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  • Entrepreneur- journey to success by: Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh 200.00

    If one thing is certain, its that life can be counted on to present challenges. How a person handles them is an important factor in how happy and how successful they are likely to be .

    Author Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh understands this well and has stepped up to help with his recent release of his eye-opening book “Entrepreneur journey to success – A guide to systematic entrepreneurship change.

    Some of the topics covered in the breakthrough new book include: Be a warrior not a worrier, believe in yourself, go getter personality and take action. Don’t listen to those people who doesn’t contribute to your growth, just do your work irrespective of criticism

    Try to be proactive in approach, advance planning and timely execution highly needed to achieve your desired goal.

    Entrepreneurship is all about your vigilant leadership and action – its journey

    Leaders don’t force people to follow they invite them on a journey to success so be consistent in your efforts.

    It’s the development of skills that benefits human capital employability, improve quality of life ,promoting the realization of dreams ,aspirations and much more.Free of fluff, Indrabhuwan delivers value on every page of the book which seems destined to be a self help classic.

  • Sometimes, Dreams are Scarier Than You Think by: Sidhanth Gaddam 230.00

    This enthralling book contains 2
    stories which are equally suspenseful
    and exciting for a short read and an
    adrenaline spike. The first of the two is
    set in a fantasy land. Reynold will have
    to help the three species to save the
    fourth, will he be able to? Find out in
    the first story. And the second one is
    quite dramatic really. Two orphans
    deprived of their parents at a young
    age, expected to find the lost treasure
    of their Great Grandfather.

  • The Road to Infinity: A story of two parallel lines by: Priyasha Bagchi 225.00

    When childhood friends Ryan and Myra meet after years, they realize how

    disillusioned and unhappy they are. Career slumps and burnouts compounded
    by unresolved internal conflicts had taken a toll.
    An epiphany urges them to make an impromptu trip to Norway on a shoestring
    budget, something which was on Myra’s bucket-list since she was a teenager.
    Together they undertake a journey that is initially fraught with emotional
    upheavals. Slowly, they shed their emotional baggage and discuss some of life’s
    big questions while rediscovering their own special bond.
    In the quest of finding meaning, the conundrum arises when Ryan and Myra
    must decide what ‘happily ever after’ means to them and whether they will have

  • Debt Free Life by: Santosh Kumar Ojha 249.00

    If you are a student, employee, businessman or a farmer, this book is very useful for everyone, this book is very useful for getting into debt, avoiding debt, getting rid of debt, why money gets stuck in borrowing?, how money stuck in borrowing Withdraw?, What to do so that your loan is never stuck?, How to do business without borrowing?, How to increase your sales without borrowing?, How to do business by avoiding market competition? Solutions to many such problems can be found in a book only.

  • Dil Ke Aawaj by: Dr Bhanu Pratap Mishra(Shams Sultanpuri) 210.00

    Is not just a book, but the collection of words of those untold words which only a heart can understand.
    “What to praises,its up to u no one goes black its a matter of rate”.
    “Dil ki awaz” is truly the voice of heart which tell us about the sacrifice of the love.The writer has tried to reach to the heart of those people who lives from the heart, listen only to heart and follows the heart. Perhaps the name of this Charishma is “Yoga, surrender, spirituality”.
    “Love is so expensive
    Millions died but who got what”
    It is truly said that the spritual practice by which the intellect is developed and stabilised in the soul is the literary practice of spirituality,it is the real worship of god.
    In the same manner “Dil ki awaz” is also such a book or we can say a kind of spiritual book.By this the writer is trying to tell us about the many ups and downs of life through his Shayaris and Gazals.

