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  • Lets Meet God by: Suraj Kate 330.00

    This book is a labour of love, conceptualized so that you can love yourself and embark on the journey of finding the true meaning of your existence. This book is my journey, which is yours now. We are all one.


    This book contains the experience which the Author herself has experienced in her life.
    It has amazing short stories for kids with a moral lesson that will eventually metamorphose them into responsible human beings.
    Besides it contains laconic lovely poems along with creative teaching tips that, when implemented, can make them comprehend the concept of their respective subject brilliantly.

  • An Introduction to Language and Linguistics by: Dr. Om Prakash Pandey 366.00

    This book has been designed for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of English Language and Literature. The six sections of the book contain diffuse topics scattered across various books – Language, Linguistics, Phonetics, Teaching of English language, Functional Grammar, Communicative English. Each section is followed by an exercise of objective questions which consolidate the subject learned in the previous section. This book will prove to be an effective tool in the hands of students preparing for their university examinations as well as various competitive examinations.

  • God’s Paradox by: Sunita Kapoor 250.00

    Gods Paradox is a story about a Girl who believes in God’s Power and works hard to earn bread and butter for her home and how she is got cheated due to her circumstances and then how one gets punished for their Karmas. The story is Filled with enjoyment, courage and love relations, and God’s Power.

  • Radical English by: Debashish Sinha 912.00

    The book throws substantial light on every aspect of English grammar and composition in a very simple and lucid way. Almost every English grammar book available at the market is written in such a way as caters to the interests of either teachers or advanced learners, leaving common students out of the linguistic map. But, this book ensures to address the interests of both teachers and students alike. The special attractions of this book are Tense, special Tense, voice, Narration, Prepositions, Degree, Sentence according to structure, and above all punctuation marks. The book is a tapestry of linguistic inputs, cherry-picked wisely from a wide variety of other authoritative English grammar books, coupled with the author’s own first-hand experiences of the English language at the coalface.

  • Pottle of Gold – Friendship by: Kamya Shah 150.00

    “Friendship is the most precious God’s gift in one’s life. They are like light in our life. There is loyalty, respect, a peculiar bond, and so on. There is everything in the poem which a friendship has. It contains 25 poems. It contains all the qualities of friendship.

  • Ti Voglio Bene by: Dr Magda Medini 290.00

    “You’ll never be loved the way you are now, you never have been, you never will be.” That’s how Alex Kelly made Zohra Jaan feel, making her dance in the aisle with lascivious romance. But in the greatest essence, Zohra essentially felt like a woman with Alex. Perhaps, there is some truth in his commitment to marry Zohra with oodles of sugar lest it should sound a liable joke on her trust, integrity, and, moreover, her faith. In fact, you would feel exceptionally bemused hearing about this Italian-British handsome hunk Captain Alex Kelly genuinely loving an ordinary orthodox Indian Muslim damsel, Zohra Jaan.

  • Songs of Life by: Shiba Prasad Mohanty 201.00

    SONGS OF LIFE is a realistic creation of life-past, Present, and Future, with all the colours of life, which has been described in the coveted pages.

  • The Psychology of Success by: Sankhadeep Mondal 204.00

    Everyone wants to succeed but the honest truth is very few people actually succeed in life. But it doesn’t have to be that way because everyone can succeed if they truly want to be successful. For that, one needs to have the proper knowledge and consciousness about the thing that makes a person successful. And more than anything else, it is a person’s mindset that determines whether that person would be successful or not. It’s our thoughts that determine our destiny. Believe it or not, it’s not where you come from or how much education you have or the circumstances that you are in, but it’s only and only how you think that is going to determine how successful you will be. Yes, you can change your entire life just by changing how you think. The Psychology Of Success takes you through the entire process of personality development. In the book, the author gives you the methods that will help you to train your mindset in such a way that will help you to guard against negative thoughts and to inculcate the habit of positive thinking. It will teach you how to cultivate empowering thoughts that will help you to unleash your inner potential. It will help you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Personality development is a journey worth taking and The Psychology Of Success handholds you on that amazing journey of self-transformation and self-growth.

  • MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY by: Usha Bosak 1,400.00

    With the various advances in the field of periodontal surgeries, we have developed many surgical techniques resulting in minimal trauma and post-operative complications as well as being efficient in terms of the time consumed for these procedures. The 1st edition handbook of “MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY” is a guided update that offers you an in-depth study into the latest advances and novel techniques of minimally invasive surgery.

