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  • Boons & Curses Samvad/ Chandrayan Mystery by: Ruby Kanodia 220.00

    This book contains the largest collection of 198 Boons i.e. Benefit, advantage, a blessing. Godsent, Extremely useful, helpful, Beneficial, favor, request, Welcome, kind, generous. pleasant, merry, etc. These divine boons are frequently awarded by Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva whoever performed great tapasya and whatever is demanded boons were given Without looking at its consequences. The largest collection of boons 198. Curses are the antonyms of boons. He who has made a terrible mistake or crime is cursed to suffer a lot. The largest collection of curses 186. There are Adhyatam Kathayein and men and women are created by Virat Bhagwan and gods takes birth daily in a way and permanent duties of nature. 

  • Reveries by: Vibhanshu Prashant 150.00

    Search for the self seems to be the dominating factor in some of his
    poems. It seems that the poet wants to achieve some higher level of
    consciousness and that longing has come out in the form of poetry
    As far as the title ‘Reveries The Saga Of Life’s Journey ’is concerned, there
    maybe a question mark in the mind of readers about the peculiar title
    but exactly the sweet, sour, philosophical, and painful experiences of the
    the poet has come to his mind in some tranquil and contemplative mood
    and have resulted in the form of poems. The reminiscences of some past
    memories and their frequent remembrances have become the stimulus
    for the poet to name this collection of poems as’ Reveries -The Saga Of
    Life ‘s Journey’

    The right judgment of this book can be done only by readers who may
    define, analyze, and may express critical opinions for this collection of

  • The Unstoppable Creative (Pre order) by: Reema Nakra 200.00

    Creativity is magic. Workers need this magic to flourish in the future of work. Reema Nakra, the founder of TSMC and author of the “Future of Work: The Complete Blueprint,” provides the answer to the question, “Why is creativity the skill of the future?” in this book that traverses the new job landscape, explores the radical changes and offers the panacea for workplace problems caused by the avalanche of AI technologies.

    The best way to stop AI from becoming the overlords of workplaces is by harnessing creativity, argues Reema Nakra, whose HR background and years of corporate experience have made her acutely aware of the workplace disruption due to technologies. She sheds light on gig work, digital economy, the importance of collaboration and diversity, future leadership style, and explains why even salesmen, too, will have to tap into their creative skills. And, the book sends a loud and clear message to companies, “innovate or perish.”

    Weeks of painstaking research have enabled Reema Nakra to illuminate the critical role that creativity will play in the future of work and how it is the key to their success. The book will resonate with leaders, current job holders and job seekers, and potential job seekers.

  • And Life Goes On by: Saroj B Chadha 315.00

    And Life Goes On…is the story of Janice Whittle, a WHO staffer, and Karan Khanna, an Indian doctor set in the background of the Coronavirus pandemic. The story takes a violent and criminal turn when the Chinese mafia in New York comes into the picture.

  • Secondary Mathematics Class 10 ( Volume -2 ) by: P.A BARAD 300.00

    I feel proud to have the First Edition Of this of MATHEMATICS Class 10. Compilation of questions in this is for the welfare of the students to clear the CBSE Board examination. It is provided with well acquired PYQs ( Previous Year Questions ). It is mostly been focused on because Students can tally their conceptional bases of understanding of all the chapters through PYQs. I prefer you have a full first complete look at the NCERT It is all the basic source to which the NCERT is availed and asking the most basic part of its from the NCERT. Well being in Pandemic as well You have to concentrate mostly all the sources through which “you can be challenged in front of paper” – P.A BARAD

  • Mera Dark (HINDI) by: Kartik Mittal 180.00

    Mera dark’ ek 60 kavitaon ki kitaab hai Jiske dwara Kartik Mittal ne kavitaon ki khubsurat duniya mein apna aagman kiya hai. ‘Mera dark’ se kavi apne shabdo ko jod kar kuch kavitayein prastut kar rahe hain. Jinme bhagwaan se lekar bharose aur zindagi ke kayi vishyon par kavi ka nazariya jhalakta hai. Manushya ki tez raftaar zindagi aur rishto ki ehmiyat aur unme aane wale utaar-chadhaav par se parda uthaaya gya hai. Mahilaaon ki sthiti or desh ki vyatha tatha kranti ki chingaari ke sath humare aaj ko aaina bhi dikhati hai ‘mera dark’.

