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    The book revolves around the love story of Madhav and Sheetal. Madhav is simple yet amiable personality whereas Sheetal is very beautiful but comes from family with rigid mentality.It is easy to fall in love but it is difficult to continue. Even after several problems, Madhav and Sheetal try to provide adequate justice to their relationship, where some decisions are taken without their permission to keep the feelings and respect of parents. Is it not as worthwhile to choose a person who is able to run his worldly life, choosing his or her lifepartner? Does their love for each other decrease their love for their parents?

    To know more go and grab your copy today!

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    It gives me immense pleasure to offer our students the first edition of my book on Medicinal Chemistry-IV for Final Year B.Pharm as per SPPU Syllabus.

    The Silent Features of this book includes;

    • Disease and Drug information;
    • Drug Classification;
    • IUPAC Name of each Drug;
    • Structure of each Drug;
    • Brand Name or Trade Name of some Drug;
    • History;
    • Mechanism of action;
    • SAR of some Drugs;
    • Pharmacokinetics;
    • Side effects;
    • Synthesis of some Drugs.


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    This book will transform your life………Empower Mind and Feelings – In this pertinent book Tejinder Sir is
    sharing his great knowledge with his readers in a very cute simple way — a journey from depression to
    better health and happy living. He says, “We may be suffering with any level of depression, it can be
    easily cured with CYM therapy. There is not that much need of antidepressant drugs as they having
    harmful side affects and should be taken in emergencies.”This book contains whatever you need to
    know about depression, anxiety or about yourself in this life. It is written in four parts, each chapter
    starts with a patient’s life story and concludes with their treatment plans and personal experience. Yoga
    is an ancient Indian culture and adopting this as a healing therapy has made this book exclusive and
    different from others. The chapter on depression in teenagers covers all facts, from awareness to
    treatment by practicing yoga in life. ‘Why suicide becomes so easy?’ —Is a thought-provoking chapter
    which will help save people attempting suicide. The chapter on meditation is a blessing of Sri Sri Ravi
    Shankar ji, founder of Art of Living Foundation, Bangalore.In case you are systematically reading this
    book—it will destress your mind and will empower your feelings, body, mind, and soul.

    Soon this
    will be in the list of top selling books!

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    Amrit is a 20 year old boy who has already dealt with a beautiful struggle in his life. At such a young age he lost the love of his life. Throughout the book you will see the never ending love story of an average boy who becomes a responsible one and tries to raise his passion by himself.
    In this book you will read about the life of Amrit after the death of Janvi. They had an endless amount of love for each other. They had shared a bond that many people aren’t able to find in their life. He is finding a way to make the best out of his situation and that is admirable.

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    The Umri gene steals its title from a small village, ‘Mohammadpur Umri’ of Allahabad (U.P.), which has aroused scientific interest among researchers worldwide for its mystery of producing high density of twins.
    Along with various phases of protagonist life, the book travels from 1960’s to the present era, weaving drama around the perplexity of Umri village, torching upon the complexities of human emotions.
    Domestic violence, discrimination, child abuse or other social issues, every person will find a point in the book where one can relate to. Heard and unheard voices of the society echoes through the various characters of ‘The Umri gene’.

    Umri Gene by: Preety Kaithwas 355.00
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    This is a Ph.D thesis published by the researcher Dr. Mrs. Kanchan Mukund Sananse (Navale), in the form of a book. The research title of the study is ‘A study of Industrial Contribution in Socio-Economic Development of North Maharashtra’. This book is recommended for the students of M.A.,, M. Phil., M.P.M., M.B.A. and other such P.G. Courses for their project work. The author assures that this book will prove to be useful and will help the students constructively in the preparation of their project.

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    The book is an inspirational journey with tips for young and budding entrepreneurs on how to set up their start-up. Knitted around the budding generation of entrepreneurs and the struggles they face. The book traces the journey of a young engineering lad with no meaning in his life and how he worked upon himself, converting his weaknesses into his strengths. It is not just a novel but a handbook cum guide which includes step wise step process for budding entrepreneurs. Want to know more? Pre-order it and reserve a copy exclusively today!