  • Shivi & Satty: And The Rudra Sena by: Anupama Gupta 185.00

    Even after being trained by the sage of yore, Satya feels himself as incompetent to kill Kaaleeva. Yet his army has full faith in his capabilities. They all get trained by the Commander when suddenly they are targeted one by one by an unknown enemy. Satya feels no fear about the invincible nature of this new enemy and commands for war. Shivi accompanies him along with the Mighty Gana Sena only to find that Satya is about to sacrifice himself for the sake of the War. Will they win the war? Will Satya be saved? Or will the new enemy defeat them like a baby thrashes mud castles by his feet? Find out in Shivi & Satty: And The Rudra Sena

  • Indradhanush Ke Paar by: Dr. Ila Prasad Ranjan 395.00

    Seven colours of a rainbow, seven shades of life woven together beautifully in fifty one poems. Let’s walk this path together and unwind these raw emotions depicted by the colours of a rainbow which encompass the essence of being human.

    Here’s Dr. Ila Prasad Ranjan’s very first poetry book, one of the many more to come!

  • COVID YOU & YOUR CONFIDENCE by: Devesh Singh 375.00

    Quotes have the power to motivate, inspire and encourage. There are moments when you feel happy or lacking stimulus, reading a few quotes improves your state of mind. These help pump up and fuel you to take actions, something that is important for that moment to revive your spirit, to make you stand against the wind and get hold of the missing stance.
    An old-time saying “Stop and Smell the Rose”. In the current times, we often are surrounded by hectic and fast-paced lives and forget to stop and take a breath and mirror for even a couple of minutes. Hence, in the progressing digital era how about taking a halt and reflecting on Quotes that are inspirational and can help you be grounded in your busy life. We might not be able to find a rose outside our window, but this book can help you keep a positive frame of mind.
    When you come across different situations that test your capabilities and intensity to face
    difficulties, this book is an instrument to withhold you and lead you to the next step. Quotes
    stated herein are Timeless. It provides a quick and timely burst of wisdom to regain your focus posing the inspiration that is required for day to day challenges.
    This book is equipped with a wider perspective to expand the mind and awareness and help you in staying positive. It inspires you to feel less alone exposing yourself to universal issues and focus on what is important. It will remind you that hope rises with the sun. No matter what your age be you are never too old to move ahead with every step and build on yesterday. Lets’ come together and “get through it” when you can’t “get over it”.

  • Gita by: Mukesh rathi 220.00

    Life is a battlefield. There is a daily struggle in our life in between happiness and sorrow, good and bad, justice and injustice, and truth and untruth. We also need a skilled Sarathi like Shri Krishna to win this life battle. One should make the Bhagawad Gita their Sarathi. Gita has messages of the knowledge that direct us towards the right path to living this life. We should hand over the reins of life to this Gita’s knowledge like Arjun had given to Shri Krishna.

    This book will provide answer to your common questions ;

    H How to perform your job or business effectively and successfully.
     What is the best habit for eating and sleeping?

     How to meditate and control breath and why it is necessary.

     What is the perfect nature, mode, character of human, enabling to take proper decision?

     Key to become the most successful and happiest person inof this universe.

     How to live life with intelligently and happily.

  • Dimensions by: Netra Hirani 249.00

    ‘Dimensions’ teleports you to a poetic crossroad of Desire, Delusions, Denial, Dreams, and Dilemma.
    Every poem in this book has been painted with colours of different dimensions-
    some touching your heart, some teasing your mind and some tickling your soul.

    “It’s an enigma, a paradox, a crossfade of two spaces sashaying past each other.”- Shruti Kohli

    “An emotion-laden verse-prose anthology that tugs at your heart and makes you smile.”- Chitrangada Mukherjee

    “Her poems reminded me of my own teenage years.”- Aditya Gautam

    “This multidimensional ode to myriad moments of life is unencumbered, raw, and soul-stirring.
    Highly recommended for those that have lost, as well as found.”- Ayan Pal

