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  • EWOCCA: Curse of the Sorcerer by: KAPIL KASHYAP 295.00

    Two siblings coincidentally enter the Mysterious Island but they can’t
    exit this island until they neutralize Island’s Evil Queen.

  • Bharat Me Jal Sansadhan -Vikas avam Niyojan by: Dr. Anil Kumar Sinha 300.00

    Dr.Anil Kumar Sinha is an Associate Professor of Geography with 30 years of academic experience and is currently serving as Programme Coordinator of NSS in Sant Gahira Guru University, Surguja, Ambikapur[C.G.] on Deputation.

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    The book career Guidebook on Pharmacy is written in manner to help and guide budding youngsters pursuing career in Pharmacy. Pharmacy as such has huge scope, which is clearly depicted in the book. The book also consists of samples work carried by the author in order to motivate it’s reader’s and build beautiful Career out of Pharmacy. All the best. Jai Hind.”

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    This is the opening of one of the most amazing books you will ever read. It may stir your heart, and perturb your thoughts, but rest assured that after all of that it will settle you within your being. You will confront truths that you’ve never noticed before in your entire life. This isn’t just a story, but rather, it is an allegorical revelation of my experiments with the inner truths of life. Read it with an open mind, for our understanding works best when the mind is completely free from the prejudices that we have nurtured since birth. Do not be anxious if anything seems vague and or if you do not understand it the first time. You need not agree with it all the along the way. Just keep reading. This book will be thought provoking and rather challenging for a first time reader to completely accept. Instances in this symbolic story contain truths which we all have conveniently ignored from time immemorial. It is the breaking of the bread of my own inner life experiences. Like everything else which is in a state of constant evolution, the mind must also evolve. The conditioning of human thoughts has created a danger of extinction for man. We may have advanced phenomenally in terms of technology but our internal growth has not kept up the pace with the progress outside us. Manav is the legend of a bird born in a family of vultures. He is just like any other bird, but one quality highlights the difference between him and the rest of the birds on this planet. And that is his tendency to question every convention, be it in thought or action. This peculiarity takes Manav on a road which ends outside, but bends within him. It leads him to a place of self discovery and wisdom. It elevates him eventually to a consciousness from where he is able to decipher the blunders of thought and action which arise out of the deceptions hidden in erroneous thinking. It is a common fact that conventionality is the comfort zone of the masses. Whoever crosses this line is shunned and deemed an outcast in no time. New ideas aren’t perceived as fresh possibilities toward growth and upliftment by everyone. In this story, Manav faces a similar situation. Every question that he poses before his elders creates resistance between him and his brethren. He suffers from alienation, finding himself all alone in this world, until the day he accidentally finds a kindred spirit in the form of an old vulture named Surya. It is Surya who initiates Manav into the gracious voyage of self realization. It is after many years of deep meditation and contemplation regarding his inner-self that Manav is enlightened to the great truth about himself. This book traces the journey of a bird from the state of primal existence to an elevated state akin to divinity, and this state is attained when he realizes his true nature and identity. Realizing one’s identity is the objective of every creature in this universe. Nothing is impossible for a creature who has realized the great synchrony of creation and the existence that surrounds him, thus having befriended life as it is. Such a being knows that he is not alone in this world and is in fact connected to everyone else through the everlasting breath of life. I earnestly pray that may every soul cultivate the wisdom required to pass through life with gentle awareness, and thus overcome his false self. I pray that in this battle of life, every soul emerges victorious. The story contains incidents in the life of Manav which ultimately culminate into deep learning experiences. He has a message to give to his congregation. He intensely feels that every bird must seek liberation from his false self. Therefore he travels far and wide finding disciples and sharing his wisdom in the world of the vultures. He names his first twelve disciples Yash, Anand, Trupti, Amar, Vidya, Dhairya, Shraddha, Satya, Kshma, Prarthana, Shanti and Dhyan respectively. And his journey begins once he is awakened. Manav traverses every mountain and valley to teach the vultures. In no time his name spreads far and wide, even unto foreign lands.

