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    “Kaleidoscope“ is a photo book featuring photographs that reveal those transient moments depicting those splendid variety of visual treats, rich vivid colours, unending frames. Capturing people, their moods, emotions, aspirations, livelihood etc and the nature and all its beauty through the eyes of camera.

    Kaleidoscope by: 800.00
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    “This is a story about Panchi, who lives in a low slum area of the city having the courage to fly in the high sky. She has been taught since childhood that family is the first priority for a girl. She doesn’t accept it and questions the discrimination between girls and boys. In spite of all these issues she makes her own path and walks out to live her dreams. But time takes an unexpected turn and she goes to mental asylum.
    Now will she come out of it? Will she live her dreams? This story is not only Panchi’s story, but connects to whole girl clam. This book touches various untouched aspects of women’s life. This is the story about a clash between dream and society. “

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    It isn’t easy to understand this life but I have lived every moment of it and penned down all my experiences, whether good or bad. That explains the title of the book ‘Zindagi Ek Ehsaas’. “Live each day like it’s your last.”

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    You meet a lot of people in your lifetime. Some you just cross and never think of again, some you become completely involved with and then there are some who keep you company for just so long before they realize that despite being in love with you, there’s nothing more they’ll do than bring your ruination. And instead of understanding, your soul can’t seem to let it go. Read on for a journey of lost love and a yearning for second chances from the author’s own shelf. Harmeet Batra, by profession is a civil engineer, interior and furniture designer trained in Italy. His other passion includes Writing, Key chain collection, Travelling. Harmeet is an avid environmentalist he holds three patents in the area of water conservation.

    My Last Sip by: Harmeet Batra 150.00
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    Vidhwa mausi is a heart touching story about the condition of widows in our Society

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    On one fine sunny day, God my Lord appears before a soul or a sprit and orders him to take birth on earth. But that soul promptly puts up a phrase “Is it worth to take birth on earth” and further explains his own view of human hate and detest. And also finding human to be a negative and all the time fighting creature, jealous and as well as mean. To broaden the outlook of the soul, God empowers him with power of observing people from the womb or from the pregnant lady’s abdomen but in a very neutral and balanced fashion and disappears with a promise to see again after the end of pregnancy period. If after nine months his opinion remains unchanged then he would be taken back from earth to take birth…what happened to each month, what kind of people soul met on earth, did he go through any heart change and finally “Is it worth to take birth on earth” ….make things interesting, complex as well as brings out the true facet of human i.e. man or woman. Piyush Nawal or Piyush Sinha is a history graduate from Bhagalpur University, he has worked in different non govt. bodies to earn understanding over human relationship and human behavior. Apart from writing in English, he writes in hindi as well with pen name Piyush Tilotma. “A wholesome affair” is the name of his earlier work.

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    China still remains an enigma with varying opinions on its power status – regional or international! What is its current reality? What is “Chinese Dream” defined by Xi Jinping? What “Grand Strategy” has been identified and defined to achieve “Chinese Dream” by 2021 and 2049? How will the single party Chinese Communist Party manage its pre-eminence even in decades ahead with dynamic changes in people’s growing awareness and rising expectations? Furthermore, will China behave responsibly or hegemonic with incremental increase in power status? G B Reddy has made an attempt to provide a holistic perspective by comprehensively reviewing past, present and future policies, strategies and modernization achievements and programs in social, political, energy, economic, technology, use of soft power and hard power. Most important, the contents are designed to understand the course that China is traversing in its quest to attain dominant power status by 2049.

