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    Adjustment is a fictional love story. Individuals, the situation is initially a fantasy world. Love is an integral part of a person’s life. Without it man cannot have manhood. But; Nevertheless, there are some adjustments in love, adjustments. Only then does that love last. Some even compromise for the sake of love and spouse. Some feel that adjustment is a bad thing.But; Anyway, in life there is nothing but compromise. A small attempt to convey this is through this story. This story is also based on the same topic. The story is rather short; Hope you enjoy this story.

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    “What is Love? Not even 10% people of this planet will give the same answer. Probably it has more
    meanings than any other English word.
    It took fifteen years for Digvijay to understand it’s true meaning and a cup of coffee for sidhesh Banerjee
    to know it’s worth!
    Who is sidhesh, and why is he so interested in Digvijay’s story? Is it out of his-own-interest or because of
    their mutual relation with a specific woman?
    Buckle up and endeavor a fifteen-year-old tale of love, life, hatred, family, emotions, friendship, success
    and failure!
    Based on true Incidents of every common’s life.”

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    “The themes of this collection are many and varied– simple joys of life in the family circle, innocence, and tenderness of childhood, love in its many shades, nature in all its grandeur and mystery, philosophical reflections on time, life and death and a constant examination for the meaning of all these, were reverie and reality join hands. The verses are mostly lyrical but not in the formal pattern of the conventional lyric. It is just informal, intimate poetic speech. The free, rapid flow of words, often in the monologue mode, sometimes the breaks rules of syntax and punctuation in trying to keep pace with his thoughts. The poet’s style is also remarkable for its frequent use of personification and capital letters to make his point. In a way, this work is a poetic autobiography of one who has lived a rich and contented life. It offers us an hour’s delightful reading.”

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    This book looks into the narrative of Buddhism that it is about an account of two thousand and six hundred years ago when Buddha was conceived who later on became one of a kind psychotherapist. It further illuminates the concept and purpose of Buddhism is not as philosophy only rather the practical and authentic way of life also within the circumference of the Nature. The people in general have been taught and made convinced that the Buddhism is an atheistic philosophy whereas it does not concern whether there is the existence of God or not rather the human being and other creatures have been suffering. Practical ways and methods with regard intuition and meditation have been explored through Zen Buddhism. More over the impression and influence are perfectly contained in the fictions which the author has selected to be contemplated for research work in hand.

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    Haze is a set of more than 150+ quoems presenting the author’s self-expression and experience which are scribbled in a routine leisurely fashion, perceiving the illusionary reality of life in between ether and sky, embedded with the glitters of Cosmos. The subconscious mind of a human brain is filled with the imprints of ambiguous societal setups. The author through simple diction relates the life of homo sapiens in a society who are entangled with an irrational lifestyle believing it to be a rational comfortable style throwing themselves and all others into a meaningless confusing factor. It is observed to be curbing and nipping the grooming nurtures of every individual before they bud and spread their essence into their desired directions. Most of the stereotypes in a society lead to discrimination by categorizing every bit on the planet into an open vague of sin and sane with the insane delicacies in the neighborhood. Most of these lifestyles are dealt with within the quotes by no emphasis on generalization, personalization or simplification. Haze has emerged through that blurred visionary aspect which the author brings out into the form of a book by a few well-wishing reviewers’ suggestions. Haze is a phase of life’s face.

    HAZE by: Dr. Y. V. Ratna 200.00
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    “Curious, introverted, nine-year-old Paras, and his competitor but excellent, younger sister Paridhi; their supportive, serene, neglected, and despair mother, Jyotsna, and their cynical, demanding, aggressive, but, dignified father, Subhrat Kumar, lives in a prominent but conservative society, where people rarely talk to them for the sake of social favouritism, and not even they have been talking to their close neighbour for years. Why? How does everything change when Paras accidentally meets his neighbour boy in the park one day?”

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    After my first book, Tarangini (Part 1), which was a collection of poetry, I am glad to present to you my next book, a curated collection of shayari. Hope you like & appreciate it.