  • Fiber Optics & Aviation : Integration by: Gp Capt KS Mathur (Retd.) 1,010.00

    This is the first book in our country describing the utilization of fiber optics technology in aviation. As on today, almost all new generation aircrafts are installed with some fiber optics systems and/or fiber optics sensors. This book gives all the latest advances taking place in aviation as far as fiber optics technology is concerned. As on today, no university/engineering college of aviation branch (Aeronautical Engineering) syllabus is having this latest technology included in their subject, hence this is the right time to include this subject as a compulsory subject for students so that they are fully aware of this new technology incorporated in all new-generation aircraft.
    Practitioners and Students may use this book “Fiber Optics & Aviation: Integration” as postscript to my earlier written book “Fiber Optics fundamentals and advances in optical communications” for better and intended understanding.

  • Tawaaf e Aalam (Truth of the Life) by: Dr Arshiya Kausar 200.00

    The draft of the book “Tawaaf-e-Aalam” is in front of me. These articles compiled under 44 different titles on different situations. This is the characteristic of each and every article that they are decorated during and at the end with poems and poetries. Therefore the article which was initially presented in the prose later it was molded into poem to solidate the article. ( there is no consideration of criticism on her poems at the point).
    The research of the author is exhaustive with Qur’anic thought. For this reason, Quranic references are also found in her articles, Ahadith are the cognitive nucleus of all the articles of “Tawaf-e-Alam” .All articles are neutrons and protons of this nucleaus. But these articles are divided into numerous topics.all the aspects of training which are essentials in the intellectual building of islamic life are stipulated numereous titles. Similarly dr. Arshiya Kausar decorated her articles with them.

    Dr.Arshiya Kausar based her thoughts on monotheism, Hereafter, Prophethood, the misery of the world and human life, God’s love for His servants, terrible condition at the time of death, the value of time, Jihad is a form of justice, understanding of holy Quran, the grave is a first destination of the hereafter, Importance of repentance, relation with god, the importance of the believer life( Momin and muslim life) , the holy quran is a source of knowledge, good behaviour, merciful reward, Muslim is a traveller of truth, disadvantages of hypocrisy, drawbacks of illustration and importance of good morals in the sight of god at etc.

    The writing style of Dr. Arshiya Kausar is as following.
    ☆The world is just darkness, where the lamp (life) is lit for a quite while. This lamp will be extinguished shortly with a gust of air (death), and everything will be destroyed “(original/native place)”.
    ☆ As long as everything of the world is moldested and veiled, its beauty, purity and decency are preserved. (Secrets of goodness)
    She writes following about the miracles of the prophets.
    ☆ There is such a difference between the magic and miracle that magic covers the eyes and miracle uplifts the curtains/veils over the eyes. The miracle is a reality to which world’s greatest magicians inclined. ( you are also a miracle)
    ☆Further, She says: “This is the religion of Islam which has not bound anyone to use the consciousness but has given the freedom to live with its consciousness.” (Jihad is a justice)

    ☆She writes that the examining world where we live is full of blessings.

    This (world) is a sea of God’s love. If we drown in it, we will neither find shores nor borders. (Creation of the world)
    This compilation is a bouquet of different thematic flowers. Occasionally (From time to time) feels its different fragrances. At the end of each dissertation, Dr. Arshia Kousar has also given a glossary of meanings for difficult and eloquent words for the reader if he/she does not remember the meanings of the proposed words, it will help him to understand the article.

    Written by Mohammad zaffer Ullah khan bidar ( Karnataka)

  • Vibhor by: Anand Kumar Jha 200.00

    Through this poetry collection Vibhor, my intention is to take the readers through the vicissitudes of emotions that contextually engulf us from time to time.
    The Literal meaning of Vibhor is devotion/ cultivation of happiness/ full of enjoyment. Bhav vibhor is amalgamation of two Hindi words i.e. Bhav vibhor = Bhav + Vibhor. Bhav means feeling / emotion / expression/ imagination depending on the context. Vibhor means delighted/full of overwhelmed/ fully saturated with/ inspired.
    Bhav vibhor narrates an emotional state of mind where the mind is fully delighted or full of emotion. Actually, it represents the state of mind full of positive emotions with tears in eyes due to overwhelming enjoyment related to the context. Anand vibhor has similar meaning & narration as Bhav vibhor depending on circumstances.

  • Threads by: Samarth Pange 122.00

    This book is nothing less than a dream come true for me. These poetries which I have written are the first set of poems in my notebook with some of my thoughts which I wrote before committing the poem on the paper. The first half of the book is in English and the second half is in the Hindi language but written in English. My digital artworks are also added to the book for beautification. These poems were stuck in my writing pad for the past few years. eventually, I decided to publish my poetry book one day and again started penning down like I used to. The motivating writings and poems in this book were written by me to boost my self-confidence and to engrave my feelings on a piece of paper. Enjoy the journey that has taken me 3 years to conquer.

