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  • EWOCCA: Curse of the Sorcerer by: KAPIL KASHYAP 295.00

    Two siblings coincidentally enter the Mysterious Island but they can’t
    exit this island until they neutralize Island’s Evil Queen.

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    This is the opening of one of the most amazing books you will ever read. It may stir your heart, and perturb your thoughts, but rest assured that after all of that it will settle you within your being. You will confront truths that you’ve never noticed before in your entire life. This isn’t just a story, but rather, it is an allegorical revelation of my experiments with the inner truths of life. Read it with an open mind, for our understanding works best when the mind is completely free from the prejudices that we have nurtured since birth. Do not be anxious if anything seems vague and or if you do not understand it the first time. You need not agree with it all the along the way. Just keep reading. This book will be thought provoking and rather challenging for a first time reader to completely accept. Instances in this symbolic story contain truths which we all have conveniently ignored from time immemorial. It is the breaking of the bread of my own inner life experiences. Like everything else which is in a state of constant evolution, the mind must also evolve. The conditioning of human thoughts has created a danger of extinction for man. We may have advanced phenomenally in terms of technology but our internal growth has not kept up the pace with the progress outside us. Manav is the legend of a bird born in a family of vultures. He is just like any other bird, but one quality highlights the difference between him and the rest of the birds on this planet. And that is his tendency to question every convention, be it in thought or action. This peculiarity takes Manav on a road which ends outside, but bends within him. It leads him to a place of self discovery and wisdom. It elevates him eventually to a consciousness from where he is able to decipher the blunders of thought and action which arise out of the deceptions hidden in erroneous thinking. It is a common fact that conventionality is the comfort zone of the masses. Whoever crosses this line is shunned and deemed an outcast in no time. New ideas aren’t perceived as fresh possibilities toward growth and upliftment by everyone. In this story, Manav faces a similar situation. Every question that he poses before his elders creates resistance between him and his brethren. He suffers from alienation, finding himself all alone in this world, until the day he accidentally finds a kindred spirit in the form of an old vulture named Surya. It is Surya who initiates Manav into the gracious voyage of self realization. It is after many years of deep meditation and contemplation regarding his inner-self that Manav is enlightened to the great truth about himself. This book traces the journey of a bird from the state of primal existence to an elevated state akin to divinity, and this state is attained when he realizes his true nature and identity. Realizing one’s identity is the objective of every creature in this universe. Nothing is impossible for a creature who has realized the great synchrony of creation and the existence that surrounds him, thus having befriended life as it is. Such a being knows that he is not alone in this world and is in fact connected to everyone else through the everlasting breath of life. I earnestly pray that may every soul cultivate the wisdom required to pass through life with gentle awareness, and thus overcome his false self. I pray that in this battle of life, every soul emerges victorious. The story contains incidents in the life of Manav which ultimately culminate into deep learning experiences. He has a message to give to his congregation. He intensely feels that every bird must seek liberation from his false self. Therefore he travels far and wide finding disciples and sharing his wisdom in the world of the vultures. He names his first twelve disciples Yash, Anand, Trupti, Amar, Vidya, Dhairya, Shraddha, Satya, Kshma, Prarthana, Shanti and Dhyan respectively. And his journey begins once he is awakened. Manav traverses every mountain and valley to teach the vultures. In no time his name spreads far and wide, even unto foreign lands.

  • Aparichitharude Bhookhandangal by: Anjusha K. Balu 125.00

    Every passing by human life is a continent in itself. This book is journey into each of them. As we go ahead, plotting intricate maps of their lives… the pathways into some will be strange and restrained. Let them remain with those, many spaces, that haven’t been fully discovered yet

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    Pratham Parakashtha’, antaradvandha mein uddeshya ki khoj ka rahasyodghatan, is a novel that incorporates the circumstances occurring in the life of its leading character, Maghav. There is no lack of luxury in Maghav’s life, but he runs away from it because his quest is big, and he seeks the ultimate peace and ultimate essence. For this he resorts to books, while on the other side is Nivedita, who loves Maghav and wants to take him beyond illusions towards a common life. Maghava seeks to discover the orientation, which, after attainment, moves his life automatically to reap the highest possible achievement. This book is not a destination, but shows a way, analytically.