  • Aparichitharude Bhookhandangal by: Anjusha K. Balu 125.00

    Every passing by human life is a continent in itself. This book is journey into each of them. As we go ahead, plotting intricate maps of their lives… the pathways into some will be strange and restrained. Let them remain with those, many spaces, that haven’t been fully discovered yet

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    Pratham Parakashtha’, antaradvandha mein uddeshya ki khoj ka rahasyodghatan, is a novel that incorporates the circumstances occurring in the life of its leading character, Maghav. There is no lack of luxury in Maghav’s life, but he runs away from it because his quest is big, and he seeks the ultimate peace and ultimate essence. For this he resorts to books, while on the other side is Nivedita, who loves Maghav and wants to take him beyond illusions towards a common life. Maghava seeks to discover the orientation, which, after attainment, moves his life automatically to reap the highest possible achievement. This book is not a destination, but shows a way, analytically.

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    Sometimes we love to live in stories and Sometimes stories live in us, But in both cases, until we bring it out we never know how far it will become special for someone. Happiness but Somewhere Else is a fiction which is Beyond Friendship, Love, and Life.

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    In life we meet someone who is not our destiny. That person creates a place of his own in our heart that we cannot give that place to anyone else. We are ready to wait a lifetime for the same person. There are
    few people who love one-sidedly. And one-sided love is always done unseflshly. The feeling that the
    person will not meet you is very sad. urvi is one of the brilliant student in the college. She is in relationship
    with Rishi. Rishi is flirting with Urvi and Mansi at the same time. Suddenly Aditya enters in Urvi’s life. He tells the truth about Rishi to Urvi with the help of Sumit. She faces many problems in her life. Will she get support from her true love? When trust goes beyond love you’ll lost your self condence if you trust the wrong person. Will Aditya help Urvi for being strong or it’s too late. It’s too late is a story about the trust beyond love… and the healing power of friendship…

  • There Is No One Like You by: Ankush Sirohi 254.00

    It’s a story of the boy who loved a Spanish girl against reasons and inscribed his love on the
    capital of Spain. The first-ever Indo-Spanish romantic-thriller that’ll leave you swoon. He was a
    creator, of happiness and she was an achiever, of fame and fortune, their worlds apart from one another but their meeting or connection had to happen to serve a purpose towards each other. Trace it up, to feel the fondness in an unequal and bloody conflict, where he fought! He Bled and took almost an army of people down to behold her love of its power.

  • IN THE FANTASY WORLD WE GO by: Suhaan Patel 100.00

    This book is a collection of short and interesting fantasy stories for children written imaginatively by a nine year old.

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    It’s a story about a boy named Abhilash and a girl named Avantika. Avantika used to be full of life, but at a very tender age was harassed by her Ex-boyfriend and moving on from him, she came into my life. We were childhood friends and our family was also close to each other, holding hands in a small town our relation nourished! After our engagement, we moved to Amsterdam for pursuing our medical degrees, but life was so unpredictable and the things started to shatter bit by bit. It’s a completely true saga of love, intimacy, romance and a loss from which I never moved on! Avantika was among the people we call pure soul, but as said nothing is permanent and it includes lives of your near and dear once too. The heart-wrenching story of Avantika and Abhilash. It’s a story of pure emotions.

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    As I wake, the worlds collide, melting into one another. Reality gives way to alternatives, one narrative ends; beginning another. Sleeping; dreams left behind, giving way to waking dreams. Real giving in to the surreal, the story in another form. While waking I am not sure where I am, living within and between worlds. As yet unfocused and unsure; I am awake nonetheless. Is it all just one? Is it the same story? When awake; how will I know when I’m awake? Is this real or that? Can I turn the page, burn it to a new age? The world seems both logical and irrational at the same time. This simultaneous mixture of real and unreal, rational and irrational, creates quite a sensation and conjures an eerie ambiguity. Dreams seem to be a loosening of the psychological reins, which tend to remain taut throughout the day. The brain chemistry of the sleeping mind is different to that of the waking mind, which may in part account for some of the odd and mysterious symbols that show up. How fragile is this difference within dream life and waking life? Many have posed the question are we all living in a dream world where the unconscious secretly dictates our every thought? Are we asleep or are we awake? Does it have to be one or the other? Are these truly separate states? Ambiguity makes it possible for humans to ponder many interpretations of a single thing, an event or experience, constantly fascinated with alternating states of thought.

