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    A very beautiful real life story of two lovers who fell in love at a very young age and walk together through different circumstances but end up parting their ways owing to the problems that occur as they both follow different religions. To make their families happy, they sacrifice their love and happiness. To know more of this unbelievable love story and what happens in Sunny and Jenny’s life get inside it to have a thrill feeling of the story.

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    The story deals with how fate jeopardized Sarah’s dreams, and how she stood up again and turned the tables. The girl proved that one does not need a perfect life partner to live a beautiful life. She proved that no one in this world can hurt you until you let them do it.

    Miseries break people apart, but here, it made this little girl strong, brave and bold enough to conquer the world.

    Surge by: Maryam Batool Zaidi 70.00
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    Paharer Pathe Pathe The book is about author’s journey to different mountains and hills of Indian sub-continent spanning a period of last 22 years. Bearing a few hard treks through high mountains, most of the journeys are easy, joyous family-trips to the hills, witnessing their towns, meadows, valleys, waterfalls etc. Author’s first book on travel has 6 sections, the first one being the memories of first ten years’ travel experience. Next 4 sections of the book depict a wide range of hills and mountains covering a vast geographical area of our country. Along with travel experience, historical background and geographical beauty of noteworthy places have been shared vividly with the readers. The last section of the travelogue is a bit different in nature – hard treks through Garhwal Himalayas culminating either in Nature’s eternal beauty or in some of the holiest places on earth. Author’s love and thorough observation of Nature is clearly visible in almost all the articles of this book. Through his articles, he has always been trying to spread the message of love and respect for the country in its every kind of achievements. Hopefully, this book will satisfy both the holiday-makers as well as the gritty trekkers.

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Paharer Pathe Pathe by: Dr. Seshadri Sekhar Bhattacharya 350.00
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    The book with four stories, three on the ever-believed subject of Karma and one exploring the truth of one’s conscience. Karma: 1. The Debts of Karma: Money makes many things. Sanjay being stuck between his debt of money and in the debt of karma. Find what happens when he decides to payback both. 2. The Fate Proclaims: With a diary mistakenly owned, explore what the protagonist is trapped with. Is it really his karma that has brought him to this fate? 3. The Song of Revenge: Time and Karma are the most intertwined factor ever discovered. Will one uphold the destiny the other embarked? Be acquainted with it as the three characters travel to their path of destiny. 4. Constrains of self: With a killer being emerged in the quiet city of Loris, Charles, one of the top detectives in EDA sets the journey to remove the mask off the killer and ends up knowing the thundering truth that tried to shake the root meaning of humanity.

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    This book is a first of its kind in India written by a veterinary doctor who
    shares his experience about treating his patients in the from of short
    stories and hopefully will be appreciated by its reader.

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    The book ‘A Blossomed Flower’, is a modest attempt towards
    educating about society, education, philosophy and for the
    development of the youngsters. It is a tale of love, loss, hope and
    redemption which revolves around few youngsters from different
    world. This novel is a work of fiction. It would gift humanity with an
    astounding new vision of who we really are and what we are
    heading for. A teenager expresses that in times of adversity, she
    likes to sit in silence and pray for strength, clarity of thought and
    look for answers to deal with the problem.

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    Two love birds, Sanket and Shubhi, who believed that they would live together forever, encounter such events which increases their misunderstanding and eventually leads to break up. The anger and frustration of Sanket makes him plan do something which he might regret in the future. Sameer, Sanket’s best friend and guide, always came forward to his rescue and has always guided him the right path every time he found Sanket stuck in a situation. Will he let Sanket go forward with his plan or will try to stop him. Tanvi, Sanket’s childhood friend stands by him whenever he needed her, helps Sanket forget Shubhi and to start life afresh. What will happen if Sanket will ever come face to face with Shubhi? Will Shubhi forgive Sanket? Will everything be as smooth as it was earlier? This romantic thriller takes you through the life’s journey of a guy from his college days to the days when he has a dignified position in the society. The book focuses on the relationships and how each and every individual perceives it in their own way. The different moods that a person goes through, the acceptance of people having nature which are poles apart and the understanding which increases along with the age are the main aspects on which this book focuses.

