The Booknerds Hangout featuring author and poet Rashmi Trivedi
On September 20, 2018 | 0 Comments
September 9, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

The flagship literary initiative of Dehradun welcomed this Sunday the much loved and emerging author Rashmi Trivedi. The venue for the session was a sublime café Tonic which was a grateful host for the booknerds hangout. Booknerds contribution to promote reading, readers and storytellers in Dehradun is well known hence this time the theme of the hangout was Feminism which is much more opinionated than understood or applied. To clear the air we had Ms.Rashmi Trivedi a poet, an author, a feminist and an inspiration. She has until now published three books namely Women Everything Will Be Fine, Handful of Sunshine Pocketful of Rain, and From Ashes to Dreams. All of these books are based on the struggles a women experiences while balancing her dreams and simultaneously contributing time to the family, they talk about all these issues plus some pleasant poems to give wings to all. As the session began Rohan Raj, the co-founder of Booknerds and moderator for the session introduced the audience especially students from The Vantage Hall to The Booknerds Hangouts, telling them about how this idea of Booknerds came into being, the vision and why it is necessary. He further talked about BlueRose Publications, whose representatives were also attending the session. Continuing with the motive of the Hangout he introduced the author of the day followed by giving her the honours to begin. Ms Rashmi Trivedi engaged the crowd with a soulful poem with a reference to the various Gods in Hindu mythology. She then talked about her books and her journey as an author and how she overcame all the hurdles to achieve her dreams. She also shared some quick details of her recently released book From Ashes To Dreams. To make the session more engaging a Scramble Contest was organized by The Booknerds based on the eminent women writers of India. As the audience scratched their heads, Mr Ankit Bhandari was able to get maximum correct answers and was rewarded through gift hampers from Blue Rose Publishers. After this delightful competition, Ms Rashmi read an extract from her book From Ashes to Dreams which was a sweet conversation between a daughter longing for the comfort of her mother’s embrace, the mother who is away due to her commitments consoles her with a present for her when she returns. Thus she conveyed to the audience that there will be various moments where the emotional trauma will pull you down but it’s important to hold your ground. After which Mr. Rohan Raj announced the question/answer session and the many ladies present among the crowd put up various questions inquiring and discussing the changing mindset of the country. Concluding the session Mr Rohan Raj welcomed everyone to purchase the book and get it signed by the author the collection of which will go to a charity. On this note, another engaging and inclusive hangout was wrapped up by the Booknerds. This enchanting literary journey of The Booknerds shall continue on September 30, 2018, at Cafe Cibo 12pm-2 pm with a discussion on best selling author Yuval Noah Harari’s 21 Lessons for the 21st Century published by Penguin India.

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