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  • Amritv Ki Mani by: Bohemian Manoj Rdx 310.00

    शक्ति, प्रेम, रहस्य, लालसा तथा साहस की कहानी…. | जादूगर बर्नार्ड अपने मित्र राजा गैलाइड तथा उसके सैनिकों के साथ सेलिकोन की गुफा में छुपाई गयी ‘अमृत्व की मणि’ की तलाश में निकलता है | जिसकी रक्षा की ज़िम्मेवारी मौत की देवी द्वारा उन्हें सौंपी जाती है | रास्ते में उनकी मुलाकात कैलिन नाम के एक शराबी नोजवान से होती है , जो बाद में, उनके साथ इस मुहिम में जुड़ जाता है । इस सफर में वे, लगभग अपने सभी साथियों को खो देते हैं तथा उन्हें लगातर बहुत सी कठिनाइयों का सामना करना पड़ता है । इसके बाबजूद भी वे अपने पथ पर डटे रहते हैं तथा अपनी आखिरी सांस तक मणि की रक्षा के लिए लड़ते रहते हैं । उनकी ये मुहिम डार्क ब्लैक नामक शैतान से मणि की रक्षा करने की खातिर आरंभ होती है | जिसमें उन्हें अपनी कमजोर परिस्थितियों के चलते अंत में शिकस्त खानी पड़ती है । किन्तु मणि को खोने के उपरांत भी जादूगर बर्नार्ड तथा उसके बचे-कूचे साथी मौत की मौत की देवी के नेतृत्व में , इस मुहिम को जारी रखने का फैंसला करते हैं | जिसका वर्णन अमृत्व की मणि नामक इस पुस्तक के दूसरे भाग में किया जाएगा |

  • To The Moon And Beyond by: Insha Haque 229.00

    Sofia and Sayf, the two love birds experienced all the positive and negative emotions after stepping into the world of love and romance together. The story “To The Moon And Beyond” is a fictional dramatic amalgam of the most heavenly emotions of both the characters. It depicts the most paradisiacal form of true love and how destiny can twist and turn lives within days. Let’s gambol together into the sea of words and read their pulchritudinous tale and experience everything they both felt while walking on the road of love.

  • Bombay Talkies by: Charan Nowpada 250.00

    Inspired by the true events, this book’s been set in a fictional India in which there’s zero crime rate and zero need of a police man to protect a person. The protagonist Shiva’s ideology is something that every Indian needs to follow for this country to be in the top of every aspect in this world. There’s violence and equal silence in many places in this book, his lady love, Laila, is the person because of whom, every single woman in India is able to sleep peacefully. She’s the one who changes the fate of every sex worker in India. Set against the backdrop of the 90s, the story ends in 2021. I promise you all, this isn’t just a story but an ideology that needs to be followed.

  • Shivaai by: Shivpujan Maurya 201.00

    There is a mirror, which shows a glimpse of the future, where everyone must see their faces at least once. which has scared the humans with its thunderstorms so badly that, today on earth there’s nobody who listens, or perhaps after seeing the truth, everyone would break the mirror. Which has been burned in kalyuga.

    Today the kalyuga which has now been engraved in everyone’s veins, where there is no need of humanity, where snakes are coming out from all four directions and slithering their way into your streets. While you are sleeping soundly, stretching the sheets of humanity. today, where there is knee level drought of terrorism present on our earth today, the taliban has descended in Afghanistan, which is burning humanity alive. like eunuchs, the whole country is battling with the disease of stoicism. today, where a handful of snakes are ready to create panic on earth.

    so you should be careful, stay alert, stay safe, there’s not much land left in the world for snakes and humans to live together. So get out of your houses and remove all those snakes.

    who am I? where am I from? how am I? instead of getting answers to these questions, you should first get to know your own self – who are you?

    After seeing the mirror, know that first of all you’re a human being. which has come on this earth by mistake. so be aware of the timing, know what to do with your time, or else the time would itself decide what to do with you. Thank you!

  • Change Sustained by: Sanjay Shesh & Parag Bhatt 210.00

    Dr. Ashutosh Muduli of PDEU- The dynamic and complex environment, including business environment requires agile people. The nuts of people agility consists of several techniques and tactics to be used at appropriate time and place. In this context, this book by Sanjay Shesh and Parag Bhatt must attract the readers attention. By capturing the tactics and strategies within the popular snake, ladder and dice analogy, the book convincingly puts logic and provides rational for change management.