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    Is it always worth waiting for your love? Do you believe in promises? Arman falls in love with Nisha at a young age but Nisha does not to believe it as her true love. She loves him but fears of being heartbroken, dreams shattered. She hides her love from him. Arman, on the other hand, is committed to being with her forever. This story is all about love, life, and promises. Grab your copy this love season!

    You & I by: Soumya Ranjan Das 199.00
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    The book is a short collection of stories and is an attempt by the author to leave an impression on its readers. Go and grab the copy today!

    Starting by: Debjani Chowdhary 105.00
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    ” How can a class ninth boy fall in love at such a tender age?”
    Curious? Wish to know more? Grab this childhood love story today

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    How beautiful she is! Glitters in the morning sunrise! She made me stumble with her eyes, not only me but also the rising sun. Thank God! I am the last one to enter the flight. Otherwise, the whole thing couldn’t have happened. This book is a true story of a boy and a girl who met accidentally on an airplane.

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    Love..something i wouldn’t even want to look at. Something that i hate and something i can’t stand at all. But as said, what has to come finds its own way.

    Grab your copy today to look ahead into the story.

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    Through this book, I have tried to highlight the social evils prevailing in our society.
    I hope after reading stories a revolutionary change will come in the society and
    will create awareness in the society. It will also be a source of inspiration for students.

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    Love can happen to anyone at any time like it happened to me. The book has got all the drama, from being placed at a good Multinational Company to being a failure and being fired from the job, from a twisted relationship with a college girlfriend to break up, and then falling in love again with a childhood sweetheart. The story moves ahead in the most loved Indian way of ‘love at first sight’. Moving away from her to making her realize what exactly love is with a sense of never-ending hope that she will come back one day. You never know even love can different tastes when with different people. And in the end, it turns out to be a miracle.

    ‘Love’ is a small word with a hidden meaning. You can experience it but can never understand it.

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    The Himalayan Mountain range span about 2500 kilometers through northern India, Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. Nine of the world’s ten highest peaks are located here, including Mt. Everest. The word Himalaya means “abode of snow” in Sanskrit. Many of Asia’s most important rivers have their sources in the Himalayan Mountains which includes Indus, Ganges, and Brahmaputra. The Himalayan range has the world’s third-largest deposits of ice and snow on the planet. It is the home for snow creatures and it has a history thousand years.

    Now, because of the human interference, the snow in Himalaya has started melting and most of the rare creatures are extinct.

    Man is a part of this nature but he thinks he is the creator of this world and he has always attempted to change his surrounding according to his whims and fancies. And this change will one day erase our life on earth.

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    It is a book about those situations in a relationship to which a reader can relate. After reading this book, the reader will surely be inspired if they are going through the same situations. It will not only inspire the reader, it will make them understand the situations they had faced, are facing or will face if they were, are or will be connected to a word called ‘RELATIONSHIP’.

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    A boy named Reyansh Mehta tells his tales of love, hatred, loneliness, and the problems which he shared with his only friend, his diary. A series of experiences which he gained at the age of 18.

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    “EK KOSHISH -ASTITVA KE LIYE ” is a story for youth to understand the importance of relations. No doubt life is a difficult race, but it becomes much easier when we realize the importance of our friends and family. It is dangerous to walk alone but becomes comfortable with we are surrounded by people who love us.

    He was a retired personnel. After attaining the age 62+, he felt that he had lost pride and smugness to live a graceful life.Jabbering day to day life weakened him physically and mentally. Nobody had time for him but all had expectation from him. In such a horrible situation, he consecrated to GOD, left the home and boarded a train without knowing the destination.

