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    This novel is illustrative of a boy’s certainty in love, how they too grow deep in love, be real and sincere when it comes to relationship. Reminiscing you about the old school days when everything used to be simple and the first love memories. The novel will give you a series of flashback.

    7 months by: Saad Dehlvi 199.00
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    How happy we are when somebody tries to see us from our perspective. This book tells the story of the common man of India. It’s also a great combination of non-fiction and poetry. Every common man has also a special notion, an idea, and an outlook. All rich people are not happy, and all poor aren’t sad. Now, let us live a life of a common man who is sacrificing his dreams for his family and country.

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    Let’s be honest, the military relationship is tough. The military life is a hard one, but if you love someone enough then it’s not hard to be faithful. We know it’s tough but we are helpless. We know it’s dangerous, we silently pray. We fear, we keep the faith. There are these several deaths we die every day. there are these unsaid “stay safe” goodbyes and “take care of everything until I’m back”promise we keep. That’s what and how the life is for us. We take pride in it and make our own legacy. It is a story of a group of friends who share the lifestyle, happiness, sorrow, and challenges as of having their respective counterparts in Army. It’s about the ladies who are just class apart from the civilian ones, who are the one holding on to everything served to them, unexpectedly. It’s about the gentlemen who redefine the meaning of brotherhood and friendship. It’s about the promises of staying when you don’t even know what the next moment brings in for you. It’s a journey of from being a cranky civilian to a ladylike army girlfriend. We, the girls, call ourselves the “PINK” in his world of camouflage, we hold the fortress! Pink is the sacrifice, love, and courage.

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    No matter what situation you are facing today, God has not abandoned or forgotten you. He created you and you are special in his eyes.

    “Whatever God does, he does for our good.”

    So, don’t feel sad, wake up, take your wings of imagination and fly high to reach the stars. These words of my Angel inspired me to give colours to my imagination to paint the picture of life.

    ‘INSPIRATIONS’- a poetry book written by an 11-year-old girl, candidly focuses on the powerful themes of love, goodness, and faith.

    The depth of her poems would definitely inspire the readers to love and accept their lives with gratitude.

    Inspirations by: Harnoor 75.00
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    This collection of poems highlights the truth about life. They have depicted today’s busy life. The summary of these poems is that instead of running away from our problems, we must face them with courage and a smile. Everyone is aware about the fact that death is life’s unavoidable truth. Then why not live this life with happiness, thanking God for everything.

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    Two intelligent kids Vikram and Vanita (class V and class VII respectively), feel bad about their performances in class IV and class VI respectively during last year. They want to do well in their studies this year but they do not know HOW. Their “moms” (for that is how they called their mother) also felt greatly concerned about their consistent poor performances but she too just did not know HOW to make them improve their grades. It is at this juncture that HELP arrives for them in the form of “Prabhas,” an uncle of the 2 kids, who comes to stay with them for some time. Luckily for them, he HAS the answers for their “worrisome” situation.

    Prabhas introduces a NEW EFFECTIVE METHOD for study and shows them how to apply this method. What happens after that is just AMAZING!!! The performances of Vikram and Vanita start “escalating” gradually from “ordinary” to “extraordinary” performances… and the end-result of the current year for the two young students is just UNBELIEVABLE and AWESOME!!!

    Read the book to know HOW and WHAT made the low-scoring kids turn into TOPPERS.

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    Who does not want to make it big? After all, you are going to get just one life to live. And what if you are in the process of making it ‘Big’ in the Government? Simply, nothing like that! This book is an attempt to groom you to face any Government Interview in the corporate manner, so that your discipline merges with your attitude, your talent blends with your outlook and your knowledge mixes with your endeavors as you are all set to make your dreams come true. As this book has a universal appeal, even if you are not appearing in any interview, this book may come handy as a little dose of motivation. This book is a reflection of the author’s keen and genuine interest in developing a better society.

