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    This book are very close to my heart, cause the poetry I have written in this book are on the basis of our social and personal life pushdown. in this book I have written romantic, social life and poetry. I have felt when writing this book you felt also, and enjoy the poetry author written in these book.

    Heart Beats by: Sachin Umale 100.00
  • First and Half Darling by: Prithvi Raj Singh 162.00

    This is story of a young Doctor named Dr.Raj who is living with his family in Jaipur city. In Corona pandemic soon he felt some flu like illness, and on advise of a senior he admitted in a hospital where he tested for corona and quarantined.

    In corona ward he felt loneliness and during this period some colleagues phoned him and re- membered good days of M.B.B.S and hostel life. He also felt that there was much more in these days which have forgotten due to his busy professional life. He remembered ragging days, college festival days and his love life. In those days he was in love with a beautiful school girl Neelu. And in same time an other college girl Ragini also loved him. College girl was very caring for him but he couldn’t decide his fate. Some ups and downs came in his life and due to destiny he lost both. After some time once destiny knocked his gate to select his first love but this was too late. Then what happened next? Now after 14 years he realized that his first and half love must be memorable. Then how he full-fill his memories of love.

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    In the Abyss of Rusted Essence is a collection of poems, portraying true expressions of life. In this book, the author depicts different essence; happy and sad, victory and failure, love and hatred, life and death and so on. Although the hope in hopelessness is apparent in every poem, the author conveys a simple message, “It is in darkness that you find the light, it is in storm that you find peace, it is in sorrow that you find joy” (S. Birch), giving a reason to start a new day or a new life with a new hope.
  • Guide to Minimalism by: Danish Mohammad 178.00

    Having this book is a helpful material on how to make our life simpler. As a good result, it forces improvements in almost all aspects of your life. Minimalism is finding freedom in your life to enjoy it. The objects you keep in your life are brought into it or held in your life with much more thought. Your things all have a purpose or reason. There are no strict rules to minimalism, it is what you make it, and it goes how far you want it to go. The point is to have fewer physical things weighing you down so you can make better decisions for your life overall. The concept that fewer items in your house will alter your mind and allow you to think clearer and remember better is hard to get across unless you’ve felt it personally. Minimalism focuses on simplifying your life to grant you the freedom to live it to the fullest, allowing you to focus on the things you want to do versus the things you have to do. Take on an additional project at work to make more money, take that cooking class you have always thought about, or maybe, just be able to relax in the comfort of your home and read a book.

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    Hello cooking

    enthusiast ! This book ‘TadkabyShafu’ consists of a multiple collection of simples, tried and tested recipes focusing on the minutest details of the taste. These recipes can be cooked with the aid of simple methods and widely available ingredients.‘Tadka by Shafu’ is highly recommended for those who value the art of cooking in their day to day life.

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    Meghalaya is an untamed paradise with an ultimate fusion of diverse culture, nature’s beauty, humble tribes, fascinating folklore & unusual blissful aura. The hypnotic charm of Meghalaya enticed him into its trance. Unaware about the creepy & spine chilling occurrence the protagonist was running into, there was nothing much he could do. But it was just a start of the journey which was about to infuse unanticipated encounters. Changing the definition of travel,
  • Human Rights in 21st Century: Issues & Emerging Trends by: Dr. Monica Narang 725.00

    The concept and principles of human rights are the hallmarks of modern civilised as well as democratic societies. In the present times, these have assumed greater significance at the individual, group, national and international levels. Human Rights generally refer to the universal rights of the human beings regardless of the jurisdiction or factors, such as ethnicity, nationality, religion or sex. Human Rights have evolved through ages but, human rights relating to women and disadvantaged groups keep evolving till date .The book has covered wider areas and other topics relating to environment, climate changes, accessibility of clean drinking water as a human right, antimicrobial resistance, digital surveillance, social media and internet are also included . The purpose of this book stands to make assessments of what has been achieved in the human rights arena and to reflect on the contemporary challenges, prospects and tasks that lie ahead for us.

  • Vikarna by: Ajit Singh Parmar 201.00

    Vikarn is such a character of Mahabharata, who, in spite of following the path of Dharma, kept on longing for his recognition for thousands of years only for being a Kaurava. The aim of the writer is to ensure him his most deserving honour through this book. The lovers of literature and all others should read this book at least once to learn a lesson from the life of Vikarn, that in what way immortality can be imparted to life following the path of Duty even in the difficult circumstances of life. While reading this book you will certainly get the lively feeling of the battle of Mahabharata.

