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    A prodigy that penned by a frustrated IT professional during his career and after he quit his job. These stories do have a touch of humanity since its either inspired by the surroundings or inspired from his life events. An interesting collection of stories that convey the power of Love, Friendship, Humanity and hope.

  • O TERI by: Arun Pareek (Keerti Anand)  125.00

    Unique presentation & extra ordinary collection of various chapters presented in the Book in very summaries way, made it very interesting. Motivation, Spiritual study, Experience, comedy both cocktails are available in Book. Presentation style of all the chapters of Book made it very unique & beautiful. Interest of every age group of readers also considered. Readers feel very friendly during reading time of this Book. (Beautifully written & presented)

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    You Will Sail Through by: Abhishek Bhargava 280.00 249.00

    You Will Sail Through” is a story about Anubha, the protagonist, a young millennial in her mid-twenties, who got dumped by her boyfriend, Ashish.

    Anubha decides to end her life by committing suicide amidst the beaches of Pondicherry.

    She ends up meeting Abhishek, the author of this book, who narrates her the “millennials’ things”.

    The millennials’ things revolve around the rationale of “Why we go through, what we go through, and what has to be done to overcome whatever we go through,” answering the millennials’ generation’s questions.

    Be it Mithali, Debanjana, Maddy, or as many as other twenty-six millennials about which the author narrates, they all found it difficult to sail through in their lives in one area or the other they all sailed through in the end.

    What were those twenty-six millennials going through in their lives?

    How those twenty-six millennials who found it almost impossible in the beginning sailed through in the end?

    What did the author narrate to Anubha, which not only sailed her through those throbbing sea waves at the beaches of Pondicherry but also sailed her through the emotional turmoil she was going through and led her finding the lost purpose in her life.

    This October,

    Come, Read an exciting, thrilling, and a humorous book inspired by the real-life events of millennials and learn the Art of Sailing Through

    Remember, “You Will Sail Through”

    “Sail Through,” What??


    “Whatever you are going through!”

  • Niyati by: Vinita Singh 119.00

    Gargi, a girl from a moderate middle-class family, who is pursuing graduation from sociology honors, also does social work, and wants to make it her profession, which bothers her, but agrees to the marriage at the behest of her parents, but her intention to be a social worker and to continue doing this even further becomes a rift in the relationship. With this ups and downs of life, each moment of life passes, but who knows what destiny has fixed for whom, something happens in Gargi’s life too which takes a new turn.

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    The main theme of the book is the imaginary stories narrated by people after their death. It revolves around the issues faced by people belonging to different age groups and different backgrounds. The story revolves around a girl who finally meets her death which was expected since her birth. After her final farewell to the world, she flies above the clouds to a place of afterlife. She curses her painful life led by her since birth. But above the clouds she meets different people belonging to different age groups who have reached there on various reasons. When they make her see their stories, he feels the pain of each and every one of them. She realizes that she had never asked god, why did he give all the good things in life instead of asking about the bad things that have happened to her. Each and every single life narrated in the afterlife leaves an impact on her. After hearing all the stories, finally, someone unexpected will join her above the clouds from the world down. Every unheard stories will be heard somewhere in this afterlife.

    Heavens by: Athira.P.Nair 199.00
  • 2 1⁄2 words – It’s Something > Love by: Shikha Ram Shiromani 265.00

    Is life a roller coaster ride? Well, yes it is. Steep highs & sharp lows, U-Turns in Fraction of seconds, Cross-roads confusing the hell out of you, funny, scary, complex, easy, sacrificing, demanding, feeling of being strong & vulnerable simultaneously, following your rule book & being practical at the same time; all this amalgamates to form a journey called life. This is the fable of all these tangible & intangible emotions & how the platonic love gains its all new definition much beyond the mere three words ‘I Love You’.

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    A ghastly creature at large in a peaceful hill station, a multi-millionaire’s murder mystery goes unsolved, a
    man with a harrowed childhood and a successful author unwillingly involved in a drama that might give
    him, his best novel so far. All these events happen in different timelines and cities and yet are connected
    to each other like the universe’s own conspiracy. It is a modern-day re-telling of classic Indian folklore of
    Vikram and Vetal, with a twist.

    Bikram and Vitthal by: Kanika Sharma 100.00

    A ghastly creature at large in a peaceful hill station, a multi-millionaire’s murder mystery goes unsolved, a man with a harrowed childhood and a successful author unwillingly involved in a drama that might give him, his best novel so far. All these events happen in different timelines and cities and yet are connected to each other like the universe’s own conspiracy. It is a modern-day re-telling of classic Indian folklore of Vikram and Vetal, with a twist.