    Mr. Srees PP – Group Head HR , Essilor India Private Limited- The Power games in a corporate life and the complex path in this long journey has been explained with such simplicity that it makes a very interesting read even for those who is just embarking on this journey… Insights in this snake and ladder game of the Corporate journey will also go a long way to support seasoned professionals…

  • Ahinsa by: Amit Kumar Jha 122.00

    This book (Ahinsa) has been written today in view of the violence and anarchy of Hindu-Muslims across the country. The author’s only goal is to write this story and reach the people through the book, by taking out the seed of hatred from the hearts of all the countrymen, who are seducing the soil with each other’s blood, their own Staining the soil of the country, starting love in their hearts, promoting love and brotherhood. This is a small story, a lesson for us, for you, for all those people of the country. This book is the writer’s dream project. This book makes us face to face with love, makes us know the truth. Every word of this book is the writer’s own words. This book shows a new way to live with love by forgetting hatred and malice.

  • The Anatomy of A Fiction of Truth by: OrpheuS Rayswarnadhir 249.00

    An elucidation of how the religion and fanaticism, might have destroyed the possibility of A fiction of truth in a voting democracy. The name of the fiction in this narrative is the name of the country and the country itself. That is the greater fiction of truth The question remains after you finish it…..

  • Identify Who You Are To Say Where Do You Belong To by: Prof.Sri Aishwarya Balu 135.00

    • It’s a Fantastic saying that you are the little roots of trees today to be the reasons for the fruits of tomorrow
    • It also helps you to find the reinnovations in who you are really Meant to be and yet to multiply the cells of the many encountership-Level if Intensity on Tomorrow
    • “Empower your Determination Throught The will of your well wishing life”.
    • “your ends are Not the ends when you are not sure about it”.

  • Stories from my heart by: Rekha Nilesh Raul Arora 146.00

    Love comes to those who wait. Love is the most beautiful emotion in the world. It is the most enchanting feeling which takes you into a complete new world of dreams and fantasies. Through the two stories and along with the characters of my books, I wish to take you all to the wonderful world of love. Wishing all of you a lovely life.

  • UNRAVEL by: Sharon Perera 299.00

    Unravel is a book compiled of five short stories. It tells the tale of fearless women, unaware of the fighting force within them. The protagonist of each story faces immense amounts of pain, both said and unsaid, mentally, emotionally and damaging. Leaving them with a realization that no two people are the same and no two hurt have the same level of pain. While one could jolt with a lightning and the other could leave you completely numb. As the story unfolds they come to terms with their individuality, their ability to be unique and their ability to be a bearer of great power. It’s only in the ‘Unraveling’ of one’s suffering that one does find great strength to face pain and change it into power.

  • Indradhanush by: M.P. Sharma 240.00

    The best thing about the stories presented in this collection is that they convert the negative darkness into the hard work of positive light. Storytellers provide inspiration for diligence and entrepreneurship. This is the literary and social value of these stories. The stories of progressive vision are ‘Kishore Man’ and ‘Rakhi’, while ‘Ranjana’, ‘Chhoti-Chhoti Baatein’, Chile are touching.

  • Pathh Branth Pathik by: Vijay Pratap Singh 122.00

    Human life is a journey of fluctuating essence and descence. Each human being is a wanderer and with the help of a good companion , a person reaches the destination of life.

  • Are you my twinflame by: Neha Sharma 350.00

    ‘Two Indian women, in their forties, have everything to boast about in their lives. While Nyra is a perfect homemaker and a mother, Kittu has a successful career and a fascinating life too. However, are they actually happy? Or is it just a facade of happiness that they present before the world? Siddharth Mehta’s entry into Nyra’s life entirely changes the smooth trajectory of both these women’s lives. For better or worse? Do they ever find the true happiness that they have been craving? Only a few lucky ones are able to find their twin flames in one life. Who is the chosen one this time?’