    —-To identify himself.
    —To prove himself, that he was not a useless. AND finally, he found himself. But how?

    The answer is “-EK KOSHISH -ASTITVA KE LIYE.”

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    A tale of immortal love, romance, dream and passion which begins from the first sight and with petty arguments and a never ending fight for love. Love is the most beautiful emotion of the world. Drishya is a fighter who didn’t give up. She never expressed her pain in front of anyone. She was strong enough to tackle any situation with patience. She used to try her best to hide her sorrows behind her beautiful smile and twinkling eyes. Author brings this book with a totally new definition of love. Which will change the perspective of being in love and to love someone. He fell completely unconscious with her beautiful smile, tears and blood flowing on his face. Once she told him that her life revolved around him, and she was right .

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    “This book is for those who do not understand the aspects of life.”
    The author does not want to talk a lot because through this little book ‘JEEVAN EK SAFAR’ he has tried reaching his readers.
    If his book brings improvements in the life of even one person his dream would get fulfilled.

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    Arpan Banerjee was born in the year 1964, in Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Calcutta University, and is presently working in a private manufacturing unit in Jamshedpur. He is an ardent reader and lover of literature and art.

    A newcomer in this path he tries to evoke the complexity and simplicity in the life of a ‘Woman’, as a mother, wife, secretary, student, friend, and girlfriend.

    Through the three short stories in this book, he has made an attempt to portray the various faces of a woman. There are sentimental, passionate, tender, un-ethical, and loving moments in every woman’s life which this fiction evolves into.


    Read, you shall discover!

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    The book revolves around the love story of Madhav and Sheetal. Madhav is simple yet amiable personality whereas Sheetal is very beautiful but comes from family with rigid mentality.It is easy to fall in love but it is difficult to continue. Even after several problems, Madhav and Sheetal try to provide adequate justice to their relationship, where some decisions are taken without their permission to keep the feelings and respect of parents. Is it not as worthwhile to choose a person who is able to run his worldly life, choosing his or her lifepartner? Does their love for each other decrease their love for their parents?

    To know more go and grab your copy today!

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    Amrit is a 20 year old boy who has already dealt with a beautiful struggle in his life. At such a young age he lost the love of his life. Throughout the book you will see the never ending love story of an average boy who becomes a responsible one and tries to raise his passion by himself.
    In this book you will read about the life of Amrit after the death of Janvi. They had an endless amount of love for each other. They had shared a bond that many people aren’t able to find in their life. He is finding a way to make the best out of his situation and that is admirable.

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    The Umri gene steals its title from a small village, ‘Mohammadpur Umri’ of Allahabad (U.P.), which has aroused scientific interest among researchers worldwide for its mystery of producing high density of twins.
    Along with various phases of protagonist life, the book travels from 1960’s to the present era, weaving drama around the perplexity of Umri village, torching upon the complexities of human emotions.
    Domestic violence, discrimination, child abuse or other social issues, every person will find a point in the book where one can relate to. Heard and unheard voices of the society echoes through the various characters of ‘The Umri gene’.

    Umri Gene by: Preety Kaithwas 355.00
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    Matthew offers a helping hand to a lonesome wounded woman but little did he know the changes his life would undergo after this meeting.A horrid past has made Hannah run away to a place less known. Wounded and alone, Hannah hopes to not be found by anybody. But fate plays its own game when she finds herself not only being found but also rescued by the very man that was her first love and had rejected her years back.At the worst point in life, will Hannah find a reason to live her life again? With all hopes for a happy life drained out, will she find a reason to hope again; to love against all odds?