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    When Sameer saw Riya in Allahabad for the first time, he was fascinated at her. After coming to Kanpur day and night he started thinking about Riya. His wish fulfilled on that day when she came in Kanpur for her M.A. study. Slowly they started loving each other. Life became heaven. I was also very happy with my soul mate. But our lives completely changed on that day, when a news in came to headlines in Kanpur that, a wolf killing people since two weeks. The strange think was that he was not a wolf. That Devil was one of us. I did not believe in dark world and black powers. But my thinking changed at that night, that night was Amavasya.

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    Kalidas was the greatest poet and dramatist in the Sanskrit language of his time—tentatively 374 to 455 AD. His scripts depict the then existing light and humorous culture in India. His general attitude shown in his writings also reflects his sympathetic approach towards the deprived ones and also consideration about the wellbeing of them. He used to take an active part in all the activities of the kingdom.

    In this book, the writer has made an attempt to translate the main works of Kalidas from Sanskrit to simple commonly spoken Hindi for easy understanding of the script by all.

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    Does breakup end the love that is residing deeply inside the heart of a person? Will you get it back if you cry over a split milk?
    John is crazily in love with gorgeous Priya. They are head over heels in love and share an everlasting bond of togetherness. But, everything changes when he comes to know a life shattering truth about Priya’s best friend. Things get even worse when he gets feelings for a new girl. Does Priya still loves John or has she found a new love for herself? Is John happy with his new love? What is the life shattering truth that he heard? How is it connected with Priya? Why it drove a wedge in blossoming relationship.

    Is breakup..  End of Love??? is an emotional rollercoaster which shows various phases of love and  describes feelings of a person in every stage

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Is breakup end of love? by: Sreekara Govinda 183.00
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    When was it when you fall in love? Is your school beloved still with you? Love Birds in School is just a simple romantic tale of Arush who had recently changed his school. His new school, Modern Public School, unfolds the best emotion for his life. The emotion of Love. When Arush meets Anika in his new school, the two become very good friends. However, friendship lasts only for some time as after that they both started having feelings for each other. Experience this amazing heart-pounding story which takes you back to your school days where most of us had met our soul mate.

    Love Birds In School by: Ankit 175.00
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    Living life is an art. There are so many problems we come across as individuals and so many of them are just overlooked. Living it each day by day and sailing through any specific issue in life takes a lot of investment of a lot of things to add up on. Want to enjoy life? Grab a cup of coffee and flow through the river of emotions with the author.

    It’s OK by: Shweta Tewari 200.00
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    “Media expert and an educationist, M.K. RAINA RATNAKAR after serving All India Radio and Doordarshan in various capacities, has recently retired as Deputy Director General from Prasar Bharti, Directorate General, Doordarshan. Kashmiriyat which he proclaims publicly and insistently in the book – KASMIRIYAT AVOUCHED and other stories is the striking example of his professionalism. The stories in the book being beyond the comprehension of an unexceptional human mind, are distinctive achievements in making the readers see through the true nature of the most intricate experiences of the author at Kashmir and outside Kashmir . Having exceptional talent of observation and the magical abilities of the timely trained and binge watching media expert, the author has been able to bring to surface all the felicitous and infelicitous situations of today’s Kashmir in his stories. Being also gifted with traits befitting an artiste of superior stuff , organizing various events , producing and directing many a famous plays for rural and urban audience of J&K state , both on stage and the electronic media , has been the display of his inimitable talent . He has the ability to bring the characters alive, right into the heart. His stories are vivid and compassionate. He can make people laugh, while someone inside them feels crying. The work which follows this work the true nature of the most intricate experiences of the author at Kashmir and outside Kashmir. Having exceptional talent of observation and the magical abilities of the timely trained and binge watching media expert, the author has been able to bring to surface all the felicitous and infelicitous situations of today’s Kashmir in his stories. Being also gifted with traits befitting an artiste of superior stuff, organizing various events, producing and directing many a famous plays for rural and urban audience of J&K state, both on stage and the electronic media, has been the display of his inimitable talent.