  • LAXMIKANT-PYARELAL Music Forever by: Ajay Poundarik 1,500.00

    The book is about  hindi film music’s most popular music directors
    Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Highlighting The Towering Success Of Bollywood’s Most Successful Music Directors, LAXMIKANT-PYARELAL.  503 Films, 2845 Songs, 160 Singers and 72 Songwriters. Laxmikant-Pyarelal Colossal Contribution in Bollywood Music. The Book Is For Hindi Film Music Lovers.
    Author has done an in-depth study and the research, for over 50 years, on musical journey of 35 years (1963 – 1998), Laxmikant-Pyarelal. The duo’s association with Filmmakers, Actors, Actresses, Songwriters, Singers, are described in the book.
    The duo, Laxmi-Pyare, performance in Binaca Geetmala and their filmfare awards.
    Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s selected musical hit films songs / orchestra etc has been described. Various types of songs composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal are defined.
    Number of films and the numbers of the songs.
    Enjoy and know what Laxmikant-Pyarelal means to Hindi Film Music, in a book over 700 pages and 92 different articles.
  • Dastan by: Dalton Saraswat 149.00

    I wrote this book on the basis of most activities of society. In this there are lines related to meeting and separation in love and friends and country love as well as Corona. Keeping some social aspects in mind, some lines have been written in it. I have mainly used the word Dastan repeatedly in this book, due to which it is a Dastan.

    ” This Dastan is such a bunch,
    Who will join heart to heart,
    And in this world of mud,
    The lotus of knowledge will bloom. “

  • Problems on Genetics by: Anil Bhuktar 354.00

    Presents an up to date account of the general problems and modern trends in genetics. The book gives the latest available information in these rapidly changing branches of life Science. The book stresses on Mendel’s experiments and its principle deviations from Mendel’s findings.
    Written in a simple and lucid style. The book is well illustrated and is a comprehensive and dependable text for undergraduate and post-graduate students of life Sciences.

  • Introduction and Chemical Constituents of medicinal plants by: Dr. Soni Rastogi 200.00

    The preparations made from the various plants had been used by living beings as medicines for the treatment of various ailments. Chemical examinations have shown that these plants contain a large number of interesting substances such as alkaloids or polyphenolic compounds called flavonoids. The book describes the chemistry of various flavonoids and their methyl or glycosyl derivatives. Further, it briefly discusses the classification of the flavonoid glycosides. The various methods employed for the extractions, isolations and purifications of various flavonoid glycosides have been given in detail. The flavonoid glycosides on hydrolysis by various methods were characterized by various colour reactions and spectral methods. The flavonoid glycosides were finally characterized and identified in the book. Further the preparations made from the plant Kochia Indica have been reported to be a cardiac stimulant. A new polyphenolic pigment named as Kochiatin–G was isolated and characterized as reported in this book.

  • Dusk and Dawn by: Nancy Joy 150.00

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, goes the saying. But what if the lemons were too dry to give any juice? Or rotten? When life, the world, and everything else seems bleak, and it gets too hard to breathe and when the next day looks like a harder climb than today, What keeps you going? What makes you confident enough to claim that ‘You can do it!’? That you still have the fighting power left?
    Nancy Joy, in her wonderful debut, tries to traverse these thoughts with her collection of poems. Poems about struggles and existence and hope and resilience.

  • Gandhari Santoti by: Dr. Tanuka Chattopadhyay 200.00

    The book is a heart-throbbing miniature of three intellectual brave ladies, Diya, Oli and Ishika, who were struggling through the various curves and bends of their lives in giving birth to a child in their destined eternity. Diya had to live the life of a housewife in a rural area due to her ill health that started at her birth and accelerated day by day by the negligence and other associated problems until she got a fibroid tumor at one of her ovaries which caused infertility.
    She was admitted to an in vitro nursing home for a remedy. The other character Oli is a college teacher. She also faced various ups and downs in her family which made her very strong and stout. She is a student of Physics and married her senior Rishi, who is a University Physics professor and both of them are in a word genius in their subjects as well as in their lives. But Oli also became the victim of child infertility due to her bifurcated uterus. Along her course of destiny, she was admitted to the same nursing home to get rid of her problems. Finally, Ishika, who was born with a golden spoon and was a freelance journalist found her fallopian tubes blocked which was the reason for her infertility. Her husband Syamantak was also a journalist with having a doctoral degree from the University of Oxford. Eventually, Ishika was admitted to the same nursing home for having a test tube baby. The book stitched the various sentiments and stories of these three ladies from their points of view in a narrative manner and includes the intricate history of test-tube babies along with its various aspects of child infertility. Finally, the ladies have different fates in the runway of their lives but the novel always stitches a border of hopes and dreams which are the origin of all our optimism towards life.