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    Matthew offers a helping hand to a lonesome wounded woman but little did he know the changes his life would undergo after this meeting.A horrid past has made Hannah run away to a place less known. Wounded and alone, Hannah hopes to not be found by anybody. But fate plays its own game when she finds herself not only being found but also rescued by the very man that was her first love and had rejected her years back.At the worst point in life, will Hannah find a reason to live her life again? With all hopes for a happy life drained out, will she find a reason to hope again; to love against all odds?

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    The story revolves around an eight year old boy, Manu, his family and school. It is about how Manu learns something new everyday from his day to day experiences.

    – Rekha Menon

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    ‘Bleeding heart' is not a flower only, but it is also a secret buried deep inside many hearts around us. This book is a collection of poems that reflects yearning and heartache of the poet that he suffered during separation from beloved ones and fading away of relationships at an early age.

    “It took a lot of courage for me to visit the dilapidated, suffocated corridors of past and open my diary for publication.” – Author

    This book is a companion to every lonely Bleeding Heart to listen to, to talk to, and to hold on to.

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    Two boys and two girls of the current era are in the quest of mythological history of Hindu scriptures. Their aim and hobbies are different. Even their professions are different. They have come together to explore the fascinating story of the world. Yes, they have come together to walk on the footprints of Lord Rama and Lakshman in Sri Lanka. There they meet their guide, a person who explains and also makes them visit places of Ramayana like they all are part of that era. They also got the answers to some facts which no one knew before, such as: Ravana knew clone science and created 1 lakh clones of his sons and 1.25 lakhs clones of his grandsons. Where are they now? Ravana knew the science to use moon energy to prepare food. How? How were Gods able to transport themselves from one location to another? How Ravana created the link between this realm to heaven? What is the science behind Indrajaal, Mohini Astra, Lakshmana Rekha etc? Why did Goddess Sita demand golden deer? Why didn’t Lord Hanuman kill Bali? What is Sita’s Gita? How did Lanka get its name, Sri Lanka? What is the significance of Dakshinamukhi and Panchmukhi Hanuman? Why is moon revolving around the earth with overlapped of one paksha of 15 days? How could Kaalnemi fly faster than Lord Hanuman? What is the science behind Weapons Shakti, Brahmastra? What is the Science behind Sanjeevani medicine? How can Puspak Viman fly at a different speed? Is reason behind Mahabharata war Lord Krishna? Can we stop aging by manipulating our DNA? How do Karmas work? Do curses and boons affect our karma? Prana, consciousness, and soul are the same or different? What is the science behind Amavasya? Who is the goddess of moon phase? What is the Science behind sacrifices? Is any other formula more powerful than E=mc2? If yes, what is that? Is inter-caste marriage responsible for crime and corruption in our society? How do emotions impact our mind and body? Want to know more? Go and grab your copy today!

    The Ruiner by: Ashish Kumar 415.00
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    The book weaves the story of two 12 grade students, Anila and Prabhas, and their budding love which is soon thwarted by the circumstances.To know more about what brings in the sudden spurt of movement, plunge into the sweet teenage love story.

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    This Book has small “poems” and “nazm” about our feelings and thoughts.

    The book is about those who always believed in their dreams. Who always love to live their lives in their dreams. Who can express their feelings beautifully in writing rather than speaking, and above all about them who love to dream about what had happened and even that which neither had happened nor will happen in future.

    Spandan by: Prerna 110.00
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    There is no denying the fact that English has attained the status of a global language in the present scenario. Its dominance is vividly felt in every sphere and as such it has got a global audience. Given this backdrop, Mr. Ashraf Raavi needs to be appreciated for translating the Kashmiri short stories into English. The stories have been meticulously selected and cover a wide array of themes and subjects delineating social, economic and political realities of Kashmir since 1947.The work will help to introduce Kashmiri short stories to the global audience.