  • Theory of Point Space and Time by: Yogesh Pathak 200.00
    This book is related to the astro physics in science. This book is organized 11 topics. Every topics deals with astrophysics concepts in science which also introduces many topics which all are examined. There are of course other issues we could have considered but those selected reflect many of current interest and area important for anyone. The book ends with a topic in which a reflective look is taken and some prediction are made for the future of the technology. Each topics has been carefully structured to link  together into a unified whole but can be read in isolation. There are several topics to help you get the most from the book.
  • Devosthi ……….dasta “e” Narak by: Sanjeev Kumar 299.00

    Devosthi…. Dasta “e” narak story based on the girl life who fell in hell.. when you will read the book of Devosthi than you will know about the hell that how many problems comes in the this girl life. Because when I was writing this story than I write very carefully for the enjoyment for our reader, you feel good and enjoy the story, Devosthi Dasta “e” narak story feel the my best creativity for all of you. Because of devil in this story not a normal man . I generated a biomatric devil in this story .in the story don’t die the devil from any weapon. He lives alive from all weapon. So guys enjoy this story on Amazon and Flipkart

  • Mula Gabharu: A story of Extreme Valour and Patriotism by: Hiranya Borah 399.00

    The novel is based on an Assamese legend, Princess Mula Gabharu, the younger sister of the
    Greatest Ahom King, Swargadeo Suhungmung Dihinigia Raja, who became a martyr while
    defending border against the fifth attempt (out of 17 unsuccessful attempts in 158 years from
    1527 to 1685) by the Mighty Mughals to subjugate Assam in 1533-34. She took a decision to
    face the invading army after her husband Frasengmung Borgohain became a martyr fighting with
    the same invaders. Her participation galvanized the Assamese Army to defeat the Mughals and
    the leader of the invaders, Turbak Khan was killed by her stepbrother, Konseng Borpatra
    Gohain. Her son, Ton Kham also took part in this battle. The novel also describes the heroics of
    Sati Sadhani, the last Chutiya Queen and Kachari Prince, Detcha who were defeated by
    Frasengmung Borgohain in two separate battles. The novel also refers about Rani Gaidinlu while
    legacy of Mula has been shared with the readers.

  • Barfi and his scarecrow by: Manju Beniwal 350.00

    Barfi and his Scarecrow is a story book for children.It is a story of a boy called Barfi,who always dreamed of a team and wanted to play with him near the stream.But he was all alone.His only friend didn’t move around as his legs were fixed in the ground.Read this lovely story of Barfi and his friend and find out how Barfi’s dream comes true.
    The colourful and attractive illustrations,rhyming words and easy flowing language make it a wonderful possession in your child’s personal collection.

  • Memories – Ankahe Ansune Jazbaat by: Vaishali Verma 200.00

    “Ankahe Ansune Jazbaat”, has a very fine collection of poetries, curated over the past few years with the intention of portraying the emotions in the most unfiltered way possible. The poems speak about Love, Friendships, Heartbreaks, Family and all things associated with Life. These poems can be your constant companion across the entire spectrum of your mood and would give you a soul soothing experience.

  • Tumi ki Manush by: Debashis Bhattacharya 300.00

    The mad mob chased to kill Sudhir and Jayanti for their unrequited love marriage. They committed suicide leaving their baby (Dev). Dev grew up under the guardianship of a Yogi. Yogi handed over Dev to Vijay Seth in a condition that Dev would return when he called. Sulochana, the witty daughter of Vijay Seth, made an affair with Dev. Enduring the torture and humiliation of Bishodhar Dev remained soundless. When Sulochana’s wedding day with Bisodhar was finalized bewildered Sulochana left the house. Did she commit suicide or get her love back? Did Dev come back to Yogi? Why Yogi bound Vijay Seth in a decisive condition! Love is the sweet string for the unity of mankind elaborated magnificently in the story.

  • The Gyanganj Legacy by: Divyank Rastogi 225.00

    ‘The Gyanganj Legacy’ is a fictional story for all ages. It combines the richness of folklore with modern wisdom, to unravel the plot of an age-old battle between Good vs Evil, Light vs Darkness.

  • Manchi Maatalu by: P RAJA RAO 135.00

    A collection of very interesting small articles . One should learn something out of it.

  • I sacrificed my love by: Govind Kumar 239.00

    This book Present a glimpse of religion and cast system how Sachin could not get his love. But Arohi is free from this. Many of us could not get their love due to this orthodox system.
    The author wants to give message to persons Raise above the hate through this book. We have need of love and humanity. .

  • Yaaden Bachapan Ki by: Rajendra Jat 150.00

    Have you ever imagined what life is like in a tiny village devoid of electricity, running water, a school, a hospital and all the facilities that people living elsewhere take for granted? Can you imagine yourself, what happened when you got married at the age of 6? “Yaaden Bachapan Ki” is the story of a village boy who lived in a joint family with almost nothing. In different phases of his early life, he never lost sight of where he wanted to be nor did he forget his roots. The subject in this book is interdisciplinary as it covers culture, religion, education, leadership, transformation, and many others. It is both a story worth writing and a story worth reading. It appeals to the mind

  • Ishq Dobara by: Geeta Maheshwari 200.00

    ISHQ DOBARA is a fiction based on a lady’s latent desire of getting true love that she finds in an unknown soldier whose voice is the only source of knowing him . A married woman’s imagination brings soldier Arnav in front of her. Her love, passion is vividly portrayed in this novel.