  • MAROKKAMAARU (once again) by: NEELAKANTHA 225.00

    This is a book of prose poetry of the Telugu language. In yesteryears, great poets used to give Sanskrit poems. Subsequently, poems with Sanskrit and Telugu mixing came to light. Such great works could not be understood by the common public who were not aware of Sanskrit. Again the same problem faced by the common man due to the standard of their Telugu language is not at par with the pure Telugu poems. Then with the sincere efforts of some personalities, started prose poetry in the Telugu language which can be understood by the majority of the public. This work/ book also comes under the same category, wherein used colloquial language (the language of the common man in daily life) and can be understood by all Telugu speaking public. The aim of the writer also to reach as many readers as possible with this language.

    The Specialty of the book is the subjects touched. This work contains love, devotion, society, social problems, history, politics, farmer, women, life, philosophy, etc Usually, work with so many subjects is a rare opportunity, which makes it most attractive to all types of readers.

  • Angels Life Quotes by: K. Alagumani 300.00

    This book is full of life lessons.At last of reading this book you will get better idea
    and vision about life even you failed in life. This book is a vision of young girl who is experienced more pain in her life. Most importantly this book is written by a young girl.

  • Writing in the Dark by: Devavarat Pandit 140.00

    A compilation of Poems and Lyrics.

  • An Anthology of Life by: Sirshendu Seal 167.00

    A collection of experiences, advices and mixed emotions penned down by a boy in his nineteens who
    fought and won the battle of his life. The poems by the young boy are the manifestations of the
    thoughts which arose in his head in the duration of his days in the ICU; a time when he was fighting for
    his life.

  • Vachpa by: Narayan Kolhe 150.00

    Vachpa (novel) is the life story of a military officer. There were many ups and downs in his life. There
    were some incidents in which he lost his loved one. This is the story of how his adopted children and
    grandsons took avenge.

  • Roses In My Mind by: Srina Bose 200.00

    When you try so hard to find light amongst the darkness,
    You’re ready to believe the light never even existed,
    That the pain is all that is yours,
    And that death is what breathes life into you.

    She has always been told that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This book is a journey towards that. But what if her horizons have faded away? What if the light that was meant to guide her out—is simply a matchstick blown away by the wind? It’s the search for the roses in her mind—the beauty in the pain and a happy ending in a eulogy. It’s the painstaking journey towards a new self. The heartache, the disease and finally the revival that gives her a chance to complete the story she once started.

    ‘Roses In My Mind’ is the perfect blend of all the flawed emotions that make us human.

  • First few tiles of the road by: Rida Zulfikar 205.00

    Student life is all about learning through interaction, discussions, and exploration. In India 2020 was no different. However, come March things changed for all. The most pertinent change was for students and schools. With physical attendance, not an option anymore, the race began for finding the best solution for online classes. Most of the schools started with long schedules, only to realize that long screen time started taking a toll on the mental health of students.
    Adapting to this new normal, most of the students found new innovative ways of keeping themselves busy. This book ‘First Few Tiles of the Road’ is a result of one such success story of countering boredom, loneliness, and frustration during the lockdown. The author decided to pen down her feelings in the form of poems. She decided to unleash her anger through imaginative characters.
    As you read through the poems you will walk through the lanes of 2020 and its effect on a student. The book has all colors of life as seen through the eyes of an eleven-year-old. Much to appreciate is the positivity in her thoughts even when she is locked in her home. Not only did she overcome many odds in her life, but she also motivated her peer group in remaining positive through difficult times.

  • Some Pages from an archive by: Awadhesh 199.00

    A fictional story on the experiences of a civil servant.

