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  • All My Stars by: P.D. Vaid 269.00

    The story spanning sour and sweet verities of life, such as passion and compassion, is incredible. But beyond that, it is a tale of commitment in a relationship. As a doctor by profession, Linnea rises above all other characters to eventually grow the protagonist. Beginning unwittingly, out of her compassionate dispositions, she helped Rohan, a person of Indian origin, find accommodation by sharing her apartment with him. Amazingly, no commonality between the two; Linnea pursuing her study in medicines and Rohan in the same university studying engineering. She spotted him in the campus cafeteria, lost and helpless—Linnea, a light-skinned person of Swedish origin not much informed of the country of origin of Rohan. With age grew her appetite for compassion. Being an epitome of intrinsic benevolence, she ended up embracing Linda, an adult orphan, a batchmate of her granddaughter Lilly in the university. The magnanimity of friendship between Lilly and Linda worth vouching. Rohan eventually envisions boldly smashing the vanity of mundane possessions after losing his beloved Linnea in the hands of cruel death. For him is a magical experience, while touching his past simultaneously to see if it still has a hold on him—an insight story of ascending in life only to explore its vaguery – akin to gripping sand in the hands.

  • Jivan Rekha by: Sunil Kumar Gupta 200.00

    Our life is in between birth and death. Nobody knows how much time period has been alloted to us by the almighty. Somebody has really told “ Babu Mosai Hum Sub Rang Munch Ki Putalia Hai jinki dor Parwardigar Ke Hatho Me Hai. Kiski dor Kab Tut Jay Pata Nahi.” As such Every moment of life is precious. When we lead our life find various turning points. These turns teach and we learn. Somebody get a lesson out of the turn which becomes the story, a poem from the heart of the writer.

    I tried to transform these turning points into stories. My story collection “JEEWAN REKHA” is a new book written in very considerate language “HINDI”. I hope the book will favorite the readers. A new writer will get encouraged if you read and appreciate the writing. I hope good writers will come out of it.

    I also hope some good and bad happening of life will be recalled which will make you happy and eager to know more. The happenings of life are old and past but it gives immense pleasure to the life. I hope you will enjoy the book.

  • These are mine….(A Collection Of Poems- 2) by: TANMAY SOLANKI 105.00

    A collection of Poems, unique in style and content. Dealing with hitherto untouched topics of Life and Human Psyche. These beautiful poems are not only inspiring but educative as well and bring with them a new perspective towards life and human problems. A variety of topics set in rhyme, to touch you at a more humane level.


    Superstar Amyra, a gorgeous model-turned actress had an illustrious career in Bollywood. She had reigned for almost half a decade in the industry and portrayed stupendous and spell-binding performances on the silver screen.

    The stylish hot diva shot to fame more with the controversies than her acting skills in the beginning of her career. With every controversy, her fame and glamour skyrocketed to a new high and she became a paparazzi obsession resulting in being a full-time headliner in every newspaper.

    Amyra’s best friend Samar D’Souza, a shrewd successful lawyer acted as a savior in her every controversy and trouble.

    Amyra’s acting skills matured as life taught her dark lessons. Her million-dollar smile attracted a huge fan base and the whole world fell in love with her.

    The sniper attacks ravaged Bollywood to a halt and utter shock. Amyra faced the sniper attacks with an iron hand and her bold and never-say-die attitude won millions of hearts.

    Unfortunately, the dark side of celebrity life took a heavy toll on the actress.

    Enjoy the roller-coaster ride of two friends embarked on a miraculous journey of success defying all odds!

  • Life Shapes By Itself- Short Stories Based On Reality by: Bishwanath Pramanik 150.00

    The short stories ” – to be published are all based on day-da to-day life of human beings from different strata of society. I have portrayed their character as it is, you may call the stories romantic or the product of the criminal world.

  • Life In This Moment by: Rajeev Handa 149.00

    “Life at this moment” is a collection of poems, triggered by the good & bad events, that are difficult to understand. The confusions created due to loss of near ones, distortion in social set-up, and feelings rising from love, which are difficult to put in words. With the use of the simplest of words, this book can connect with almost all the people across age groups, generations, social set-ups, and geographical spread.