  • Power of Two Letters BABA by: Chitra Suresh 180.00

    The book deals with miracles that are happening in Kaliyug with Sai Baba devotees with the blessings of Shirdi Sai Baba. The book contains a collection of devotees’ experiences.

  • Shrimadbhagwad Geeta by: Kali Charan Rajpoot 499.00

    As the book tells itself “GEETA”, so the verses of this book are sung while going through it. Lord Krishna sang verses for his friend, follower, and pupil Arjuna in the battlefield of “MAHABHARATA”. The Glory of this book is that the verses written in it, are emanated from the lips of “The God Shri Krishna” (himself). Its glory can’t be confined just in a few words. Nobody can describe it fully. Therefore, the writer also tried a little to take out the essence of the verses sang by Lord Himself. The writer has tried to make its description easier so that the reader may understand it easily and so is the motto of the writer behind it. To be familiar with the content of the book, the reader should go through the book again and again as all the religious books need to be gone through them. Hope that all the readers shall go through the book and be familiar with the content of it.

  • Silently Noisy (My Mind…. Minds Speaking) by: Jagruti Mistry 250.00

    A book that will give you a perspective that may be similar to yours may be different to what you think… Either ways you’d definitely have a smile while reading because somewhere you will find you in this book…

  • COSMOS -Origin of the Universe by: Syed Haider Raza 271.00

    Born in INDIA, in his native place AMROHA Uttar Pradesh in 1950.
    Passed MSc Mathematics from Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh India in1973 specialized in Lattice Theory in Modern Algebra. Done Ph.D. from Delhi University Delhi India. Associate professor (Retired) from Swami Shraddha Nand College Delhi University.

    Have research publications in international journals and author of two Academic books: Mathematics for Chemistry (volume I & II)
    Statistics and Probability

  • LEISURE TALES by: Niroshni Rangarajan 474.00

    Leisure Tales is a perfect reading choice for children between the ages of 3-8. It includes picture stories based on various themes making it ideal as a bedtime accompaniment.


    The reader is amazed at the intensity with which the characters are built up in the stories. The universality and the uniqueness, both simultaneously, keep the readers on their toes till the end through the description of characters and events. Often the reader is left bewildered and unable to come out of the magic of the language and events long after completing the story. It compels him to browse through the story one more time to comprehend the nuances and to enjoy pure literature. Not only human beings, but also other living beings like an insignificant drumstick plant (in ‘Unworthy’) and that unnamed huge old tree (in ‘The Story of A legendary Tree’) feel eager to touch the soft malleable corn or of the heart of the readers. A popularly held belief that a child born on a new moon day, especially if it is a girl child and comes out of the womb of the mother in an inauspicious moment of total lunar eclipse is bound to be stigmatized, has been completely obliterated in the story ‘Goddess’. The principal character of the story in ‘Love Rekindled’ could realize after reaching the age of his youth as to why the aromatic Earth plays with varieties of fragrances by sucking pollen from different kinds of exotic flowers. On the day of the coronation ceremony of the would-be king, Baraja vanished with the Royal Horse leaving everybody awe-struck. Even decades after, when the reigns of the administration has changed hands from Kings to representatives of the citizens, entire population continue to believe that Baraja would come to save them, in the story ‘The Saviour Shall Come’. ‘Keda’ leads an arduous life being ignorant of the pleasures of a cycle-rickshaw ride down the slope of the hill and still wonders how people enjoy it when he himself got the opportunity of such a ride. The sarcasm that all the fathers are stupid individuals played heavy when the young man became a father himself in the story ‘Offspring’.

  • MY 2022 PLANNER by: Maria George 350.00

    “My 2022 Planner” is an illustrated and graphic designed planner book with everything need to stay productive a whole year. It includes dated weekly spreads for planner or journaling and monthly calenders, tiny quotes in the starting of each month, activity pages, things to do spreads, space for goalsetting to set your goals and there is blank pages throughout each month to set your intentions, also I included colouring page and you can make this planner a colourful book. So wake up creative heads. It’s time to plan a year ahead. Fun planning and colouring.

  • Road to my Dreams by: Akshaansh Sharma 130.00

    This book stimulates your imagination as all your crazy dreams comes to life into an anthology of short stories. From evil witches to time travel, all your favorite genres merge into a book to give a thrilling reading experience.

