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  • Soul Lust and God by: Sanchari Ghosh 300.00

    The book is on The Social and Spiritual Awareness based on real life. Nowadays there are lot of information and knowledge available in the internet and books. So it becomes difficult sometimes to understand which knowledge is right for us . Right knowledge removes our ignorance and enlighten us. We all go through different situations in life from the moment we are born. Have we ever thought why are we living and what is the purpose of our life ? We may get and gather various information but ultimately we have to evaluate ourselves because we know ourselves the best than anyone else. No one has more interest in us than we have in ourselves. So this knowing process will take us within. This is going to be a journey inward. This book is about knowing and discovering ourselves. This book is about the journey of a woman in a brothel, a place of alcohol, drugs and sexuality in which most of us try to find pleasure and happiness. A brothel is a place where women earn money to fulfill their needs and men fulfill their sexual desire and wild fantasies. But do we really get peace and real happiness in them? Let us explore both the dark and light side of our mind and society and find out the ultimate purpose of our life.

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    Remember the name takes you to an incredible adventure of an individual, who struggles with daily anxiety, stress and fears. Will ones desires will drive them to the destined place? Will the darkness of life will find the ray of hope? The book enables you to overcome all this questions and will take you way far beyond the imaginary life and also will make you understand you are here worth living for, Only if you trust nobody but your own self by thinking you are not alone in the journey of ups and downs….. These small chapters will have huge ability to transform your own life and soar to new heights of success and fulfilment.

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    MASTERING YOUR MINDSET is a wonderfully designed book that enlightens the readers on the importance of training our mind in the right way that can help us in achieving our peak potential. The book is laden with inspiring quotes, stories and anecdotes that help us to clearly understand the enormous power of our mind and challenge us to broaden our outlook and to think differently. Sankhadeep shows us how the quality of our life depends on the quality of our thoughts, and how just by changing our thoughts we can change our lives. The author also lays out various well-tested systems and mental hacks that totally change the way we think and help us to develop a mindset that attracts abundance and happiness. The book shows you how to dream big, it gives you the key to overcoming fear and helps you to develop a powerful belief system. The book also shows you how to achieve financial independence in life and how to live a happy, wealthy and productive life all by changing our perspective and changing how we think. With this book, Sankhadeep will show you that when you master your mind, you become the master of your fate and it changes your life forever.

  • The Time Travel the Plutonian Eclipse by: Shubham Ranjan Patra 196.00
     Earth is in threat of being destroyed in six years and the first year starts with ‘The Plutonian Eclipse’ which can destroy Earth within a few seconds!
  • Business Interruption Insurance by: JAGENDRA RANA 252.00
    Business interruption insurance (also known as Loss of Profit or Consequential insurance) is a type of insurance that covers the loss of income that a business suffers after a disaster. Business interruption insurance compensates a business for loss of revenue after a catastrophic event regardless of physical damage to the property or equipment. This work is an excellent food for your thought and vision of financial security.
  • Reaching the Mirage called Happiness by: MRINAL NAG 440.00
    ‘Reaching the Mirage Called Happiness’ written by Brig. Dr. Mrinal Nag is an endeavour to apprise fellow human beings that happiness can never be achieved by chasing it. Happiness drifts away like a mirage if we chase it but can be easily achieved by all of us if we learn to share our success with fellow human beings of the society especially with those who are poor, needy, and sick for no fault of theirs; those who need our help to be happy. Approximately 1.3 billion out 7.8 billion people in the world at present are poor and hungry. There are millions of people who are needy and sick in various parts of the world. People like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and many others are donating to help the poor of the society. People like Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa offered selfless service to the sick and helpless people of the world. Doctors and Nurses treated Covid-19 patients at great risk to their own lives. All these people are great examples for us. They inspire us to donate to the poor and offer our selfless service to the sick and helpless. The mindset of giving back to the society will only come to us if we learn to become good human beings first, which precedes being human. The ingredients of DISCIPLINE, if followed properly, can make us good human beings who would develop a mindset to help the needy and would even donate our own body organs to be used after our demise. The book has suggested a World Charitable Fund Trust to help the poor of the world in addition to the existing organisations. It has also suggested a recipe to achieve happiness which, if followed, will ensure happiness for all. This book may prove to be very useful for all parents, teachers, students, and young ones, to decipher the secret of achieving happiness.
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    Congratulations!, Mere hearing this word, we starts diving in the ocean of fantasies and optimism; like something good has happen. And our mind starts focusing on all the positive encounters which were experienced recently. We become goal oriented. On contrary to it whenever we encounter some bad news, catastrophe, failures or negative situations; then also our mind registers all those scenarios and it may focus on negativity and reinforces our beliefs to feel like a loser or a failure. These are just the THOUGHTS which our mind gets every now and then. This book is all about what we think, how we think and how those THOUGHTS impacts us. Through THOUGHT PROCESS I am trying to demonstrate the impact of thoughts on our life. Prior starting any personal or professional assignment, we think of it. Any creation that exists today was once a thought in someone’s mind. A good running business was an idea(a thought in someone’s mind). This whole
    universe which is the creation of almighty power (God), prior creating this universe God also thought to create. Once upon a time, this book used to be a THOUGHT in my mind. Now then as it is on papers it has become a creation. Thought process is about the quality of thinking that differs from individual to individual. How different thoughts impacts lives differently. How a positive thought leads us to achieve progress and prosperity, on contrary to it a negative thought encounters us criticism and leads us to nowhere in our life.

