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  • Local – Local by: Madhuri Vaidya 150.00

    There is a story behind every
    Every face in the crowd has a different story.
    This book may change your way of thinking and thereby your life only.
    It reveals many stories; one of them may even be yours.
    Are you ready to change your children’s life?
    Do you think their story should be different from yours?
    Is love marriage an offense?
    Train time is my time.
    Please take care of your family’s emotional world.
    What can we learn in Mumbai’s local trains?
    It is a source of national integrity,

  • HRM Practices During Mauryan Period and Modern Corporate World by: Dr. milind 349.00


  • Jiwan Ki Bagiya by: Sangeeta gupta 250.00

    “Jiwan Ki Bagiya” is my first book. A new book also brings new life, new happiness, new hopes in life like the birth of a child. Seeing their child growing, flourishing, every parent leaves no stone unturned to nurture that child.

    In the “Jiwan Ki Bagiya”, you will feel some sour, some sweet experiences of everyday life somewhere in your life.

    Keeping in mind today’s environment, I have tried to put the words of my loved ones in words. I hope my readers can feel it.
    If we all try to understand the mind of others, then the sweetness of the relationship always remains.

    Will be eagerly waiting for your thoughts and feelings. You can also send your thoughts by mail or on YouTube channel. Soon the “Part 2” of “Jiwan Ki Bagiya” will be in front of you

  • Chronicles of Hindu Astrology the concept of Overlapping by: Santanu Dey 781.00

    The Chronicles of Hindu Astrology, the concept of overlapping is a detailed research work on imposed plenatary influences to predict our life events. Planetary Influence is not a new word in the language of astrology. Generally, we judge a native’s horoscope with the individual’s natal chart, and Dasha system. We compute all the planetary influences and associations present in the specific Janma Kundali. But, practically, each and every event of a Native’s life gets influenced by the activities of his environment and the people around him. Specially, some qualities like motivation, demoralization, moral support, and financial support from others may create a huge change in the lifestyle of a native. Also, it is observed that sometimes some special events like marriage, child birth may create huge change in native’s fate. Overlapping is a very significant but simple way to understand the mutual effects of various surrounding charts over the main natal chart of a native. Exactly which happens in calculation of the effects of Transit. The transitional planets introduce beneficial or malefic effects depending upon their relative position with respect to the natal planets. A beneficial and friendly planet introduces more strength and positivity when passing over the beneficial places, like Trikona. Any person carries the properties and effects of planetary placements in his or her birth chart. When he or she makes a close relationship with another person these effects create some influence on that person. These effects are called overlapping.

    Concept of Overlapping Theory is a new idea in predictive astrology which is based on traditional and general Vedic astrological concepts and ideas. The rules and functionalities of Parasharian Astrology adopted here. But this is totally a new thought and very much effective for prediction and remedial measures without any external remedy.

  • Constipated Love by: Vandana Panchal 300.00

    Marriage is a partnership without any profit or loss. There is an invisible division of work in marriage, depending upon the gender.

    Aadya and Ishan, a married couple. Both are working but only one is getting paid. The other one is not getting paid and no appreciation. Until one day, Aadya demands money for each and every work she does. How does this one step change their life? How is their relationship is affected when Aadya pays Ishan for sex? How do they survive with and without each other at the same time?

    An uncommon story of a common couple.

  • My Dream by: Arni Midday 120.00



  • No title, Just vibes , My Indelible memories by: Mahi Agarwal 350.00

    With a plethora of my emotions and bits of my life experiences, this book has “No Title, Just Vibes”. These are “My Indelible Memories” portraying numerous shades of my feelings. It’s cheerful, bubbly, a little bit rocky, and all about self-love. Most importantly, it’s about never giving up, no matter what! So here is Mahi Agarwal writing from the bottom of my heart and with #NoFilter


    When Michael and Rachel met each other, there was an instant spark despite hesitancy. Their love blossomed, and each tried to fit into each other’s world while seeking to establish their own identities. Will it be a fit? Will they love each other despite their past? This passionate romance novel gives you a glimpse of true love, acceptance,
    and the desire to see deep within the heart.