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    It is increasingly a dog eat dog world and nothing is permanent. It is futile to expect humans to be humane, be it in your family or your work-place. See the movie “Up in the air” and you get the picture.History points out that loved ones are easy to spot. Sons and daughters who love their parents, show it in every action of life. A quick expression of sympathy during ill-health or assuring them that their thoughts are a constant companion during adversaries, are means to convey love for each other. In short, it is the “I want you, you want me” stuff that assures reciprocal love.In contrast, if evil takes birth in your family, the cruelty on the near and dear ones is difficult to detect. Because, it is locked up in the mind of the perpetrator and hidden by blinded affection. The finagling gain of the perpetrator, by such evil action, creates bad karma for him. Penitence, at any point of time, whether it is after the victim’s death or before, is justice denied.

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    This Book is a collection of 50 poems that would narrate some part of the authors life. Everything is not real and everything is not imaginary but yes, every poem is the authors feeling penned down for the world to read and understand. This book is the first step to world of poetry and would request the reader to connect the dots and feel my world of emotions.

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    “The Leadership Essentials” is a Workplace Series presentation that focuses on various aspects of success in the corporate domain. The Leadership Essentials identifies a number of important action areas for succeeding in the most critical of business functions – leadership. The book is the distilled wisdom of the authors’ combined professional experience in the pharmaceutical, lifestyle, sports, and education domains. Leadership has many facets and many pitfalls. The important focus areas for successful leadership have been highlighted with examples. The book is divided into 10 chapters, and the reader is taken through a set of workbooks that will help one introspect, examine, and position oneself for leadership roles. The chapter themes have been curated carefully and developed in a conversational manner so that the aspiring leader can maximize the benefits in an easy, step-by-step leadership journey. In every chapter, there are exercises to help the reader practice and synthesize the lessons. This work focuses on ‘Learning by doing’ as the most effective self-improvement technique. Whether it is SMART goal setting, vision development, or situational leadership, this workbook has it all. Interesting vignettes add a unique flavor of relevance to each chapter. This book is intended to be an aspiring leader’s constant companion. Existing leaders too can benefit immensely from this book by reflecting upon and examining their leadership journey in comparison to those mentioned in the chapters inside.

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    Aadhi, Ram and Nidhi were playing at the beach. Nidhi spotted a Mermaid. All three of them went into the ocean to meet her. What happened next? Will they come back?

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    “An angle of terror seems interesting. Andrew is facing some weird situations which he might not expect. He found a diary and the mysteries covered him all around. God and the devil both participate in the story. They both tell him about the cruel world all around.

    The book especially is for teenagers as they face continuous mental and intellectual change in their life, and it might help them understand the worldly crisis all around.”

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    The story is regarding the beggars who were living by the side of big and wide sewage drain which was by side of main road. On the other side of road were big bungalows of big business people. One of the girl among the beggars was dreaming to marry a young man living in a bungalow. What happened to her dream? Whether she will marry him or she gets married to her childhood friend who loves him

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    “I wrote and read everything in my childhood, in every genre. The first story appeared in Hindustan Times in 1971. Being busy with a bank job could not get so much time. Now after retiring, I have tried to reach my creations. Many awards have also been received but my creations have not reached many people.
    : Readers will be able to tell whether they like my poems or not. I have tried to get everyone’s thoughts and feelings in my poem. All that I have seen and experienced about my family, love, community, kids and my country has been put in my thoughts. I hope you like my first attempt towards this exciting journey of entering into the magical world of books and poems.”

    Ankahi by: Veena Bhatia 155.00
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    “””Ek yaad adhuri

    ek baat adhuri””

    “”Ek aas adhuri

    ek pyaas adhuri””

    “”Hogi mukammal

    ek naa ek din””

    “”Teri meri yeh

    kahani adhuri””

    “”Milegi gale fir

    yeh jhoom kar””

    “”Ek arse se bichadi

    Zindagani adhuri””

    “”Khilega gulshan

    milegi hawa se bahare””

    “”Jo naa milegi woh hai

    humari chahat adhuri”””

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    “A story by Dr. Nirjaa Upaadhye

    This story is about a couple who had been through the best and the worst in their life and how they managed to get over it by implementing Affirmations & Manifestation techniques. They were drifted back and forth in the cobwebs of ill fate frequently. The only thing which was constant in their life was their togetherness. Their kids had a lot to learn from them. They had seen their parents cutting through the adversities and heading towards their goals.