    Dreamscapes by: Sara A. 850.00
  • My Experiment With Failures – A Psychological Journey of Every Person by: Reetesh Riku 184.00

    Aayan is a person with some inborn qualities and personality traits. With time he learnt several behaviour, knowledge and experiences. He tries to use all of them together to get a kick in his life but every time he failed.

    He also met several persons in his life and all of them have taught some different experiences. With all different types of personal and professional situations he became all together a person with different qualities and personality traits.

    This book is not only a psychological journey of Aayan but actually each one of us. Aayan did different experiments in his life at different stages. He failed several times at personal and professional levels but after every failure he takes the next step with an optimistic approach without thinking much about the results but he starts failing one after another with every new experiments.

    Will Aayan’s learning experiences from his failures makes him successful or his one after another essence of failures in life takes him to depression, anxiety, or can develop suicidal tendencies to skip from all his problems. Or, with his optimistic approach he considers all his failures as incidents of his life and shall use all his experience with failures to become successful one day.

    All questions will be answered in the story which everyone can correlate with own’s life.

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    A novel is written by KHAGEN BHARALI, in Assamese language based on geo -political fiction, taken together Himalayan River Ranganadi dam building becomes a zero-sum game in which the downstream areas lose out.The ecological and environmental threats towards the Brahmaputra syncline is a great cause of loss aquea, flora and fauna downstream pediplains and peneplains, the potential for conflicts looms with public resilience.The first time inscription of the Himalayan Satire zones has been depicted in this novel to view with a great curiosity,a credit to the author.

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    The book reflects how one can attend the spirituality through Karma (action) Yoga.

  • Tragic Love by: Amrit Mohanty 250.00

    This story is completely fiction based which is inspired from human society. This story is about 2 boys who get in love with each matter what the circumstances are, They stand together and never run from their problem. This story also tells you the meaning of true friendship and love. I am sure this story will completely change your opinion about love because there is a completely different meaning of love. The story includes school life and school romance also along with some tragic cast.
    I hope you’ll like it and enjoy it. I hope you’ll like it and enjoy it.

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    Her book Vishesh Code To Win is an inspirational journey of India’s Youngest Basketball Men’s Captain, Vishesh Bhriguvanshi where she talks about his mindset and skill set.

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    Fall but not falter is a book based on fiction. It tells how one faces the struggle in his life. Islamic jihad is not new in India. How a simple rivalry brought terrorism in kolkata. Anirban Mukherjee the protagonist who is a banker faced crisis period in his personal life as his girlfriend left him. As a banker he had to meet customers. Among these customers one behaved badly with him As he has to bear loss of 3 lakhs because his funds poorly performed. Now he wanted his lost Money from Anirban. Due to rivalry that customer tried to burn Anirban’s car. As a consequence Of this event that customer was caught by police. Later police found that this customer has connections With terrorist groups. They were planning to have blasts in Red Cross road during Republic day Parade. But due to Anirban’s wit they couldn’t succeed in their motives. The main operational person For this conspiracy Was at last caught who happened to be Anirban’s another customer. Thisman always concealed him but at last due to Anirban’s agility the whole gang was caught by police. Thus Probable blasts in kolkata couldn’t occur.

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    This book would be very useful for first year MBBS, BDS, Bachelor of physiotherapy, Bachelor of occupational therapy and B.Sc. nursing students for practicing their microanatomical diagrams which are the keystone for histology learning. This book covers all aspects of microanatomy of various tissues and organs of human body required for practical purposes by medical students and provides informative tools for memorizing and application of learnt facts in an interesting manner.

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    The status-quo of our country, the subject-facts,the mentalities of the people were discussed! It is clearly explained how some of the unscrupulous evils that plague the country are hindering the country from growing!