  • Kuch Adhure Jazbaat by: Sifar 179.00

    “Kuch Adhoore Jazbaat”, how it all started, I have no remembrance but whatever I have written is incomplete. I have written on booze but I do no drink. I have written on God but I have not seen him. I have written on Love but have never fallen in it. I have written on the pains of life, yes I have experienced pains but then I think each one of us has to face his own demons. I am incomplete and so are my emotions and I want to share these incomplete emotions with you because we all have some kind of incompleteness in our lives. I have molded my emotions into words and engraved them on the papers and I hope, perhaps you will understand.

  • AwQibism 1.0 by: AwQib 333.00

    AwQibism 1.0 is a quinquelingual, “coffe table genre book” of prose and poetry comprising English, Persian, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.
    It is AwQib’s third book and first of the book series titled “AwQibism”

  • Another Place Another time and then by: Jyoti Nirodi 300.00

    The book is a collection of twelve narrations. The Prologue and the Epilogue are authentic.
    The other nine are short stories. I have combined factual events with fictional characters. I
    have drawn inspiration from circumstances and mixed and matched them to create a form. So
    there is Another Time, Another Place and then something happens. The stories range from
    soul searching to jinxed houses. There are two women who changed their lives’ destiny by
    taking willful decisions. How family relationships can go all wrong. There are Army men
    who are resolute and strong while facing adverse circumstance. And finally how she herself
    comes into her own and finds her purpose in life.

  • THE FELONY(A story of social injustice since thousand years) by: Sunil Kumar 95.00

    At the end of 19th century, Hansen’s disease was criminalized in the name of “An act to prevent the spread” that lasted almost a century later. Under the law, anyone suspected of having Hansen’s disease was arrested and exiled regardless of their age, race, or gender. The poem collection, tells the story of a kid exiled from his family and left to live alone on an island, social, legal, &religious discrimination against Hansen’s disease, an exiled lover is separated from his beloved and exiled to an island & the ugly truth of the society A profound collection of poems inspired by real life sufferings of person experienced with Hansen’s disease, who were institutionalized, separated, castrated, and confined to a miserable life, (although different treatments were available for Hansen’s disease since ages). Millions of people have died of various diseases in the past due to Black Death(Plague), Small Pox, SARS, Influenza, Diarrhea etc. People were able to lead a dignified life once they were cured of it. In addition, neither the people suffering from any kind of disease were institutionalized or forced to separate. However, Person experienced with Hansen’s disease was subjected to inhumane torture for thousands of years just because of an archaic belief. Different texts reveal, however, that Hansen’s disease could be treated even in 600 B.C.

  • OVER A CUP OF TEA by: Anagh Madhavan 150.00

    I have great pleasure in writing a prelude for this book “Over a Cup of Tea” (A Collection of Short Stories) compiled by my brother and edited by his son Shreenath in his own lucid style in English now ready for printing. It is really a marvellous tribute to our parents. Whereby life is illustrated through various stories for easy understanding. In as much as I know my brother, he has developed language skills through collaborative and interactive tasks around literary texts. This has helped him to develop a lifelong habit of reading. Managing the reading habit and building a reading profile has trained his mind to think logically and also taught him to have an open mind. His determination to develop a strong reading habit and expression of his thoughts in a lucid manner has provided him abundant opportunities to use language in meaningful and real-life contexts. This has motivated him to bring out this book for all of us to read and be known to various phases of life and psychology of people which exist in certain cross section of people in the neighbourhood. He dedicates this book to his beloved wife and grandchild, amply justifying the profound love he has for his family as he still works to keep them happy braving all odds and takes life in his stride with all the ease he can at a remarkable age of 72. And therefore it will be worthwhile to spend some time to read this book definitely over a cup of tea as the author suggests.

  • Physics Behind The God by: Manish Verma 170.00

    “Physics Behind God” is all about living and winning life with simple formulas of spirituality backed by science. It is specially dedicated to those young people who are yet to discover their true potential and purpose in life. Throughout this entire book, Manish has beautifully explained the essential laws of nature through the lens of the Bhagavad Gita and physics
    Through this book, Manish has tried to open up your eyes to such hidden mysteries of science and nature, the knowledge of which can turn your life towards an abundance of success and peace of mind.

  • Non Religious God Who Forgives ,Heals ,Prospers ,Delivers by: CK Sasidharan Nair 205.00

    Many people who are religious and righteous end up in bad experiences in life and wonder why God is not helping them . Whereas we see ungodly and wicked flourish . This book is to give an answer to it: God is not in religion and self righteousness . We need to relate to God non religiously and without going into self performance and righteousness .