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    Sometimes we love to live in stories and Sometimes stories live in us, But in both cases, until we bring it out we never know how far it will become special for someone. Happiness but Somewhere Else is a fiction which is Beyond Friendship, Love, and Life.

  • There Is No One Like You by: Ankush Sirohi 254.00

    It’s a story of the boy who loved a Spanish girl against reasons and inscribed his love on the
    capital of Spain. The first-ever Indo-Spanish romantic-thriller that’ll leave you swoon. He was a
    creator, of happiness and she was an achiever, of fame and fortune, their worlds apart from one another but their meeting or connection had to happen to serve a purpose towards each other. Trace it up, to feel the fondness in an unequal and bloody conflict, where he fought! He Bled and took almost an army of people down to behold her love of its power.

  • My Experiment With Failures – A Psychological Journey of Every Person by: Reetesh Riku 184.00

    Aayan is a person with some inborn qualities and personality traits. With time he learnt several behaviour, knowledge and experiences. He tries to use all of them together to get a kick in his life but every time he failed.

    He also met several persons in his life and all of them have taught some different experiences. With all different types of personal and professional situations he became all together a person with different qualities and personality traits.

    This book is not only a psychological journey of Aayan but actually each one of us. Aayan did different experiments in his life at different stages. He failed several times at personal and professional levels but after every failure he takes the next step with an optimistic approach without thinking much about the results but he starts failing one after another with every new experiments.

    Will Aayan’s learning experiences from his failures makes him successful or his one after another essence of failures in life takes him to depression, anxiety, or can develop suicidal tendencies to skip from all his problems. Or, with his optimistic approach he considers all his failures as incidents of his life and shall use all his experience with failures to become successful one day.

    All questions will be answered in the story which everyone can correlate with own’s life.

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    A novel is written by KHAGEN BHARALI, in Assamese language based on geo -political fiction, taken together Himalayan River Ranganadi dam building becomes a zero-sum game in which the downstream areas lose out.The ecological and environmental threats towards the Brahmaputra syncline is a great cause of loss aquea, flora and fauna downstream pediplains and peneplains, the potential for conflicts looms with public resilience.The first time inscription of the Himalayan Satire zones has been depicted in this novel to view with a great curiosity,a credit to the author.

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    Fall but not falter is a book based on fiction. It tells how one faces the struggle in his life. Islamic jihad is not new in India. How a simple rivalry brought terrorism in kolkata. Anirban Mukherjee the protagonist who is a banker faced crisis period in his personal life as his girlfriend left him. As a banker he had to meet customers. Among these customers one behaved badly with him As he has to bear loss of 3 lakhs because his funds poorly performed. Now he wanted his lost Money from Anirban. Due to rivalry that customer tried to burn Anirban’s car. As a consequence Of this event that customer was caught by police. Later police found that this customer has connections With terrorist groups. They were planning to have blasts in Red Cross road during Republic day Parade. But due to Anirban’s wit they couldn’t succeed in their motives. The main operational person For this conspiracy Was at last caught who happened to be Anirban’s another customer. Thisman always concealed him but at last due to Anirban’s agility the whole gang was caught by police. Thus Probable blasts in kolkata couldn’t occur.

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    The status-quo of our country, the subject-facts,the mentalities of the people were discussed! It is clearly explained how some of the unscrupulous evils that plague the country are hindering the country from growing!

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    Anna after having met Nalong—a handsome young man feels that love is the most precious thing ever happened to her and believes love has the key to everything. In a life filled with roller coasters she feels like having found solace in Nalong. She is strong with the belief of having someone by her side and has never thought of being alone in the journey of her life. Unlike her plans she is hit by an unavoidable tragedy and is shattered ……. Will Nalong stay forever by her side? Will love prevail?