  • Sanvedanachi Aswadak Ukal by: Subhash Kinholkar 150.00

    ‘Sanvedananchi Aswadak Ukal’ has written by Subhash Kinholkar. This critics collection of review writing is creating a new dimension. Includes novels, stories, In fine prose, poetry and children’s literature, etc. Writing of books with medical commentary is presented in detail. From that comes the diversity of writing, the inner rhythm, the implicit meaning and reflection are constantly unfolding. In fact, drawing the world of books is a very difficult matter. You have to go deep inside and reach the bottom. In fact, it is the test of the critic. Subhash Kinholkar is qualified in this regard. His ability to write reviews is invaluable. Linguistic skills, moldability, relevance, and because of this the scope of this review has expanded. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use Feel the mind. Definitely, this multifaceted review collection will give students-practitioners a new direction of review, That’s for sure.

  • Rethinking Himalaya: Its Scope and Protection by: Kulbhushan Sharma, Pankaj Sharma & Puneet Thakur 501.00

    The Himalaya has profoundly shaped the cultures of the Indian subcontinent, with many Himalayan peaks considered sacred in Hinduism and Buddhism. Some of the world’s major rivers – the Indus, the Ganges, and the Brahmaputra rise in the Himalayas. These rivers have abundant seasonal and annual water supply. The mountain ranges and river basins share trans-boundary connectedness. Still, mountain people living on hills have limited access to water for drinking and agriculture. Covering around 27% of the Earth’s land surface, the mountains contribute to the sustenance and wellbeing of over half the human population for water, food, and clean energy. Yet mountains are under threat from climate change, land degradation, overexploitation, and natural disasters, with potentially far-reaching and devastating consequences, both for mountain communities and downstream populations. The book covers interdisciplinary domains of science, humanities and commerce, hence beneficial for all types of reader equally. Promotion of awareness and education on conservation and sustainable utilization of bioresources and strengthening networks, co-ordination with the help of central government departments, state governments, NGOs, and local institutions is urgently needed.

  • IVY by: Ria S.J 175.00

    Ivy, a plucky teenager, is unwittingly forced to embark upon a tizzy adventure, encountering a host of human and spiritual beings, some loving and supporting, and others rabidly hostile. Shattered by the knowledge that her parents were murdered by unscrupulous elements, she struggles to find the culprits and avenge their death.

  • Snippets – Some Stories Short by: JASDEEP SINGH 375.00

    “Snippets- some stories short” is a captivating jumble of simple real-like incidents that often escape our attention. The author has delicately drawn out such instances and fictionalized them with a fluidity that keeps the reader absorbed and instinctively flipping pages from one story to the other. Each story has a different hue, flavor, and context wherein those interested in variety would find engrossing variegated mix wrapped in one cover. Yet the underlying theme is constant and about human sensibilities, frailty, subtle emotions, common fears, superstitions, faith, flaws, and fragility. One may get confronted with commonplace happenings that would otherwise appear innocuous but could be speaking of embedded hierarchies, prejudices, and stereotypes that we often take for granted. Then, certain unbelieving instances could catch one unawares that would revive your faith in some supreme power beyond. It makes us understand how experiences mould us in time. Simultaneously, making us realize how everything at the macro level merges into oneness of being – be it be different races of mankind, different religions and castes in India, different colours of a rainbow, and so on; all artificial and mortal differences eventually even out.

    The language used encapsulates the essence of the moment engaging the reader in flow of its simplicity and content. This short story collection specially suits fiction lovers with busy schedules and younger multitasking generation with constricting attention span. A happy reading and a tête-à-tête with latent realities of life.

  • China in the Oceans: Quest for Expansion by: Neeraj Singh Manhas 419.00

    The Indian Ocean, the world’s third-largest ocean, has surpassed the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as the world’s largest and most strategically important trade corridor. The Indian Ocean Region (IOR), which is surrounded by Africa, Asia, and Australia, serves as a maritime highway that connects transcontinental human and economic relationships. As the world’s most populous region, it is home to one-third of the world’s bulk cargo and roughly two-thirds of the world’s oil tankers. China has had an interest in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) since the early 1960s. Since Beijing has been increasing its presence in the IOR for a variety of reasons-oil, trade, security, etc., over 30 percent of China’s seaborne trade is worth approximately US $300 billion transits through the IOR. The book is part of a larger study of Indo-Chinese maritime concerns. It traces India’s maritime security strategy evolution. The book explains China’s change from a cautious to a more assertive approach. However, in recent years, Beijing has begun to seek policies and actions to protect its maritime rights and interests in the Indo-Pacific area. Other countries are wary of China’s expanding influence in the region. This book provides an outline of China’s maritime security strategy beyond the Indian Ocean’s “Strings of Pearls.” The book attempts to analyse China’s engagement in the Indian Ocean, India’s concerns, and India’s response to any Chinese moves. China has built and operates ports in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Maldives, Seychelles, Djibouti, Tanzania, and Kenya, among others. India’s expanding regional importance puts it in conflict with China in some security circles. This book will be of considerable interest to the students of naval strategy, maritime security, Chinese politics, and International Relations.