    Rachnatmak tareeke se likhi ye kitaab na sirf mann ko prasann krti hai, balki hume samaaj ke anek pehluon se waakif krati hai. Kavitaon ki duniya mein amar rehne ke liye kavi ne khudki kalam ko ‘Ayyaar’ naam dia hai. Ek lambe safar ka pehla kadam hai ‘mera dark’. Asha hai koi na koi kavita apko khush karegi ya ek nayi soch ka beej apke mann mein bo degi.

  • Secondary Mathematics Class 10 ( Volume -1 ) by: P.A BARAD 500.00

    I feel proud to have the First Edition Of this of MATHEMATICS Class 10. Compilation of questions in this is for the welfare of the students to clear the CBSE Board examination. It is provided with well acquired PYQs ( Previous Year Questions ). It is mostly been focused on because Students can tally their conceptional bases of understanding of all the chapters through PYQs. I prefer you have a full first complete look at the NCERT It is all the basic source to which the NCERT is availed and asking the most basic part of its from the NCERT. Well being in Pandemic as well You have to concentrate mostly all the sources through which “you can be challenged in front of paper” – P.A BARAD


    This book is written specifically for children and is about them. A happy combination of ancient wisdom and thought with present-day realities. It contains 44 rhymes.

  • Deal with Draveen (Pre-Delivery) by: Tushar Tandwalia 350.00

    My endless love and infinite guilt unleashed his revenge for blood.

    A man named Tiyash, is dying in his car after a brutal attack on the outskirts of Gururgram. He takes a long breath which is supposed to be his last and finds himself in a place where there are no living beings. A surreal red atmosphere envelops the place, with an eclipsed sun and two bright lights running end to end. He meets a strange man in the wilderness named Draveen and they both get comfortable with each other and Tiyash shares his broken love story with him. Draveen offers him a deal and asks for something in return.

    But who is Draveen? What is this place? What deal does he offer? What does Draveen really want? And why did he choose Tiyash? A series of murders take place and the police investigation begins. A love story turns into a horror story and then a revenge story. An Aghori awakens and realizes there is a war coming which will shake the loka (realms). Is this destiny taking its shape or karma fulfilling itself? But in the end, will love win?


    The book is a horror romance fiction that touches various aspects of mythological beliefs. It is the first in the trilogy.

  • Self Love by: Sujata Das 300.00

    Be patient with yourself you are growing and all its take a time don’t be harsh in yourself it’s not important how others see. But it’s important how you see yourself. Never doubt your worth.

  • My Inspiring Thoughts by: Isha Sethi 122.00


  • Connected Dots of Pluto by: Hridya Biju 160.00

    It is a story of a young girl who has a passionate and loving family. She reveals how she achieved her passion, to become an Astronaut. Even though she has everything in her life, she feels a void in her soul…

    Read to find out the amazing reason and solution of that void…

  • Rudra ko Pati by: Hrishikesh Kumar 160.00

    This book is a version of the emotions and life lessons the writer has been through. From failing to enter his dream college(IIT’s) to still be a part of one of the NIT. From heartbreaks, one-sided love, and inspiration, all have been penned down as poems. Being very close to the literature, this book is an attempt from the author to add some droplets in the ocean of Hindi poems. May Mahadev look upon every being in this Universe and everyone becomes happy.

  • Anxiety: A Black Hole by: Priyanka Prasad 230.00

    In our society, we can talk about many topics like marriage, love affair, economy, and politics and even about sex. But when it comes to talk about mental health, everyone become silent and usually says there is nothing like such things just thinks positive. Through this book, I’m going described about all the things that a person with mental illness suffering every time/every day.

