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  • My Reveries by: Syed Huzaifa Bukhari 210.00

    One day, I got up, stepped out of my home and found myself in the middle of the sky, on some fluffy clouds! In the land of my reveries…
    Let’s dive into the imaginations full of adventures with the characters in the book and see how they tackle all the challenges, solve the mysteries and explore everything. The long & short stories in the book, “My Reveries”, are antic and will pull you into a buzz- world where everything is magical and full of fun. Take a tour with the little author Huzaifa into his ebb and flow dreamland, roam around with his words and feel the fragrance of bliss!

  • The Souls were Yet to Sink – Kyunki Milna Abhi Baaki Tha by: Nooran Kaur 140.00

    This book is about the Journey of a girl who is carrying so much pain and emptiness inside but she is so kind, generous, loving, compassionate, confident and a dignified personality.
    Her Name is ‘SURBHI’ . Through this book my pen tried to write about her to encourage, uplift & motivate all the women who are unfortunately suffering or struggling due to ignorance or due to our society’s Judgements.
    This book will unveil many chapters of her house like Monetary issues , extramarital affairs, step brother’s behaviour, dominance, discrimination, love, romance , drama, royal lifestyle, Punjab Pakistan partition’s expressions & emotional losses.
    This book will tell about her life after marriage and how she gets out of it, how she goes through
    hardships and disappointments. But she never gives up Rather she fights for her identity, dignity and
    self-respect. She comes up with more courage, enthusiasm, positivity and strength. She hardly considers small problems in her life and doesn’t get shattered easily. She weeps, she cries, she requests, she goes through sleepless nights but she becomes a strong woman every day who sets an example for other emotionally, mentally and socially deprived women. As she is Awarded as a best Writer & Actress award in the end!
    She says that The Journey of a Butterfly is not EASY, it has to go through so much pain to get a new identity.
    Same way … To achieve something Better out of this Beautiful World, we have to go through Pains and

  • Life is Colourful by: Kalpana Singh 210.00

    We’re all empty in some way; something is missing. Have you ever thought about the power of saying yes? We have lost sight of the flavour of our lives, the flavour of true love, and the art of living as a species. Pursue your truth if you want to live a happy life. You should work on it as well. Read these elements to make them healthier, then find your colour and incorporate it into your life to see the difference. We occasionally find ourselves in situations where we forget what we’re supposed to be doing, such as giving a presentation or living a quiet existence. Life is a beautiful journey that should be enjoyed to the fullest on a daily basis. That doesn’t mean you always wake up ready to seize the day and that you don’t need a reminder from time to time that life is a wonderful gift. The manifestation of life is the unified field of consciousness. Color, beauty, pleasure, and pain are its creation songs. It is up to us how we create it and what aspects we need to fill in order to have a strong bond with the world within us. This book will give you a good sense of what life is all about.)

  • Love Binds the World by: Mili Das 266.00

    The author has six poetry books.
    One English Book published from America and another from Romania. Others are in Bengali.
    Each poem is a specimen of her beautiful imagination. It has a fragrance of love, beauty and aspiration. Her poetry become popular to common people. Many reciters recite her English and Bengali poems in different languages on TV and Radio.

    Bengali Books


  • Zid by: Awantika Sahane 150.00

    जिद’ पहला भाग पुस्तक में लेखिका अवंतिका सहाणे ने काल्पनिक कहानी एवं किरदारों से वास्तविक पारिवेशिक कल्पनाओं का लेखन किया है | एक ऐसी कहानी जो विपरीत परिस्थितियों में अपनी जिद से मंजिल पाने के रास्तों का बखान करती है | जिसमें कुदरत के प्रकोप के साथ पारिवारिक मुखोटों के पीछे छिपे उनके असली इंसानी चेहरों की पहचान होती है | एक लड़की जिसे अपनों से दूर कर वक़्त ने गैरों के बीच ला खड़ा कर दिया | अपनों से दूर होकर परायों के बीच वो बहुत बार गिरी और हर बार अपने मजबूत इरादों की वजह से हर दफा उठ खड़ी हुई | ऐसी परिस्थितियों में सिर्फ इंसान की जिद ही उसे आगे बढ़ने का हौसला देती है | वो लड़की भी पारिवारिक स्वार्थों के बीच अपने सपनों के जिद के सहारे आगे बढ़ी | पढाई, प्यार, करियर में भी वो अपने जिद की वजह से लड़ी | यहाँ जिद कहानी का पहला भाग है , जिसमें कहानी के पात्र की “अपनों के साथ” की जिद होती है, कहानी के अगले एवं अंतिम भाग में कहानी के पात्र की “सपनों को पाने” की जिद का लेखन है |

