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  • QUAKER by: Rohan Singhvi 249.00

    A few madmen. A well-rehearsed plan. One common goal: Vengeance. Rick believes he has just the vital components to get the job done. But, as it turns out, everything comes at a cost, one that might be too much to pay. Delve into the conglomerate of crime, chaos, and cigars, broiled with blood and brotherhood. And the thin line that separates a hero and a psychopath.The book is written in a unique style and format and pushes ideas like a soliloquy, simultaneously-changing timelines to make readers active participants through the story.

  • Operation Scan by: Dr Vishal Kumar 375.00

    Operation Scan is a novel full of romance, humor and thrill. The main character of the story Vihaan falls in love with a college fellow Kashmiri girl Sameera. Unfortunately the love story does not reach the desirable destination. When Vihaan accidentally meets Sameera after a long separation, he is shocked after knowing that Sameera is involved in terrorist activities. Vihaan is further shocked after the discovery of these anti-national activities directed by the enemy country. Realizing his national duty, he sets out to scan his motherland with his college comrades to find traitors and punish them.

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    Abhineet is not a traditional detective character, nor is he a cop. Although other detective characters are his inspirations; unlike them, he is calm, affectionate, and forgiving. He is an ordinary boy who is also flowing in the constant flow of life, like all of us. However, the situation and time brought an opportunity in front of him, to try what he cherishes; using his knowledge. He ‘bought’ the opportunity. What happened then? What did he learn? Was his project successful? Who was with him? And in the end, did our ordinary Abhi Da could become extraordinary? to know this, you have to read ‘The Inception of Abhineet’.‘The Inception of Abhineet’ is my first English presentation in ‘The Adventures of Abhineet’ series. Bengali is also available, and for you guys, I have left a clue in this story, for my next story. See if you can find that clue & get connected on social media.

  • Corona KaalJai Laghu Kahaaniyaa by:  Amrendra Kumar 215.00
    The present book is an humble attempt to provide a subtle insight into the plight of the people during the corona period.  For some, it was an opportunity and for others, it came as a curse. We also got to see true faces of some people. The lower middle class and middle class were the most affected from the disaster.  I have tried to reflect upon the experience of people from all sections of the society in form of short stories
  • Kuch Kahaniyan Jeevan Ki by: Neepra 101.00
    ‘Kuch Kahaniyan Jeevan ki’ is a bunch of short stories. Every story has an unique essence and color of emotions which reveals the true facts about life. Author hopes that readers would enjoy such bunch of flowers.
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    The narrator has filled these stories with the struggles of a handful of people who are caught up in the problem of love between life and death in simple language.

  • Thorn Hill by: Anushka D’silva 150.00
    Thorn Hill is a poem book about finding yourself. There are times when people get lost in their feelings and look for light. Sometimes poems help in a way that no person can and that’s what I hope Thorn Hill becomes for people. The book Thorn Hill is like a journey , from getting lost to accepting you as a person with flaws. I hope Thorn Hill encourages people to open up and accept flaws and failures. Thorn Hill was a great help and a great writing journey for me and I hope it becomes yours too. The concept of Thorn Hill is based on roses and thorns.
    Real or Imaginary is a fictional romance novel exemplifying the situations that every lover had to face for the bondage created by society. It talks about religious issues and how the lover fought to reach a peak for their bond. The scenes and dialogues presented in the book are a realistic way that I am sure everyone can relate to it. Looking up all those challenges faced by the generations out there, I decided to create a fiction where there is a blend of some reality in it.
  • ELEMENTIALS THE BEGINNING by: Vishesh and Aadik 254.00
    This book is about five characters who were given powers by a mysterious jewel whose story is still a mystery, seriously, even we don’t know its story yet, believe us. This book has two stories, the first one is the main story, “Elementals: Just the Beginning” and a small story “The Virtual Paradise” which is about a little girl who is xenophobic but overcomes her fear of foreigners.
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    The Book “The Road that leads to our Destination” is a frictional story based on a life of an ordinary farmer who struggled in his life . In this book it describes the worst situation of people but it also tells to us that if you set your target and if you focus on it then there will be no one who will come between you and the success. The story is motivational and tells people to work more hard as there is no limit of working hard. The process of choosing the topic of this book was hard but it was easy to research on the topic as we all can see the situation of economically weak people. It was very interesting to write on this topic as the topic was common and it was also real.

