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    Dental implants have become very popular due to its ability of restoring missing teeth functionally and esthetically, but like any surgical procedure, they are associated with their fair share of complications too. This book covers almost every possible complication related to dental implants as well as shares various article summaries that I have complied during my extensive research on this topic.

  • Islam A Rational Approach To Human Life by: Abbas Ali Baig 277.00

    ‘Islam: A Rational Approach to Human Life’, is an exposition of how and what man is assigned to do in his life. He is allowed to do everything that is reasonably good and just for his sustenance. What is impermissible is injustice for it breeds corruption. The ultimate goal for mankind is to explore the environment around him and make it habitable. Not only this planet but the whole Cosmos is made subservient to him. His ultimate abode is the paradise of his dream which he has to find on his own. That is the place where his command would be his wish. This is what Islam aims mankind to achieve which is possible only through knowledge and wisdom.

  • Hindu Antiyeshti Evam Sanskar Vidhi Aur Moksh Yuva Purohit Dwara by: Sham Sunder Bali 300.00

    This self-help book explains very simply what it means to be a Hindu? The dilemma of Hindu NRIs and Hindus at large regarding Last funeral Rites in Hindus and its explanation. This self-help book explains the process to perform the systematic Hindu funeral rites, Kapala Kriya, Ashouch Kaal, Pind Daan, Dash Gatra, Malin Shodashi, Madhyam shodashi, Uttam Shodashi, Shayya Daan, Ekadshah, Dwadashah, and Thirteenth-day Shanti Path and many other processes related to last funeral rites.

    It describes various Shraadh Kriya and how to do it yourself.


  • Kya Aap Chune Gaye Hain by: Sanjay Walter Karan 299.00

    Nature has a basic law and if someone wants to succeed in life by breaking those rules, then this effort of his does not work and that person falls from the pedestal of success and reaches the threshold of failure. This Book will help you to learn the same rules and help you to achieve spiritual, mental, social, and economic growth and success in your life.

  • Vidhi ka Vidhaan by: UMESH CHANDRA 250.00

    The author has described the importance of Prarabdh, Work, and Destiny thoroughly.
    The author says, there is no dependency of life only depends on God, there would be no need of a mother, father and other relatives, knowledge, science and thought secondary in life? If mother, father, and other relatives, knowledge, science is primary for life, is God secondary in life? The rule of God is meaningful for life. Everybody should know the rule of God and do like that.

  • And The Rivers Flow by: Sarabjit Singh Oberoi 265.00

    A love story on the back drop of a fictional account of clandestine activities of two warring nation’s India and Pakistan.

  • Computer and ICT in Education by: Mrs. Shweta Agrawal 319.00

    This is the first edition of the book made for Four Year Integrated B.Sc. B.Ed. Course. Using expertly crafted explanation, insider tips, and examples, the author explains and demonstrates every aspect of ICT in education. Inside you’ll find details on the entire use of ICT in education including ICT tools, Web 2.0 technologies, multimedia and e-learning tools and technologies, ICT, and Pedagogy. Everything is presented in a clear, crisp, uncompromising style that has made the learner easy to understand.

  • The Nursing Gaurav by: Hemant K Sharma 260.00

    This book is for Nursing student. It contains selected questions, previous year examination papers and examination patterns, and blue is written in very easy language so the students can feel the ease of exams. this is specifically made for University is completely based on the new and updated syllabus of Indian Nursing Council (INC) and Rajasthan University of health and sciences(RUHS)

  • Reflection of Emotions by: Sumantra Chaudhury 150.00

    Reflection of Emotions is a book that spells out various feelings which any reader can easily relate to. The poems bring out the innermost emotions the author felt during different states of mind, the things he has experienced and his thoughts about various situations. Penned down in simple English, few poems also draw a comparison with nature, which indicates the author’s love for nature and her beauty.

