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  • Love Unrequited by: Arijit Saha 122.00

    Love unrequited is a story that talks to you. Even though it happens in someone else’s life, it is still very similar to each one of us. Of course, it is not a love story in the usual rite but it still is a story of two people in love. The story right from the start is not destined to succeed but somehow fate moves the protagonists closer and their love blossoms. It is a story that we want to succeed. The story rides on a pacey script and compelling inter-woven analogies. The story is a must for those who want to read a realistic love story. The story is about losing love to fulfill the last wish.

  • Elements of Einstein’s Relativity The Special Theory by: Swapan Kumar Barman 125.00

    The Special Theory of Relativity is one of the revolutionary theories of 20th-century Physics. This book is primarily intended for students of physical science and mathematics at the undergraduate level and the author attempts to make clear the conceptual difficulties that they usually face in their first learning of the subject. A little bit of the historical development of the theory and contributions of a number of scientists in this course is presented in short. General readers with a background and curiosity in science may also find the book interesting if they like to set aside the mathematical complexities.

  • The Time Machine by: Vardan Singh 275.00

    A science-fiction written by 8-year-old child prodigy who is awarded nationally and internationally for his exceptional writing abilities. Vardan is a prodigy author who has been writing stories since he was very young. He wrote his first informal book at the age of 3 when he was studying in preschool in Boston (USA). He is very curious by nature and gifted with multiple talents. He is studying in class 3 in Sri Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka (New Delhi). He has been awarded several times for his scholastic and co-scholastic accomplishments. He received the Child Prodigy Award, Young Star Award, Global Kids Achievers Award, Bal Pratibha Samman Award to name a few. He is fond of writing stories and books. He has published another book, ‘The Flight of my Imagination’, which is available on various platforms.

  • Happiness- A Key to Success by: Dr. Prabhat Chourasia 200.00

    Happiness is nowhere, it is within. We run after success but we never run after happiness. Life is very precious and we should try to live it to the fullest but the question is, do we really live our life wholly even after achieving success? This world is like that of a rattrap and human beings are like a rat, who in order to achieve the pelf and power, money and recognition, touch the baits and get trapped in this world. We may set ourselves free if we keep our soul free of materialism and seek for true happiness. Life is not all about earning money which is just a part and not the heart; life is all about letting our soul breathe in the air of freedom, freedom from rootlessness, freedom from
    non-existentialism, and freedom from the fetters of the seven deadly sins. Our endeavor should be towards achieving truthfulness, purity, and serenity, and, believe me, these may simply be achieved if you value them to the utmost. Even in the present context, such things may appear impractical but once you begin to enjoy honesty, purity, and serenity, you will be the happiest and successful person.

  • Rinku Ke Uncle Spider Uncle by: Taiyaba Khan 130.00

    This is my first attempt as an author. It is a poem book. In this book, you will read about the friendship between Spider Uncle and Rinku. Whenever Rinku faces any problem, he calls his favorite uncle Spider Uncle. If you want to know that how spider uncle help then read this book.

  • Sun Dancers by: P Bala S Devi 270.00

    The best of what God has bestowed on living beings is the unique quality of LOVE. And love unravels the nuances of life nicer, deeper, and prettier than any other pleasantries of the world. SUN DANCERS speaks of such lovers who taste the wonder of love and get drunk in its labyrinthine aesthetics.
    Blessed are those who taste such happiness! And let those who read about them also stay blessed!

  • Shrdhanjali by: Geeta Bansal 200.00

    The book is about social problems faced by the common person in modern times. We may not agree but we have problems with partition the physiological problems with children born out of such wedlock. Madhu makhiya, bela ke Phool are one of the stories in which I tried to show the inside of human heart sufferings. Phesla and teacher ji are those stories in which families tries to keep the balance our old and modern culture The heroines of Ammaji and pt. Shankra persad ki gudiya tries to help their simple village parents to cope up in modern social life. They land up doing big sacrifices without complaining, on the other hand, I tried to argue with social two-faced people who tried to cheat simple normal human beings with their superficial religious practices. The book is about these small little bubbles which leaves a great impact on human beings. In the evening when you sit down with a drink you certainly think about it.