  • Chanakya Neeti by: Atul Sehgal 250.00

    This book Chanakyaneeti—the eternal blueprint for success provides translations of the almost 330 verses of Chanakyaneeti along with explanation of each verse to elucidate and expound on its meaning. The book has been divided into 17 chapters, in line with the original text composed by sage Chanakya in the Sanskrit language. The explanations are given in simple, lucid style for easy comprehension and application by the common man. At many places, the explanation has been made considering the relevance and application of the verse in the contemporary times so that modern humans can correlate their lives with the ancient but eternal strands of wisdom.

  • Short Stories to Read and Reread by: S.Shabina Banu 250.00

    Some books we read and leave, some we cling to. Certain books are like our friends they travel with us. This short story collection is to read and reread, which can be used as bedtime stories, or in moral science class. We can tell these stories as small life lessons. Hope you all will like it. This book is totally for children but for grown-ups too. Anybody can read and enjoy it. You can start anywhere and end anywhere.



  • Into the Sanctum of Mind by: Madhugouda Patil 150.00

    This book is not only a collection of poems but a collection of one’s thoughts through Poems, which are caused by unplanned traveling, failures, hunger, the impact of enchanted people on writer, music, literature, village life and urban life, unsolicited notions which had woken up from sleep, anguish, anger, smiles, love for clothes, speeding of cars, spirituality, the impact of Gurus, unknown sorrows, brothers’ affection, polity and much more.

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    Off Into The World I Go! Finland Edition by: Sonali Saigal Kapur 999.00 860.00

    A children’s book on moving, merging cultures, and dealing with big feelings.

    A parent and caregiver’s guide to co-regulation tips, including affirmations, to help manage emotions- both children and their own!

    The colourful artwork in this book celebrates diversity, inclusion, and acceptance.

  • INSTRUCTIONS OF THE SUPREME GOD by: Shree Sunita Machra Shakti 200.00

    The book has been mentioned about the work style of the ALIENS and foretellings by Shree NOSTRADAMUS jee for the Supreme God. It expresses the instructions to all earthlings for their happy and prosperous livings. The book dissolutions to various ritualisms prevalent in the human kinds and all kingdoms. It gives some worshipping chants also.

  • Happiness: How When and Why by: Vaibhav Gupta 225.00

    “How youth and teenagers of today are currently leading their lives that worries the most. They have created a misconception of the word “happiness.” They believe that signing up for social media platforms and getting a large number of likes, followers, or retweets forms the basis for staying connected and experiencing happiness. Well, it’s kind of a connection. It is the happiness of the external materialistic world. The text contains ideas on how to seek happiness in more ways than one. It confirms the search for happiness. This is where self-image, decisions, education, analysis, behavior, beliefs, and understanding come together to allow us to experience happiness. At its core, it’s about self-confidence and acceptance. Spirituality means being true to ourselves, not doing something or being someone else. This thought is reflected in the book in the form of a collection of personal experiences. Many of these situations will bring to light the human differences that have kept us enslaved for a long time. This book will help young people to get all the answers about happiness and change their focus so that they understand that life is more than this short-lived happiness.”

  • The Journey To A New You by: Rahul Thakur 399.00

    This book will help you to make a promising head start towards The Journey To A New You. Get ready to embrace amazing achievements by our motherland during the recent spell of Covid`19 and exceptional humans around us.

    This will further help you to optimize your learning by gaining an insight into how your mind works. The learnings presented from the lives of Paralympians and their GOLD Journey will surely make you proud and enthralled to put you on a roller coaster ride towards self-development.

    After sailing through this ride, you will definitely have increased efficiency and productivity with the surge in your intelligence. Some smart and Quirky ways are presented to deal with modern life challenges with a fresh perspective. You get on a fantastic path towards self-motivation with an inside-out approach. Get set go for self-reflection, regulation, and control. Finally, Learn some effective professional skills that will help you to stand out which are rarely taught.