  • “5000 miles to India” by: Madan Gopal Bali 298.00

    Born in an accomplished, royal family of North India, Mr. Bali’s genius landed him in England. After finishing his Engineering, and his very successful stints in sports and flying planes, the idea of going back to his homeland India by road, gripped him so much, that he ventured all alone with his sweetheart- Volkswagen Beetle….

    No GPS, Untarred Roads and the inhospitable desert, all impediments against his steely resolve…

    His greatest challenge was to cross Pakistan without a visa…..this proved to be the crucial climax……and put all his wits to greatest degree of test…..could he actually make it?

    once you start this journey, it is hard to let go of the gripping stories that also give a glimpse of his huge persona.

  • A Photographic Journey of Prophet Migration (പ്രവാചകന്റെ ഹിജ്‌റ) by: Mohammed Shameel 130.00

    prophet’s migration to Madeena is considered as the major turning point of
    Islamic era. after prophesy Mohammed (swa) become unaccepted for the
    disbelievers of Mecca and They decided to boycott the Muslims from all

    after the second treaty of Aqaba, the Muslims of Madeena, called as Ansar
    Decided to Invite the Muslims to Their Land and offered them full support.
    hence prophet give permission to the, Muslims in Mecca, Called as Muhajir,
    This Book is about the Migration of Prophet Muhammed (swa) to Mecca with
    his Companion Aboobacker (Ra) through the places covered in each day with
    some history occurred later some of that places.

  • Kehkashan by: Jahnvee Bhattacharya 200.00

    “Kahkashaan- Shayri ka Nazrana” is Jahnvee Bhattacharya’s maiden attempt at showcasing
    her writing skills as an urdu poetess. This book is a compilation of Shayri written by her in
    hindi-urdu over the years. The author, has endeavoured to present a collection of poems,
    wherein she weaves into words varied human emotions. The author hopes that the readers
    would find this book thought provoking and a delight to read.

  • Wisdom From Another Dimension by: Debashish Sinha 270.00

    Almost each aphoristic statement in the book questions the tradition and makes the readers think for themselves. Some quotes are well-explained while others are left unexplained for the readers to tease out their meaning on their own. The proverbial words in the book explore the possibility of juxtaposing the intellectual as well as the spiritual world side by side in an attempt to make life whole. Each statement is like a tiny seed which has the potential to grow into a tree. When we reflect upon the meanings couched in the aphorisms, we feel the urge to withdraw into solitude, to see life at its deepest level. We become silent and alone as we move through each page —- seeking meaning beyond the mundane

  • An unending show by: Sanjeev Kumar Bhasin 200.00

    ‘An Unending Show’ and other stories are mirror of life and full of
    wisdom which one gains through keen observations and compassionate
    sensibility. It depicts the life of common man and his philosophies that are
    imprinted in his mind in the trying and turbulent times. Each story delves
    deep into human psyche, thereby, delivering a strong message: message
    that is relevant and universal without being didactic and moralist. Every
    story revolves around the basic emotion of love, compassion, shackled
    beliefs and fears associated with the unknown world of supernatural, the
    grim situation of mankind amidst the present turmoil in the world, the
    determination to survive in the harshest and inhospitable situation by
    displaying ample zest and fervor for life.

  • Chahat khushiyo ki (Hindi) by: DR VIVEK TANGRI 206.00

    This book is for those who want to live their life happily. It has often been observed that whatever events happen in your life, whether it is small or big, family or social, we keep compromising on our happiness in almost every aspect of life. The most precious thing in life for which we are making all our endeavors every day is to find happiness only and we keep away from that happiness due to useless reasons. This book is a squeeze of the life experience of the author and by means of this book, it has been tried to suggest that by making some small changes in our lives, we can bring happiness in our lives and create a happy environment for ourselves as well as our family and surroundings. A prosperous society, a prosperous nation is possible only when our present is in a strong and happy mental conscious state and this is possible only when we can get happiness from every aspect of our life. With the simple experiments given in this book, it is definitely possible to bring lasting happiness to the life of all of us.

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