  • LET’S LEARN ABOUT PCOS by: Amin Rajvi, Devani Aanal, Patel Khushi 260.00

    Women play many vital roles in the society. She acts as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and many more. During their tenure, she passes through different age-related physiological changes, in which the reproductive system plays a key role. At present many women suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS); a disorder seen in adolescent females and indirectly affecting not only mankind but also Science, Arts, and Social perspective. This informational booklet is developed as part of a research project on ‘Impact of the awareness program on PCOS knowledge among females at Ahmedabad’. Atmost literatures are available on the same; consider this little attempt in the welfare of society of which we all are a part. The designed questionnaire is also annexed with the booklet to assess the PCOS risk level if any; it may be helpful for a patient, relative or friend of someone who has PCOS. The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained in this booklet is provided for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Accordingly, before taking any actions based upon such information, we encourage you to consult with appropriate professionals. The use or reliance of any information contained on this booklet is solely at your own risk. Your valuable suggestions and criticism are welcomed and pave healthy values in this first attempt.

  • Data Analysis Tools for EPC Companies by: Swarup Das 199.00

    The purpose of this book is to give guidance to the aspiring in EPC Companies, who dreams to become an experts in project management with knowledge of MS-Excel, MS Project, Primavera and SAP & ERP. Further, this book will give you a comprehensive idea about the useful report generation using charts, graphs, etc. I believe that this book will enable you use your brain up to the fullest to work smartly and achieve your goal in all endeavor. I fervently hope that this book will help the managers / Leaders to get a sound understanding of how to plan your work and achieve your goals. I’m sure that this book fundamentally will increase your capability of getting good score in your organization, entrepreneurship and interviews in a stress-free manner.

  • OSCEs in Obstetrics and Gynaecology for Medical Students by: Iram Hasan, Charlotte Porter-Hope, Priyanka Shah, Neha Shah, 758.00

    An integral part of medical student examinations include OSCEs – Objective Structured Clinical Examinations.

    This book aims to make preparing for the Obstetrics and Gynaecology section of the OSCE simpler, by presenting 30 commonly encountered scenarios. Each scenario is presented in a systematic and accessible format including medical student vignettes, patient and examiner briefs with sample mark schemes. Additional information is provided for each scenario to allow for further learning.

    Working through these cases will not only make students more prepared for their OSCE examinations but will make them feel more confident in handling common clinical scenarios in their future careers.

  • A Widow’s Vermillion by: Piyush Kumar Chaudhary 275.00

    ” A Widow’s Vermillion” is set in pre – independent India, the project explains how the inbuilt patriarchal system parasites the vulnerable. Kastoori is a young widow who is struggling under her in-laws’ mansion in Jhargram. things start changing when Pardev, an unexpected visitor arrives from her past in her present. A friendship grows between Kastoori and Palom when life becomes a desperate struggle for security, identity and independence. hope can evoke courage in dire circumstances within people in startling ways and lead them to achieve a life of freedom and choices. How futile can be power without purpose ? A short story of respect, love, betrayal, and honor “A Widow’s Vermillion”.

  • Karyata prathama khoja by: Mousumi Borah 399.00

    সৰুৰ পৰাই বহু সপোন মনত লৈ ফুৰিছে। বহু সপোনৰ ভিতৰত কবিতা লিখি ভালপোৱা ছোৱালীজনীয়ে “কবিতা পুথি” এখন উলিওৱাৰো সপোন দেখে।

  • Medical Microbiology Practical Book by: DR. MRIDUSHRI 325.00

    MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY PRACTICAL BOOK has been authored according to the undergraduate course programmed by MCI based on competency. The book covers the entire syllabus in Microbiology practical with recent advances as well as the traditional testing procedures.It guides the mentors as well as students the organised flow of practical classes. With regards to style , language and presentation this book is best for the preliminary learner in Microbiology as well as for the candidates preparing for higher education or entrance tests . This book will help the students acquire skill and knowledge so that they can be confident enough to handle cases in real life.

