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  • Pratham Sabal Brahman Bhagvan Parshuram by: UMESH CHANDRA 300.00

    This is history of Lord Parshuram and Sabal Brahman Parshuram . Lord Parshuram educated Sabal Brahman casts with Shastra(Vedas) and shstra (Arms) and donated lands to them. They reside in different States in different cast names i.e. Bhumihar Brahman in U.P., Bihar,Jharkhand;Tyagi in Western U.P ,Delhi, Uttarakhand,M.P.,Haryana;Mohyal in Punjab,Delhi and Haryana; Niyogi in Andhra, Anavil in Gujarat; Halwa and Karna in Odisa; Bondeli in M.P.;Habyak in Karnataka;Ayar in Tamilnadu; Nambudari in Kerla; Chitpavana in Maharashtra etc. .They are great patriots, warriors, Scholars and Land Lords communities. They are well known for their wisdom and patience.

  • Pyar Ke Andekhe Zakham by: Kaminee Gupta 155.00

    This book is based on the pain, wounds found in love. There are such painful stories in this book, which touch the soul from the heart. Such unique love stories will make you think.

  • Exhilarating India – Handbook to Travel Lovers by: Meena Krishnaswamy 200.00

    “Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell.”
    This First Volume of Travel Literature presents the valuable information on various destination to inspire
    the travel lovers, Educationalists and teacher community to transform boredom to Happiness.
    The information on this book is absolutely from the Author’s Travel experience and she tried her maximum
    to provide authentic information.

  • ¿Cuándo usaré esto? by: Ishika Keswani and Ananya Aggarwal 265.00

    Just like Severus Snape from ‘Harry Potter’ or The Joker from the ‘Batman’ movies, mathematics is a subject that is more often than not, highly misunderstood and villainized. Often referred to as ‘pointless’, ‘useless’, and ‘unusable’, the study of mathematics is frequently discontinued by those who don’t see how they could possibly find a use for it in their future careers (especially those who are inclined to pursue social studies or more artistic paths).

    We say that is a big mistake.

    This universal language of math presents itself in every single field and activity out there, even though we may not always realize it. Whether you want to become a bestselling novelist, a choreographer of the ballet, or a world-renowned hydrologist, mathematics is guaranteed to help you achieve your dreams and push you closer to sweet success. In this book, we aim to show you how no matter which career path you’ve selected, mathematics has a part to play. Besides career paths, this book also includes three tales of the undeniable accomplishment by prominent figures who made effective use of mathematics in their respective fields.

    Happy Reading!

  • Putra Vadhu: The Beginning What Was The End by: Shandilyayan 355.00

    “I’m supposed to be looking for a perfect husband. Are you the perfect husband, Mr. Singh?”

    “Perfect in every way.”

    “Many men in love with a dimple make the mistake of marrying a whole girl. I don’t want it to happen to you.”

    “How can I help the cause?”

    “Show me some secular credentials.”


    “Appease me!”

    “I love you, you’re as pretty as Savitri of Sri Aurobindo.”

    Love, it’s a funny thing. There are things that we don’t want to let happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn, and people we can’t live without but have to let go. This is exactly not it!!

  • Indian SpoilSport by: Hari Babu E 200.00

    India is Presidential Democracy like U.S. India took chapters on Presidential elections and his powers from American constitution. Indian and American Presidents are indirectly elected by the electoral colleges. Indian electoral college consists of elected members of assemblies and both houses of Parliament. American President is elected by electors who are elected for that purpose. American President appoints secretaries to aid and advise him while Indian President appoints ministers for that purpose. Both Presidents have Executive, military and some judicial powers under Articles 2 and 53 of respective constitutions. Elected Governors have executive power of states in America; in India, it is President nominated Governors. American President cannot alter names, status and extent of states, but Indian President can, under Article 3. It makes America Federal and India, Unitary. Houses are legislative; Presidents are Executive. In India or in America, majority in the legislatures is immaterial to form and run governments by the Executive. Presidents may or may not hold majority in all or any of the state and central legislatures.
    Multiparty system and Midterm elections are unconstitutional. What is taking place in India, in politics, is comparable to what is stated under Pakistan constitution. India should return to Presidential democracy and two-party system duly respecting its own constitution or else, it is bound to lead to poverty, social strife, political instability, political immorality in the country and finally, to bifurcation of the country.