  • बाबाजी, आदिनाथ, श्मशान और क्रियायोग गुरु शैलेन्द्र शर्मा by: SHAILENDRA SHARMA 1,000.00

    This book is the outcome of  discussions done over darshans on varied subjects like life and death , consciousness of the void etc.
    The conversation so  shared would surely benefit the readers as looking towards life with a better perspective.

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    World of Words, is a vocab book for beginners who wants to start communicating in English. It has all those needy words of our day to day life.
  • Cyber Security by: Rahul Sahu 950.00

    Prof. Rahul Sahu is a Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Science & Engineering in Lakshmi Narain College of Technology, Bhopal (MP) from last 5 Years. He has a 10 years of Teaching Experience. He has previously worked in Samrat Ashok Technological Institute, Vidisha (MP) and TIT Bhopal(MP). He has done his M.Tech from MANIT Bhopal (MP) and B.E from LNCT Bhopal(MP).


    Prof Pratishtha Singh Baghel, B.E (CSE), M.Tech is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Information Technology at Sagar Institute of Research & Technology, Bhopal. She had completed her Master’s from BUIT, Bhopal, and Bachelor from Bansal college of Engineering Bhopal. She has vast experience in teaching for more than a decade in some of the premier Engineering Colleges at Madhya Pradesh (i.e Technocrats Institute of Technology, Lakshmi Narain College of Technology, Bhopal ).



    Dr. Jaideep Patel is an Associate Professor in Department of Information Technology in Sagar Institute of Research and Technology, Bhopal (MP). He has completed his Ph.D and M.Tech. from MANIT Bhopal (MP) .He completed his B.E. from Institute of Engineering and Technology DAVV Indore. His areas of interest include Network Security, Algorithms, Compiler Design, Mobile Computing and Wireless Network.

  • Internet of Web Technology by: Dr. Rachana Dubey 1,200.00

    Dr. Rachana Dubey is currently working as Professor & Head in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at LNCTE, Bhopal& she is having 18yrs of teaching experience in Technical Education. She has completed B.E.(CSE) from RGPV University in year 2001 & completed her M.Tech. (CSE) from Barkatulla University in 2009 and she was awarded Ph.D. (CSE) from Mahatma Gandhi Gramodaya Chitrakoot University in 2015. Her area of interest includes Data Mining, Object Oriented Programming, Computer Graphics, Multimedia, Soft Computing and Machine Learning. She has experience in teaching the graduate and postgraduate classes. She has guided more than 30PG students. She has published large number of papers in different Conferences & National and International Journals. She has published 2 books “Network and Information Security” and “Software Engineering and Testing”. She has 1 patent on “Smart Tracker” along with 3 copyrights (Honey pot-Detection, Smart Tracker: An Android Application, Aavashomes). She is a member of various Professional Societies like IEEE, CSI, Life time membership of ISTE, IRED &APCBEES (Hong Kong) Prof Ashish Chaturvedi is a faculty in Department of Computer Science & Engineering of LNCT Group of institutions, Bhopal (MP). Presently, he is pursuing Ph.D from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal. He has done his Master of Technology from ITM University, Gwalior (MP) in 2014. He has guided many researches Scholar of Master of Technologies. He has published many research papers in various repute national and international journals. He has also been a member in various academic and technical committees of international and national conferences and societies. His research area includes Ad-Hoc Network, Network Security, and Data Base Management System. Prof Prashant Kumar Shrivastava is a faculty in Department of Computer Science & Engineering in LNCT Group of institutions, Bhopal (MP). He has completed his Masters in Information Technology from LNCT Bhopal in 2011. Presently, he is pursuing P H.D from Oriental University in computer science & Engineering. Indore. He has 12 years of experience in teaching and research in Rustamji institute of technology, BSF, Tekanpur, Gwalior. He has various research publications in reputed national and international journals and conferences. His teaching and research area are included VNET, Ad-Hoc Network, Network Security, Web Designing, Web Analysis, and Web Database. Prof Ram raj Dangi is a faculty in Department of Computer Science & Engineering at LNCT Group of Technology Bhopal (MP). He has completed his Masters in Computer Science & Engineering from SATI Vidisha in 2017. Presently, he is pursuing Ph.D from VIT University in computer science & Engineering, Bhopal. He has experience in teaching and research in LNCT Bhopal. He has various research publications in reputed national and international journals and conferences. His teaching and research areas are included Cloud security, AWS, Machine Learning, Data structure and JAVA.

