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  • Olivia & The Family Getaway by: Aahana Chhabra 350.00

    Olivia is really looking forward to be spending a week at home binge-watching movies, wrapped in her blanket. When out of blue, plan change. Read more to find out.

  • Data Analysis and Computer Application by: Satyaprakash Sethy 358.00

    Information Technology refers to the convergence of computer, communication, and content technologies play a catalytic role in the emergence of new socio-economic applications. Need of introducing Data Analysis and Computer Application as SEC Paper to all the undergraduate students. It was needed to build problem-solving skills among the students just before they enter the professional courses. And this book has been published as per the CBCS Syllabus. The purpose of this course is to introduce basic computer skills to students at the UG level in non-technical subjects. After completion of this course, the students are expected to acquire some basic knowledge about computers and to develop some basic skills in using computers for data storage, compilation, analysis, and presentations.

  • It’s Monday again! by: Sourabh Tiwari 200.00

    Running late for a deadline? Preparing to meet an important client? Getting bored after going through an endless display of power point slides? All this & much more to experience and endeavor on a daily basis in the corporate world. An honest effort to take you on a roller coaster ride with a learning curve worth remembering in a lifetime.

  • The Playlist Speaks The Volume by: Anshu Kumar Keshri 219.00

    Music is one language that joins the world. Music is seen all around us, in the swaying trees, the cool waves of ocean mist, or the buzzing of the bee. Music is the language of emotions that we as humans are capable of and it paints even all other species of this planet. This anthology brings together the different emotions this language brings about in the lives of the writers. Writers from different corners of the globe have come together to show impactful versions of their playlist in the form of poetry & short stories. Team Heartbeat Rhythm welcomes you to the journey of ‘ The Playlist Speaks The Volume “.

  • The Unacknowledged Struggles by: Asiya Zehra 249.00

    Nasrin is Abdullah’s first wife. She’s extremely empathetic and everyone’s favourite in the haveli. Badi Begum, Abdullah’s mother, adores her a lot but when she knows Nasrin can never be a mother, her immaculate bonding becomes inimical with Nasrin. On his mother’s demand, Abdullah is obliged for a second marriage to Bano. After one and a half years, they’re blessed with a daughter, Azima. Nasrin forgets her piercing sufferings of 1947’s partition, when her family left India forever, after Azima’s birth. Out of her miserable world grows mother-daughter bonding that can endure all obstacles and hardships of life. She teaches her one of the important lessons of life that there is a vast difference between ‘being patient’ and ‘being oppressed’. She loves Azima beyond everything one could ever imagine. But once again, she has to bear the pain of separation when Azima will marry to Hasan. Hasan is happy with his Nawabi tag and unaware of his responsibilities towards his wife and daughter. His sister Ruqayya is the one who holds his business. She loves Azima and her niece Ezzah a lot, also she shares a strong friendship with Azima, but as usual, she’s perplexed and entangled between blood relation and friendship. Maheen, Hasan’s courtesan, has changed Azima’s life forever. In a patriarchal and conservative society where women are not allowed to speak before their fathers and husbands, will Nasrin and Azima be able to get what they deserve for their, “unacknowledged struggles”?

  • The Game of Impala by: Dhaval Dave 200.00

    The book “The Game of Impala” is about Game Kho-Kho. The book having information about games and some the rules and regulations. The book includes Ground marking, position, policy, regulation on different situations, team planning, history about game, types of awards. Also includes how to react in a playing situations. Instruction also for Players, Coaches, Managers, and officials.
    A motive to write this book for local players, who do not understand properly due to language issues. The book having a very easy explanation to learn without any support. The player solves their difficulties from this Gujarati language book.
    Hope everyone likes this book.

  • Fear can be Overcome – A Challenge that Life Accepts by: Raghavendra Pati Tripathi, Parul Tripathi, 249.00

    This book is a mirror of the social phenomenon of the society through which our lives evolve. Many times in our lives, we wander with the shadow of our fears lurking over us. This more often than not hampers our ability to think rationally, execute fully and stops us from achieving what we are truly capable of. Sometimes we are at our lowest point… disappointed and exhausted, loosing all the hope to get out. In those moments, we need to remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
    So, be ready to face the challenges thrown at you. Trust that “Fear can be overcome”.