  • Adult Education and Lifelong Learning by: Dr. Madan Singh 770.00

    This book deals with all aspects of adult education and lifelong learning and their various dimensions including linkages. It presents a comprehensive and systematic account of adult education and lifelong learning activities in India and abroad. Along with an investigation of theoretical aspects of adult education and lifelong learning, it offers useful suggestions for literacy practitioners and adult education functionaries involved in the management and execution of adult education and lifelong learning at all levels. The book also contains necessary information regarding Saakshar Bharat – Mission 2012, its objectives, implementation strategies, methods, and ways to achieve the targets in a time-bound manner. This book will thus prove to be an indispensable tool for all adult education and lifelong learning activists, academics, practitioners, policy-makers, planners, etc. In the Twenty-First Century, this book will be extremely useful for the teachers and students specializing and pursuing studies in the area of adult education and lifelong learning in the institutions of higher learning including universities.

  • Shabd by: Abhinav Bhoyar 200.00

    ‘Shabd’ is an anthology of Abhinav Bhoyar’s poems that he has written over the years through
    his experiences in the span of life he has lived. He has tried to express his life experiences through his poetry. Abhinav looks at life through his own vista, through his poems sometimes he questions life, tries to solve the conundrums of life, and sometimes tries to find the answers to the unknowns. Hope this book will give you a different perspective of life.

  • Killing Strangers by: Ram Gopal 350.00

    The story opens with a mass shooting incident at the Atlanta Tech Corridor. Retired FBI agent Larry Watson who has just arrived at the scene for a job interview springs into the action.

    The story weaves the lives of three men: Dave Pruitt, a high functioning Asperger’s who is obsessed with guns; Alim Mubarak, an Iraqi immigrant who worked to be the example to which Southern Republicans could point as one of the good ones; Mark McCarthy, a young CEO who started Maverick Investments to fulfill his father’s prophecy.

    The recurrent mass shootings in America, the spread of radical Islam and the attempts within the community to transcend hate and violence, discriminations in the society and the reactions they can evoke form the backdrop. The story alternates between the mass shooting incident and the lives of the three potential suspects on the journey towards the climax.

  • Phulwari by: Dhawal Pandey 185.00

    Phulwari is a collection of self-composed poems filled with sweet and sour experiences of life. Just as each flower and each leaf of a garden carry their unique color and fragrance, similarly this collection is a brief presentation of the experiences of life of those colors which are either of my life, or are scattered around me. It is just about everything life can be related to. It’s my beautiful Canvas painted in colours of love, joy, pain, freedom, happiness, grief, success, failures, passion and dreams.

  • The Insignificant Warrior by: Prabhakar Singh 349.00

    The world of sports is an unforgiving place that spares neither merit nor intention and yet, there are multitudes of people willing to risk it all just for a taste of it. We’ve all heard about the quests for fame and wealth; we know the fairy tale endings and we know about the pitfalls of stardom too.

    But, what if we came across someone with a vision so strong that he would build everything up from scratch and gift-wrap his accomplishments just to present them to his country? This is a quest to achieve something worthwhile for the generations to come.

  • Meri Geeta ki Pooja by: Rama Sethi 130.00

    Collecting the pearls of wisdom in seemingly mundane moments of a lifetime, this exuberant 70-year-old rises above her familial pre-occupations to pursue her passion. She is a…… profession, but now retired, she has offered a sneak peek into her magical world where life doesn’t just happen, It performs for you!

    Marching ahead with spunk and grit into the twilight years of her life, she has conjured this collection of poems and couplets as a kaleidoscope of her colorful, empathetic, satirical, and perhaps even a little humorous take on family, festivities, relationships, parenting, and a lot more.
    Sit back with a cup of coffee and soak in the nectar of her words. A must-read for all those who wish to rise above the frivolities of life and seek meaning in its happenings!!

  • My Indispensable views of life by: Hrishikesh Tamkhane 300.00

    Hrishikesh Tamkhane has shared his views of life in this book. His views of life will bring a drastic change in life. The book will help you to discover yourself and provide a positive perspective of life. This book will focus on different areas of life.
    Hrishikesh Tamkhane also explains how the awareness and understanding can lead to changes in life. His views of life will solve many questions of life like –
    – Who am I?
    – How should I live a life?
    -What are my duties to myself?
    The book will act like a ‘light’ in life.