  • Software Process & Project Management by: Dr. M. Jawahar, Dr. J. Gladson Maria Britto, Dr. Diana Moses, 191.00

    This book describes the specific tools, techniques, and practices that a project manager needs to put in place in order to run a software project or fix an ailing one. A project manager can use this book to diagnose and fix the most serious problems that plague software projects. It contains essential project management tools, techniques, and practices, which have been optimized to be as straightforward and easy to implement as possible. It also contains advice for avoiding the problems that a project manager will typically encounter when bringing these tools into an organization.
    By the time you have read this book, you should be able to:

    Define the scope of your project.
    Estimate the effort required to do the work and schedule your project.
    Conduct thorough reviews of documents and code.
    Gather software requirements and create specifications.
    Effectively manage the design, programming, and testing of the software.
    Provide guidance if your project runs into quality problems.
    Manage an outsourced project.
    Make effective changes to the way projects are run in your organization.

    We have been researching and implementing these tools, techniques, and practices throughout our combined careers. Each of them is the culmination of years of trial and error in many different organizations across multiple industries. Every one of these practices is the solution to a specific, chronic problem. Many people opt to live with the problem, because the solution seems too complicated. Our ultimate goal in writing this book is to help you build better software.

  • Swarajya by: Pravin Vijay Borse 122.00

    You must be familiar with Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Swarajya. Swarajya inspires people all over the world. This book is an attempt to show the right direction to today’s youth by putting Shivaraya’s ideal life, ideal working methods and leadership in front of the society in the form of a book.

  • Handbook of Anaesthesia, For Diploma and Degree in Anesthesia by: Sameena Mehraj 270.00

    This book ‘ Handbook of Anesthesia’ has been written to meet the requirements of students getting a diploma and degree in Anesthesia technology. A sincere effort has been made to make the book useful for the students. This book has been written in such a way that it may facilitate the students with basic knowledge of anesthesia. Any suggestions towards further improvement will be thankfully acknowledged and incorporated in the second edition.

  • Pegasus: The poetry Collection by: Jasmine Saini 130.00

    It is my first flight,

    First eve to see the Sun looming.

    The beginning ; the primitive gesture
    Which in my Heart consummate,
    It’s first fire sacred had found. Like the leap,
    First of any Prayer, Ambition or Dream,
    Though beyond them is Happiness paramount,
    Most favourable is that indulgent Victory
    Which defies the unconquerable Self.
    So, like a goldsmith , who has through times and on,
    Many a precious gems gathered,
    For Beauty’s celebration; like a parent fond,
    Who praises happy innocence of his Child ;
    And much like any Man: in his labour true,
    Who has won the Felicity in Heart of God,
    It is the First of His poetic kind.
    The Rhyme, the Time, the Thought, the Spot
    Of Inspiration , and all : may Ye behold
    The Pegasus of your Imagination,
    Fly , through the coloured sky of your heart.

  • Incredible Mandarin by: Shu-Fen Chen, Ching-Hua Chen, Diane Dien-Min Liu, Felicia Zhen Zhang, 410.00

    Incredible Mandarin is targeted at students learning Mandarin Chinese for the second year at Indian universities or those with Chinese skills between CEFR A2 and B1 levels. This book is designed with localized content aiming at cultural comparison and language learning for communication. The ten lessons are threaded by an interesting story, introducing cultural highlights of Taiwan and India through cross-culture comparison. Each lesson is divided into seven parts: Lesson Objectives and Topics, Dialogues, Readings, Vocabulary, Grammar, Cross-Cultural Extension, and Language Tasks.