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    “ATMA KA SANGEET literally means the ‘Song of the soul’. Poems express and portray all those emotions we experience in our lives. In the roller coaster of life we experience pain, and our desires remain unrequited. Some times you feel like you are worthless, lonely and miserable. The poems are an effort to ventilate the sorrow of self acting like a balm on private miseries. Some of the poems express nostalgia for village and depict feeling of patriotism for motherland. “

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    “This is the author’s first book revealing the charms and fantasies of childhood and teenage. ‘Saudade’ means the feeling of melancholy and sorrow at the same point. This book is a collection of poems with which one can connect and feel the depth of every word. .”

    Saudade by: Kanishka Mohan 70.00
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    “Complete silence prevailed inside the ward, but it was a silence of a different kind… Aarti remained unmoved. But actually, she desired to be loquacious, speak a lot with her father-in-law.”

    The Storm in the Silence is a gripping story of Aarti, a young married woman, ambitious for a career and caught up in a relentless wrestle with egotistical and patriarchal structures of power in the domestic and professional space. Sketched in the backdrop of a nexus between college admission scams, land deals and institutions of law and order, Aarti’s narrative keeps the readers on the edge as she is drawn into conspiracies that send her hurtling down a web of lies and deceits. She inspires as she works around her dilemmas and predicaments, shooting arrows in the dark to break the glass ceiling. Aarti is both characteristically real and deeply symbolic as she dares to uncover storms embodied in forced silences.

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    After You Left (italicise the title) is a book about the journey of falling in love and becoming whole again.
    When they ask you for your favourite poem,don’t say it was him, don’t say it was her.
    Say it is you.
    Always. It is you.“

    After You Left by: Amaan Bali 120.00
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    Ever got stumped by the humble comma? Did you ever pause to think whether that beautiful sentence that you just wove needed to be joined with it’s other half by a colon or a semi colon? Do you break out into a huge sweat everytime you stared at a dash, a bracket, a brace, a dash– be it an en or an em? If the answer to all this is a big YES, then look no further. This easy to understand, well structured book, broken into succinct individual chapters, takes you through the nitty gritty of all the 14 Superstar Rules of English Grammar Punctuation. And what’s more__it’s written by the expert himself, one with tons of teaching experience behind him. Definitely, a huge boon for all lovers of the language, more so for anyone looking to perfect the Queen’s English.

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    This is a story about a sixteen year old girl. She has lost everyone in her life, for which she blames her fate as solely responsible for everything ‘bad’ that happens to her. A boy named James comes into her life to alter her belief. Will James be able to bring back her good faith in her bad fate?

    “Sometimes what we think and what we do is not the truth. Sometimes we have to fool our mind as well as our heart to stay calm. Every time it is not all about our Fate.”

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    Love isn’t the same. It’s confusing, complicated, chaotic and conditional. Dhruv has two bullets on his heart and has seen the scorched side of love. Aashi, dears the fantasy to be in love Manvi perceives it isn’t a sin to continue an extra- marital affair with Dhruv even after her marriage. Krity has been in a committed relationship for long. Still, Krity wants Dhruv in her life but cannot forgo her present and past. The love-like-thing boils between Dhruv and Krity. How will Dhurv react when Krity tells him her heart? Will he take on the third bullet? Or will he move with the drift? Read a tale of love that isn’t love, a story that narrates the grey side of the red love…

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    This book has been written by the author on a topic which is not only worldwide focused and discussed but is directly related to the existence and survival of the human life on this planet. Although the book is mainly focused on the sex-selective abortions in the Indian society, it has also highlighted the menace internationally. This book covers the causes, motives, methods, consequences of sex-selective abortions and also discusses the laws relating to sex-selective abortions enacted by the legislature from time to time. The book discusses the applicability and implementation of the said laws by different organs of the government. The role of the judiciary in implementing the laws has also been discussed in length. The author has chosen only two districts of the state of J&K so as to deeply highlight the issue of sex-selective abortions in these areas. Being the resident of the district Srinagar the author could understand the intent and purpose of sex-selective abortions by the society by way of different methods. The methodology adopted by the author for the present study is partly doctrinal and partly non-doctrinal/empirical. To have a clear understanding of the social dimensions of sex-selective abortions different sections of the society were interviewed and also structured interview questioner was framed after interaction with the members of the sections of the society. After reading this book a reader would definitely get enlightened with the concept of sex-selective abortions which is still prevalent in our society at a time when human civilization claims to have reached to greater heights.