  • Prarabdha by: Rajendra Singh 264.00

    Prarabdha is an autobiographical account of the National Award-winning scientist of repute Mr. Rajendra Singh.
    Beginning in a remote school-less village in pre-independence India, his journey traverses decades and geographies. Through hard work and dedication, he overcomes hurdles and rises to become an eminent scientist in his field.
    The book reflects on the transformation of India since attaining independence- from a total lack of infrastructure to the new age of Expressways, mushrooming educational institutions, and internet connectivity. This transformation in the nation’s fortunes is paralleled and exemplified by his own life and the lives of his dependents,
    Having travelled far and wide within his own country and abroad, the author brings out the best of both worlds in his commentary. He takes the reader along on a trip from the land of the midnight sun in northern Sweden to the Safari Parks of Kenya, from sophisticated life in posh Mumbai to the tribal regions of Arunachal Pradesh; sharing his vivid experiences of communist China and its people to those of the free society of North America.
    Prarabdha makes an interesting read of the overall transformation of post-independence India and its people through a detailed personal account.

  • Prem, Parmatma aur Jeevan.. by: Amit Sharma 200.00

    This book is a unique blend of the philosophy of life & poetry connecting through a spiritual way to motivate or to think about your inner self…
    To think about Nature, to think about Life…to think about God …
    In this book, you will get all the shades of life…Love, sorrow, happiness, emotion, hardship, enthusiasm… and yes …it’s the life..!

  • The Quirky Feminine 2. 0 by: Sudeshna Chakrabarti 200.00

    The Quirky Feminine 2.0 sequel is based upon the stories of 5 strong personality women hailing from different background and mostly named after eminent personality and avatars of goddess Parvati. The short story compilation emphasizes on their simple yet difficult journey and their quirky ability to transform their difficult moments with a smile upon their face and to understand the power of their inner goddess. The sequel shows us how modern woman have identified their circumstances with some powerful characters in ancient times and refuse to accept the injustice towards them. The book promises to make you laugh, live and also channelize your inner goddess.

  • What is A True Knowledge by: Prof.Sri Aishwarya Balu 298.00

    1)” It’s a Not a Lesson too Teach but Listen To Beat The Heart of another beautiful Beat”.

    2)” It’s a Massage not a Message of rusted soul on the path of beautiful eyes of insights “.

    3)” It’s a hand of pleasure on the show of unpleasantness “.

    4)” You were lively soul That wakes up the alively Power more than the lasting lively flesh”.

  • Fragments by: Aarohi 195.00

    This book contains many poems on different topics. It has most of the genres mixed together, forming one colorful mix. All the poems in it are fragments of my imagination, which are growing since I was 10. These poems are just viewed on those topics from the eyes of a fourteen-year-old girl. My first book, first try at sharing bits of myself with others.

  • My Little World Through My Poems by: Akshita Malik 369.00

    This book is a collection of poems written by Akshita Malik, a five-year-old little girl who loves to travel and explore, read and write. In these poems, she has created her magic by writing her own little universe of emotions and love. She loves to read and get inspired, by writing this book she has decided to inspire her little friends around the globe. Hope she will take you in her little world through her poems and mesmerize you with her magical words.

  • Twenty – Four Moments by: Akash & Geethanjali 360.00

    Incessantly the clock spins, effortless poems pen yonder genre, meter, rhyming scheme, situation, muse, and places.
    Poems exist somewhere amid realms of parallel dimensions.
    The sculptor could see an effigy in monolith stones, likewise, a dancer be the choreography, an actor loses self to play the role similarly, a singer lives in songs, and an art of work is much before the canvas gets placed on an easel.

    Twenty-four moments brings together Akash Sagar and Geethanjali Dilip, co-authoring three prose and twenty poems.