    This story is you and me, this story is vis-a-vis with our struggle to fit in the Best lot of society, about the will power that is at times overshadowed with the dark clouds of pessimistic thoughts and self-doubt. This story is about our dreams and desires, our needs and wants, our expectations and failures, our hopes and disappointments


    This story is about walking up and taking charge of your life, about being Yourself, about embracing all the good into your life. It’s about the magic that runs within you…Afterall, Thoughts are seeds!!

    There is also a dedicated section in the book for the readers to work upon their wishes and desires by following the given steps.”

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    “Unveiling the enigmatic mysteries of Vāstu that have been hidden for centuries, this book manifests Vāstu śāstra in its purest, unsullied and true form.

    From characteristics and selection of land, sub-terrain faults, auspicious time, planetary position, micro-cell energy, water reservoir, temple construction, entrance and furniture consideration, to other scientific calculations, this book is a whole gamut of Vāstu śāstra.

    This pre-classical Scripture was spoken by Lord Vishwakarma Himself. People from all walks of life can get transformative methods to make their personal spaces, homes, offices, buildings, gardens more energetic.

    As Nicola Tesla once quoted, “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

    This book has it all, as this comes from the wisdom and lineage of Sages.”

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    ” May the spirit of oneness embrace us all Sakina is all about the magic of peace which helps us to become one with ourselves and with universe ”

    Sakina by: Sabina Samad 267.00
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    Thoroughly based on the latest syllabus of CBSE, N. Delhi, CONCEPTUAL ENGLISH GRAMMAR: AT A GLANCE, is a complete textbook of English grammar. This book is entirely designed to satisfy especially the multi-faceted needs of all India and overseas CBSE students reading in class VIII to X. This book can obviously be used as both, a conceptual textbook and an ideal and innovative practice book. Among ambitious students and learned teachers, the usefulness of this book should, moreover, effectively work at both levels i.e. (a) concept-building level or subject-enrichment and (b) score-grabing level or performance assessment. To augment its usefulness further, ample example sentences, structures, note and rules have been used to pinpoint their universal importance even today. Also frequent tabular representations and arrow-indicators (specially) have been applied for the first time in any book as one of the most effective and relevant technical tools to simplify the contexts of the chapters and let learners grasp everything quickly and confidently.

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    “This book is very useful for each student, each parents and every family. It
    describes the systematic approach to create interest in study to achieve high level
    success in their academic study life. Every student is capable. It explains what are
    the basic need and qualities are required to become a common student to a
    master student. The process of transformation is explained in a very simple
    manner considering the student approach. The book is based of fundamental
    principles and Indian culture which binds to students in a good character. It is a
    self-help book to shape the student carrier in better way. Current generation has
    more interest in social media and smart phones. This book is for creating the
    robust and sustainable operating system of soft skills within the student which
    can capable to adopt any atmosphere in good manner.”

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    “I was inspired to write the book “”Chandrayaan-2: The Reunion of Indians”” when Vikram Lander lost contact with ISRO’s control room on 7 September 2019 and to a lesser extent, not only India, there was a disappointment in the whole world. The whole country started asking for blessings for the well-being of Vikram Lander, as if someone had lost himself.

    Whereas we knew that Vikram Lander is just a machine. But the way the whole country got tied in a thread and encouraged them by standing with the great scientists of ISRO. It was indeed a very emotional moment for the entire country”

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    “This story focuses on two things:
    1. No matter how much success a person can achieve in his life, but no one can move ahead by forgetting his origin.
    2. If a group of humans reaches the culmination of humanity, then they can make everything possible. “

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    “This book is all about “Ramashram” founded by Shri Ranasaheb. The
    material in this book has been amassed mainly from books of
    Naqsbandia lineage & web portals. The detail about tombs and
    locations thereof has been given to the extent possible. It is by grace
    of Param Sant Samarth Sadguru Rana Saheb that this book was
    conceived and concluded. I am extremely thankful to Ramashram
    Satsang family and especially indebted to Shri S. K. Srivastava
    (Gopal) Chachaji for extending assistance from time to time in
    completion. This work is entirely aimed at serving my own brethrens,
    fellow-disciples and seekers.”