  • Rainbow – A Collection of Short Stories by: Dhara Parmar Desai 200.00

    ‘Rainbow’ is a book that beautifies the plethora of emotions felt during various experiences one goes through life. It depicts the colours of life in short stories, emphasising on the silver lining in each story, inculcating gratitude in a subtle yet sincere way. It helps the readers enjoy the rain and the storm instead of waiting for the rainbow. It takes the readers on a serendipitous journey. It will make the readers feel enlightened and exhilarated as they go through the chapters and discover the beauty of the storms that they have experienced in their lives and the inevitable rainbows and sunshine that has followed. It leaves the readers with a very strong belief that no matter what difficulties they endure in their life, they can chose to see the beauty of it.

  • The Musk of Reality by: Aakriti Bhatia 225.00

    The Musk of Reality’ is a collection of poetry and prose about the journey of life as I know it.

    Inspired representations of feelings, experiences and expectations from a lifetime, all imprinted onto paper, shrunk to fit into your arms and infuse into your own scent.

  • Daddy You Know by: Vaani Rajpal 200.00

    Poetry is the most popular and influential form of literature. It is unique in itself to convey the feelings of the mind through poetry. The scope of poetic sensibility is very wide. you can do a thorough investigation of your presence and the environment around you through poetry. The poem carries with it melodious gentleness and hypnosis.  The book depicts the fantasy world of a teenage girl who has crossed the threshold of childhood into adolescence. She may or may not have an understanding of poetry, however, limited her experience of the world may be, but she has a knack for poetry. There is a basic grip through which she can express herself. The capital of imagination she has, she uses it on his own level. Home, parents, friends, teachers, and living beings are all present in her poetry, his own ambitions, fantasies, and ideals also show their presence. These expressions of the poet are different from the prevaiting world of teenagers which is usually seen. she is not ignorant of the silence of words. These poems, written in the seventh and eighth grades, could have been published many years ago. The book was almost ready but in the preparation of board exams from 9 to 10, the poem was left far behind. After that, the right effort was taken in completing the formalities of the university. Now she has reached youth from adolescence but her feelings hidden in these poems are the same.

  • Sunny Side Up by: Sunayana Kachroo Bhide 250.00

    ‘Sunny Side Up’ chronicles the poetic journey of the poet Sunayana Kachroo. It is a collection of poems encompassing various aspects like; homelessness, gender issues, South-Asian Identity, narratives of love, heartache, grief, pain, and healing. The style of poetry follows modern poetry’s aesthetic and accessibility. Renowned Parliamentarian, Author Shri Shashi Tharoor describes it as moving poetry that implores us to hope, despite it all. Scientist-Author Padmashri Shri Subhash Kak notes that Vitasta courses through Poet’s veins although its flow fills her up with wistfulness all over her body and she speaks of deep spiritual experience. This is Sunayana Kachroo’s second book of poems. Her first book “ Waqt Se Pare-Beyond Time” is available online.


    Electricity is the lifeline and backbone of any economic activity and of economic growth. It provides a livable life for the humans in the world. There was a need for the government to ensure a sustainable electricity sector functioning in the country. We are at the door of 75 th year of Independence and 73 rd year of our country having become Republic. There is growing gap in maintaining the lifeline of electricity system even having entered the new century and living in 2021. The reforms in the Electricity Sector started in 1991..


    Loud noise and shouting are the weaknesses of the human being. Tearing of papers and throwing of objects not only demonstrate the frustration, also amount to insulting others, also self-insulting. Those who dispute this statement are advised to consult the Holy Scriptures of their Faith that enables self-assessment of one’s own behavioral attitude and pattern. Courteousness and soothing words should the first call. This is the Law of the Nature of which the human is one of the beings and not the only being.

  • Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali Ho by: Rhea Matta 200.00

    Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali Ho is a compilation of shers/shayaris/poems based on the writer, Rhea Matta’s experiences and observations in life. Through this book, she has tried to pen down, succinctly, several emotions that she has felt. The book is simply the writer’s heart and soul for the world to see, and seek comfort and strength from. Each sher/shayari/poem also has an illustration based on it, illustrated by the writer’s sister Pooja Matta.