    Dr.Aejaz Mohammad Sheikh
    Professor and Head,
    Department of Linguistics,
    University of Kashmir,

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    Born to an unwed mother who dies at his birth, Joe Cherian has entered this world in the wrong place at the wrong time, with a legacy he cannot inherit, and an existence he cannot endure. Yet, he does not mind living in his dead father’s home, even at the age of twenty-nine, doing nothing except for eating, drinking wine and reading novels. It is not that he is not ambitious. He is ambitious only for happiness and leisure, which he feels is the ultimate goal of every man. He is neither disturbed by people’s bitter jibes at his wasted life, nor distraught at having to live with the one person, he despises the most – his stepmother. Everything in his life is contrary, but he is happy in the make-believe world of his own.
    However, when the beautiful and bewitching Miss Wilson comes to rent a room in his lodge, one night, he fumbles miserably in her presence. And then something happens that turns his idyllic reverie into a nightmare. What is the secret behind this nightmare and how will he turn it into his cherished dream? Find out while you delve deep into the twisted plotlines, and explore the virtues of idleness at ‘Joe’s RePUBlic’, set against the vintage backdrop of Kerala’s hill town, Munnar.

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    It is a poetry book and revolves around an amazing theme of, “Rain and Rainy days.” Each poem portraits the feeling of love, hate, and different kinds of emotions of a girl. As the title suggests,  all the poems are written in a way to give readers the feel of sitting in their balcony during a rainy evening and sipping tea from their favorite cup, traveling down their memory lane and cherishing back. Hurry up! Grab this amazing walk down the memory lane today!

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    How Geet met Shivam? Mistakes are not always meant for regrets, some mistakes might take you to the most beautiful and wonderful phase of your life. When everything adored between Geet and Shivam, and they both had no intention of parting their ways from each other, then what suddenly took place that they had to get separated forever? The satisfaction of confessing my love was beyond any other happiness of the world. Words came out meaningfully from the depth of my heart regardless of what he did the previous day and how much he disappointed at that particular moment. I just wanted to confess whatever I had in my heart because I thought that it was the last time I was talking with him. If the world was a sky filled with millions of stars and I was the moon, then he was my pole star. One mistake and two people having no intention of falling for each other!

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    For making his students understand better, the author has started a short-term Technical session (course) in an association with a company that has its expertise in making video trailers. With the help of his industrial experience and virtual demo(s), students get a vivid picture of which field/department they should select for their careers.

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    Ryan Kramer could have effectively picked an alternate life, however he expected to encounter his underlying years working as a realtor. Amy Emerson was new to Manhattan and didn’t comprehend that she would wind up at Ryan’s service. Ryan builds up a crush for Amy even before meeting her legitimately. Yet it wasn’t past the point of no return for her to comprehend that Ryan felt weak at the knees over her. However, they by one means or another end up sitting at the dinner table sipping wine.

    Anything could have occurred on the night of the date, however what did truly happen? What are the potential chances of them getting to be noticeably acquainted with each other?

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    Benevolent by heart and balmy in personality, he is the pure soul in the lustful world. He has a helping heart filled with curiosity. He could never see anyone down on their knees and help everyone without minding their color, caste, religion, or any nationality. After getting admission in the medical field, the bliss was turned into greed and hatred. The ray of hope came in a form of a girl who soon left him in the middle of the sea. As his heart was sinking with the lost hope, the sun showed courage and imparted its light to him and the guardians of the sky came and held him up. He then found a soul mate who pulled his heart from the dead sea and showed on him the colors of love. In no time, she became most special and most loved part of his life and as he was born a leader, but problems and frustrations never left his hand. But, we never gave up!

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    The book is based on changing relationships between Nepal and China in the current scenario. A must pick up to know more about India’s stance on the same.

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    This book lends a helping hand to all those frustrated teenagers who either get lost in the world of drugs or end their lives. Through this book, the author wants to convey her readers that we will get many ups and downs in our lives but we should not quit. All those who fight the circumstances and keep going find success.

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    This is a book of Sher, Shayari and Nazm.