    Ramashram by: JAGENDRA RANA 240.00
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    Homecoming teen girl is eager to know about her mother`s success journey. To fulfill her daughter`s avid curiosity mother is preaching her fourteen Do and Don`t do principles of celebrating life from teenage to 25. The narration illustrates the travails of an unsatisfied generation, whose ideology is different from their parents and children.

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    “A Guide for Software Testing: A Comprehensive Description” is about how the testing process can be conducted at various positions of a system; its importance and how the testers can approach to test the code. What kind of parameters they would take and how many of testing’s will be conducted and what kind of tools they would take to scrutiny the code? And if any bug out what sort actions to be taken by the testing team against it and how the developer and tester both of them are interpreted in solving the cases at criticality. How they test the object-oriented applications and its issues and testing life cycles etc so almost all the topics were covered according to the job market. Eventually, we should say that if you go through it thoroughly almost you would get an idea about Testing and its strategies. This book can guide us how the testing process would be headed at various organizations. It is a fair guide to the people who wants to become a test-engineer in their careers and it pushes you to learn terminology of testing as well. It is a book all about testing that helps you to imbibe the concepts of it, apparently.

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    Total political & social satire poems, addressing to present picture of our country. Where we are and where going on ? Author is a novelist and well known poet having the full sense of Nonsense politics & social unfairness in present our life.

    Geela pani by: Anupam Tripathi 216.00
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    The requirements of a typical candidate have been the major consideration in the compilation of this book. Basic and advanced levels of English are covered in the book, with the conceptual and practical application of appropriate examples and use of cases being discussed in depth. Each chapter deals with different aspects of spoken English, and is laid out in a detailed manner so that you get the full conceptual and practical knowledge. This book will not only serve you as a complete Practical English Grammar and Spoken English Guide and practice book, but also enhance your language skills and help you in pursuing higher education. The book also contains 100+ secret tips that will help you master vocabulary, conversation and speak fluent English easily. It will help you refines your speaking, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar skills for more effective communication. This book will help in improving your English grammar skills, vocabulary, conversation and English speaking skills as well as in speaking better and correct English fluently & confidently. After reading of this book – you will feel much more confident and better- equipped at speaking English. By ending of this book- you will become the master/mistress of Spoken English. This book will prove useful as a complete guide and Practical Practice Spoken English Book for those who are preparing for TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, PTE, VERSANAT, Jobs Interviews… etc.

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    “This book delves into the mystic world of the Tangkhul Naga

    where the line between the real and spirit worlds are blurred.

    Drawn from the deep oral storytelling tradition, the author

    successfully takes the readers to a place where the present

    and past exist together side by side – where supernatural is

    a part of everyday life. The book captures a very important

    essence of the Tangkhul Naga and their beliefs and is a

    welcomed addition to the growing depository of English

    writing from the North East India.

    Jim Wungramyao Kasom

    Author of Homecoming and Other Stories.”

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    “Strawberries and Cigarettes,

    Is a book expressing mostly the heart of nowadays youth. It’s a journey from falling in love with not only someone else but one’s own self and then getting that heart broken, and then picking up those shattered pieces and continuing on.

    -Because not all the time can we let things out on our own, sometimes we find our story in the words of someone else.”

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    “Every part of me will be in love with you for the rest of your life. I wanted to be the one that you never see coming. It is tough to believe that you let me go. You may see a million sunrises in my absence, but only I can make that beautiful for you.” An intense feeling of love, which is beyond to express in words, acts like a fierce “flame.” Moon has the power to make nights beautiful by fading the darkness away with its charm. This book is about the “flames” of a lover who was left by his love of life. His pain and grief that not being with his charm of the living “moon”. But he will never stop his fight until he wins his battle. This book contains 36 poems. It is a journey of true love. And its madness for beloved ones. This book is the expression of unconditional love towards their partner. “I will love you until God decides that it is time for me to leave this body…leaving my body is an end but my love will conquer this world to start a new beginning. In my absence, it will worship you for ages.” There is no death for love. If you truly love anyone, even your death will conquer this world.

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