  • BULLZ EYE – SSB Volume-1 by: Brig Dharm Raj Singh, SM, VSM 375.00

    “BULLZ EYE” is compilation of Accords, Events and Treaties in a concise form, covering important and relevant National and International occurrences during the period. A study of these notes will prepare aspirants in tackling various Tasks during SSB Screening with special emphasis on GTO Tasks like Group Discussion and Lecturette. The writeups contained will also empower aspirants to face the Interview as Geopolitics Issues often come up during the One to One interaction with Interviewing Officer. The Book is a ‘Force Multiplier’ in upgrading Effective Intelligence of an aspirant.

    Volume – I, covers a total of 73 Relevant Topics which have been arranged specially for ease of assimilation by aspirants who may be just freshers from school/colleges. The topics are equally relevant for Service Entry Aspirants and will be of immense help in their preparation. At the end of the Volume, some elements of Basic Data has also been annexed.

  • BULLZ EYE – SSB Volume-2 by: Brig Dharm Raj Singh, SM, VSM 375.00

    BULLZ EYE is compilation of Accords, Events and Treaties in a concise form, covering important and relevant National and International occurrences during the period. A study of these notes will prepare aspirants in tackling various Tasks during SSB Screening with special emphasis on GTO Tasks like Group Discussion and Lecturette. The writeups contained will also empower aspirants to face the Interview as Geopolitics Issues often come up during the One to One interaction with Interviewing Officer. The Book is a ‘Force Multiplier’ in upgrading Effective Intelligence of an aspirant.
    Volume – II, covers a total of 65 Relevant Topics which have been arranged specially for ease of assimilation by aspirants who may be just freshers from school/colleges. The topics are equally relevant for Service Entry Aspirants and will be of immense help in their preparation.

  • 12 -D by: Nitish sareen 200.00

    This book is a way for me to take out all my bhadhaas of telling stories with curiosity. I kept on wondering before that how i am going to live with a huge pile of memories which always helps me now to motivate myself. The journey from an average struggling kid to a man who is confident about every decision, I have gained a massive positive attitude and this book is all about this process. Hope everyone will relate to the madness and embarrassing inspirations. Enjoy !

  • Betrayal Begins by: Vanaja Chinnan 394.00

    The book of my betrayal begins contains Love ,Romance,Betrayal, thrilling ,Mysterious,more than that Women’s suffering in the society.
    What will be your reaction when your loved one betrayed you?
    What will be your reaction when you realized your loved one didn’t betrayed me but they sacrifice their life for you?
    When you knew everything how you felt if they left you forever?
    What will be your reaction once you found they are not the person whom you love?
    What will be your reaction when you found your enemy is your family?
    How will you embrace your adulthood when your childhood left in misery?
    Will be she the shield of every women’s right?
    Will she able to fight for her life?
    This is the story of Raghav,Kalpi,Akruthi,Rohan .where everyone has their own betrayal and obsession,
    Will true lover Raghav and Kalpi became together after every circumstances?

  • Sugauna Diary by: Deepak Singh 250.00

    Sugauna Diaries’, a memoir based on the experience of the past and the present, captures in the form of snippets, the vibrant life of Sugauna, a village in the Madhubani district of north Bihar. Whether it be the juicy gossip of women just outside the author’s study, or the quirky village life, or some outside stories related to the author’s life, everything is laid bare. The book also reminisces the author’s life in some Delhi publication houses or his pulls for trains. The colloquialism the book is alive with and the author’s dig at the eccentricities, fads and fancies of the village, make it all the more interesting.

  • Wake up Beast by: Satyam Yadav 199.00

    Why are you on this planet?
    Are you putting something which create a
    dent on this universe?
    Are you happy with your life?
    What’s the purpose of your life?
    Who’re you?

  • Industrial pharmacy by: B NAGARANI 168.00

    The purpose of this book is to introduce Pharmacy students to fundamentals of principles, practices and technologies involved in product development and also about Regulatory affairs.An excellent presentation is used in this book to demonstrate the interrelationship between laboratory scaling of pharmaceutical products, pilot plants and regulatory affairs. An extensive overview of various regulatory bodies, their guidelines and regulations governing the manufacturing and compounding of Pharmaceuticals are also explained.The present text book is made completely as per PCI syllabus to make an easy understanding for the students. Each chapter of this book is written at a level of students requirements. The objective upon completion of subject student can be able to

    1. Know the process of Technology transfer from lab scale to commercial scale.
    2. Know the process of pilot plant scale up of Pharmaceutical dosage form.
    3. Know the various regulatory guidelines for pharmaceutical Industry.
    4.Understand the approval process and regulatory requirements for drug product.