  • Santan Kaliyug ki – kahani Sangrah by: Ravi Kumar Teotia 200.00

    In this book, I have selected the best of my stories, In which I have tried to portray some of the social & educational reforms in front of readers and society. In my book, I have tried to tell society about the behaviour and negligence of youth generation toward their parents.
    In this connection, I have selected the 11 best stories. In which my Ist story & Santan Kaliyag ki”, an Army Constable Ram Singh due to his hard work, dedication and right parenting make his son lieutenant in Indian Army. When Ram Singh asked his Col. regarding NDA. His Col. misbehaved and insulted him after this bed experience Ram Singh took a vow that he will make his son an Army as Officer in future.
    His son got married, he neglected his parents, and then left the parents in an orphanage and isolated completely. My other stories are Agni Parichha, vapsi, Sewak, Sanyog, Swami, Kul kalank, Subah ka Bhula, Nakal, Chhama & Martubhoj.

  • An Insight into your Thoughts: Recognize-Realize-Respond by: Kunju C. Nair 293.00

    “An insight into your Thoughts: Recognize-Realize-Respond” is always “Beginning with your quality, ending up with your identity”. In between, all the outcomes from realities of life on various occasions – to live life, peaceful life, rich life –towards success, growth, and achievements. Being successful is not just counting wealth. Beyond all, this book guides you towards earning the identity, dignity, reputation, status, and worth. Inspired by own thoughts, 111 motivational and inspirational quotes are derived from the logics behind the challenges of facing life, which can be
    applicable by you at any circumstances to overcome/minimize the maximum risks and uncertainties of undue realities in your life towards success and be happy.

  • AAKAAR – The Voice of Art by: Mittul Agarwal 499.00

    AAKAAR – The Voice of Art is an Indian visual arts magazine by THE ART HUB which is dedicated to artists and the art industry. The 2nd edition of the magazine celebrates the evolution of art post-independence where one can find articles and interviews of artists, curators, writers, and organisations. The magazine aims to initiate discussions on important topics in the art community and spread awareness about various art forms. One can delve into mesmerising artworks and read about the artist’s thought process. Even if you are new to the world of art, you can be a reader of it and appreciate the efforts of Indian artists and organisations who have kept art alive. Happy reading!

  • KYO ROTE HAIN NAR AUR NARI ? by: Daman 265.00

    I hope that by reading the given chapter in this book, it has given change in thoughts and patience, courage. You must have known that “why do men and women cry?” I apologize if there are any errors in the words in this book. Will be corrected in the next edition. Because this is my first article and first edition. The manuscript of this book was prepared 9 years ago, but could not get it published due to financial constraints. Now my hard work saved me money and my book was published by Blue Rose Publisher. For which I am very grateful. And my dream of becoming a writer came true.

  • Nazdikiyan duriyan by: Ar. Kshama Rane 250.00

    This is the second poetry book under the ‘u have only one life’ series. It includes all the Shayari written in Hindi while using Urdu sparingly. The theme for the second book is the eternal ‘love’ more so when we could not meet in reality due to the Covid-19. The story goes between two people who met after years just before the pandemic and then kept in touch throughout the coronavirus outbreak via emotions, words, and feelings. This ख़यालात between them are conversations which should have happened with face-to-face interactions. This banter between them is bound to be personal and repetitive which reflects our days passing during the lockdown. Nevertheless, hope remains that the lovers will surely meet.

  • Soul Insurance My life’s Research Testimony of How Lord Jesus Saved me from this World by: Kaustav Chowdhury 200.00

    This book is a testimony of my year-long research over a question I had stumbled over the internet regarding my soul’s destination after my death. I started researching intensively to find the answer to that question in the most unbiased way. That led me to discover some very hard and offensive facts about this world and our existence. The things I discovered then, changed my life for the better and gave me a whole new purpose. Be a part of my research journey and experience the transformation I underwent.