  • Tales of the Old Mustard House by: Yashda Garg 210.00

    Tales of the Old Mustard House is the narrative of a dysfunctional family. The parents, who are struggling with mental health issues, find themselves trapped in an unpleasant marital bond wherein they barely communicate with each other, while their nineteen-year-old daughter makes numerous attempts to bring a shift in their household. An interesting aspect of this tale is how the principal characters grapple with the monotonous course of their lives, and how a little personal space binds them together in interesting ways.

    Although this story provides a glimpse into the battles of every other family at some point in their lives, it specifically caters to the lack of expression and warmth among these units. While addressing the issues such as mental health, trauma, verbal abuse, and separation, this novella is targeted towards mothers who have ever felt emotionally suffocated, fathers who have ever pretended to be strong, and children who have grown up in an unhappy household.

  • Evangeline and the magical tent by: Rosie Lalrampuii 480.00

    This book is about a little girl with a powerful imagination. It was written during the onset of the pandemic in 2020, keeping in mind all the little children nestled in their homes unable to play outdoors. This book depicts how children can use their imagination and magically create a nice enchanting environment to play. With lovely Illustrations and with a traditional touch, this beautiful Picture Book tells tales with the Timeless Joys of Childhood Imagination.


    The greatest majesty in living lies not in never falling , but in soaring every time we fall “
    A life which is aborted into a rake , a mission which has rendered into a story. A story which nails
    you to read till the dot , unto a long gaze.
    ‘An affair In Mumbai’ is a thriller & suspence love story of Neeraj. His unconditional love
    with Arpita is turned into a sataric world . To challenge this fate his way to make money
    would thrill you to believe his gusty. His weird death would awake your consciousness .
    A small town boy who is passionate to his love and ambitious towards his goal though his fate
    was neither known to me nor you so did he ? to read the story book your copy today

  • Well Done Partner! by: Mona Sam 209.00

    Dominique Van Hudson is a 26 year old police officer in a fairly average city of Brookshire, near London. He is dedicated, diligent, smart and perfect at his work. Nothing can stop him from doing his duty, not even his somewhat tiny stature that is quite unusual for a cop.

    Who meets Chandler Williams, a 23 year old goofy and happy-go-lucky type of guy. The boy is
    freshly passed out of his training and this is his first case. Not only does he have no
    experience whatsoever, he is also a rookie, is clumsy and a total trouble. Together, willingly or forcefully, they embark on the mission to solve this case without Dominique killing the other. And as time passes, they make peace with each other and learn to adjust and endure things they never thought they will be doing.

  • Sutli and Shravi by: Shreedhar Agnihotri 330.00

    This book is a carefully curated arrangement of poems over two distinct episodes – “Sutli” and “Shravi”. In the same way as its namesake “Sutli” joins together twenty-five poems like a Bandanwar of mango leaves. “Shravi” embodies changing sensibilities over a large spectrum as time passes by. It begins with “Sookh Gayi Sabatmati” and concludes on a philosophical note with “Tum deh nahi”.

  • Checkmate to Time by: Mithu Gogoi 249.00

    Time unfolds veracities of Pragmatic life, portrays each individual with a diverse path, in a quest of a customary life. The poise of love turns into impatience and distrust as Time demented hope and aspiration of every individual. It interprets of tolerant inhabitant in intolerance, the agonizing valley hidden in the serene beauty. A revelation of time and circumstances persuaded to opt for an unpleasant path. The illustration of despair waits for unveiling the concealed until they meet, in fear of losing the trust of their loved ones. That story revolves around the life of Shreya who tries breaking the dungeon of time, in pursuit of her true love.

    Shreya’s love, “Major” continues the battle for an objective that stimulates him to relinquish personal life in lieu of a collective one, demanding commitment and submission.

    Through the journey Shreya met Amzad and knew Hasim, where Fate bestowed over their actions. Time in reforming distraction introduces an enigma of love and understanding of inner peace through Akash.

    The plot depicts Time as Mighty and Influential. The battle of hatred, distrust, fear and prolonged gap in converting into love, trust, intrepid change Circumstances in everyone’s life.

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