  • Dastan_e_Jindagi ek Hakikat by: Dipanshu patel 200.00

    Every sentiment is incorporated in this book in some way or the other. In particular, the book describes the aspects of love, family, social, and inspiring. Generally speaking of some of the good and bad experiences of my life, I hope you all try to relate this book with your life so that you can enjoy these poems to the fullest extent. This book is not meant to degrade anyone in any way, it is a reference to my own experience in life, and therefore, I would request all the readers to give this book your love. And hope that you will find the readers with a new vision of life reading this, a sacred form of love, and especially if you can understand that there are some around you who love you, even though you can understand them.

  • Bharat Ki Padosi Pratham Neeti by: Girish Chandra Pande 553.00

    The book titled “Bharat ki Padosi Pratham Neeti” is unique in its sense that it thoroughly gives a glimpse of the relation with the neighbouring countries. Since Independence, India has always given the top priority to its neighbouring countries. This is reflected well in Gujral Doctrine, 1997 and India’s new neighbouring policy, 2005. This commitment was further solidified by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his swearing ceremony on 26th May 2014. He invited the neighbouring countries and upgraded India’s neighbour policy to the “Neighbourhood First Policy”
    Time and again India has helped the neighbouring countries without delay during their distress or calamities which has strengthened India’s position as an emerging World Leader.
    The book gives a vivid description of all the foreign visits, summits and bilateral talks held since 2014 with an analysis on how various neighbours have reciprocated to India’s foreign policy. This book also gives an in-depth analysis of the challenges India is facing with Pakistan promoted terrorist activities, China’s intrusion in Eastern Ladakh, and the Taliban overtaking Afghanistan.
    I’ve put in immense effort to make this book easy for people with interest in India’s foreign policy and students appearing in various competitive examinations. For getting latest updates on India’s neighbouring policy, you can also sign up for my free newsletter on For any feedback or suggestion, please feel free to reach out to me on

  • How to Increase Memory Power by: Debasis Das 399.00

    ’How to Increase Memory Power’ is a unique book that ventures into the unexplored capabilities of our mind and
    brainpower. The human mind is the most complex and fastest thing in the world. This book provides a lucid description for increasing our mind power. This book is not only for the students but also for the teachers, jobseekers, guardians, tutors, professionals, and many more. This book touches almost all the arenas of our learning – multiplications, square roots, to check the mathematical calculations within 5 seconds, historical dates, years, the names of the Presidents and Prime ministers of India, any difficult English vocabulary, gerund and participle, taxonomy in order and cell cycles in Biology, periodic tables in chemistry, atmospheric layers, names of dams, rivers, oceans, continents, capitals of states, countries, and many more. with the help of this book if we can increase the functioning capacity of our brain by only a few percentages, then our life will be dramatically changed. This is a guidebook in this direction.

  • Kuch Sapne Kuch Hakikat by: SHU SHREE SHAILAJA 215.00

    My poetry is untold, although there is some secret hidden in everyone’s poetry, similarly, our poetry contains feelings, happiness, sorrow, some dreams, some reality, which are related to the heart. Similarly, my poetry also reveals a thousand things. my poem is full of desire, love makes me intoxicated in myself, whenever I write it, it is as if it wants to say something and it seems as if it expresses my own heart with those words.
    What should I say about my poem, I hope that whoever reads this poem, the way I feel something, so will everyone. Perhaps the way my poetry loves me and I do with my poetry, you will all be loved.

  • Ehsaas ke Pal by: Subhash Sharma 151.00

    “Ehsaas Ke Pal”, is a small effort through which self-realization, self-contemplation, and inner voice are recognized. It is an initiative in the direction of understanding and improving life according to life experiences, spiritual thought, discovery, and advice of intellectuals, sociologists, and psychologists. The contribution of my daughter Shilpa in this collection of poems is highly commendable, without whose tireless efforts this collection would not have taken its present form. It would also be fair to say that it is natural to get a glimpse of the author’s experiences and thoughts in the poems. Concerns have also been expressed about today’s mechanical speedy lifestyle. This collection of poems is a tribute from a father to a son, who recently passed away tragically.

  • Moti Anmol Rishte Ke by: Pramod Bharti 150.00

    Poems woven across the human relationship.

  • Pretma (A ghost’s love) by: Ritesh Kumar 249.00

    This story of mine is of a young man named Prem, who believes only in God and doesn’t believe in things like Demon, Ghost, Evil forces at all. But one day he reaches a village where people have unwavering faith in Evil spirits.

    While living in that village some incident happens with him due to which he experiences unforgettable memories about both love and ghost. Right now I cannot tell much about the story, but I can definitely tell that this Horror-Love story of mine is full of Fear as well as Curiosity.

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