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    So, are you one of those who think they know a teeny weeny bit of English? Or the one
    who has a reasonably good command over English but when it comes to speaking or
    writing in English, often needs more words to express themselves than some of the
    If yes, this book is for you. English has become a universal language and succinctly
    expressing oneself has become really important. Many of us, even after having used
    English over years feel that something is missing. They are not able to have the same
    impact as some of the polished speakers have.
    This book helps such people as:
     This book unravel the mystery of idioms
     Idioms help you to make a long story short and the listener feels your English is
    top notch.
     Written in simple English, ‘An Introduction To Idioms’ is easy to understand and
     After reading this, you would be certainly happy to have bought this book.
    So what are you waiting for, go ahead, read it and move a step forward in English.

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    This is a story of a simple, innocent girl, name Riya Yadav. She parts away from her family and moves out of her comfort zone to learn and overcome the new challenges in life. While at work place,
    people misuse her innocence and take her for granted. Neal Varma enters in her life
    as a moral support and transforms her into a bold and confident Person. She finds her
    ideal match in Neal and falls in love with him but destiny has something else planned for her.
    Will she ever express her feelings to Neal? Will her dream of Neal becoming her love life
    ever comes true or she will end her life?

    Jab se tumse mile hai, kahi kho gaye hai hum,
    Ab to dil me ek hi fariyad hai, shirf mere ho jaoo tum.
    Din me chain kaha rahata hai, tumse milan ki tadap jo hoti hai,
    Raat ki neend to kho hi chuki hu, tumhare intazar me.
    Is dil ko koi kaise samjaye ki wo nahi aayenge,
    Per abhi bhi ye dil yahi kehta hai ki wo zarur ayenge,
    Pyaar humne kiya hai unse aur wo hum hamesha nibhayenge.

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    After falling three times in the pursuit love, determined by caste and societal expectations, at three different stages of his love, Unnikrishnan finally achieves his true love. His unfulfilled love stories at the early stages of his life did not stop him to look out for love and keep his determination during times of struggle. The novel 3 Aspects portrays love, affection and ambitions of a young adult, struggling with the josteling throws of life’s fateful twists.

    3 Aspects by: Ajish Nair 200.00
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    Arsh Wazas, who is one of the most handsome, and
    famous boy of the town falls in love with the girl, whose
    name is Rose Johansson. Rose is very beautiful and fun-
    loving girl and loves to laugh with her best friend Shaina.
    Arsh used to stalk her closely, when one day Arsh’s best
    friend Ayan, suggested that he should talk to her about
    it. Arsh was very excited about proposing her, and all the
    thoughts of his new relationship with Rose, thrilled him
    up. But finally, when the day arrived, something terrible
    took place.
    Find out what that is!

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    Have you ever thought….

    * What are the best ways for your personal development and success?

    * What is the biggest secret of motivation ? And what demotivates you most?

    * What are the best ways to be a natural leader ?

    * What are best ways of communication ?

    * What is the best way to analyse and solve any problem ?

    * What is the single biggest reason for human misery ?

    * What is the most important lesson you should learn ?

    * What is the secret of karma and destiny ?
    * What is role of God and spirituality in your life and how to make best of it.

    * Last but not the least what are the reasons of worry and best ways to overcome them ?

    The only book which can answer your above questions is Alvida Tanaav by Balbir Singh.

    Alvida Tanaav by: Balbir Singh 200.00
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    Life gives a chance to everyone to cherish his first feeling of love… Some experienced it and few feel it… This is the story of three best friends Aditya, Vivek, and Sagar. Two of them falls in love with two real sisters in their school life and experience their first feeling. It is not just a story; it is a feeling which will be felt by anyone who has ever been in love. Time may change, people may come and go, talks are forgotten but memories last forever. It always remains with you in a small corner of your Heart…

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    We all have once in a while felt that life was too much to take in
    for us. Things were falling apart and everything seemed
    miserable. But now, when you look back, see how beautifully
    you crossed the hurdles. There is no better advice than living
    and learning from your own experiences. Life gets hard and this
    book will be a friend to you and will motivate you to gracefully
    battle the struggles of life and turn it into a miracle.

    Welcome to your own Lifosophical!

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