    Rising Dragon by: G. B. Reddy 500.00
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    The book is based on the real life story of a fifty year old woman who was suffering from chronic ailments like fibromyalgia, general anxiety syndrome, pancreatitis, knee pains, recurring nightmares, fears & phobias of many kinds since childhood. When all the conventional forms of treatment failed and her regular visits to the leading hospitals and renowned doctors turned futile, she approached me in a pathetic condition to save her life from an impending disaster. How she recouped in two years, without the use of medicines, from all her ailments through spirituality and para-sciences forms the crux of this heart-wrenching and adventurous story that will enthrall the readers by its spellbinding episodes. Her revelations about spiritual entities and the process of her enlightenment will be the highlight of this book as it will serve as a first-hand experience for the readers who wish to experience the infinite. About hundred and fifty messages from the protagonist to the author, with actual date and time, have also been shared in this book. These messages will authenticate the power of Para-Sciences and inspire the readers to comprehend the benefits of healing and meditation. Moreover, the readers who might never be able to experience divinity in this birth can actually have a strong feel of God and its divine light and how a person metamorphoses from the material to spiritual reality. The book also has fifteen annexures, which will enlighten people in brief, about some extremely effective Para-Sciences.

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    Nevika’s life is a path for all who let themselves down when they confront battles. Rather, continuing the journey is the right archery to hit the even against all odds and someone, who shows the same courage is named a victor someday. So, all the readers, go ahead and let it be continued… Niharika Srivastava, an eighteen year old girl, student of Delhi University decided to write something which is experienced by most of the people at this age. Her vision for life is clearly depicted in her story. Being a budding writer, she expects positive response and inspirations to write more….

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    Life, like river has to flow irrespective of the context towards the final destination: Ocean or Infinity. No rule can stop the natural rhythm of river and life. Truth is always neutral like depth of the river. If we travel deep in the river: vibration of real without superficiality or glorification is observed. The name of the book: ‘Bottom of a Holy River’ genuinely represents the essence of the poems: to differentiate real and false as Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa said: “The world is indeed mixture of truth and make-believe. Discard the make-believe and take the truth.”

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    “God plants those seeds, through people on earth… you’re one… I’m one… to bring some bliss… Some escapism… some joy… some magic…!” “Believe in yourself” – Esh

    Secret of Success by: Esh 125.00
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    This book ‘A pinch of life – Sweet N Sour’ is a constellation of the varied chapters of life the experiences generated through it and the memories created through it. The subjects of poetry are obvious yet inevitable; the writing style simple yet impeccable and the thoughts mature yet youthful. The purpose of this book is mainly nudging us away from the daily stresses and strains of life through my poetry and driving us through my colourful journey of life. Love and Happiness

    Sweet and Sour by: Deepshikha 150.00
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    The book deal with the Indian Media and how they did not project Sikh issues correctly based on the historical facts about political rights of the Sikhs. Bhindranwale was wrongly blamed by the government and the Media that he was Congress’s creation, going to create Khalistan and Hindu genocide. Some say about 30,000!

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    A consolidated publication on the demographic scenario of the country was long awaited. This publication is a treasure-trove of demographic data of India showcasing valuable information on various aspects including socio-cultural and economic parameters. Through this work, the author has tried to put the frequently required census data together containing the latest census figures as well as those of the past few censuses. The data used in this publication is basically drawn from public domain open access data from Census 1951 to 2011 as per availability and the sample surveys like Sample Registration System. It contains ten chapters covering Size, growth and sex ratio, Age structure, Literacy and education, Work participation, Marital status, Disability, Fertility, Mortality, Religious affiliations and Migration. The information contained in the publication will be helpful in catering the needs of demographic data users.

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    Justifying the name, Catharsis is a compilation of 21 poems that give an insight into the Writer’s life and mind. Written solely with the idea of emotional release, the poems portray the writer’s thoughts on love, family, mental health, struggle, and other aspects of life that our emotions are driven by.

    Catharsis by: Saundarya Verma 250.00
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    We, without love, are broken men and women.
    Shattered bodies and injured souls.
    We cannot fight the battle and conquer the world,
    Without giving and receiving love.

    Ali, a simple boy with complicated past, is yet to find the purpose of life. Shruti, a bubbly girl pursuing engineering, but Mother Teresa has inspired her more than Newton. She is all set to pursue her dream. But what if the cost of your dream is your life? Vishal, a doctor by profession but a storyteller by heart, is about to come to a terrific story.