  • BLUES OF THE FLAME by: Parnika Agarwal 220.00

    “To express yourself needs a reason, but expressing yourself is the reason.”
    The concept of expression is what I have tried to endorse by sharing this book. The title of this book ‘Blue of the flames’ holds the meaning of something hidden. Even though the blue part of a flame is at the bottom and hiding, it is still the warmest. Indicating what we hold beneath our hearts rather than myself I show other people, is actually what our characteristics are all about. What is behind that mask is what makes you and it is beautiful.
    Often joy is what is embraced by those around us, not sorrow. Hence, I have written poems to appeal to that and reach out to the light of hope for the same. I don’t intend to know everything about such emotions, nor have I faced such situations to be aware of them in depth. But I still hope a few find the penned lines approachable and relatable. I have also tried to address a few issues growing in our society that I think should be addressed or various topics that catch my attention. Hope you enjoy reading!

  • All of me by: Nandini Joshi 200.00

    This book is a poetry book, which has 4 sections – LIFE, LOVE, HATRED, AND DEATH. The first section of the book talks about how life is so unpredictable and situations that are under control are to be managed and accepted accordingly. It also has poems of feminism. The overall quality of the section throws light on the life experiences of a growing person.
    The second section of the book contains poems of love where love is all a person has and to offer. The feeling and emotions are varied according to romance but love is mutual.
    The third section discourses about heartbreak and the choice of revenge or not! The hated one feels when he/she is betrayed by the feelings or by the person who shared love with you, is all that is described in the form of poetries.
    The last and the fourth section of the book, comment on the different perspectives of the poet towards death. It has poems of death where the poet thinks of him as a person and talks about how he is the one who is her own and none other than him gives her pleasures of life.
    The book contains universal sections and clean poetry so that it can impact every age group and people to match the emotions of their hearts if they feel the same.
    This poetry book is an imaginary book that has all the poems based on imagination and has no connection with reality.

  • Happy Wala Season by: Anusha 475.00

    Happy Wala Season is the story of two youngsters to work hard to make their dreams come true. They do not give up even during their hardest times. How love blossoms between them and how supportive they are with each other and how they achieve their goals is the story of Happy wala season.

  • TURKISH-SYRIAN RELATIONSHIP: 2002-2014 by: Aadil Shafi Beig 155.00

    This study analyzes the factors that motivated both Syria and Turkey to mend their ties and enter into a friendly relationship with each other since 2002 (when AKP came to power). The study also looks at the factors which contributed towards the abrupt breaking of ties and growing antagonism between the two countries in the aftermath of the ‘Arab Uprising’. This book is important because it is concerned with the region, which has remained volatile since the time of its creation, and more importantly, the repercussions of the ongoing turmoil have already transcended the boundaries and are bound to have further serious consequences.
    Turkey and Syria being the two significant countries. Hence, the relationship between the two has a bigger say in the region than that of the world.

  • Ek aah Jeevan ki by: Shree Suresh Chand Agarwal 150.00

    Compositions of the author, which remove the veil of worldliness lying on his sensitive mind, easily show a glimpse of the spirit world in which he may have been drowning again and again, but he did not let anyone even know about it !
    No one knows when he started writing poems, perhaps in his youth, because some makeup-based compositions indicate his youthful mind, while some compositions show the maturity of thoughts, some are patriotic! Dohe and Muktak tell that whenever poetry flashed in his mind, he used to imprison it in the diary and put the diary in the cupboard. He kept on handling all the public behavior himself, so during his time, no one needed to peep into his cupboard nor found a way to peep into his mind.
    Today the idea of compiling and printing the poems written in the diary found after his departure is taking shape.

  • Mirror of life (season-1) by: Lipsita Mohanty 85.00

    Mirror of life (season-1) is about to realise the different stages of life which we all face but never give deep attention to what we are doing & neglect. This book is giving us a chance to make ourselves understand the reality of inner you & life stuff too. The reason why I prefer all to read my book is just find a little time for “Yourself” forgetting the whole for a while. Then you will definitely feel special. You will also see some sketches by me which is connected to the content of the previous topic. Life is unstoppable as well as this book too.