  • Vaidic Ganita – Book I – A Systematic Approach to Vedic Mathematics (Pre – Order) by: Priti Gorsia Chawla 750.00

    There are numerous book on Vedic Mathematics authored by scholars and trainers. Vaidic Ganita I is a simple book which can be followed by all and has a systematic approach towards learning the subject. The content, therein, been organised in such a manner that the student learns
    a) the basic formulae (sutras), corollaries (upasutras) and special methods (vidhis) used and
    b) the basic arithmetic topics using the aforementioned methods.
    The concepts are explained in an easy to understand language supported by a few worked out examples.With regular practice, a student will be able to solve arithmetical problems mentally and quicklythus increasing focus and keen observation skills. This subject is also considered as a great brain development program.

  • GOLDEN MEMOIRS (21 Hues Of Golden Relationship) by: Nayan Rath 180.00

    Happily, ever after is not a Fairy tale! It’s a choice – “ Fawn Weaver “ We loved people, cherished new friendships & remembered the incidents that touched our hearts. A relationship is an endless act of understanding & empowerment in our journey ahead no matter what we do, who we are, or where we live. Our attachment with parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, and siblings did not happen for the sake of coincidence only. It’s a destiny to be written in our stars. Golden Relationship is a feel in a broader spectrum. And Golden Memoirs is a beautiful Compilation of Creative Gems by 20+ writers and one Compiler from around the world. This book is filled with heartfelt emotions in the form of Poems, Letters, Stories, and Blogs on unique aspects of Relationship that sprinkles a whole lot of Sparkles within us.

  • Tum Garib Ho Kyuki by: Atul Singh 207.00

    This book is for all those who dream of becoming rich but how to become rich? They don’t know. It is also for the crores of people who never became rich. What should they do? why should they do it? They do not have knowledge. Introducing you to the goal of your life, this book will seem to remove all the obstacles that come in the way of your goal, your success. Most people don’t even know what they are doing. Why? Why? And for whom? Answering all these intense questions, this book seems to generate conflict and courage in you to make you want and win.

  • मंच पर बोलने की कला विकसित करें (Develop Stage Confidence) by: Manish Kumar 204.00

    This book has been written to understand the art of speaking on stage among the audience i.e. how to create stage confidence. Here it is absolutely necessary to know that the meaning of stage is not limited to the stage of actors, artists, politicians, etc. According to the first part of this book, there are different stages in an Individual’s life in which the person communicates in society. When he talks or communicates with other people in society that meeting becomes a stage. The art of speaking on that stage has been mentioned in this book. It has also been taught how to win confidence on stage. The same successful tips can also be used at different stages of a person & life. These methods/ tips are not limited only to the stage of the artists, but can also be used in different stages of a person’s life.
    The problems of daily life can be solved in these ways which are mentioned in this book. If any person is proficient in the art of speaking on stage, then with this quality, he not only conquers the stage, but can also conquer the problems at different stages of his life.
    Therefore this book is very beneficial for solving life problems of the person. The person working in various fields and the person of different age group will be benefited by this book and this book will also create the self-confidence.

  • INORGANIC CHEMIS’TRY’[NCERT]-NEET-JEE mains by: Rama Chandran S Veeravalli 500.00

    A unique attempt of writing this book, exclusively on ‘inorganic part’ to meet the great demand
    Both NEET and JEE-mains (even JEE-advanced) brought this new innovative idea of ‘MCQ designed based on NCERT pages/lines’. This book comprises almost every minute concept that appears in NCERT (as per syllabi/pattern of NEET, JEE-mains, etc.,) as MCQ-Digit-based questions which cover many new model questions. This book contains more than 1100 MCQs. In order to make JEE-mains aspirants to score a good percentile, several ‘digit based MCQ’ are also incorporated in this book and each such MCQ is marked clearly in parentheses. This book covers all inorganic parts as per prescribed syllabi and NCERT lines, exercises, intext questions, and examples. So, this book is more or less unique in many aspects. Even if many questions are up to the level of JEE-advanced, students who become thorough will surely bag a very good AIR in both JEE- mains and also advanced too apart from NEET. So much strain is being taken to design this book. It will become a great help to all those aspirants of upcoming (or even upcoming years) NEET, JEE-mains/advanced and all state-level (Government/Private) competitive examinations.

  • A Casket of Thinking by: Maheer Mollick 250.00

    “A Casket of Thinking” is a collection of stories and poems. It has poems and stories of more than one theme. I hope you like reading it.