  • Until It Rains Again by: Ruchikaa Bhuyan 399.00

    ‘Until It Rains Again’ is a 2021 coming-of-age fiction novel by teen author Ruchika Rashya Bhuyan that explores the journey of seventeen-year-old Alaina Kaur, its protagonist, as she approaches the cusp of adulthood and finds herself in a mental ruckus of friendship, relationships, and sexuality. The story beautifully portrays presently sensitive themes like mental health and unconventional romance through a gripping first-person narration. It is a perfect read for cravers of romance and bildungsroman narratives.

  • Ire of the Condemned by: Allan T Walker 240.00

    A Former Marine races against time & Corrupt Government Machinery to save a College student from meeting the same tragic end that his family met years ago.

    Shaun Key was trained to be a killing machine by his government to work under the radar and facilitate the outcomes where the Diplomacy & Government outreach fails. Arguably the best Special Forces operator & a dedicated team leader, finds his world overturned in a matter of few days. A covert operation in Iraq goes wrong as his entire team is wiped out forcing him to be on the run….hunted by the same people who have trained him. Back home his wife of 5 years and his 2-year-old daughter meets with an accident which is as suspicious as it is a coincidence.

    With nowhere to go, and his world shattered, Shaun goes underground to lead a reclusive life in the far west wilderness until a chance encounter brings him back to the arena that he had left far behind. He is back from the forced retirement to save a kid & seek answers to what happened all those years back.

    With a whole Government working to hunt him down, he is up against a challenge that will require all his wits & training to outmanoeuvre this formidable enemy and unearth the truth that has the ability to shake the foundations of the government if it came out in open.

  • The Secret of Fairy Garden by: Theertha R J 250.00

    The Fairy World becomes perfect with the transformation of Evil to Good. That will be the sustenance of the world.

  • Anu Aur Uske Anya Raag by: Subhashish Ghosh 200.00

    ‘Anu Aur uske anya raag’ features ten episodes based on observations of children and their daily doings. The narration is delightfully simple and witty, with a vivid and colorful imagery. The endearing characters come to life, tugging at your heart strings at times. The narrator manages to sustain the readers’ interest and makes the book appealing to children and adults alike.

  • The Antarctica Expedition – My Dream Come True by: Major Mahesh Patel 899.00

    The manuscript is a first-hand account of the expression of the author as a member of the 8th wintering team of India to the coldest, driest windiest, and frozen continent “ANTARCTICA”. It is the 5th largest continent, nearly twice the size of Australia, and the least populated continent with an average ice thickness of 1.9 kilometers. The book indicates the selection and training of the team members to execute various engineering tasks on their own to ensure the survival of the entire team. It describes in more or less chronological order the journey of the author throughout the expedition and deals with the challenges and hazards of the harsh winter and how tasks were executed in the hostile environment.

    This is a must-read for all those who love adventure and its aim is also to motivate others to embark on such similar adventurous journeys

  • My Dying Conscience by: RASHMI TRIVEDI 150.00

    A bouquet of soul stirring, heartwarming, thought provoking poems from the pen of Rashmi Trivedi. Every flower in this bouquet will touch a chord in the readers and it will feel as if the poem echoes their sentiments. The poems are very simple and relatable which will sometimes leave the readers misty eyed and sometime put a smile on their face.

  • Wah Neeli Saree by: Lala Ashutosh Kumar Sharan 200.00

    Wah Neeli Saree’ is a collection of beautiful, gripping, and appealing stories written in a fluent simple language by Dr. Lala Ashutosh Kumar Saran. The reader correlates himself with the characters of the stories and finds a member of his family or an acquaintance in them. The pleasure of reading stories written proficiently by an experienced writer is peerless. The fine craft of these stories gives the feel of heart-rending ghazals.

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