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    The content of book is history of dairy forming, self employment, breeds of animal, selecting of animal, construction of sheds, animal nutrition, making of feeds, Azola production Hey & silage, Infertility, care of calf before & after born, majar disease of animal, artificial Insemination, doubling of income, project making, milk production , milk product, bio mass, care of animal by first add.
    Hope this will be helpful to all farmers & all relevant people who have a step in life for achieved goal & success of life in a dairy farming business.

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    Ishqedaariyan is a collection of poems. The poems consolidated in this collection fundamentally tries to emote various shades of one’s feelings and experiences. Ishqedaari essentially means a relation based on love. Love, be it towards any special person, or the work we do or the life or nature, brings happiness, pain, peace, and belongingness in one’s life. It makes a living emotionally easy. The poet tries to bring various emotions which evolve in the endless journey of love.

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    Welcome to Magical World is a collection of 10 stories all in supernatural genre written by Vaishali Yadav. The stories are very lively as the reader will consider himself to be one of the characters of the story. At one side this book takes us to the magical world, on the other side it also gives moral values. This wonderful book is for children aged below 10. The book is written in very simple language, which can easily be understood by any reader.

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    The book is an imaginative story of a girl Nainy from Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, who is ailing with a terminal disease. Religious faith makes her family go on a pilgrimage to Rameshwaram. However, destiny takes another evil turn for her and she gets trapped in a storm. Instead of getting her way back to her father, she is caught in the clutches of pirates.

    To know what happened next, read the book!

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    A boy who struggled his whole life chasing someone he once knew. He found someone he was looking for. However, he encounters problems in acquiring trust and love for which he was desperately waiting. So what will it be?Will he have the trust and love he was wishing for?

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    Every heart tells a story. Some remain in the shadows while some get to see the light through the reader’s eyes. Our book Infinite Tales is a collection of such stories, stories by various writers from different places, different life experiences yet with the same desire to share a piece of their experiences with the world. So let’s begin this journey together even if we are miles and miles apart. This wonderful journey will definitely change our outlook towards life. All the bittersweet, tragic, sad, happy and gleeful stories we have lived through will be told simply by us storytellers.

    INFINITE TALES by: Md Akhlaq 180.00
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    “What happens when a helpless son is destined to see his mom, smiling with bruises every day and silently enduring the misery of her marriage with an abusive husband?”

    “Why a girl marries a guy, who is rich, handsome, charismatic, immensely loving and… a rapist?”

    “Why a simple, introvert boy gets obsessed with 25 years elder married woman even though he knows that it is unacceptable?”

    Join Moksh, Alisha, and Vineet in their saga of pain as they turn the dark pages of their dreadful past on a quiet winter night and know how the dice of their destinies rolled in such a way that they eventually ended up with befriending tears, heartbreak, lies and torments, annihilating all their innocence, simplicity and smiles, as the meaning of love, trust and happiness diminishes to something meaningless for them, in the ravaging storm of time.

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    Sometimes life brings you at a crossroad, where you have no choice but to live every day as if it was your last one. Naina was at such a crossroad! An orphan, she did not have much to look forward to in life, until she fell in love. Love gave her wings and she started to fly, only to come crashing down as the wind beneath her wings turned into a storm. She tries putting an end to her now wretched existence, but fate has some other plans for her. She comes to know that she has limited time to live and decides to start living everyday instead of merely surviving. She lives every moment without worrying about the future she does not have or the past that could not be undone. She falls in love once again, this time with life! Will fate respect her fortitude?

    From Ashes To Dreams by: RASHMI TRIVEDI 150.00 100.00
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