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  • Tender Intimacies by: Piyush Thorat 0.00

    Peter, who has returned to his parent’s house in the times of the covid-19 pandemic, one day receives the notification over his phone that his old friend, Veronica is on Telegram. There it all starts with a chance of unburdening the old guilt he carried secretly for years. Something that he had hidden from Veronica, that had caused them to fall apart and now he is seeking redemption by telling her the truth behind his lies. The chance of telling the hidden truth to Veronica leads him on a journey of his past. The memories of Veronica and that unveils the past life of Peter in a very unique, non-linear storytelling style. The story focuses on the fragility of the relations. Some would survive but most would cease.

  • A Painful Life by: R. Pramod 215.00

    This is my first book “A Painful Life” which is based on the life of all the students preparing for Civil Services (UPSC and PSC).

  • Choose To Keep Going by: Sudha Mundra 200.00

    I needed to put these words on paper so I could deal with my emotions. Also, I wanted to reach out to many such people facing the same dilemma and stand together in solidarity. The society perceived depression in a very negative light and it is this alienation that pushes one to the edge. If my coming out and sharing the truth makes even a small difference, I would feel honored.

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    TERM I QUESTION BANK by: Bhavesh Mishra 350.00 220.00
    Feeling immense pleasure in presenting our first book on Social Science Term I Question Bank.
    The book includes all types of objective type questions as prescribed by CBSE. It also includes notes of all the chapters assigned for Term I in a language easy to understand and learn. We have tried to cover all topics through an exhaustive exercise to give a thorough revision and practice.
    We have tried our best to include all important questions based on maps as well.
    We are hopeful that the book is appreciated and is useful for the students in improving their scores.
  • MRIGNAYNI by: Ravindra Singh 300.00
    This book, coming out of the title Mrignayani, is a bit out of the box. Till now, books used to be either purely just story collections or poetry collections, but this time a new use has been made. There are three sections, A, B, and C. These three sections are divided based on their subjects.
    Section A
    There are only stories in this 15, the first story itself is titled Mrignayani, which has the privilege of being the title of this book. In this, the girl named Mrignayani likes a boy, by chance, his mother also chooses the same boy for her, despite not knowing the daughter’s choice. The story ends happily.
    Similarly, there are different problems in these 15 stories.
    Section B
    It has 9 short stories, which highlight the various problems of society.
    Even if someone has less time, they can manage to read at least one. A new thing in this is that it has 2 in Bhojpuri language, something the readers wanted. If the response is good, then the intention is to bring out a whole book in Bhojpuri.

    Section C
    First of all, I want to tell you about my writing. And the rest are articles. There is a tableau of the village. Some are based on a religious theme, Bali-Sugriva, and Rambhakta Kevat. In life, attachment and life mirror have been exposed.

  • The Talking parrot by: Debesh Chandra Roy 150.00

    This is a collection of feel-good short stories involving real-life characters, that formed an integral part of growing up.
    Each character in this book, makes one realise, that the world is still a wonderful place to be in.

  • Gutimalatir Sugandhi by: Kangkan Das 150.00

    Poem’s of unity, responsibility, peace, etc.

  • Vastavachi Banva Banvi by: Shailesh Sadanand Manerkar 149.00

    The book takes you on an adventure of current affairs by adding a humorous point of view. The book consists of poems that reflects city and village life that makes your soul laugh and heart smile and also give you a reality check about the current scenarios.

  • Silwate (Hindi) by: Amresh Anish 122.00

    If you look beyond your memory lane, there is always something that will never let you die or be alive. Silwate in terms of joy, sorrow, and depression, are accompanying in life. 

  • Wǒ shénme shíhòu huì yòng zhège by: Ishika Keswani and Ananya Aggarwal 265.00

    Just like Severus Snape from ‘Harry Potter’ or The Joker from the ‘Batman’ movies, mathematics is a subject that is more often than not, highly misunderstood and villainized. Often referred to as ‘pointless’, ‘useless’, and ‘unusable’, the study of mathematics is frequently discontinued by those who don’t see how they could possibly find a use for it in their future careers (especially those who are inclined to pursue social studies or more artistic paths).

    We say that is a big mistake.

    This universal language of math presents itself in every single field and activity out there, even though we may not always realize it. Whether you want to become a bestselling novelist, a choreographer of the ballet, or a world-renowned hydrologist, mathematics is guaranteed to help you achieve your dreams and push you closer to sweet success. In this book, we aim to show you how no matter which career path you’ve selected, mathematics has a part to play. Besides career paths, this book also includes three tales of the undeniable accomplishment by prominent figures who made effective use of mathematics in their respective fields.

    Happy Reading!