  • HR Analytics: Quantifying the Intangibles by: Anshul Saxena, Sharad Gupta, Jerin Jose, Kirupa Priyadarshini, Jayant Mahajan 333.00

    Analytics finds a place in every domain. It is no longer a prerogative of the scientists and statisticians. Analytics is gaining popularity within the Human Resource Management community for the last few years. This book has been written to introduce the emerging discipline of “Human Resource Analytics’ to its readers who are enthused by this phenomenon, want to know about it, and understand its applications in the Human Resource domain. The target audience for the book is the students who have taken up bachelor’s, master’s degree programs in the field of management or enthusiasts who have even a wee-bit understanding of HR and are interested in diving deeper into the subject. The readers will develop insights into the topics like primary metrics, KPIs, and processes involved in different HR subdomains like recruitment and employee engagement. It takes the user through essential concepts in an easy-to-read manner, defines the often use terminologies, and then talks about the implementation and benefits of analytics in HR processes. This is a short handbook written by the students of Christ (Deemed to be University) Lavasa, Pune for the HR community. Hopefully, through this endeavor, we will enrich the journey of knowledge seekers traveling through the knowledge pyramid.

  • Branding and Marketing in the Current Economic Era by: Sandeep Simon Behera 236.00

    Brand and Marketing, Two words one’ve probably heard thrown around a lot by entrepreneurs and marketers alike. But there’s a lot more to brand marketing than you might think. What is brand marketing? Brand Marketing is a way to promote your product or service by promoting your brand as a whole. Essentially, it tells your service’s or product’s story by emphasizing your whole brand.

    In this book, I have been talking about some of the best examples of brand marketing from top global brands and discussing how you can take cues from them as you develop your own brand marketing strategies. I am also covering what to do and what to avoid with brand marketing to ensure your strategy’s success.

    It’s important to understand the difference between branding and marketing so one can effectively use them together. In essence, marketing is how you build awareness of your brand and its products and generate sales and branding is how you express what your business is for and what it’s all about. Think of marketing as your business-generating toolkit and branding as your overall approach to reaching your target audience.

  • Safalta! Har ek ka Adhikaar by: N. Shah 351.00

    “Safalta ! Har Ek Ka Adhikaar ” Is A Dedicated Book For In-Depth Knowledge, Training And Experiences Related To Network Marketing, This Book Is Also A Self Help Book Or Network Marketing’s Bible For Those Who Want To Grow Their Career In Network Marketing, In This Book, There Are More Than 60 Short Stories That Make It Very Interesting. In This Book You Will Get Answers to You All Why and How Related to Real-Life Scenarios and Network Marketing? This Is One Of The Best Release Associated With The Direct Selling Industry And Network Marketing Facts Belongs To An Indian Writer Available In Books Stores And Digital Platforms. Mr. N Shah, Wrote This Book To Forward His Experience And Learnings To Those Wandering Out There With The Vision And Motivation To Get Success But Are Just Struggling And Not Getting Success Due To The Lack Of Guidance. Mr. Shah Wants To Give All Those Formulas, Secrets, And Recipes Of Success To More And More People through This Book.

  • World of Values by: Aastha Walia & Devange Gupta 413.00

    “World of Values” is a book that absorbs the values and lessons transferred by cartoons and exposes them to the kids in the language they comprehend the best: “Language of characters”. “World of Values” is an attempt to provide a passage to these young kids to view their favourite characters through the pages of a book rather than through the television screen. It strives to assist children in developing various life skills to face the adversities of life and live a good lifestyle.

  • Kaurageously Yours by: Gurpreet Dhariwal 275.00

    We all need a voice at the end of the day, and what a beautiful and courageous voice has stood up in ‘Kaurageously Yours’!

    Gurpreet Dhariwal shows in her poetry the beauty of her authentic soul and the rising of her voice. She stands up for all those who have been through depression, anxious and suicidal thoughts. For all those whose voice was silent because people did not understand their mental illness. If only people understood the problems of others, this world could have had fewer suicidal cases than we witness nowadays, is one of the messages.

    In this beautiful poetry book, you will experience parts of her warrior soul. It is impossible not to relate to her vulnerability. It makes you think of strong women that pave the path for equality and compassionate love. It shows you how we can all, against the odds, overcome our ‘demons’ and give an example of how we can become and live our truth.

  • Fortune Farmer by: NaveenPrasanth E.P 229.00

    The book is about farmer and their struggles. Its about the children from farmer places and their life, struggles. It was focusing the agriculture. How to farming in land. Grandparents life are here to read. Thankyou.

  • An Encounter with Death by: Bhawani Shankar Nial 250.00

    “An Encounter with Death” : The anthology of compilation of poems of Bhawani Shankar Nial on death consciousness is first poetry collection in English. His book have been translated into many international languages like Italian, Serbian, Russian, Chinese, Francis, Polish, Albanian, Arabic, Spanish, Philippines & Vietnamese.