    Sushmita, a humorous woman is about to rewrite a tragedy.

    Noor, an orphan is about to encounter all the above characters and is about to bring a drastic change in their lives.

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    The book “Embarking Affection” talks about the three stages of teen infatuation which are attraction, affection, and desolation. These three are the stages which a teen goes through while they get infatuated to the opposite gender. These three stages of the teen infatuation have been described beautifully in the form of poems.

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    It is a remarkable book of metres and verses containing the motto of life. We can do nothing in life without concentration. If we believe in the Lord, we can unite with true goal. We should have belief in God and never be down-hearted. Life is nothing unless we get the true way of life. We realize our pain, but forget the pain of the world. We must realize how the other people live. We shouldn’t make false commendation. We do the wrong works to gain advantage but we don’t ponder over the upcoming problems. Many stories have been composed about love, but nobody knows the true definition of the love. We should learn civility.

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    A story of a small town girl khushi. An extrovert girl with an introvert best friend nitu. Life was amazing until she wished to move hostel for further studies in vskp. There in girls college and hostel she found a ambivert friend Ishu. They choose to be the only friends for each other. Life was good until they had to part there ways from each other. Gradually she found Gaurav as love of her life but wherein Khushi had different plans for life. As she Khushi was confused about what she want in her life. She had options Animesh and Ishu. Whom will she be able to say her feelings? Will she be able to reach her destiny or will stop in the mid of her love life?

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    This book is a journey of a girl becoming a woman. It deals with emotions and issues affecting all of us at some stages of our life journey. The author has written this book to acquaint her readers with issues faced by women at every stage of their lives and how we need to overcome it. She has walked the path and knows how painful love and loss can be. She hopes her words bring solace and strength to readers and they realize that hope is a very vital thing.

    It is hope that sustains us. It is hope that makes us see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is hope that renews our faith in us whenever we fall down.

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Scrutiny-In Search Of Love by: Rani Patel 130.00
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    This book contains solutions of around eight hundred questions from the last seven-year question papers of CSIR/UGC NET-JRF Mathematics exam. With the detailed solutions to all the previous year NET exam problems in Real Analysis, Linear Algebra, Complex Analysis, Topology, Functional Analysis, Modern Algebra, Differential Equations and Number Theory given in this book, one can easily understand the techniques of solving different types of problems in pure mathematics which will definitely help students in various branches involving mathematics. This book is specially designed for the aspirants so that they can prepare their competitive exams like NET, GATE, NBHM, Ph.D. entrance exams for IIT’s, IISER’s etc. in a very subtle way.

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    For both Financial Advisors and Investors, this book has real-life experience-based tips for beginners, which further would be based on to some of the possible categorization, takeaways (summery of tips), ‘Mutual Fund: An Overview’ followed by ‘Basics of Financial Market’ and ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

    Why should we learn from someone else’s experience?

    Let me start with a question.
    What will happen if someone falls from the top of a four-story building? One would break his/her leg? Broken bone? Maybe death?Many other responses will also come. But I think the majority will agree that there would be certainly an injury if not death. Correct? Now, if I throw one more question to that majority, how many of them have actually fallen and experienced it themselves? Then I believe more than 95% answers would be on the negative side…But all of them would have known the outcome. How?That’s because, he/she has seen someone, whom it has happened in the past. This is nothing but he/she has learned from someone else’s experience. So moral of the story is, that we do learn from else’s experience, but sometimes we do not realize it.
    Likewise in the corporate world, there are many things which we can learn from our seniors, mentors, juniors, colleagues, sales guy, operation guy, peon or anyone for that matter. They have also experienced something in their life, be it professional or personal. The position of the person is not important, learning can come from anyone, be it a human or animal.