  • Unsaid Love by: Dinesh Kumar 190.00

    “LOVE is not a noun… It’s a verb…” Dhayalan, is a shy guy who is very bad at taking initiatives, but mentally strong enough to not give up. As he was enjoying his college life with lots of ups and downs, he fell in love with the gracious girl, Ragavi. A girl with a complicated past and present. As she becomes the love of his life, he starts to remain clam, thinks about his challenges and plans for his targets in order to travel along with her. One fine day, everything changes. Despite Dhayalan’s mental state, will he able to read his girl’s mind? Or will he dwell hard into the wounds of his past? Will his disturbed mind alter his feelings for her, over the period of time? Will his love of life offer the same in return? This story will help you believe in love and it will tell you, true love never goes out of fashion…

  • Asimvaranami by: Anju Sajith 300.00

    A string of six novellas, which transports the reader to the varied shores spread across India ;to its diversity of life, cultures and people. Poignant stories of love, separations, reminiscences, women power and the boundary lines between dreams and realities in life. ‘Life teaches us that certain destinies cannot be changed ‘. “each one of these stories takes us for a walk along the shores of love, goodness and expectation of the best in life …”

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    There are so many small things we see in our daily lives which we just forget and move ahead. This book is my contribution to bring attention to such small things which are often ignored. Hope it will make you oause, think and act.

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    Taking inspiration from real-life scenarios, this book narrates stories about people from different walks of life. As such, these are stories that everyone can relate to as it tells tales about people who we encounter in our daily lives What happens when a young man gets entangled in the vicious cycle of corporate politics or when a young boy faces his worst fears in school? How a first-time mother fights with her anxieties and quells it to accept the best gift of life when she discovers an unusual friend? How far can a woman go for her family or how does a girl, rejected by the world, find the recipe for true love? How a creepy incident shakes a local town with a ghostly affair or how a con man takes advantage of blind superstitions and defraud a person of a lot of money? Discover the adventures of a loyal dog or a young kid seeking pure love , and more such immersive tales. Indulge yourself in these diverse vignettes and discover the various shades of daily life.’Short Shots’ is a collection of tales inspired by real-life encounters, presented with a fictional twist. It provides a glimpse of life’s different facets and oddities. Explore these fast-paced, gripping narratives with a twist that will keep you engaged till the end.

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    The name of the book is actually taken from the idea of Kaliyug the final phase and the final phase of Kaliyug is a series of many “Downfalls” Like the Religious Downfall, The Downfall Of Humanity, The Downfall Due To The Natural Calamities…and many more, but in this 1st part of the “Downfall” the book will be completely showing the ‘Political’ and the ‘Religious’ “Downfall” .

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    An obnoxious teenager Clary whose life has been nothing but normal meets a boy. After meeting the boy her life turns around quickly as she steps onto the best roller coaster ride she has ever been. The trivial spurts of happiness along with romantic escapes starts making her believe that life couldn’t have been better until she finds out that her life has been under an impending curse that may shatter everything she has been holding onto

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    “It was a very bad time in Myalindiya , a settled Truth was revived again by M M Sundor, a Truth Seller ,and then through the dialogues and short narratives of the characters , it blossomed into this post-truth Fiction … ”

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    The book, ‘world through the veil’ was set up in the small town of Ajmer. The novella is a story of an ordinary girl named Shafaq, who belongs to a family where females are considered of not much importance. She blames herself for being born as a female. However, things take turn when Faiz enters her life. She begins to appreciate things and does not undermine them anymore. Various truths are now unveiled to her which were earlier being enveloped under the dust of wrongdoings.My book deals with, how sometimes, perceptions can be completely opposite to reality. It shows that the miscomprehension and misapplication of the holy texts can make things look less favourable, less valuable, and less honouring. But, it is only the response of individual’s cultural traditions or background that goes contradictory to it. This response should not be generalised on any of the grounds. This book will help you to understand that the word of Almighty can be interpreted in different ways by different minds. This will appeal to your senses, that, perceptions, sometimes may lie contrary to the concrete reality.