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    A romance in tragedy. When a business man fall in love and fail in love then he get his love.
    MAD by: Pramod Chauhan 291.00
  • Were you ever mine? by: Abhishek Singh 155.00

    At one point of time in your life, you realize that you have lost someone close to you. Someone who was never yours in the first place yet you feel the loss.

    This story is about two girls. They used to share their happiness and sorrows.

    They fall in love but this love cannot be shared because they both fall for the same guy. From there begins a new chapter in their lives- planning; planning to achieve their love. Should we call this love or love triangle or ‘Planned-Unplanned Love’.

    Navya loves Akash, Although she is married.

    Aditi likes Akash and wants to be her better half.

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    This book “A-Z vocabulary with trick and love story”,is the gift for the every aspirants who have the great
    thirst to learn the vocabulary from A to Z orderly in very fantastic way.Our team has used the world best
    method to teach you (the wonderful learner) named VEDIC TECHNIQUE. Vedic Technique is the oldest
    technique in the world to learn anything fastly and easily.In ancient times,when there were a lot of
    religious books to learn and memorize like vedas,upanishads,etc.They found difficulties in memorising
    the information or knowledge.So they came up with this marvellous Vedic Technique.In Vedic
    Technique,they just create the wonderful and unique story addition with visualization and picturization in
    their mind to remember the things forever. Our team used this unique and glorious technique to teach the
    aspirant. Here, we have chosen the LOVE STORY not just to feel the romance because we are living in the
    most developed time compared to the previous generation.In this generation especially,our feeling is
    getting lessen and lessen day by day.But, we must astonish about the fact that the one feeling which
    constantly increasing is the feeling of love which we find and feel in the real or hypothetical love
    story.Today,the generation has great emotion regarding with love stories than the other.Here, we must
    remember that in the Vedic Technique, emotion plays a vital role.So we choose the fantastic emotional
    love stories which will teach you the vocabulary from A-Z

  • Hamnafas by: Harshit Gupta 271.00

    There are some relationships in our lives that have no name. Just at some point, they bump into us.
    Then a caravan starts!
    It often happens to us that we are all running from ourselves. Sometimes despite everything in our life, we all feel alien.
    If you feel the reality of life, you will find that parents, brothers and sisters are all tied to the door of some selfishness.

    Humnafas is an attempt to make a place in the hearts of all of you, to establish that relationship, that when you read any story of this book, it will definitely have a relationship as a moment in your life.

  • Tarannum by: RAVINDRA SINGH 250.00

    The present book Tarrannum is also mainly a story collection of fictions. it contains 18 stories and 5 poetries., all are based on day to day happenings in our society. Poetries are the feelings of the old man nearing destination of his life expressed in simple words though not very rhythmic.

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    Hello readers, This is a non fiction book which is written to motivate peoples. “The world where I
    remained” will give you a essence of your life.

  • Shakti by: Mrinal Chatterjee 150.00

    एक विज्ञान कथा उपन्यास है। इस उपन्यास की सबसे बड़ी खासियत है कि यह विज्ञान पर आधारित होने के बावजूद इसमें भावनाओं की कई परतें हैं। यह विज्ञान पर आधारित होने के बावजूद इसमें भावनाओं की कई परतें हैं।उनके किरदारों की भी खोज करती है। इस उपन्यास के अलग-अलग चरित्र आपको भिन्‍न-भिन्‍न भावावेशों से परिचित करवाते हैं। विज्ञान के साथ मनुष्यों की भावनाओं के ऐसे महासंगम को शायद पहली बार इस तरह से उपन्यास का रूप दिया गया है। यहाँ ‘शक्ति’ केवल ध्वनि ऊर्जा नहीं बल्कि सभी विपरित परिस्थितियों में भी अपने लक्ष्य की प्राप्ति के लिए तूफानों से संघर्ष 2, करने की ऊर्जा भी है। यहाँ ‘शक्ति’ भावनाओं को नियंत्रण में रखकर मंजिल मर णाल 1ल चटर्जी को पाने की तड़प से आगे बढ़ने की ऊर्जा भी है।

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    An alien robot investigates crime on Earth while trying to learn about his past and how humans behave.

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    Book of novellas and short stories full of mystery suspense horror adventure with a twist. To keep you up for an excited reading.

  • The Grainy days in Madras by: Janani 166.00

    We, everyone has a right to live happy in this world. Someone has to be behind one’s act. Someone has to be behind one’s happiness. Someone has to be behind one’s pain. Good childhood makes the better person. A girl called Yara who is in depression for so long because of her bad childhood memories, it led her to use drugs and started to loose all her loved ones. Who was really behind her actions? Who pushed her to a dark phase of life? Is she really out of her past psychologically?.