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    Jindagi Ki Baat Sanskrit Ke Sath (जिंदगी की बात संस्कृत के साथ) by: Shivesh Pratap 300.00 250.00

    हिंदी पुस्तक ज़िंदगी की बात संस्कृत के साथ हमारे जीवन से संबंधित 37 विषयों पर विचारशील लेखों और संस्कृत श्लोकों का सरलीकृत हिंदी अनुवाद के साथ संग्रह है। जिंदगी की बात संस्कृत के साथ पुस्तक जीवन कौशल के विषयों पर आधारित है। कोई व्यक्ति कितना भी ज्ञान और विज्ञान से युक्त क्यों न होजीवन कौशल के अभाव में कोई भी पूर्ण जीवन नहीं जी सकता है। ज्ञान और जीवन कौशल का उचित संयोजन हैजो एक संपूर्ण जीवन प्रदान करता है। इस प्रकार का जीवन भारतीय दर्शन में एक आदर्श मानव की अवधारणा का सार है।


    इस पुस्तक में लेखक शिवेश प्रताप ने जीवन से जुड़े विषयों को शामिल किया हैजो हमारे जीवन में समझने और परिभाषित करने में दुविधा पैदा करता है। इस पुस्तक की उपस्थिति मिल जाए तो जीवन में चमत्कारी परिणाम सामने आ सकते हैं। यह सभी के लिए एक बेहतरीन सेल्फ हेल्प बुक साबित हो सकती है। यह किताब किसी किशोर या नौजवान के लिए जन्मदिन का एक बेहतरीन उपहार भी हो सकती है।

  • Happy Shout Out by: Rushmitha Samath 225.00

    Happy shout out will be an absolute treat to the readers who desperately waits to have positive things in the story. The girl and her passion driven the story as a pin wheel. Her zeal lead her to the successful future. Each incidents in the story will add spice to the reader’s mind with positivity as well as fantasy.

  • Majhi Sakhi Madhuri by: Manisha Gaikwad 220.00

    नमस्कार मित्रांनो मी मनिषा गायकवाड मी आता एक लेखक म्हणून परिचय द्यायला काही हरकत नाही कारण मी इंग्लिश मध्ये ocean of mind हे पुस्तक लिहले ते amazon बेस्ट सेलर झाले आणि ठरवले मराठी आपल्या मातृ भाषे मध्ये एक पुस्तक लिहावे ते अगदी माझ्या जवळचे असेल मला लहापणापासूनच स्वप्न होते की माधुरी एकदा तरी भेटावे पण चक्क मी चार वेळा भेटले माझी जिद्द , आत्मविश्वास मला अनुभवायला मिळाला तसेच तुमची ही स्वप्न पूर्ण होऊ देत हीच त्या निसर्गाच्या चरणी प्रार्थना धन्यवाद

  • The Mythic Value of Luxury by: Dr. Mahul Brahma 200.00

    The book is a study of myths and what creates mythic value in luxury, which survives the test of time. The book decodes how philosophical, sociological, and anthropological concepts can be applied in the study of luxury to bring out the critical role played by contradictions and how luxury brands can take advantage of it to survive centuries. Therefore, the study unveils how mythic value helps in creating timeless luxury brands even in this day and age of e-commerce. This book looks into a more serious academic perspective of luxury. The objective is to look beyond the myopic view of luxury defined by “price tags” and find the true meaning of luxury that is defined by its mythic value, which makes it timeless.

  • These are mine…. (A Collection Of Poems- 3) by: TANMAY SOLANKI 120.00

    A collection of poems, bound to amaze and startle and at the same time help the reader analyze things at a deeper level. An effort to sensitize and bring awareness, to form a livable society, that believes in giving and caring, beyond ulterior motives.


    Behaviour management is one of the most important aspects of pediatric dentistry, as the behaviour of pediatric patients during dental procedures directly affects the success of dental treatment. One of the biggest barriers in successful delivery of dental treatment in children and adolescents is dental fear and anxiety, sometimes on the part of both the child and the accompanying guardian. Children are often without any clue about dental set up and relate it largely to injections and plucking out of their teeth. Peer gossip about dental procedures may also build up subjective fear in the children. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the dentist to build an atmosphere, such that the child and parents feel calm and comfortable to come for regular appointments to the clinic. Children of different age groups have different ways for projecting their fear and anxiety. Pediatric dentists are well versed with these negative behavioural patterns. So with the objective of gradually modifying the fearful or anxious behaviour, the dentist incorporates various combinations of behaviour shaping techniques in order to control the exaggerated negative behaviour as well as instil a positive attitude in the patient.

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