  • Svah Shankita : Swabhimaani by: 150.00
  •  THE MAD AD YEARS by: Aryani Banerjee, Tapas Gupta   349.00

    THE MAD AD YEARS, India’s first advertising fiction, with top advertising agencies in India as the backdrop, brings into light and uncovers scandals and exploitations in the real world of advertising through the eyes of the protagonist Prashant Gupta, who has worked in some of the largest agencies in the country for nearly forty-five years.

    The story encircles his journey from being a 22-year-old simple graduate from a traditional joint family in Calcutta who in 1976 accidentally gets a job of a Management Trainee in India’s most glamorous and second largest agency, to rubbing shoulders with business tycoons and famous industrialists, to witnessing dramatic and salacious incidents and being directly and indirectly involved in many instances that changed Indian advertising forever, and to becoming the owner of a hundred-crore agency, later in his life.

    Tangy, wild and bittersweet – THE MAD AD YEARS is not just a book but an irresistible concoction of ink on paper that makes you visualise the characters and incidents as if they are moving and happening right in front of you – it is a lot like the bizarrely beautiful coffee-cherry tea Cascara – it ceaselessly makes you crave for more – as your flip through the book, you will keep letting your soul feed on the intoxicating urge to explore how the story unfolds.

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    Nasto meyer upakkhan is a bengali short stories by Muhammad Selim Reza.

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    “Ricochet” expresses the intricate details and in-depth emotions of a woman, as she goes through the journey of her life. The poems deal with many situations, mostly dark, like rape, molestation, death, loss, violence, etc. The book also describes the usual pain that people go through with occasional happiness that is temporary. It has a wide range of subjects that have been taken from the daily lives of women.

    Ricochet by: Samikhya Dash 200.00
  • WHEN LIFE BIGHTS by: Simran Kaur 149.00
    Whenever a bight occurs in life, bite it harder and get out of it.
  • A Silent Love by: AWADHESH ROY 395.00
    A fiction love story of two generations. In the first generation, the love was completely silent whereas in the second generation, the boy and girl were both the children of the first generation lovers. There were some twists in the situation of the second generation’s marriage which was solved later on by both the first generation’s parents.
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    Parayaanaavaathathu parayunna kavitha. Ullie thonnalukal asaadhaaranamaam vidham aavishakarikkunna kavithakalaanu Sreeramintethu. Maravitangalude irulil ninn payye velippetunna swantham unmaye swakaarya bhaashayiloode abhimukheekarikkukayaanu koumaaram vidaatha ee puthu kavi

    Smrithisailam by: Sreeram V 120.00
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    ‘The Myriad Hues -II’ is beauty in sublime. Having worked at Birla International School where the poet published her first book ‘THE MYRIAD HUES’, being inspired by the enchanting nature, the luring sunsets, the long walks, the slithering snakes, the naughty squirrels, the chirping birds, the swaying trees, the howling winds is all what ‘The Myriad Hues- II’ is all about. The enthralling campus has been the guiding force for the poet to go on with her second book, ‘”A Collection of Poems” which comes by as a dedication to the place which has inspired her enough. It is not the people who stick on in your memory after you have moved on, it is the trees and the roads and the sunsets and the sunrises which one remembers, retains and recalls. The tranquility which the place offers is the best take away for one in these difficult times. While one finds oneself drowning in the din of the city voice, the campus then comes by as a ready recluse for one to unwind , giving one an opportunity to think and introspect. This is what ‘The Myriad Hues- II’ is all about.