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    The story is a journey of Suhana and Rhean. Suhana, a successful young girl falls in love with an investment banker from Auckland. It is a story which talks about the desolate that Rhean brings in the life of Suhana and despite all the odds she loves him. It talks about a man, who fights against his fear and mistakes to win her heart forever.
    ‘The Destiny’, talks about the struggle of life and the evolution, which is a basis of any beautiful relationship. It is a story, which will make you believe in the power of destiny and magic of love.

    The Destiny by: Khyati Jha 160.00
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    Bhaav Kalash is a collection of Hindi poems in which the author, Mr. Hanuman Prasad Bhora, talks about various themes based on life, emotions, truth, love, nature, and many other things that revolve around us.

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    The summer breeze captures, wreathed in poetic expressions, all sorts of emotions one undergoes when he/she is exposed to “Incorrigibly Imprecise Love”. This book would easily amuse and speak to all those who have had butterflies in their stomach, jitters in their heart, and fatality in their head while love chose them to claim its territory. It sings about the asymmetry of love, its inscrutable courses offering young and maiden hearts to get surprised, get diagnosed with an incurable infection, get consoled, get berated, and get pampered at the disposition of love.

    A Summer Breeze by: Sweta Rani 150.00
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    This book explores Vastu Shastra, which is based on science and uses structural conditions; and Feng Shui is based on geographical conditions.
    Both use compass directions to know about the energy in different sectors of the place. There is no complete correlation between Vastu and Feng Shui. But the objective of both is same although the process to achieve it is different.
    In this book, both Vastu and Feng Shui have the same objective: that is creating atmosphere and situation on the premises that bring good health, wealth, happiness and well-being.

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    Owing to his long teaching experience and personal association with the students and teachers of Economics and keeping in mind their needs and requirements, the author has written this book with the motto to enable the students to understand the principles and theories of economics and to learn their applications in real life.
    Special features of the textbook are:
    •Each chapter is divided into several sections covering all the components of the syllabus.
    •It has logical and systematic presentation.
    •It incorporates a large number of diagrams and schedules with explanations.
    •To give students an edge over the basic knowledge of the matter, “An Extra Mile” has been given at the end of each chapter.
    •Exercise is tuned to the pattern of examination. It includes:
    •Questions related to remembering and understanding of the subject matter.
    •Reason based questions.
    •Previous years’ CBSE questions.
    •Information and concept based questions.
    •NCERT questions

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    “Loviolations is a collection of romantic and love poetry that delivers the feelings of men in and out of love in the most simplest yet striking form. The book has three sections which vividly paint the situations experienced by them in relationships,love ,loss and love marriages apart from a tinge of feminism and emotional resurrection in the book . Loviolations takes into account both love and the violations or the deviations from love that are a part and parcel of the romantic ecosystem and always crave for acceptance and empathy from both genders, together in the form of a complete package. “

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    How would you like to live your wildest dreams? Uncover the greatest opportunities for maximizing your health and happiness today. Discover how to solve your big health problems to prevent life catastrophe. In here is the health and mind secrets that are the shortest time possible solutions to double your performance. Perhaps your health and performance are holding you back and feel only when this gigantic mountain in front of you moves, you can begin to see and enjoy the beauty of life and make your wildest dreams come true. You don’t have to wait. In this book, Hanan reveals her successful RPH system around getting your wealth of health and leveraging it to instantly transform your life! She has pilot-tested on the best testing ground: her own life. She helped others gain a competitive advantage for themselves and their career and business. Read the simple yet powerful health and mind hacks that make up the system that you need to follow, all in a step by step format to have the health and exponential performance you truly deserve. Change the new way you look at healthcare with this cutting-edge system, increase your self-worth, be your best significant self and transform your reality. Optimal health and peak performance is no longer a long painful process. In this book, you will find the hacks, lifestyle strategies and actions you need to take to do and be your best. “I believe in investing in systems that will transform your health, performance, abundance and get you to your goals faster than going at it alone.” – Hanan Selim, The Rapid preventative and habit transformation healthcare (RPHT) expert.

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