  • The Lonely Flight by: Abani Mishra 200.00

    In the midst of a betrothal,  Suchitra a young girl of a wealthy Indian class meets a mysterious cab driver who stirs up her curiosity, and romance sets in between them. What does this spell for the future of her new budding romance? Who would she choose? Would love be enough? These and many more are hidden behind the covers of Abani Mishra’s “The Lonely Flight

  • Chorabaji by: Debashree Pal 350.00

    This is a children’s poems book expressing their thoughts and desires.

  • The Love that Never Happened by: Prakash Gupta 249.00

    “The love that never happened” is based on the stories of the author during his engineering days with a touch of fiction. With this book, he is celebrating the young love that made him feel alive. Because as St. Augustine said, “Better to have loved and lost, than to never loved at all”

    Prakash and Alisha, 2 completely different individuals meet during their B-Tech days. It is a ride to the time of adulthood when life was young and wild. Life had no rules then as if the rules of life always stayed out of the campus gate. A tale of friendship from B-Tech days, 4 friends and their hostel life, and how love is celebrated in boys’ hostel. It’s not only about love, but it’s also about the friendship of those days. It’s about the transition from a Student to a Corporate employee. It’s about the innocence with which Alisha and Prakash lived their college life. It’s about the first love of campus, it’s about that Old Monk party of Hostel. We get to live college with Prakash and Alisha and see life through them. Their love, which starts with a “Hi”, moves to coffee dates, then to long walks, then to Lovers park. Love was in their hands and they did it perfectly. This book is about the different aspects of love and how life takes a turn the moment you move out of the campus gate. It’s about the reality of life and two innocent souls, who only loved each other. The book takes you back to those college random days, those stupid moments, which were not stupid then. Alisha’s care towards the restless soul like him is a thing to watch. Two different perspectives of life, but the best part is they loved each other. It’s not important that you love and be loved, you must express what you feel in your own stupid ways. This is about, “Not so stupid moments”.

    “Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.” – St. Augustine

  • Kaddu Poori by: Rahul Verma 150.00

    Kaddu poori …story of two young children who are living their life in poverty and lack of knowledge and which they do not even realize, they try to understand only through imagination. A glimpse of the conditions of the rural environment can be seen. Children’s words leave an imprint directly in the heart.

  • Guide for Std IX-X Computer Application by: Sandhya Rathi 352.00

    Hello readers, this book is specially been compiled for IX and X ICSE students. This book would even be helpful for the ones who have started learning the language JAVA. All the concepts and examples are provided in easy language. I hope this book is helpful for you all.

    Thank you.

  • The Power Game (Playbook of the Powerful) by: Stephen Rodrigues 999.00

    This is the most powerful self-help book available in the market today. it talks about the different forms of power which exist in our society. It acts like a guide for those who want to reach a higher level in their life. As we know power is distributed among the 1% of the human population that controls the rest of the 99%. We see around ourselves how powerful some people are; just a word from the leader is enough to make others complete the work. One phone call and you are set for life. What is this power? Who are these leaders? What makes them so influential? What makes them eligible to acquire that power? Every source of knowledge towards gaining power has been burnt, destroyed, or kept hidden or encrypted within some ancient scriptures. This book is the most practical manuscript which will help you to decide your next step in your life. This book is specially designed to sharpen your brain and help you connect your mind with your heart. This book is clearly a mixture of processes to achieve different types of powers. It gives you a bigger picture and forces you to see it and feel it by yourself by adding value to your life. The author of this book has gathered all this information from powerful resources to empower the coming generation by sharing this secret of life. Enjoy reading it and make use of this treasure of knowledge wisely. By doing so we will make this world a better place. Welcome to THE POWER GAME!!!!


  • Whispers from the Land of Dreams by: Dr. Yamini Meduri 122.00

    Whispers from the Land of Dreams is the first published collection of poems with illustrations by her niece. The aunt-niece duo brought together the selected poems from the collection touching different aspects of life with some beautiful illustrations.

  • Dirty Black box by: Sugarkane 189.00

    The book contains dirty stealthy secrets of a healthy family revolving around Father Son and his Grandson in a Favela. Human selfishness aims a dig, as Bad deeds start walking away when Good soul comes knocking at the bay. Hey! You are a Savior too, You only have to be a human with a selfish heart to do the talking while the good soul keeps knocking and bad deeds keep walking. Epic of Modern times.

    Never belittle the author’s versatility. Never judge offspring by looking at their parents. All You need is ” READ BLACK DIRT Hidden in the X-Box”, and you find yourself if you fall in either father, son, or Grandson category the destiny is the DirtyBook.

