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A Delhi Based Self-Publishing Company

Located in the metropolitan heart of the country, we are an experienced and well organized publishing company, determined to provide the best of services for book publication.

Our experienced team members help you get a good handle on expectations, timelines, and budget besides taking care of all your publication needs like editing, design, distribution, and marketing to make sure you achieve the success you deserve.

We publish all genres and languages and try our best to get our authors the top opportunities to reach out to the widest possible range of readers.

Established in October, 2012, we have more than 50000+ registered authors and thousands of followers on different social media sites and a phenomenal reach in over 140 countries. With 50+ creative souls onboard and 3000+ accomplished dreams on various shelves, Blue Rose has now become a huge family which is growing with every passing day and becoming best book publisher in India.

Put a halt to your search, and trust us with your dreams as we will put our heart and soul and be the tail of your shooting star.

Come live your vision with us to dazzle multitudes!

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SYED ARSHAD, Founder/Director

Described as hard-working and dedicated by BlueRose team, Syed Arshad believes in the power of words and how they can change the world. Over six years, he has built a team of professionals from scratch, moulding each individual with humility and passion.


Loaded with huge responsibilities at an age where most of us are looking for a direction in life, Khushboo Kaushik has managed to build a strong bridge of communication and understanding among the teams at BlueRose Publishers. She has successfully administered the organization, taking all challenges head-on, and inspires others to do the same.

SYED ASAD HASAN, Managing Director

With a head full of creative ideas and the hunger to always strive for the better, Syed Asad Hassan has helped the team individually explore their innovative sides and implement it in their work. He constantly aims to minimize the gap between the authors and the team.

Publishing Consultants

Your first point of contact with the company, who help you select the best for your tangible dreams.

Publishing Managers

Your book is their book, assisting you every step of the way, filling the ink of your thoughts in the pages of your dream project.

Designing Team

Giving an artist's impression, creating designs that match the beauty of your story.

Creative Team

These design and development gurus give you the tools you need to make your book the next big bestseller.

Marketing Team

This squad of digital maestros set up your online brand and keep it fresh and booming.

Post-Publication Department

Giving ink to your thoughts and delivering them to different doorsteps.

Editorial Team

You’ve got the thoughts, they’ve got the eye for detail. This team of literary geniuses gives your words the polish they need to shine.

“Books are like imprisoned souls till someone takes them down from a shelf and frees them.” 

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