  • DIGITALIZATION OF BUSINESS PROCESSES – A Systems Approach by: Dr. L.R.Chary, Ms.Mallika Ladi, 300.00

    In the past two decades, several organizations have gone in for the implementation of ERP in their respective organizations, but with mixed results. Wherever the implementation has not produced the desired results, the client organization has invariably blamed the implementer of ERP for the failure to deliver the deliverables while the ERP software implementer has blamed the client organization for not being able to specify exactly what they want and thus the blame game goes on. The real reason, however, for the failure of ERP lies neither with the client nor with the implementing agency/ software company. This failure is attributable to the lack of a standard approach or methodology to describe the business process in an unambiguous manner so that the ERP implementer and his client organization are on the same page. It is, therefore, felt that an Out-of-the-Box solution is the need of the hour, hence this work. This book, inter alia, suggests a systems approach to the implementation of ERP so that there is no communication gap between the implementer and the client and the project is implemented successfully to everyone’s satisfaction. Case studies and examples based on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and allied techniques as applied to business processes are also presented in this book.

  • RSS Monumental Centenary of Indian Ascent by: Sau Bhardwaj 220.00

    RSS is a journey of India since 1925. Sangh is an inherent part of India’s progressive and encompassing development amidst highs and lows. Over the last 100 odd years, the Indian nation has witnessed a spate of events; good, bad and ugly which have moved on carving the history of the country. RSS has played an entrenched role in determining the destiny of Indians through the modes of self-sacrifice, unity, determination and patriotism. The moot question which the author Sau Bhardwaj has harped on and dissected is continued relevance of RSS in the extant times when the Sangh is approaching the century of its foundation in 2025. The account of this treatise has brought out the immense value of presence of a firmly rooted cadre of Sangh Swayamsevaks in the service of the fellow country folks in the times to come as well.
    The Swayamsevaks have established their identity as a force to reckon with in the face of national challenges of pseudo-secularism, majority-community bashing, national security, unity and integrity of India.

  • Ek Deepak Tum Jalao by: Pramod Bharti 170.00

    Keep on promising your lovely feelings.

  • Manshula Hatyakaand by: Gaurav saini 149.00

    Manshula hatyakaand is based on crime, murder, and mystery. A thirteen-year-old girl gets kidnapped from Delhi. And after 3 days her body was found in Chennai Kachipuram beach.

  • Mystery of the Dark Forest by: Mohisha Ojha 200.00

    This book is must for people who like horror novels. This is the story of two girls and how they save the mysterious world of fairy land but beware there are many creepy scenes in between this novel. I challenge all readers out there to read this novel at 12 am at night But better be careful if you read this novel, it can call all sorts of ghosts present in this book. So, beware!! :{

  • SMASHED by: Sasmit Kundu 229.00

    This is high time for the transformation in education. And, it’s high time for us to make it happen. We, as individuals, as students, parents, guides are the necessary contributor to this change. The book starts with a story of problems faced by an ordinary kid in his school. With time, the kid realized the faults in the education system and the illusion majority of the society is living with. We have a wrong notion of education. The problems and pains, that the kid faced & realized in his childhood and adolescence days gave him a purpose to bring a change in the system. He step out of the system, begin a quest, and later, he went on to become an entrepreneur and fix the issue with his venture. Plus, one will get to know a few of the things for self-transformation that schools today fail to focus on. Education stakeholders will also gain some insights that they can implement to contribute their part in the change. This is also backed by the opinions of the heavyweight human beings on the planet.

  • Eradicating Poverty Capitalism by: Amit K Thakur 299.00

    Politics shapes social structure, but when politics become “poly- tactics”, the social structure falls like a house of cards. This book explains how democracy and its institutions have been hijacked. The government and the billionaires are busy scratching each other’s back. People are carefully diverted to subjects that don’t matter. Anyone who points their fingers has to pay for their thoughts.

    Politics is nasty, but if you ignore it, it only gets worse. From social injustice to political ideology, and how you can create a difference, this book has it all. Explore how the system of the “Civilised” works.

  • A Collection of 7 Stories by: Kanchan 122.00

    This book is for everyone who needs a BFF,(a Jemin) in their Life! Jemin are a kind of people who are loved by many people and are a support to other people? We generally call these people Friends. Friends can help you celebrate good times and provide support during bad times. Friends prevent loneliness and offer needed companionship. This book is a collection of 7 stories revolving around friends and friendship. It has 7 stories for children, teens, and adults. Each one of us can feel a sense of friendship on reading these stories. These stories will also remind us of lost friends from who we got distanced in a race to livelihood. Friends never go far from us, they always remain in our hearts. There is always a hope to reunite and have a reunion with our friends. Do visit this Hope World once in a while.