  • Parents Argument Affect their Children Mentally Growth by: Swati Sharma 200.00

    Children need to feel secure, loved, and comfortable to express themselves fully. Domestic disputes can
    affect a child’s personality and future social behaviour and hamper their present.Witnessing regular
    fights between parents can trigger early mental health issues , dipression and anxiety.
    School time teacher’s also play most important role in the children’s mental growth. One child fully confident to perform all the activities in the class but few students suffer from anxiety disorder such as, If they do get called on, sometimes students get so anxious and nervous.
    It’s also important to avoid blaming and judging a loved one when they are feeling anxious and depressed. If we know someone who is struggling with anxiety, reach out to them and provide support by just listening to what they have to say. Let them know they can come to you when they feel anxious and that you would like to be there for them.

  • Tales We Can Tell by: Roshmi Roy 157.00

    Tales We Can Tell is a collection of short stories that tell about the lives of ordinary people _ the difficulties they had to overcome, the trauma of losing a loved one, the pain of unrequited love and the deep scars that lie hidden behind the smiles on their faces. Some of the protagonists tell their own life stories. As you recognize parts of yourself in the stories, you cannot help but empathize with what the narrator has to tell.
    They are situations any of us can go through. The protagonists achieve catharsis in being able to tell the truth. They are not prompted by any desire for justice or self-justification. The stories reveal who they are, and their experiences along the journey of life, reinforcing the belief that with grit and determination, we can overcome all the challenges that life throws in our way.

  • Meri Yaadon Ke Gulmohar by: Kamala Sharma 205.00

    MERI YADON K GULMOHAR is a memoir. Some of the remienscenes and characters set my young heart and tumultuous mind to agitation while some left me painful. Most of them are the impressions of my childhood and adolescence.I have put my sincere efforts to sketch them down in this short collection of stories. I hope it will serve as a true mirror to the life of the simple and gentle folks of hilly hamlets of Uttarakhand and a nice amusement to the literary minds as well.

  • Geomorphology of Ramayana by: Santosh Saksena 373.00

    “Geomorphology of Ramayana” is primarily based on Maharishi Valmiki’s Ramayana, although other Ramayanas have also been consulted. The travelogue of Dr. Ram Avtar was of great help. Other books of geology have also been used.
    The book contains the description of geomorphological changes in rivers, forests, plants, mountains etc. as compared to present day geomorphology. Besides, the controversies of Ram Sethu, geographical knowledge of Sugreeva and administration during the reign of Sri Rama have been included. The book provides avenues for research in the field of botany, forestry, archeology etc.

  • Abhivyakti by: Rishi Sachdeva 200.00

    Why “ABHIVYAKTI” is written?

    “Nothing in the world happens without a reason, everyone has their own story to write.

    “These poems include memories, love, passion, attachment, rejections, motivations and every feeling you had in your life”

    In the book there are fights with children, motivation to friends or loved ones, the sorrow of being separated from oneself, the pain of getting away from someone.

    It is the reflection of my courage, fight and journey, it is the mirror in which I see myself.

    This is the story of my present and my dreams.

    ‘मौन है अभिव्यक्ति मेरी, स्वयं को खोज रही,

    मिल जाऊँ मैं खुद ही को अब शेष यही इक आस है!

    मौन भाषा को समझ लो, शेष यही विश्वास है!!’

  • Honey Comb by: ANJALI .A. NAIR 125.00

    If pursued too hotly it fails to yield, what is this called aspiration. The movements, gestures, and articulation of all ye are likely compared to slow-motion pictures which are all yearning to achieve wholesomeness. Life is worth aught else too. The peoples who are disgusted with ordinariness perform experiments to pioneer different destinies of sweeping exhilaration. There are also the happy, carefree men who find it hard to repress their joy and conceal it in corked bottles of pressurised limitlessness like the bee who seggregates honey from flowers it is captivated by and seals it in specific hives. Life is thus a merry- go round game that must be played to thwart insensibility until one finally rises above what is the ordinated and the complicated. The extra – ordinary is what is made of life by man for the sake of argument , compulsion and submittal. Honey-comb is just an imaginary trail across the vastness of space.

  • Soul of Love by: Dheer 199.00

    Experience the journey of Keerthi & Rohan. A pure love story with interesting turnings.

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