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    The book is completely based on friendship. It depicts the story of the author which includes the moment
    that she had spent with her friends. Along with the story the book even includes some points through
    which one can deal with emotional problems related with any relationship or any kind of problem that an
    individual is facing in their life. The content of the book encourages an individual to remain positive no
    matter how harsh the situation in their life is.

  • KALI YUGA Inscriptional Evidence by: Dr.M.L.Raja 550.00

    It is believed that there are only a very few inscriptions that were dated in Kali yuga years. However this scenario is totally changed as the book, “KALI YUGA Inscriptional Evidence” details 436 Kali yuga Inscriptions including a decisive foreign evidence. These inscriptions are from various parts of India and in almost all the languages of India and are widely used without interruption at least for more than 1300 years. Hence, this book is definitely a source book to rewrite Indian history.

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    Bairagan aur Syahi by: Anshita Mishra 149.00 119.00

    बैरागन और स्याही (Bairaagan aur syaahi) talks about various emotions which each one of us experience in our lives. It talks about how pain and suffering affect the very core of us, and how love can help in overcoming everything. It talks about the memories and the bitter-sweet of the past relationships and the joy of living in the present moment. It touches upon the feelings hiding in the remotest corner of your heart, either you have hidden them intentionally or you have forgotten them on the way. Each poem is an emotion weaved into beautiful words.

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    Success can be found in any number of realms – finance , spiritual , physical , mental , emotional , familial , well-being . I hope you will find much of value in these pages and will commit to applying what you learn to whatever you do , if not to your finance , then to your social sector , and if not there , then at least to your own life .

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    This book is the compilation of the Morning Messages sent by Pongal Punitha to around 8000 people every day through Whatsapp and more through other social media, be it rain or wind or storm. It is loaded with positive vibes and energy to start the day. Many of her recipients used to wait for her messages to start their day. This can be taken as an integral part of your morning habits. Read a message for the day and inculcate to experience those words in your life every day. This will enable you to look at life with all optimism, ‘in spite of all odds’ with due acknowledgment of your present. This can also be used by educational institutions and organizations as a feeder for their positive notes or food for thought every day. Every word has come out of the author’s experiences in life and hence authentic and genuine to the core.

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    The Book “The Life of a Rickshaw Puller” is a frictional story based on a life of an ordinary rickshaw puller who struggled in his life . In this book it describes the worst situation of people but it also tells to us that if you set your target and if you focus on it then there will be no one who will come between you and the success. The story is motivational and tells people to work more hard as there is no limit of working hard. The process of choosing the topic of this book was hard but it was easy to research on the topic as we all can see the situation of economically weak people.

  • The Conundrum by: Jeshurun Nikhil Chauhan 149.00

    Everything’s hunky-dory at Westwood’s GirlsCollege until the freshmen twins, Rabiya and Saniya, go missing from a class excursion. The parents of the twins receive ransom calls, and sans the ransom, harm would befall the girls. Will Jessany and her gang be able to rescue the twins? Or will this conundrum lead to an unsolicited end…? The Conundrum is a book about young fun-loving. gullible teenagers who go missing, while on an adventure.

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    The book “Mirage Of Mind” is a collection of poems, which is basically based on reality, experience and wishes. Life is all about ups and downs, that we must always be ready to face. There was a phrase in my life when I was going through a lot of frustration and problems, it was then that I made writing poems the way to express my feelings and later kept on writing to express all my feeling of sadness and even happiness. I hope through my work I will be able to touch everyone’s heart.

    MIRAGE OF MIND by: Anushka Das 120.00
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    Anna after having met Nalong—a handsome young man feels that love is the most precious thing ever happened to her and believes love has the key to everything. In a life filled with roller coasters she feels like having found solace in Nalong. She is strong with the belief of having someone by her side and has never thought of being alone in the journey of her life. Unlike her plans she is hit by an unavoidable tragedy and is shattered ……. Will Nalong stay forever by her side? Will love prevail?

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