Staff College Wellington and describes his
    teaching tenure as enduring while meaningful.
    His love of adventure took him to para trooping, mountaineering and also to volunteer for 1971 Indo-
    Pakistan War. His mountaineering experience gave him an extraordinary chance to lead a police
    expedition along UP-Tibet border.
    His inspiring and vivid description of the wars, Operation Vijay(Goa), Indo -China War of 1962, and Indo-
    Pakistan War 1971 highlights the adventure and the profession knowledge he displays in dealing with
    difficult situations and explicit narration of events.
    Throughout his autobiography, the author depicts a very colourful journey giving insights about his
    courage in every aspect of his career.
    Due to his family circumstances, he resigned from the Army as a Brigadier, at the height of his
    professional career. The author is extremely grateful to the Indian Army for providing wonderful
    opportunities and important life lessons.”

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    Rajan held his mother’s hand and made her sit beside him. “If what you are saying is true, then she really deserves our respect. But that does not mean that we can allow a girl from a Thakur family,” said mother. “You are correct, Mummy, to some extent. I really don’t love Vanshika. Neither does she love me,” said Rajan. Mother and Prerna looked at each other. Rajan continued: “Mummy, it’s only been 6 months since I lost my wife. She was the love of my life. No one can replace her. I think even Vanshika does not love me. She can get a better option, and she doesn’t have to marry a widower, the father of a 5-year-old boy. But she is doing this for her love for Hardik.” Prerna and mother looked at Rajan. He looked at them, waiting for their reaction. But when they did not say anything, he continued: “Mummy, I would have never agreed to a re-marriage, be it with a Brahmin girl or a Thakur girl. For me, no one can ever replace Aparna as my wife. But Vanshika is coming into my life as Hardik’s mother, more than as my wife.”

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    Present book “Zindagi” is based on various aspects of life. I am confident, There will be certainly changes in perception toward liberality after reading these poems. After understanding basic issues of life We can live happily through inspiration. Humanness is credo of all religions of world. Without live there is no existence of world. We should treat with others on same way as we aspect from others. There is an equal importance of all human being . Life is combination of joy and sorrow. We should not upset in trouble. There is nothing permanent in world, entry of happiness and sorrow in life is vice versa. Get on destination is sure with continuation of our efforts. We have to precede path of truth At the time of beginning we have to face difficulty but at last we have to go very easily with support of people. To achieve every thing in life is not possible, we should satisfied whatever we got by our efforts. More happiness is with less requirement. Illusion of themselves and other may be reshuffled by creating wave of faith among us. Trust on ones self do not have expectation from any one. Achievement is hundred percent if we believe ourselves. No body should felt uncomfort by our act of doing

    Never mislead others. We should share our feelings with each other.

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    Hindi writing started from 1921-22 in the era of Shadowism. His works were published in the main paper magazines of India and Burma country since that time. Other published books along with publication in monthly and weekly magazine magazines:
    1. Disclosure Story, Volume Poetry, 1926
    2. Tweet story collection, 1932
    3. Old age bag, children’s story, 1933
    4. Navodita Collection, 1944
    5. Solitary Poetry Collection, 1953
    4. Moon laughed, 1960
    4. Mem saheb, novel, 1968
    4. Songs of Solitude, English Volume Poetry, 1964
    4. Veil of the Moon, novel, 1963
    10. Pyaar Never Paraya, novel, 1964
    11. Prakrit-Purusha, epic, 1976
    12. Char castle of magic
    13. Biography of Dharmarathi Sikh Guru Govind Singh (in verse)
    They had four sons and two daughters. I am dedicating his third son, Dr. Ratnendra Kumar Mishra, to his late mother Princess Mishra by tearful eyes.

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    This story deals with an individual’s struggle against systemic abuse and the effect this struggle has on his cognition. The book takes a very personal and individualistic perceptive of the prevailing conditions of the protagonist’s state. While many authors have explored the effect of violence on individual behavior, the author tries to explore how this effect cascades and is percolated to every crevice of the societal order. The author also explores how this affects intimate relationships like family, friendship and love. Azlan is an ordinary Kashmiri boy. That is to say, ordinary to Kashmiri’s. He suffers domestic abuse, a suffocating political and social space, the constant fear of death and loss. On the top of it, he runs afoul of a tyrannical ruling system that takes sadistic delight in rooting out any voices. The same conditions force his brother to choose a path he has been taught to detest. However, the story of Azlan is yet to be written.

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