    World Through the Veil by: Sadaf Fatma 100.00

    This is a debut book by author Sadaf Fatma. The novella is a story of an ordinary girl named Shafaq, who belongs to a family where females are considered of not much importance. She blames herself for being born as a female. However, things take turn when Faiz enters her life. She begins to appreciate things and does not undermine them anymore. Various truths are now unveiled to her which were earlier being enveloped under the dust of wrongdoings. The book deals with, how sometimes, perceptions can be completely opposite to reality. It shows that the miscomprehension and misapplication of the holy texts can make things look less favourable, less valuable, and less honouring. But, it is only the response of individual’s cultural traditions or background that goes contradictory to it. This response should not be generalised on any of the grounds. The book will help you understand that the word of Almighty can be interpreted in different ways by different minds. This will appeal to your senses, that, perceptions, sometimes may lie contrary to the concrete reality. So let’s open the doors of our minds and hearts. Let the waves of love, knowledge and wisdom in. Let love settle in the deeper parts of your soul. Let wisdom find place in your brains. Let’s change the way we view things and let’s make this world a better place to live in.

    Sadaf Fatma is a girl of wonders. A 16 year-old-girl who lives in Ajmer, a small city of Rajasthan, famous for Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty and lord Brahma. This cultural fusion and humble nature of the city gave her the opportunity to think, analyse and understand things from a colourful perspective. She is an orator by passion and a writer by heart.
    The author does not intend to hurt anybody’s religious or cultural beliefs.

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    The book i.e. “The Man on the Mount” is the book by Amritangshu Ghosh. The story involves a brave man, who goes to the Himalayas to find the mystery of the holes and the element. He, his other friends went to the far off Himalayas. From the scientific view, this story is totally a Fiction. Amritangshu wrote the book by transforming his ideas into book.

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    Complexities in life bring their challenges and come bundled in many flavors. Fear of the uncertain, the pain of rejection, the air of mistrust, constant failures, a sudden mishappening, unexpected disastrous news, the loss of loved ones, no visibility of the way ahead and whatnot. All these at times create such a painful dent in our thought process that we go blind on the beautiful part of life and the loved ones. This is the story of those who move out of the shell and in their ways reinstall our faith in the powerful force of love beyond the self. They are the CARETAKERS.

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    Life is always unpredictable with turns and twists and what if these turns and twits are planned by someone and you lost your loved one because of their selfishness. Everyone’s life is filled with friends and their loved ones and what happens when the same friends and loved ones plot against us. This story is about Alex a normal guy who believes in trust and friendship and he really loves devika a lot .what if the trust doesn’t trust him back and if it throws him into a ocean of darkness .can he swim out of it alive? Will his trust and friendship make him raise again? And what if people find the path to turn the unpredicted into predicted . Alex has a story which runs between 2013 to 2020 starting from his teenage and this tale is all about friendship and betrayal with bridges connected every where from love and death ,between the dead and alive and the fake and real.

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    Adaab e Muhabbat is a lovely fiction story that deals with the discipline of Love.It tells that along with a feeling love is also a practice we need to do in every relationship to nurture our relationships.The characters of this story are filled with love and life.They also share their experiences how to cope up with some of the social problems exist in our country.It tells that when we are dedicated to run our life with certain values no one can stop us to be happy.

  • Inevitable Karma by: Sachin Chauhan. 225.00

    Ayush is happily living with his wife Ritu till an unfortunate tragedy knocks his doors to turn his life upside down. His life completely takes a U-turn from being a technocrat to a jobless guy.

    To set things in line he has to go through an occult journey of past.

    This journey unravels the nexus of mysterious incidents with the help of a 7-year-old girl named Vanya, who compels him to choose between ‘Solution’ and ‘Peace’.

    But what does Ayush need; Peace or Solution?