  • CHINU’S NOTES ON KNOW ALTERNATE THERAPIES by: Sankaran Srinivasan 1,150.00

    We are a part of the vast sea of humanity that is searching the ultimate utopia, mislead by the thought that successful careers and wads of currency will buy us a place here. so in a bid to accumulate thosewads and reach the pinnacle of successful careers , we have surrendered our peace of mind, unblemished souls and physical health the 24x7x365 culture has invaded this planet companies proudly flaunt the nonstop work culture , slave driving their employees with promises of more greenbacks to compensate for the mental peace and happiness they have lost the taunt muscles, the rigid jaws and the overstrained nerves are a few pointers to our unrelenting torture of the self .So man today is sick because he thinks he is sick .sickness and disease have no place in the life of person who does not accept and tolerate the self-limiting thoughts which are real seeds of our myriad ailments , we stand hypnotized by the belief that disease and illness are our fate and destiny , rather than health and bliss , which are truly our birth right and heritage .in order to emerge from our mass hypnosis and collective hysteria and to experience health , joy and creative fulfilment , we must make a systematic application of holistic living through alternate therapies in our daily life. The success of efficacy of alternate therapies he experienced provided the impetus, inspiration to him to come with compendium of his documented collection over a decade in this book . In effect, this book makes a humble effort in finding a genuine and truly helpful lifeline for many people, giving important popular alternate therapies in SINGLE WINDOW for ready reference, self-study and self-treatment as it primary objective .it is to help you live life to the hilt that his book has been written .Life is not about toil and ambition alone; it is bout enjoying each moment .it is learning to relax and take things in stride .It is about the blissful enjoyment of the years granted to us on this planet. Believe me , you will be more successful, happier and contended if you pursue your career, relationships and ambitions in a relaxed manner outlined in this book .

  • Earth Sky by: Amogha 205.00

    Earth Sky is a collection of poetry that weaves together realities of the many worlds we inhabit. Countless glimpses offered by the multitude of windows, through which we perceive life. Timeless magic of words we mortals conjured up eons ago, to breathe immortality into our deepest dreams and designs. Each poem is a world in itself, showing you different sights through diverse windows. There is wonder, bliss, mystery, awe, love, longing, pain, dreams, fury and indeed, hope, that awaits.


    The book deals with various legal positions of the death penalty and execution of capital punishment. The book testifies various legal propositions made by legislative and judicial pronouncements. This book deals with various judicial precedents and analyses the delay caused by the Judicial System in India.

  • Galti by: Suraj Dandotiya 130.00

    This is my first book. I wrote it in Lockdown. I hope this book will be liked by everyone as I have written this book to bring awareness in the society.”
    I have also kept the title of my book ‘Mistake’ because the mistake is with every human being, the only difference is that someone does it intentionally and someone in the unknown. Therefore, try to understand your mistake and bring awareness in society to never make such a mistake again.

  • Getting Off The Supreme God On The Earth. by: Shree Sunita Machra Shakti 150.00

    The book is in dual language . It ‘ s first part is in Hindi and second part is in English language . The english part is as it translation of the hindi part . It is an autobioraphy . There is the getting off and disclosuring of the supreme god is mentioned in it . Location of the heaven and hell is mentioned in it . It expresses that the Aliens are the Angels of the god and the UFOs are the divine vehicles of the god . It explains that energy and mass of the Sun is stable for ever .

  • Yours by: Kakshma Gupta 201.00

    This book is a tangible form of abstract and intangible human emotions woven into the threads of 13

    poems. They are versatile in form but intend to convey the power of the brain, miseries of the heart, the acts of God, the lessons hard, the cry of hope and the visionary differences portrayed through
    personification and metaphors. Poetry is the most powerful tool to express feelings and emotions including those beyond ecstasy, avalanches of pain and social agendas that need consideration. This
    book is very close to my heart as it contains some of my writings from almost a decade ago. The title YOURS depicts the journey from you to yours and back forth. A lifetime is divided into being
    ‘yours’ (towards family, lover, kin, organisation, society etc) and at the same time to being ‘YOU’ yourself which is a unique creation of the Almighty sent for an even unique purpose. During this
    journey, we come across a plethora of sentiments as we walk, we grow, we learn, we win, we lose, get loved and betrayed. I look forward to my readers relating to one poem or the other and enjoy the journey ahead.

