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  • My tree is alive – dream series by: Varun Sharma 84.00

    “MY TREE IS ALIVE” is a fiction book from the dream series with an emotional journey of a boy based on the theme of trees written by Varun Sharma, an Indian author. This story describes an encounter involving a 12 years old boy named Jay and a woodcutter to save the tree with a strong message, to make the world a better place to live in the future.

  • Dhoop Ke Katre by:  Sarla Dhasmana Bendale 160.00
    Dhoop ke katre is a book of poetry that is fictional yet relatable, it is based on the experiences which leave the reader with a feeling of acquaintance and familiarity.
  • Zero to Five  by:  Anupam V. Jessy   245.00
    Started writing the book from August 2017 and my first novel book was ready in about three years. I understand that if I had a doctor’s degree, I would write a book about health, but there is no match with my studies in my book. Whatever is in my book inspires good and true guidance. A depressed person gets even a little internal energy, so I have only been churning my thoughts about this subject for about three years. The beginning is always done on its own .. So in this ‘ZERO TO FIVE’ book, I have started myself first, but I believe that it is not a spiritual but an inspiration. There are a lot of interesting ideas in the entire book from beginning to end. I have great hope from myself that this book will definitely inspire the reader and they will also get a lot of power to grow by themselves.
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    Madhura is a young girl who after her mother’s death went away to New York with her uncle leaving her father. Soon she came to her right age and was to be married to the son of one of her uncle’s friend. The date being fixed she now had come to India to invite her father to the wedding.

    MADHURA by: Sunil Seeke 170.00
  • Sugar Daddy by: Kajal Hemal Mehta 199.00

    Sugar Daddy’ is a story of Shridhar – a bisexual man and impacts of societal pressure on his individuality and his life. With this author wants to remind all of us that it is a time to set ‘new normal’ about many things including sexual orientation.

  • In Love 1919 – An era of love. by: Sachin Shrivastava 280.00

    AN ERA OF LOVE describes a love story of Princess Vedanshi and a brave soldier Neel. The story begins from an outstanding juncture and leads to an interesting journey where they get stuck in some unfortunate circumstances.

    Be a part of this most desirable love story to witness at what point the journey chooses for it’s final destination.

  • The Jobless Emperor by: Sahil Bhat 400.00

    The book is a story of a jobless boy who takes part in anti-corruption movement.

  • The Full and Final Settlement by: Hiten Bharat Gandhi 230.00

    Harsh Shah, a Gujarati boy from Ahmedabad, starts his career in Mumbai and reaches a Zonal Head position in a big Multinational bank within a span of 10 years. Rhea Khanna, a beautiful, intelligent and career-oriented Punjabi girl from Pune, started her banking career in the same bank under the mentorship of Harsh and had reached a respectable position in the bank. It was a love at first sight for Harsh and he takes all the attempts in this world to win Rhea’s heart. He succeeds and their relationship grooms. All is well in their seven years of glorious relationship, when an untoward incident changes their life and the relationship falls apart. What was the reason behind their breakup? Why Rhea left Harsh when everything was going so smooth in their life?