  • IN MONOLOGUE The White Boy by: Ankit Akela 370.00

    A Life Changing story. Few lines from book. 1. “जनाब जिदंगी है बदलती रहती हैं।” 2. एक इंसान अपने जिदंगी में सबसे ज्यादा प्यार किससे करता है??? आप यही कहेंगे कि , फैमिली से, दोस्तो से या अपनी प्रेमिका से। यकीन मानिए, “एक इंसान सबसे ज्यादा प्यार खुद से करता है। खुद की सेल्फ सेटिस्फेक्शन से करता है।” “अब वो प्यार उसे किसी के साथ रहकर मिले या किसी का साथ छोड़कर मिले।” क्योंकि , दुख इस बात का नही होता की आपने किसी को खो दिया। “दुख इस बात का होता है की आप किसी का प्यार पाने के लिए खुद को खो देते हो और वो प्यार फिर भी आपको कभी नही मिलता।” “दुख इस बात का होता है की मैं कभी स्वस्थ्य हुआ करता था और आज नही हुं।” “दुख इस बात का होता है की आपके सपने अधूरे रह गए।” “दुख इस बात का होता है की आपकी जिदंगी अब वैसी नहीं रही जिसे आप बड़े मिज़ाज के साथ कभी जीया करते थे।” पर यही जिदंगी है। जिदंगी बदलती रहती है। सुख-दुख का सामना करना ही पड़ता है। “यहीं नियम है।” “Vitiligo”. A disease that causes the loss of skin colour in blotches. In Hindi it is also known as “Safed Daag”. This condition can’t be cured but it is not a life threatening disorder. And Also treatment can help. “In India every year 1 million people suffer from this disease.” “Vitiligo lesions are associated with high incidence of major depressive disorder and social phobia.” An overall psychiatric morbidity of 79.2% was seen. Depression. Mental Trauma. Sometimes, Fear of being caught with the white spot. And Feeling low to express themselves after suffering from this disease. __are well known Nature of a vitiligo Patient.

  • The voyage by: Harihar Prusty 599.00

    The book titled voyage is segregated into three parts. Part one deals with yoga, pranayama and meditation. Part two with Patanjali yoga sutras and transliteration on important stanzas on karma yoga and finally Part three on Mirza Ghalib, rekhta and poetic laurels. Hope the readers will immensely benefit and enjoy reading this book.

  • Maxillary Sinus Augmentation by: Dr Sonal Mahilkar 1,000.00

    Endosseous implant placement in the posterior maxilla often pose challenges due to close proximity of maxillary sinus after ridge resorption and sinus pneumatization. Sinus augmentation procedures are used for the implant site development in such cases. This book summarizes the anatomy of maxillary sinus and various sinus augmentation techniques and their advancements and possible complications which can arise during and after the procedures.

  • Comfort Zone by: ARNAY JOSHI 155.00

    कभी गली की नुक्कड़ पर छोटी सी चाय की टपरी, तो कभी किसी बड़े से मॉल के सोफेस्टिकेटेड कैफ़े में; कभी किसी अंजान सड़क के किनारे ‘प्रचण्ड ठंडी बियर’ बेचने वाले ढाबे, तो कभी शहर का सबसे मशहूर पब में; कभी शाम को मिलते दोस्तों के बीच, तो कभी सालों बाद दुनिया के अलग-अलग कोनों से बकैती करते ग्रुप कॉल और मैसेज में; उन भूले-भटके, हँसाते-रुलाते, सच्चे-झूठे, कुछ बेस्वाद तो कुछ चटपटे; आज की टेंशन भरी जिंदगी में कोम्फेर्ट के लम्हों की तलाश में मिले कुछ किस्से और कुछ कहानियों का एक छोटा सा गुलदस्ता है यह किताब – ‘कम्फर्ट ज़ोन’I

  • Taiyari Jeet Ki by: Bhagwat Jaiswal 100.00

    Book is based on Govt Job competitive exam, their preparation, their troubleshooting, their opportunities.

  • ESCAPED Twin Flame Journey of the Other Better Half by: Rashmi Shakkarwal 470.00

    As the meaning of the Escape shows “an act of breaking from confinement or control”. It’s not negative always sometimes it talks about freedom, freedom from all restrictions, and free to know our own higher self that we become able to learn self-love, living in solitude or alone. This book talks about universal connection & its synchronicity, Dealing with breakups, The idea of wisdom and intuition, and the real description of “Ghats of Banaras”. Also contains the experienced journey of twin flame (incredible intense soul connection) with vibes matching, and finally a way to wisdom.