  • Be Beher by: ख़्वाब एटवी’ 200.00

    Be-Beher is the first ever collection of ethereal ghazals and nazms authored by Khwaab Etvi.

  • Lockdown by: Bhawani Shankar Nial 250.00

    The anthology “Lockdown” of Bhawani Shankar Nial, a compilation of his poems on human problems, predicaments and suffering tinged with universal orientation is his second poetry collection in English. His book have been translated into many international languages like Italian, Serbian, Russian, Chinese, Francis, Polish, Albanian, Arabic, Spanish, Philippines & Vietnams.

  • The Quest by: Lt Col Shivendra Gopal Gurha 385.00

    It is the book by a gay man’s quest for the man whom he can love and be loved by him. In the bargain he goes through a series of episodes which are narrated in these stories.

  • Damru Tales by: Purnima Jha 270.00

    Damru Tales is an initiative to help children build important life skills that aims to bring harmony and peace in their life through stories.

    These are the two stories that children will read in this book-

    1. Kacchapa & His Friends
    Friends should help each other, goes an old saying! But what do you do, if your friends make fun of you and do not support you? Will you still be helpful and supportive? Let’s find out what our little Kacchapa does when he faces such a situation!

    2. Sluggish Sloth
    Often, we meet people and make a quick judgement! Hey he is lazy, she is rude. Walk their journey and find how much their shoes hurt! Get to know our Sutu-the sloth and learn why he is slow. This story is all about accepting the people, the way they are and not judge it.

  • Sanatan Dharm : Nitya Karm Evam Ritucharya by: Hira Ballabh 250.00

    Daily worship, rites, rituals, hymns, kirtan, listening to Katha, and so on are the means of self-purification for human beings. All of these are different ways to achieve redemption in otherworldly and mundane sphere of life. Role of sacraments in life, and the right ways of social living are well narrated Vedic Sanatan Dharma and this book explains it. This book simplifies the method of daily Puja and path of living and explains the importance of various Vedic concepts. The method of Panchdev Puja has been put in perspective. Many useful concepts of Vedic thought and the esoteric aspects of Indian culture have been highlighted in the present book. Along with this, the importance of festivals and seasons, subject matter of Puranas and so on is also deliberated.

  • Andaz – e – sandhya by: Sandhya Rathi 199.00

    Hello readers, I am eager to present my first collection of poems. Here, I have tried to express small moments of life through the wordings of the poem, where you will observe all sides of human feelings. I believe these poems would help you to connect yourself with your every – day lives. It is
    my request to everyone to read one poem at a time so that you can feel the emotions which is been
    expressed in every poem individually.

  • Fibro Osseus Lesion Of The Jaw by: Rakhee Sinha 462.00

    This book is written in simple words so that every reader can understand the basics about Fibro osseous lesions, their Classification, Diseases, Conclusions, with recent references for further advanced study on topics. An emphasis on Diseases of Fibro-osseous lesions is well highlighted in this book.


    Water hyacinth is used as a water-clearing .The roots absorb impurities, and can lock up floating particles from the water, so its consider “purifying” the water. The foliage helps to provide shade and the roots provide filtration, a spawning area for the pond fish, and absorb excess nutrients from the water, helping to reduce algae. It also is the best water clarifier due to it has a tropical nature. It can absorb large amounts of organic and inorganic pollutants and other nutrients and elements. It is this ability to pick up heavy metals which has led to the suggestion that water hyacinth could be used to help clean industrial effluent in water. The technology of using water hyacinth for the treatment of wastewater is an alternative method to the conventional methods available. It is more cost effective and as an excellent bio indicator of water pollution. Its adsorption efficiency and adsorption capacity of each metal, and its ability to remove pollution from industrial water highlighted their remarkable performances compared to other aquatic plant species. It’s very good results were seen in Sewage water. The roots of Water hyacinths naturally absorb pollutants including lead, mercury, and strontium, as well as some organic compounds which are carcinogenic in nature. The plant itself, although more than 90% water, has a fibrous tissue and a high energy and protein content, and can be used for a variety of useful applications such as Fibre board, Charcoal briquetting, Yarn and rope, Fish feed. Animal fodder and Water purification.

  • Unheard Screams of silent heart by: Humera I. Shaikh 169.00

    A collection of poems, prose and thoughts UNHEARD SCREAMS of silent heart is about the journey of growth and healing which begins from pain.  It’s about finding and loving self unconditionally.  This book is for those who are at war for conquering their own selves.

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