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    A.d.i. books creators of linguistic transmogrification The creator inspired this book to reach the lost the found the rich. The poor to add value to your lives Books a.d.i also on social media This is a best seller worldwide for the young the child and the old for all living
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    This book is about a boy who takes a simple job as a book delivery boy. Soon he comes to know that this work is not what it looks like. With this old magical book, his adventure and a dangerous journey begin. Every time he put his life into danger to deliver the book.
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    Who is the real hero in our society? Is it a singer with melodious voice who has fan-following in millions or a soldier who died guarding the nation or a common man struggling for his family needs or a devotee who has spent his life for a religious cause?  Heartfelt hero is a story that takes the reader to a journey of finding out the real hero of our times.  The story is about Arjun who is blessed with a magical voice. He aspires to become a professional singer and song writer. He gets enrolled for an engineering degree in Avadh Engineering College and falls in love with Aditi there. Arjun proposes Aditi, only to get rejected. Aditi eventually marries Rahul who happens to be a Captain in Indian Army. Set in the temple town of Ayodhya, the story studies the significance of Lord Ram in modern India.  The story also looks into the role that Ram Mandir had in changing the political discourse of the country and determining its destiny. After graduation, Arjun moves to Delhi to chase his dreams. In the turn of events, Captain Rahul dies in his line of duty while fighting the terrorists. After Rahul’s death, what emerges between Arjun and Aditi?
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    This book aims towards discovering the missing link between the conventional school and college education and ones awareness towards his/her inner self that needs to be unleashed by all; by himself / herself . Self awareness, Inner strength, Emotional fitness and a Vision for a compelling future, it’s something which is indispensible for an individual. Such essential skills are required for being a better person and to lead a successful life. And the best thing is that, these could be learned and developed through practice. As Great things begin from inside, personal transformation also comes from inside. It’s true that we cannot control what others do, but we can certainly control our own decisions and behaviors.  In order to achieve personal effectiveness, one must be committed and be able to think with a long-term perspective. The road to become a positive, self aware and Value driven person in your life is not always easy, it needs commitment. The book serves as the first step towards exploration of one’s own life through the treasury of thoughtful and insightful self help tools. It’s an effort to Empower and equips one to Step ahead with confidence, moving out of their comfort zone and thereby acting as a bridge between their Future and Past.
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    Mantramugdha is a Fiction that creatively blends various sub-genres of Fiction. This love story of a couple starts with the thrill and suspense of a detective story and ends with passionate poetry. The central character Mugdha is a college teacher and one fine afternoon, she discovers something which proves her husband’s relationship with one of his actresses, and the story begins.
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    Academic and environmental activist Neal Parker is assigned by an American NGO to study the effects the construction of lavish resorts and opulent hotels has on Goa’s beaches and marine life.  He asks his former student, Seemantini, to accompany him. In Goa, they are provided accommodation in the large and luxurious villa of an affluent Goan named Alonso Braganza. On the first day of their study, they stumble upon a construction built close to the beach and are confronted by Alonso’s workers who warn them not to visit the place again. A day or two later Neal discovers, through a newspaper article written by an Englishman the construction is an illegally planned luxury 60-storied hotel built inside the demarcation line. Being a stranger in Goa, he looks for someone to help him stall the construction. This leads him to Bhagyashree, a young female advocate. She discovers that the investor is none other than Alonso Braganza his host working in partnership with a Russian billionaire. In their bid to rein in the construction they are threatened by Braganza. Notwithstanding the dangers they face, Neal is determined to put a spanner in the works thereby jeopardizing their lives.
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    This is the story of Richard, a normal person, and his distant descendant from the future, Matt! They travel through time to ancient Greece and have many adventures there. In the end, Matt says goodbye to Richard and has an uncertain future in his time and requests Richard to prevent Global Warming to help improve the Earth’s climate.