    Regeneration is a process of reproduction or reconstruction of a lost or injured part in such a way that the architecture and function of the lost or injured tissues are completely restored. GTR membrane is used as a barrier membrane to cover the bone and periodontal ligament, thus temporarily separating them from the gingival epithelium and connective tissue, thus allowing us to guide the regenerative procedure according to our need. In this book, we have tried to touch upon all the concepts, old and new, which define the procedure of guided tissue regeneration

  • All My Stars by: P.D. Vaid 269.00

    The story spanning sour and sweet verities of life, such as passion and compassion, is incredible. But beyond that, it is a tale of commitment in a relationship. As a doctor by profession, Linnea rises above all other characters to eventually grow the protagonist. Beginning unwittingly, out of her compassionate dispositions, she helped Rohan, a person of Indian origin, find accommodation by sharing her apartment with him. Amazingly, no commonality between the two; Linnea pursuing her study in medicines and Rohan in the same university studying engineering. She spotted him in the campus cafeteria, lost and helpless—Linnea, a light-skinned person of Swedish origin not much informed of the country of origin of Rohan. With age grew her appetite for compassion. Being an epitome of intrinsic benevolence, she ended up embracing Linda, an adult orphan, a batchmate of her granddaughter Lilly in the university. The magnanimity of friendship between Lilly and Linda worth vouching. Rohan eventually envisions boldly smashing the vanity of mundane possessions after losing his beloved Linnea in the hands of cruel death. For him is a magical experience, while touching his past simultaneously to see if it still has a hold on him—an insight story of ascending in life only to explore its vaguery – akin to gripping sand in the hands.

  • Jivan Rekha by: Sunil Kumar Gupta 200.00

    Our life is in between birth and death. Nobody knows how much time period has been alloted to us by the almighty. Somebody has really told “ Babu Mosai Hum Sub Rang Munch Ki Putalia Hai jinki dor Parwardigar Ke Hatho Me Hai. Kiski dor Kab Tut Jay Pata Nahi.” As such Every moment of life is precious. When we lead our life find various turning points. These turns teach and we learn. Somebody get a lesson out of the turn which becomes the story, a poem from the heart of the writer.

    I tried to transform these turning points into stories. My story collection “JEEWAN REKHA” is a new book written in very considerate language “HINDI”. I hope the book will favorite the readers. A new writer will get encouraged if you read and appreciate the writing. I hope good writers will come out of it.

    I also hope some good and bad happening of life will be recalled which will make you happy and eager to know more. The happenings of life are old and past but it gives immense pleasure to the life. I hope you will enjoy the book.

  • These are mine….(A Collection Of Poems- 2) by: TANMAY SOLANKI 105.00

    A collection of Poems, unique in style and content. Dealing with hitherto untouched topics of Life and Human Psyche. These beautiful poems are not only inspiring but educative as well and bring with them a new perspective towards life and human problems. A variety of topics set in rhyme, to touch you at a more humane level.


    Superstar Amyra, a gorgeous model-turned actress had an illustrious career in Bollywood. She had reigned for almost half a decade in the industry and portrayed stupendous and spell-binding performances on the silver screen.

    The stylish hot diva shot to fame more with the controversies than her acting skills in the beginning of her career. With every controversy, her fame and glamour skyrocketed to a new high and she became a paparazzi obsession resulting in being a full-time headliner in every newspaper.

    Amyra’s best friend Samar D’Souza, a shrewd successful lawyer acted as a savior in her every controversy and trouble.

    Amyra’s acting skills matured as life taught her dark lessons. Her million-dollar smile attracted a huge fan base and the whole world fell in love with her.

    The sniper attacks ravaged Bollywood to a halt and utter shock. Amyra faced the sniper attacks with an iron hand and her bold and never-say-die attitude won millions of hearts.

    Unfortunately, the dark side of celebrity life took a heavy toll on the actress.

    Enjoy the roller-coaster ride of two friends embarked on a miraculous journey of success defying all odds!

  • Life Shapes By Itself- Short Stories Based On Reality by: Bishwanath Pramanik 150.00

    The short stories ” – to be published are all based on day-da to-day life of human beings from different strata of society. I have portrayed their character as it is, you may call the stories romantic or the product of the criminal world.

  • Life In This Moment by: Rajeev Handa 149.00

    “Life at this moment” is a collection of poems, triggered by the good & bad events, that are difficult to understand. The confusions created due to loss of near ones, distortion in social set-up, and feelings rising from love, which are difficult to put in words. With the use of the simplest of words, this book can connect with almost all the people across age groups, generations, social set-ups, and geographical spread.

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