    Because, “Peace is a solution but not every solution is peaceful.”

    Albeit peace or solution both calls for some sacrifices. Is Ayush ready for the sacrifices? Or does the Karma have something else in store?

    This story is about how one’s karma could affect many at a time; and leaves you with the question,

    “Is the ramification of Karma Inevitable?”

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    This book is a collection of author’s small write-ups and comments on social media on variety of contemporary political , economic and social issues . Author has aimed to break the stereotypes in people’s mind about religion ,caste, race , nationality, liberalism etc by bringing in historical ,social , scientific factual perspectives on contemporary issues. Author has intended to struggle out a highly partisan and belligerent disposition on the part of contesting social groups . Genius to innovate and to get out of box thinking is a rarely commodity in our society . Consequently religious and ideological obscurantism , fanaticism , belligerent caste devide , nationality devides and mistrust are getting further entrenched in the mediaeval , patriarchical mindsets . The author has highlighted the blurring of our constitutionally acclaimed national ,social objectives and goals unfavourably impacting both the social , cultural development and the economic growth .

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    “Meri Shadi’ book is about a girl who never thought her life will change completely after marriage.

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    The book is spread over an era of Pre and Post Partition of India and split of Punjab, which not only separated the twin cities of Lahore and Amritsar but also tore the cultural, religious and social fabric which led to downfall of millions of families, It is a story of how the women and men’s ability to bounce back by self – rehabilitation and reinstatement into a re-established society. Although, their ups and downs do not end at any given moment what they cherish is their childhood friendship and time spent together. ‘The Silent Warriors’ whose resilience spoke more than their words. Their resilience is the way to communicate their pain and sufferings. A story of an extraordinary courage and endurance filled with fervor and rich culture of then Punjab.

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    It is the life’s truth beyond the dark narrow phases we see through the mirror of a story. A story should lean towards the truth. The story ‘Kumarthuliyile Durgaaprathimakal’ is about the ones who are lost in the turns of life- a collection of stories which excites and thrill the reader. These Five stories will hold the reader’s hand and takes up to the reality of life, inner soul of women and murmurs of the ones who are helpless and whose life or stories were not marked anywhere before.

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    ‘SHUBH VIVAAH, A Haunting Hunt for the Spouse in Law’, is story of Anita, a girl who has just graduated in psychology. She writes about her arduous and funny experience as to how her parents and society exert pressure on her to get married. And it is not only about getting married, it is also about what all it takes to find whom you get married to! She is made to go through all the social practices which would make sure that she finds a ‘suitable match’. It includes framing the ‘right’ marriage bio data in which her hobbies also become a topic of discussion as ‘cooking’, ‘gardening’ and ‘nature loving’ make your chances better to get selected as you come across as more homely and more feminine! Matrimony portfolio is done in a way which makes sure that she is fair and pretty! She is issued instructions like not talking too much, when she is put to exhibition in front of the boy and his family!It is a satire on the system of our society which ‘conspires’ the match hunt! How aspects like the colour, complexion, body structure, educational qualification, budget and horoscopes decide one’s eligibility to get ‘settled’! Even boys are found to fall prey to the hunt requisite criteria!Smart Answer from a boy=Smart and Intelligent Boy Smart Answer from a girl=Oversmart Girl Marriage is a pious institution but how pious is the process of getting yourself into it?Did Anita get married? Did she get settled? What did her parents go through during the process?

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    To Love that knows no bound – An intense strong feeling for someone you truly love that seems to have no boundary.Shilpa – “An epitome of beauty with brains”. Besides being beautiful she is trustworthy, empathetic, strong, and a kindhearted established lady.Karan – “ An affluent handsome eligible bachelor and a smart businessman”. Besides being handsome he is a heartthrob for almost all the women around.Shilpa and karan are dramatically different from each other. They are different and unique in themselves. But the question is, will the destiny unite these two different couples? Explore their journey of love and friendship and find out whether the universe conspires in their favour.

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