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    “The course of true love never did run smooth” – William Shakespeare<Br><Br> A Life to Love is the story of Vani and Arjun that lives up to this famous line. They find love early in life but are forced to let go of each other as she is forcibly married to someone else. The marriage ends in a fiasco but leaves its scars on Vani that she finds difficult to erase.<Br><Br>  Arjun comes back in Vani’s life to hold her hand. She still loves him but is engulfed with a guilt of having let him down and wonders if she is worthy of his love. She struggles to fulfill her desire of loving Arjun with total abandonment and to realise her fantasies that were etched in her mind since she had met him for the first time as a nineteen-year-old girl. Try as she may, the demons inside her come in between her and Arjun to prevent their passions from reaching their natural culmination. <Br><Br>This is a love story set in the decade of eighties that highlights the emotions of two young people in love as they go through turbulent times before love prevails.
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    Love Laugh and Live are based on the subject ‘Love’ as we understand it. Everybody has a personal approach to it. The book deals with this emotion in different ways. It makes interesting reading. Go for it!
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    All hope lies, in the boy who allies. All is despair, at the fall of the last true heir. There has been a partition among the Turners: Infiniters, and Barrenisers are now the two faces. Another society exists in the secrecy of twilight; fierce women known as the Universals. Three secret societies are warring over a time-traveling teenage boy. Someone sinister is afoot.  From the very moment James’ parents and grandfather died in a ghastly car crash, his life in Miami has been like a Euler’s disk, barely stable. The advent of a secretive family, a sicko doctor, a mysterious birth-twin, an obscure will, a rather defectively conceived lens, and an uncontrollable and confused conscience are all massing to fell down the fort of James’ wildly chaotic life. And all this starts way before James discovers THE TIME-TURNER; one of the only things his father left him. The Overlord remains in silence, lurking in the shadows, taking his time to carve out the perfect blow.
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    It happened Under a Tamarind Tree! An entire Family that lived, loved, and was wiped out by a single dreaded disease! An Old House that tells its own stories, in its own unique style! A ‘Curse’ that wields power over generations! A young woman who visits her Ancestral home, looking for answers to the questions left behind by her mother. Does she find them? Are certain questions better left, unasked?
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    The book Lingering Fear and Lockdowns tales are collection of short stories.The short stories are based on lockdown and carona which happened in our country. The stories show the  pain and agony which we all have experienced during lockdown  and carona. The fear  is still there. Most of the stories are based on true events.
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    This story is about different women who have struggled a lot in their lives. My effort as a writer is to encourage the courage of those women by telling their struggles to all the women of the country and not to hurt the personal life of a woman.
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    This is a story of a boy named Rick whom I met by coincidence when he got badly injured in a horrible road accident in Delhi, along with a 5-6 years old child. I came to know about his life from his diary that the child was an orphan kid like Rick, and that he was raising him like his own son.  Rick was also in love with a girl from his school days named Avni. But he could not express his love to Avni, and one day he lost Avni along with everything he loved. He was left with only one orphan child due to circumstances, whose upbringing had now become the motive of his life. But as circumstances changed, one day Rick had to leave his city forever with that orphan child. But after 5 years, by coincidence, he encounters Avni,  whom he loved since school days.  Gradually, Rick started regaining everything he lost in the past. But one day unfortunately, he lost his life in a car accident.”
    A Boy in a Wonderland by: Sagar Allone   227.00

    Rick’s desire to achieve anything, even after losing everything, never ended.  He found himself in the middle of nowhere where he had to take care of an orphan kid. He decided to leave his own home in search of a new life

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    Bewafaayi  …. Family and social story. Also, the story of infidelity in the name of love, whose consequences have always been terrible. The lackluster life of two friends… one of whom, named Raina, would have loved the young men only to show off, but there were other plans going on inside
    Bewafaayi by: Shyam Yadav 180.00
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    Oru Ummaputhrante Ormakkurippukal’ is a humble attempt to portray the childhood-adolescent
    moments that unknowingly slipped out of the hands of oblivion into characters. This book consists not
    just ten stories, but ten doors that open to memories.

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    The story begins with a film called suicide. It revolves around a death camouflaged by the mysteries of suicide and murder. The plot deepens as Samar, one of their friends, dies on the day of the film’s release. Slowly the film starts casting its reflections in the real life of its makers from multiple perspectives. Samar’s tragic demise too gets shrouded in the web of murder and suicide affecting the lives of each one of them unraveling their and deepest and darkest secrets to one another. But Subhankar takes them all to a journey far back in time from where the story of their film originated. A journey that will take them through the philosophies of life and death and change everything forever. This Novel is a unique trilogy where three different stories are intricately woven into a single book.
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    The book was written depicting the period between 1964 to 1974. Though it is a work of fiction, the author has given his life experiences in the storyline. The story depicts the travails the hero goes through in his life on this earth. The hero of the story wants the eternal bliss of God for which he was struggling throughout his life.

    A man of God decides to write the events of his life in order to motivate those battling doubts and despair.

    Set in the Northeast a young boy dreams big, an impossible dream. His struggles bear fruit and the impossible dream seems well within his grasp.

    When reality hits, the boy has to man up and face failures. It is during the darkest hours that he finds God and realizes that he spent his life chasing the wrong dream, God had a different plan for him.

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    Some love relationships are predominant, though they cannot be expressed. Despite the constant chatter, the relationship between father and son is solid. The reality shows that love can be not only defeated before judgment, but also rooted in its roots. There was only the delay of a loving conversation, with each other recognizing the father and son. It was not necessary for the father to comfort his son, and the son, afterward, to rebuild his father’s grief.

    Beso by: Vijil Anand 110.00
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