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    If you were to live the most daunting thought of your life, how would you live it? What if the scariest darkness of your life can bring infinite light to your life? In the Bestselling work ” Vague Thoughts of a Lucid Mind” poet Pankhuri Pareek has given your dark thoughts a scintillating side. The poet wins the thoughts of a young as well as of an mature mind. The rhymes and words inside this book reveals that part of your mind that was hidden beneath the sheets of darkness. Get ready to unlock the secrets of Bright Side of The Dark

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    “What is the Infinite Power” is a book, which will take you to the world of truths. In this book, you can know about the existence of the infinite power. Here, infinite power is divided into two categories. What are the powers? Where do they exist? All the answers lie in this book. This book also contains the answers by mythology, science, society, etc. Now is the time to know the real truth. Why we should isolate us from the truths? So, read this book and know all the truths, facts and figures about the infinite powers.

  • Lollypops to Cigarettes by: Abhishek Bhattacharya 225.00
    This story is about Abhinav's years of growing up. About his many "Firsts" such as, first, "stand up on the bench," first school concert, first peek into the girl's toilet, first love, first touch, first kiss, first sex, first vodka, and the first tiff with Dad. It's also about his many "Lasts." Last day in school, last time in the college canteen, last meeting with his first girlfriend, last drink in Oly pub, last lollypop, and his last meeting with Dad. Abhinav, better known as Abhi, is an ordinary man. He grew up well before the millennials hit the world. It looks surprising today, but he grew up without smartphones, What's App, Facebook, Play Stations, Ola cab, or Pay Pals. The gadgets and apps would have changed from then to now, the world would have enriched many folds, but the definition of "growing up" probably remains the same. From an infant to adulthood – the means are different, the destination neverchanged. The book is about how we all grew every day – from lollypops to cigarettes – a journey we all went through. So similar is our journey with Abhi's and yet so different. If YOU are an ordinary man who grew up in the eighties decade, you can undoubtedly relate yours and Abhi's journey at some corner or the other. So, sit back, relax, and take a walk into your memory lane.
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    This is the story of Richard and David who work together to save Matt from the clutches of the Cibus, an organization determined to harm Matt. To do so, they find a rare and priceless artifact called the time crown to rescue evidence that might help in saving Matt! To get this artifact they destroy a black hole, star and pulsar! Keep reading to know more!

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    Barnakosh is a bengali magazine.

  • My tree is alive – dream series by: Varun Sharma 84.00

    “MY TREE IS ALIVE” is a fiction book from the dream series with an emotional journey of a boy based on the theme of trees written by Varun Sharma, an Indian author. This story describes an encounter involving a 12 years old boy named Jay and a woodcutter to save the tree with a strong message, to make the world a better place to live in the future.

  • Dhoop Ke Katre by:  Sarla Dhasmana Bendale 160.00
    Dhoop ke katre is a book of poetry that is fictional yet relatable, it is based on the experiences which leave the reader with a feeling of acquaintance and familiarity.
  • Zero to Five  by:  Anupam V. Jessy   245.00
    Started writing the book from August 2017 and my first novel book was ready in about three years. I understand that if I had a doctor’s degree, I would write a book about health, but there is no match with my studies in my book. Whatever is in my book inspires good and true guidance. A depressed person gets even a little internal energy, so I have only been churning my thoughts about this subject for about three years. The beginning is always done on its own .. So in this ‘ZERO TO FIVE’ book, I have started myself first, but I believe that it is not a spiritual but an inspiration. There are a lot of interesting ideas in the entire book from beginning to end. I have great hope from myself that this book will definitely inspire the reader and they will also get a lot of power to grow by themselves.
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    Madhura is a young girl who after her mother’s death went away to New York with her uncle leaving her father. Soon she came to her right age and was to be married to the son of one of her uncle’s friend. The date being fixed she now had come to India to invite her father to the wedding.

    MADHURA by: Sunil Seeke 127.00
  • Sugar Daddy by: Kajal Hemal Mehta 199.00

    Sugar Daddy’ is a story of Shridhar – a bisexual man and impacts of societal pressure on his individuality and his life. With this author wants to remind all of us that it is a time to set ‘new normal’ about many things including sexual orientation.

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