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    This novel is totally based on imagination, a fictitious story. It is about an unexpected love story.A true love faces so many problems in its journey and finally reaches its goal.

  • Where is your house? by: Thakur Shantanu singh 200.00

    This is a journey in which a 17 year old orphan boy goes beyond infinite to get answers to his questions.

    This endless journey of that boy starts after committing suicide from a seaside hill.

    The boy tries to commit suicide nine times from that hill, but each attempt fails.

    The boy tries to commit suicide by jumping from that hill every 6.10 minutes in the evening, but every morning, he finds himself in a cave on a small island.

    There is nothing in his understanding that what stopped him from committing suicide? And who brought him here in this cave?

    He tries to find the person who has prevented him from doing this work.

    One day that boy gets that person.

    The boy asks the person the reason for all this.

    He tells the boy, “You are chosen by God Himself,”

  • Usne kaha I hate writer ( उसने कहा आई हेट राइटर ) by: PANCHAM PRAKASH 149.00

    Something like attraction but it is actually a mystery because a writer fell in love with a soul. But he don’t know anything, what is happening ! Will the writer solve his mysterious love with a soul? To know this mystery grab your copy now.

  • Sugar and Spice by: Sonali Punj singh 399.00

    This is about budding of romance after engagement, when two strangers meets and fall in love. Families bring them together and then their egos and customs foul the romance. Let’s read to see who wins the battle between love and ego.

    A story of most Indian couples who thrive through the challenging family obsession balancing their love life.

    An easy and lucid read for everyone. This book promises that readers would not need a dictionary to read through the story.

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    Seema Reddy, beautiful and energetic at 23, was about to marry her long time lover, Sundar. When he went to buy a ring for her, he was attacked by the ghost of her ex-lover. Seema promised to save him, but she didn’t know what price she had to pay in exchange for Sundar’s life. Now she is dead. Whatever happens to Sundar is on her!

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    This book speaks itself about the justice of nature as well as injustice of love. Shade of this book falls on every corner of nature and love. What reflects their concealing facts with the proof of justification.

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    This is the first book of the mini-series; ‘The Episodes’. The books in this series vividly describe the
    different quandaries, teenagers face and how those situations have an impact on the individuals’ minds.
    This is the story of Rishi who keep facing many arduous situations since his childhood. All those
    situations mentally affect him and make him emotionally impuissant. He is perplexed with his situation
    and keeps hoping for some miracle to transpire which changes his karma. Let us delve into the life of
    Rishi who has a fascinating view of the humans around him and visually perceive how he tackles the
    brain triggering situations. Embrace yourselves to Rishi’s character in his short and saccharine journey

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    Abhineet is not a traditional detective character, nor is he a cop. Although other detective characters are his inspirations; unlike them, he is calm, affectionate, and forgiving. He is an ordinary boy who is also flowing in the constant flow of life, like all of us. However, the situation and time brought an opportunity in front of him, to try what he cherishes; using his knowledge. He ‘bought’ the opportunity. What happened then? What did he learn? Was his project successful? Who was with him? And in the end, did our ordinary Abhi Da could become extraordinary? to know this, you have to read ‘Abhineeter Arambha’.‘Abhineeter Arambha’ is my first Bengali presentation in the ‘Abhineeter Adventure somuho’ series. English is coming soon, and for you guys, I have left a clue in this story, for my next story. See if you can find that clue. Get connected on social media.

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    The book deals with the most shiny and scintillating celestial planet of of Milky Way that is Venus. The dwellers of Venus is called Bruins. They are smart and diligent. They are always engaged in scientific experiments and their God is Neon. Alfred is a chemist. Her sister is Curie and better half is Euro. Twist and turn in the imaginary sci-fi tale will take you to that celestial bodies that will make you imagine yourself as astronomer.

    Eureka Lab by: Taruna Gupta 285.00
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    Hello I am Aman Safiq, hope that all of you are safe and I hope that this book written by me, ZINDAGI KA SAFAR would be appreciated by you and somewhere in your heart you feel like this is the book you can resemble too. This book is written to express my feelings selflessly. I may even say some of these events included in this book may resemble parts of your life involving emotions such as motivation, happiness, sorrow, etc. Ultimately I would like to give all the credit for this book to my father Dr. Safiq Ahmad, who inspired me to write and always advised never to work half heartedly.

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    Thirukkural selected Kural science and psychological claims

    Thirukkural by: R Sriramkumar 102.00
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