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    Two boys and two girls of the current era are in the quest of mythological history of Hindu scriptures. Their aim and hobbies are different. Even their professions are different. They have come together to explore the fascinating story of the world. Yes, they have come together to walk on the footprints of Lord Rama and Lakshman in Sri Lanka. There they meet their guide, a person who explains and also makes them visit places of Ramayana like they all are part of that era. They also got the answers to some facts which no one knew before, such as: Ravana knew clone science and created 1 lakh clones of his sons and 1.25 lakhs clones of his grandsons. Where are they now? Ravana knew the science to use moon energy to prepare food. How? How were Gods able to transport themselves from one location to another? How Ravana created the link between this realm to heaven? What is the science behind Indrajaal, Mohini Astra, Lakshmana Rekha etc? Why did Goddess Sita demand golden deer? Why didn’t Lord Hanuman kill Bali? What is Sita’s Gita? How did Lanka get its name, Sri Lanka? What is the significance of Dakshinamukhi and Panchmukhi Hanuman? Why is moon revolving around the earth with overlapped of one paksha of 15 days? How could Kaalnemi fly faster than Lord Hanuman? What is the science behind Weapons Shakti, Brahmastra? What is the Science behind Sanjeevani medicine? How can Puspak Viman fly at a different speed? Is reason behind Mahabharata war Lord Krishna? Can we stop aging by manipulating our DNA? How do Karmas work? Do curses and boons affect our karma? Prana, consciousness, and soul are the same or different? What is the science behind Amavasya? Who is the goddess of moon phase? What is the Science behind sacrifices? Is any other formula more powerful than E=mc2? If yes, what is that? Is inter-caste marriage responsible for crime and corruption in our society? How do emotions impact our mind and body? Want to know more? Go and grab your copy today!

    The Ruiner by: Ashish Kumar 415.00
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    The book weaves the story of two 12 grade students, Anila and Prabhas, and their budding love which is soon thwarted by the circumstances.To know more about what brings in the sudden spurt of movement, plunge into the sweet teenage love story.

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    There is no denying the fact that English has attained the status of a global language in the present scenario. Its dominance is vividly felt in every sphere and as such it has got a global audience. Given this backdrop, Mr. Ashraf Raavi needs to be appreciated for translating the Kashmiri short stories into English. The stories have been meticulously selected and cover a wide array of themes and subjects delineating social, economic and political realities of Kashmir since 1947.The work will help to introduce Kashmiri short stories to the global audience.

    Dr.Aejaz Mohammad Sheikh
    Professor and Head,
    Department of Linguistics,
    University of Kashmir,

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    Born to an unwed mother who dies at his birth, Joe Cherian has entered this world in the wrong place at the wrong time, with a legacy he cannot inherit, and an existence he cannot endure. Yet, he does not mind living in his dead father’s home, even at the age of twenty-nine, doing nothing except for eating, drinking wine and reading novels. It is not that he is not ambitious. He is ambitious only for happiness and leisure, which he feels is the ultimate goal of every man. He is neither disturbed by people’s bitter jibes at his wasted life, nor distraught at having to live with the one person, he despises the most – his stepmother. Everything in his life is contrary, but he is happy in the make-believe world of his own.
    However, when the beautiful and bewitching Miss Wilson comes to rent a room in his lodge, one night, he fumbles miserably in her presence. And then something happens that turns his idyllic reverie into a nightmare. What is the secret behind this nightmare and how will he turn it into his cherished dream? Find out while you delve deep into the twisted plotlines, and explore the virtues of idleness at ‘Joe’s RePUBlic’, set against the vintage backdrop of Kerala’s hill town, Munnar.

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    How Geet met Shivam? Mistakes are not always meant for regrets, some mistakes might take you to the most beautiful and wonderful phase of your life. When everything adored between Geet and Shivam, and they both had no intention of parting their ways from each other, then what suddenly took place that they had to get separated forever? The satisfaction of confessing my love was beyond any other happiness of the world. Words came out meaningfully from the depth of my heart regardless of what he did the previous day and how much he disappointed at that particular moment. I just wanted to confess whatever I had in my heart because I thought that it was the last time I was talking with him. If the world was a sky filled with millions of stars and I was the moon, then he was my pole star. One mistake and two people having no intention of falling for each other!

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