  • Murmurings from Hinterland by: Bhaswati Khasnabis 200.00

    Reflecting womanhood in its many shades my poetry paints different pictures of the eternal female. Sometimes she is the mother nurturing her child, sometimes she is the protector defending her ideals. The rest of the poems are
    a commentary on our environment and political setup. As citizens, we cannot hope to lead insulated lives. We must tolerate and sometimes surrender ourselves to the mainstream cacophony. This is a sincere attempt to voice a
    few concerns as a part of the teeming multitude, not as a dreamer but as a firm believer.

  • On The Window Sill..and other Stories. by: Gayatri Gahlaut 200.00

    What would you do if you discovered that your wife was dating your best friend? Or if you woke up one morning with a battered face and a broken tooth? Or if you suddenly came face to face with someone who claimed to be your sibling? How would you react? Such are the situations that are explored in this collection of short stories which give you an insight into human nature, interpersonal relationships, and the meaning of life. The book evokes different emotions.

  • The Birds of Passage by: VIJAY KUMAR 168.00

    A godman has his tryst with Corona; unable to carry on with a stressful life, a farmer commits
    suicide; afflicted with dementia, it is second childhood for Chandrasekharan; Saravanan, who
    was on the lam for twenty years, returns home only to find that he hadn’t committed any
    crime; an old widow teaches her nephew and niece a lesson; a young man outsmarts a veteran
    thief; a professor regresses to his real self; the staff outwit a well-intentioned village officer; a
    Vaastu expert finds his ‘science’ dumping him …
    Mostly realistic, the stories throw critical light on the social, political, and other problems of our
    times. They are written in a simple and lucid style, keeping in mind the demands of the
    common reader.


    Mera Aks Mere Alfaaz “consists of some of poems written on various aspects of life.The poems are purely depicting various colours of life which are part and parcel of our existence and these colours are a part of our life.We experience many changes in our life which change us as a person with due course of time.
    “Mera Aks Mere Alfaaz” touch colors of life in a simple and understanding way.The poetry is in simple words which is easy to understand and perceive.Poems are purely based on Poet’s observation and experience.Poems of “Mera Aks Mere Alfaaz “are for all age groups and poet has tried to touch emotions of the prospective readers and hope everyone will happily read and relate themselves with each and every poem written in this book.Recently, we all have gone through an epidemic which almost changed the dynamics of life and most of the poems of “Mera Aks Mere Alfaaz “have been crafted during lock down period and some poems are influenced with the after effects of such a global happening in the history of mankind.Writer has sincerely put an effort and hope will be encouraged by readers of my book “Mera Aks Mere Alfaaz “

  • Kaagaz Kalam Aur Main by: Atin Vijay Vyas 249.00

    Kagaz Kalam aur main is a rainbow of emotions. Sweetness of Romance,sourness of relations,power of true relationship,self evaluation, beauty of family,duty of individuals, connection with almighty are just a few to name.
    Dive in and drinch yourself, you will feel rejuvenated.

  • Thiravukol by: Visalakshi Palaniappan 275.00

    The book is a collection of 100 poems. Most of the poems are mainly about how to safeguard God’s creations from destruction. Some of them highlight truthfulness, self-restraint, gratitude, nature, virtues, and emotions.

  • NAQSH by: Shiraz khan 220.00

    The poetries in the book are based on my personal experiences of life. Most of the poetries are based on my views & experiences about different shades of life like love, care, feelings, motivation, patriotism, loneliness, betrayal, Loneliness, happiness etc.

    I used to enjoy writing since long back but now it has become a passion. I am inspired by the creative writings & shayris of my favourite Poets Janab Rahat Indori & Janab Javed Akhtar who I think are one of their own kinds with their unique style of writing and expressions.

    My philosophy of life, my emotions with a hint of sarcasm & light humour took the shape of this book & I hope you enjoy reading it.

    The biggest source of inspiration for writing this book is my father Marhoom Janab Sardar Ali Khan who loved to write poetries but never showed his talent in public. He died at a young age. So now I took the charge of completing his dream and here I am.

    I hope you will love my writing and it will surely bring a positive change in your life.

    With love and regards
    Shiraz Khan

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