    The author claims himself a GOAT and others whoever claims himself or herself the GREATEST are just Overrated, Overpraised, and Outdated.

  • History and Philosophy of Medicine by: Dr. K.M Mishra 499.00

    The book ‘History and Philosophy of Medicine is based on the author’s lifetime of experience in Medicine and review of literature in the field.

    He has seen the extremes of healing, from the non-existent and most primitive medical practices in remote villages in India, to the great modern institutions of modern medicine at BHU, Varanasi, and London. He has also observed the pivotal role of alternative medicine in saving lives.

    The author has traced how medicine was practiced in the beginning and followed its development to a sophisticated science, and the philosophy that guided its evolution. It is the author’s overall opinion that the world has to practice various types of medicine, in an endeavor to save human lives.

  • BETRAYED (LOVE, LUST……….LOST) by: Shirly kiran 252.00

    LOVE, LUST……………..LOST.
    I have a question for all my lovely READERS………..
    We know how to hurt people so easily but at the same time do we have the power to heal it with love?
    Well, I’ll leave it up to you…………….!
    Love is something that can’t be expressed in words, it’s the feeling where we can only show to whom we love……
    There is no true or fake love or anything else……….!
    Love itself is pure and eternal where we are making it polluted completely by our awful desires………..!
    We people who have not just changed the meaning of it but we have completely wiped out its identity. It makes me feel pity because we are propelling ourselves for our destruction.
    Without Love, without that bond, no one can survive and the whole world will be like chaos.
    This book is truly inspired by the events that happened in and around me were taken as motivation.
    I think everything happens for a reason but we need to make our life more meaningful by writing our destiny.
    “Love is not painful until you make it miserable”

  • HUES AND VIEWS by: Sundeep Aryan 200.00

    Ideas smile through the cracks of teacups and sipping those ideas before they fly away forever is a miraculous work. How a little-struck idea becomes bigger we cannot imagine. This bunch of poems is a sum of all those ideas which gheraoed me and I painted the ideas on the canvas. As the name is so is the book about. Mirroring the hues and views of different experiences, people, situations, and their modus oprendi I have tried to delve deep into the heart of you all. Kindly bless me with your wonderful blessings and suggestions.

  • Blossoming Souls by: Aman Paarthiv Krishnan 228.00

    Blossoming Souls is a compilation of short stories that are thought-provoking, subtle, eloquent, covering a wide range of situations with characters going through emotions of irony, innocence, happiness, adventure, and so on. The book, written in conversation mode, creates the feeling that the reader is also part of the story.

    Stemming from the wild imagination and experiences of the author’s, this book is sure to take you through various emotions, bound to remind you of your own memories, and will surely bring out your best laugh!

  • India’s Democracy An Illusion by: Soundarpandiyan 450.00

    “By the people, for the people and of the people” Mr. Abraham Lincoln, The President of America on Democracy (The sentence missed the words “if the people suits”) Democracy a civilized form of Administration invented by the political philosophers. “Will the people who existed before table manners suit democracy” Could the Neanderthal, the primitive, unsophisticated have known the real spirit of Democracy? No. A political exponent said “If you want to enjoy the Democracy create superhuman beings else eradicate the Democracy” But Democracy developed sordid, vile, selfish, sleaze politicians. Machiavellianism has come into prevalence, miscreants infused politics, Fed up is approaching its limit in democracy, Vide Indian politics. Votes are purchased by money and freebies Politics have been converted as a method of cheating, making of the luxury in other’s means. If the miscreants in politics were left to continue they will destruct the very structure of the society. Hence as a service to society, I have expressed my anguish through my book in order to bring to the knowledge of the political people. Cheating goes not only in India but in the Asian democracies also in the guise of democracy. Indian politics is an instance to be compared with the Asian Democracy which will precipitate the facts of maladministration, a different form of democracy i.e. Pseudo Democracy.

  • Pratiksha by: Praveen Kumar 129.00

    I have written a book slowly, I request all of you readers that please do my book once. Must read Pratiksha I hope you all will definitely like my ghazal collection Pratiksha. Thank you.

  • AN ANATOMY OF AGONY by: Hari Har Mallick 510.00

    “An Anatomy of Agony” is an anthology in English, are the poetic outburst and artistic achievement of Sri Hari har Mallick, who has very closely anatomized this ongoing pandemic pain and existential agony of this tragic time bit by bit. It contains 100 poems with a powerful poetic prologue and a fine foreword by a distinguished critic and retired professor of English. Each and every poem of this hardbound volume is spirited with a note of high hope and bright future of the existential man, who may be destroyed by any pandemic pain but can’t be defeated by any threat, however heavy it may be, at any point of time. Open any line of any poem, surely you will find yourself.

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