  • Alfaaz by: Neha Rathi 100.00

    ज़िंदगी में कोई किसी के लिए नहीं रुकता, जो है आज है, कल के लिए रुकना बेकार है, किसी का साथ छूटता है तो कोई साथ देता है, जो चला गया उसे जाने दो , जो साथ है उसे थाम लो.

  • The Magical Journey of William Blaze by: Krish Kejriwal 200.00

    This book is about a boy, William Blaze, who on his 12th birthday discovers that he is a wizard and his parents have been killed by the evil witch, Evanora. William is called to the ' Mandorian School of Magic to study about magic. For the first few days, everyone thinks that Evanora has been captured but soon William discovers that she has broken out of her prison. William has to face her and pass through dark forces and many more conspiracies; he also has the help and support of his two best friends, Joe and Christina to put an end to the name Evanora
    Will William be able to defeat Evanora with the help of his two best friends or everything will turn against him?

  • Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filters for Microwave Communications by: Dr Aman Dahiya 100.00

    In electronics, filters are used to allow signals of a certain band of frequencies to pass while blocking others. They are a basic building block of electronic systems and have many applications. Amongst the uses of waveguide filters are the duplexers, diplexers, multiplexers, selectivity and noise limitation in receivers, and harmonic distortion suppression in transmitters. Waveguides are metal conduits used to confine and direct radio signals. Most commonly they are rectangular, but other cross-sections as circular or elliptical also exist. A waveguide filter is a filter composed of waveguide components. It has the same range of applications as other filter technologies in electronics and radio engineering but is different mechanically and in its principle of operation. Waveguide filters have more in common with transmission line filters than lumped element filters; they do not contain any discrete capacitors or inductors. However, the waveguide design may frequently be equivalent to a lumped element design. The design of waveguide filters frequently starts from a lumped element design and then converts the elements of that design into waveguide components. Starting with basic research on the developed in the recent years, this book focuses on the simulation and building up of multiple Substrate Integrated Waveguide filters with multiple defined substrates

  • Discourse on Chinese Language Literature and Culture by: Somya Nayak 250.00

    As China gradually emerges as a global power it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of China. Thus the study and research work on Chinese language, literature, and culture have a great deal of importance in
    today’s world. This book containing several articles reflects on how China is being perceived by the young scholars working on China, the latest advanced methodology of teaching the language.

  • A Struggle for Values of Human Being by: R L Pratham 200.00

    At the time of young age, man has to choose one way out of (idealism, individualism, materialism, socialism, etc ) many ways of human values and dedicate his entire life towards it.
    This is a story of the youth of this book, who has to struggle in his life with odds situations, a sacrifice of attractive normal life for principles of human values established by our earlier generations. What we are enjoying today is the work of our forefathers. Human life with limits is enjoyable otherwise human beings are not less than animals.
    Struggle whether it is face to face or for certain values needs some sacrifice. In this process some has to face injustice for the greater well cause. Mankind can only be controlled by hearts not by force. Individual can enjoy only by doing injustice to someone or to society. Greater satisfaction of life is to give defeat to wrong ideology.
    This is my first writing, written 45 years ago but main contents have not been altered.

  • DOSTI- YAADON KA SAFAR by: Nishtha Jatwani Manocha 150.00

    A story or a poem is like a living body, we need only tell the few, precise points to feel the heart of it leaping in its skin. DOSTI-YAADON KA SAFAR is a book of poetries being connected with friendships, their roles in one’s lives, memories, attachments. Some of the poetries among these are fiction and some are nonfiction. Some poetries I made during real situations, some I made whenever I sit alone and think of someone, I write some lines for them, which made these poetries. I love writing poetries on friendships, relationships, motivation, love, life, etc. in my next book, I will provide poetries related to motivational life.


    This self-help book explains very simply what it means to be a Hindu? This self-help book explains the process to perform Hindu funeral rites, Kapala Kriya, Ashouch Kaal, Pind Daan, Dash Gatra, Malin Shodashi, Madhyam shodashi, Uttam Shodashi, Shayya Daan, Ekadshah, Dwadashah, and Thirteenth-day Shanti Path and many other processes related to last funeral rites.

    It describes various Shraadh Kriya and how to do it yourself.

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