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    ‘Canalvazhikal’ is a life journey and life reality.It is very laborious to describe the major experiences of a human being from birth to death in a short description.This short autobiography will be the fulfillment of a wish that has been kept in mind for a long time and has been openly expressed.A life comes with a lot of things like the growth of life,the ways to go through it,the problems and obstacles face,the help get,the good friendships and the pitfacts.How to start,where to start and how to end are not pre-determined.Some of the experiences that come through mind are just trying to add memories to the writing.Many are more likely to miss out.But it takes determination to start writing.The aim is to cover the life journey ,childhood memories,life tragedies,ways of working,some topics related to teaching and so on in a few chapters.This is a life journey.It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.Here I just trying to write down what comes to mind.In any case ,this worldly life is a journey through the jungle,a journey through Canalvazhikal.There have often many situations where they have been burned and consumed,or have been made by enemies,pretending to be friends.God considers it a blessing to be alive today without being consumed.I did not want to bother anyone personally. If anyone feels that way please excuse me.It is not my fault,it is just your fault.I just wanted a little open letter.I kindly inform you that I do not intend to harm the church,the movements or the individuals to which I belong.
  • Yog ke Vibhinna Aayam by: Dr. Rishika Verma 280.00

    This is the best book who want some study material on yoga and who want to know about yoga. First we should understand our body and then we can easily achieve our goals by Yoga. With the help of this book we can know about our body. A person can get fit and healthier by following this book. It is beneficial for all age person. in this book I have touch many portions of yoga like different definitions of yoga, types of yoga, Pranayam, more than 50 Aasans, what is stress and how to deal with that, chakras, and many more topics.

  • Jivan ek yudh, Marathi- जीवन एक युद्ध by: Sandip Biradar 247.00

    There are so many situations in life that make it difficult for you to avoid struggle. Not every struggle is necessarily bloodstained but in many different ways it beats like a tsunami. Distress, estrangement, depression, and infidelity are just some of the forms. These storms turn the cycle of life events into bleak life. This book is an ideology to revive those who have lost hope of survival also keeps them constantly energized to succeed in it.


    A man of God decides to write the events of his life in order to motivate those battling doubts and despair.

    Set in the Northeast a young boy dreams big, an impossible dream. His struggles bear fruit and the impossible dream seems well within his grasp.

    When reality hits, the boy has to man up and face failures. It is during the darkest hours that he finds God and realizes that he spent his life chasing the wrong dream, God had a different plan for him.

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    Imagine a world where you’re surrounded by people, yet alone. In this world, your mind stops time just as things progress from bad to worse so that your endless fall into the abyss of fear is nothing more than a flash flood of horrible memories and regrets. This is the world of one man — a man whose quest for answers and redemption leads him into just such an inescapable world. Join him as he goes on a journey through his mind, through the light and the dark, to the furthest reaches of his heart and mind, hoping desperately to find the answers that will give him a semblance of peace while he holds onto the few things that still make him smile. This is the world of ‘The Forsaken.’ “Every coin has two sides, and every side has two reasons. Every reason has an explanation. The deeper you go, the more detailed it gets; the more the detail, the harder the quest. Whether God is in the details or the Devil is,we may never know.”
  • Zaman-E-Mazi by: Bismil” Anurag 130.00

    Mr. Anurag Mishra ‘Bismil’, an Urdu laureate, beautifully brings forth the finest and refined human emotions of humanity, humility, spirituality, dreamy imaginations, romantic fantasies and a gusto of worldliness. In his book ‘Zaman-E-Mazi’ he delicately adores the Beauty created by the God. He also takes a dip into the turmoil of piercing pain of parting and unrequited love, which leaves a permanent scar in the psyche of the passionate lovers. His verses at times come close to the aching heart of John Keats in his famous poems, ‘Ode to a Nightingale’, and ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn’, and expresses an yearning for a state of timelessness, away from the pain and agonies of the world. The zest and pathos of these timeless verses provides a pithy insights and colourful trivia that will enable readers to fully embrace the deep rooted heart felt emotions of human beings. Anurag Bismil beautifully and will fully takes you in a world of trance in a state of complete bliss. His book creates a comprehensive panorama of finest human emotions. It offers a fresh, quirky and accessible merging of your willful soul with the soul of poetic spirit, even for the neophytes and amazes us by its transcendental glimpses. We are enchanted and moved by the spoken cadence of an Urdu couplet and its nuances I wish him all success at the debut in the world of verses and literature.