  • “To Make Us See What We See”: Impressionism in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness by: Indrani Chaudhuri 300.00

    This book is an intriguing and intimate study of the dialogues forged between different forms
    of art, paintings and texts in particular. It entwines art with literature to create a complex yet
    marvellous mosaic of textures hitherto undiscussed in this manner. Reading, here, becomes
    both painting and travelling through Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and the works of the
    French Impressionist painters of the nineteenth century. Through an exploration of the
    distinctive characteristics of the paintings of Monet, Manet, Renoir, Pissarro, Cézanne and
    even Van Gogh and Gauguin, this book tries to decipher the codes and symbols of Conrad’s
    enigmatic novella. By taking the help of intertextuality, interdisciplinary and
    multidisciplinary approaches, detours and retours through time and space, this book offers
    extensive readings of texts on art, literature and Conrad’s works. Reading Heart of Darkness
    in this manner emerges as a kind of journey through the continents of imperial Europe and of
    colonized Africa, through diverse cultures, imaginary geographies, psychological processes
    that separate one human from another, through the metaphors and metonymies of the modern
    malaise that vacillated from Darwinian theories of evolution to Nietzsche’s proclamation of
    the death of God.

  • A Bouquet of themes by: Mehrab syed 150.00

    ” A BOUQUET OF THEMES” is a beautiful compilation of Forty narrative fiction poems.which portrait different wonderful themes to enjoy different taste,with different these bouquet of multi colored theme the characters which are indulge are the one real exist and some others

     are imaginary,the purpose of these bouquet made of fourty flowers together was to post the message on different aspects of world undergoing in which it says about urge and greedy ness of money,and how one feels after loosing their dearest ones,about unseen facts, believe in god,friendship,and kids future of tomorrow,the love of parents,on politics lover,and many beautiful places introduced,and on hidden talents many great people left behind,last the world which is facing virus also mentioned beautifully which is unforgettable,and haunted possessed tracks sketched perfectly,and on a shy note exotic romantic themes mentioned as everyone knows with out romance the plate is incomplete.the book A Bouquet of themes, is really a amazing poetry book which will make one happy&blush form with in which is in a minimalistic form to be understood by everyone of you there.personally recommend to read and enjoy the different flavours of bouquet.

  • CYBERCRIME VICTIMISATION by: Dr. V. Henry Jerome 265.00

    Cyber space is used as a platform to commit many criminal activities. Due to the novel characteristics of the new cyberspace such as anonymity, inter-connectivity, ambiguity, ability to shrink time and space and expansion, crimes in it create a special process of victimisation and a special category of victims. It is in this background the readers are invited to read through the pages of this study. This study also has made an attempt to find out what happens to the victims of cybercrime in terms of impact and reporting behaviour.

    “This book brings out the nature of cybercrime victimisation among college students. The research is going to be very useful for all the people who are interested in reducing the number of cybercrime in their areas, especially in college campuses. I heartily appreciate the author for having ventured into such important research and for publishing it now so that the readers will learn the intricacies of cybercrime victimisation process and the ways of supporting the cybercrime victims”. Mr. T. S. Anbu, IPS

  • Tandoor – A journey through time by: Anshuman Sharma 250.00

    This book is the epitome of knowledge on tandoor and cookery, a guide to
    both students and professionals in the food & catering industry
    around the globe. This book contains a vast chronicle of tandoor and
    innovative recipes – a product of years of meticulous research and
    rigorous field testing.

    It provides a comprehensive introduction to the tandoor, the
    fundaments of the tandoor, the history of tandoor, tandoor, and Indian
    food culture, safety procedures, do’s and don’ts, world-famous
    tandoor dishes and many more.

  • Shayri Qisse Kahaniyaan by: Shabbir vohra 150.00

    Shayri qisse Kahaniyaan is a book of poetry which has a notable collection of all my poetry Through poetry I have penned my life’s stories and tales heartbreaks and clueless moments in life ,It has my 68 collection of poem which is all about Rhyming, emotions, Which is based on real experiences, Sorrow happiness Joyful moments and all, I dedicate this book to those who had faith in me and burn their life’s to enlightened others, This book will touch your emotions and help you to find a Direction in life

    And give you hope to never give up and fight the hardships and defeat the demons which are outside and within yourself too.This is not just a Poetry book it has the stories and tales which I have turned into poetry and showcase in it. As the book title goes Shayri qisse Kahaniyaan (Poerty tales and stories)

  • In search of pleasure by: Shahana Hussain 150.00


    This book is all about the life of a woman her name is Saba. She met with Arsalan in
    her senior secondary school. They fell in love just like a any other normal teenage couple and later got
    married in London. In mean time she met with a guy named Zaid while pursuing her Master's degree in
    Delhi and developed a soft corner for him. Everything was going fine until her first night with Arsalan
    after their marriage. She felt that she is not feeling great about sex as she heard of. The story from the
    college days of having first night special and craving more for each other each day fantasies Saba. She discuss this issue with her friend Rubina and also shared that she feels abnormal and sexually  unfit.
    How Saba will solve the difference between Arsalan and her.
    Is Zaid again knocking her door?
    Was there anything between Saba and Zaid?
    You will find all the answers in the story.

  • Corona Dairies by: Ahana Srivastava 220.00

    While the entire world was in a state of bewildered, our inspired author was busy penning down her day to day experiences as diary pages which turned out to be a book in your hand, the world will certainly, refer to this book for a long-long time to understand how people survived 20-20 along withCovid19.

    All of the new words which took place in common vocabularies like Janta Curfew, Lockdown, Amphan, Unlock 1.0, quarantined, flatter the curve, Doomsday, New Normals, are well described and significantly used as beads for a rosary.

    Not just being philosophical but this pandemic taught that almost everything in this world is frangible, living with necessity is what required and word recorrected to its basics 2020 Era of Corona knitted in the thread of 15 Chapter series for the book, putting facts in sequence as a continuous story, compiling entire word experiences of most troublesome time, with fall of hopes, people spending time with cheer and fear, this puts everyone life upside down, virus effects on entire human civilization; ecosystem, touched geopolitical issues along with effect observed on our mother nature, reduced level of pollution, Ozone repair, wildlife survival, finally the hope survives.

    While flagship & preceded book of the author “Once Upon A Time” is based on childhood imaginations which forced readers to revisit bachpan, Author is committed and promising readers to present her next book shortly based on Mystery Fantasy, surely readers will be lost in the imaginary world

    created by the author with her powerful words.

  • Beauty delight – live a model life by: Karnika 369.00

    Here comes a menu of evergreen dish of beauty delight. Follow this tips regularly for extreme result. Here you find your solutions n way to lead a model life and the tips which are here in this book are natural remedies. In this book the content have female characters but they are for both male and female. Leading a model life is hard untill, unless you have strong commitment and mind set as every day counts. YOU WILL START TO SEE THE RESULTS IN FEW DAYS . This book totally helps you out to have a flawless skin . Beauty plays a main role in every one’s life. With this book you can prefer your makeup stuff less as this contain many thinks which you have no idea about . In this book you find to improve and avoid things and also to be aware of

  • NAGAMUCHI by: Manohar Bhatia 225.00

    Manohar Bhatia’s {“NAGAMUCHI”} is his second
    work of fiction after his earlier successful spy novel::
    {The Man With The Magic Spectacles} published by in Alberta (Canada) on 11th
    October 2007. He has now come out with a story that
    spans across country, peoples, places, and cultures.
    Truly engrossing and innocently delightful, it is a
    a simple story that begins a birth of rejoicing, moves on
    to despair, hope, and finally triumphs.
    The guru-shishya relationship between the princely
    Japan-born child Nagamuchi and the Indian born
    music teacher Suryavanshi finding a unique cure for
    treating deafness by music seems to be a unique idea
    that brings hope and reward. It is a story that can
    further bridge Indo-Japan relations.
    The story is as inspiring as the story of Helen Keller.
    Poignant and full of hope as the Indian story ‘Black’
    enacted by Amitabh Bachchan on celluloid. It has the
    potential to draw the crowds to the theatre if told on
    the silver screen.
    Right from the first page, a better chapter awaits the reader on the other side. So read on…..

  • Visit To Mumbai by: Sanskriti Gupta 250.00

    This story revolves around a teenage girl Sonia Gupta. She is an enthusiastic girl who is always excited about adventures. When she left for Mumbai after her father’s posting. She was happy because she thought she will get an opportunity to meet her favorite film star as well as inspiration ‘GAURAV MALHOTRA’ but she was unaware that she will face threat even here. She faced the adventure of saving a girl, dealing with other gangsters who were a threat to her life, and also facing a ghostly forest. She also met a handsome boy VICKY MALHOTRA who helped her in giving a beautiful surprise to her aunt. In that process only he fell in love with Sonia. Will Vicky be able to confess his love? Does Sonia also love him?

    This story is a mixture of thriller, fantasy, morals, adventure, and romance.

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