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    The book, “The NEW YOU- a journey of transformation”, is a self help book that takes you through various steps with activities to discover your inner self, to decode your negative thoughts and convert them into positive ones, to realise your inner potential and to achieve your goals and lead a happy, successful peaceful and satisfactory life.The stories of common people with uncommon achievements are narrated in a simple way. The activities provided at the end of each chapter really make you think about your own self and to unleash your inner potential. The later chapters through the stories give wonderful easy ways to make our life better, happier, healthier, wealthier, peaceful, successful and satisfactory. Thus the book helps you to find a ‘NEW YOU’. Wishing the reader a very happy journey of transformation.
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    This book can be used in varied ways  -as a great resource for trainers to build their training modules, by companies as a resource to help customize their needs and conduct training sessions, by management or finishing school students to brush up their skills , individuals as a reading resource for self-development, and finally as a great gift to someone who might need soft skills development as a whole.
    Soft Skills by: Punam Agarwal 1,850.00
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    My potential readers, we have lots of questions like non- countable and Undefined situation’s This book intellect with the genius minds regarding This type of conditions. After read if I can surely tells you all will find out your doubts about O and I’m with the help of my this innovation trying to develop my discovery-
    Theory of Disintegration

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    This book is a depiction of the experiences of a brilliant and progressive man. The author has described the events of the ups and downs in a gradual and comprehensible manner. He was born in a poor familyin a village. Right from his childhood, he boldly faced the adverse circumstances to do something new in the environment of orthodox traditions, poverty and casteism.  At the age of 13-14, he made efforts to prevent his child marriage, but his father’s stubbornness and mother’s emotions forced him to marry. But he did not give up and chose the path of struggle to achieve his goal. He decided to become self-reliant at a young age and did all kinds of hard work and labour. He developed self-control and self-confidence by taking a unique vow about his marital life. With hard work and dedication, he moved towards success and fixed new aim at every step. He worked with courage, passion and tenacity to achieve the goal. Not being distracted by adverse conditions and what people talk, he continued his struggle for success.
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    The book of Indian patriotism. Since 1961, the Non-alignment movement has tried to make the period of the current NAM useful for future generation. The Non-aligned movement has played a significant role in the world and has contributed significantly in world peace. In this book, the policy of NAM, historical method, geographical effect of India, history and tradition of India, foreign policy of India, Indo-pak relation, regional cooperation consciousness in South Asia has explained and conceptualized. Also the book reflects the relevance of NAM in the current content.
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    This book is collection of poetry. There are different types of poetry like love , sad, and patriotic.
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    Some love relationships are predominant, though they cannot be expressed. Despite the constant chatter, the relationship between father and son is solid. The reality shows that love can be not only defeated before judgment, but also rooted in its roots. There was only the delay of a loving conversation, with each other recognizing the father and son. It was not necessary for the father to comfort his son, and the son, afterward, to rebuild his father’s grief.

    Beso by: Vijil Anand 110.00
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    A prodigy that penned by a frustrated IT professional during his career and after he quit his job. These stories do have a touch of humanity since its either inspired by the surroundings or inspired from his life events. An interesting collection of stories that convey the power of Love, Friendship, Humanity and hope.


    Lord Shiva is the God of Gods who creates, protects and transforms the universe.This work is entirely aimed on Lord Shiva and his leadership attributes. Shiva is also known as Adiyogi Shiva, regarded as the patron god of yoga, meditation and arts. He is the ultimate Boss.


    Electricity is one of the key inputs for socio-economic development. Efficient provision of electricity contributes to poverty reduction by fueling economic growth and enabling the fulfillment of the basic human needs of health and education. Provision of electricity is thus crucial for improving living standards, supporting development and job opportunities and fostering social activities. To meet the challenges of ever-increasing demand for electricity different models for reforming the power sector have been adopted in India. The initiation of reforms in the Electricity Sector in early 1990s, started with the aim of liberalizing the generation sector with the commencement of the independent power projects (IPP) policy. Following a decade of energy sector reforms in India, it is appropriate to ask the extent to which these reforms have benefited the power sector. This book analyses the impact of power sector reforms on Indian electricity generating companies through the selected application of benchmarking technique essential to calculate the performance indicators efficiency and productivity based on the performance indicators. This performance appraisal of generation companies would play a crucial role in defining regulatory policies. In a scenario of power shortage, the foremost objective is the optimum utilization of available power generation capacity. This matching of generation with demand can be better achieved only through proper and efficient working of the utilities. In short, the book focused on offering a way for developing an outline for incentives for utility efficiency and productivity levels through the introduction of competition among the utilities by providing suitable performance and cost benchmarks.

  • OVER A CUP OF COFFEE by: Ritesh Menon 120.00

    Over A Cup Of Coffee is a collection of 2 short love stories.  Broken Things Called Love – Irie, becomes restless as a boy at her new school proposes to her because of her haunting past which she hides behind her beautiful smile.   Would she be able to move on and learn to live with the past or always try to run away from love? Before I Kick The Bucket – Annie meeting Adam is the work of destiny at play and as they travel around to do things Annie always wanted to, time starts slipping away. How far would a boy go to save his lover?

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