  • Echoes of the Grim Horror of Partition in Indian English Fiction by: Dr. Chandan Kumar Jha 300.00
    Partition is an enduring subject of Indian writers in English. The event was an unparalleled catastrophe of recent history which ravaged Indian and Pakistani and affected the Sikhs, Sindhis, Hindus, Punjabis and Bengal is in particular many hart rending stories and accounts of partition continue to be written and discussed and the blame game is still not over. It has been a favourite topic of many authors, artists, journalists, film makers and even writers of memoirs. The present Book discusses the highly complex subject of partition which deals with politics of greed, the abdication of the authorities and the sufferings of males and females during and after Partition. Numerous books have been written on the subject in regional and English language. For the purposes of present book entitled only four novels written in different decades, say 50s, 70s, 80s and 90s have been taken up and the novels like Train to Pakistan, Azadi, The Ice Candy Man and What the Body Remembers have been taken up for serious critical discussion in order to highlight the similarities and dissimilarities of approach and view points from both male and female points of view.
  • Winning the Hearts by: Sudarshan Kumar Saini , Ravindra Joshi & Dr. Carlos Rufin 1,280.00

    Of the 223 slums of Delhi, very few residents availed electricity legally.

    The only resort was to win their hearts. This alone could make them register for legitimate electric connections and pay their dues. It was time for innovation to replace the conventional methods as Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited embraced ways to empower the slum dwellers and improve their lives. In return, it would win their trust and loyalty.

    After successfully taming the other sets of subscribers, the giant electricity distributor had finally looked upon the small yet significant consumer base – the slum residents. The people at the bottom of the pyramid were most difficult to overcome. All good-old strategies had failed.

    Would Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited succeed in reducing its losses from this impoverished segment? What would it do to penetrate into this section? Unfold their journey of challenges and achievements as you flip through the pages of this book.

    Initiatives Implemented Successfully

    1. Post privatization; A different approach
    2. Slum cluster – third and toughest segment of consumers
    3. SCG – An innovative business model for Slums
    4. ABHA-Anchors of SCG; Training & Engaging Slum Women
    5. SCG Innovation Council; Slum Women Engaged in Innovation Council
    6. Building the capacity to pay- Skill development; Vocational Training Centers
    7. Shaping up the future of impoverished many through education
    8. Unleashing true potential of the weaker sex- Women Learning Centers
    9. Generation Next in the making- Education initiatives for children and youth
    10. Accidental Insurance Scheme for Slum Consumers
    11. Drug De-addiction Drive
    12. Mission: Efficient Complaint Management by Slum Women
    13. Safety and Energy Conservation Awards for Slum Houses
    14. Sanjeevani – Mobile Medicine Van for Slums
    15. Pay from your homes -Mobile Cash Van at Slums
    16. Celebrating the joy of gifting- Win while you pay for Slum Consumers
    17. RO Plant in Slum Clusters-Clean Water for the Poor
    18. SCG Cultural Club for Slum Talent


    What TPDDL has done shows how powerful the impact can be for business and society when a company carefully thinks about uplifting the general living standards of the community it serves. Developing and executing such model is not easy, there are plenty of challenges along the way. It requires technical expertise and a sensitivity to the needs of the client population. It leads to the construction of a community led business model. It results in the creation of innovative social agents like the “Abha” network. It is hard work but when done well, the rewards are a win for the community and for the business as well. There are so many lessons to be learned from the work of  Tata Power DDL in Winning the Heart to Improve the Life of Socially Deprived.

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    Acharya Chanakya was the smartest man of his century. In this book, the verses spoken by Acharya Chanakya have been translated into Hindi and explained to the students. Each verse spoken by Acharya Chanakya has been translated into simple language for the students in relation to how those verses will apply in the students’ lives. In Hindi language.

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    Book is about Mahabali Baba Sidh Chano. The story of this deity is presented. Culture of celebration & worship (Dhaza) of this deity in Himachal Pradesh is presented
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    This book is on our prime minister Mr Narendra Singh Modi on the accomplishments he had made like article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and relief for Muslim women from teen talaaq.
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    This book consists of short stories which are based on real life incidents of author’s railway journeys. Each short story will change your heartbeat rate! It’s a Local Train of stories passing through different junctions of emotions like Drama, Comedy, Self Realization, Sorrow, Inspiration and all other intermediary emotional stations. Train is ready to depart, board it Now!

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    This book is based on a child who wants happiness and fun in his life all the time and whenever he felt
    that these things are missing in his life he started doing mischievous activities in order to bring peace in
    his mind and soul. Some of his activities remained peaceful and some imbalanced the peace present in
    the life of other people. This book is for the people of all age groups and it is highly recommended for
    those people who have now started feeling bored reading romance-fiction books. Hope you enjoy reading this book as it will definitely push you into the memories of your childhood.

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    Meghalaya is an untamed paradise with an ultimate fusion of diverse culture, nature’s beauty, humble tribes, fascinating folklore & unusual blissful aura. The hypnotic charm of Meghalaya enticed him into its trance. Unaware about the creepy & spine chilling occurrence the protagonist was running into, there was nothing much he could do. But it was just a start of the journey which was about to infuse unanticipated encounters. Changing the definition of travel,
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    This book is based on mental health. -In this book mental health is explained along with
    why it is so important. -Book also explain different ways to improve mental health -In this book how successful people deals with depression and anxiety also explains. -Book also explains fear and ways to overcome it. -Must read book for all.

  • Fading Visages by: 188.00

    The book is about a father from the viewpoint of a daughter whom she did not really know and her journey to discovery as she delves into a forgotten past.

  • Lockdown 2020! Ek trasad katha by: Dr. Vishwajit Kumar Navin 230.00

    First part of this story written in just 21 days! In the tragedy of the lock-down, there is the story of an Indian unemployed family who, amidst the struggle of their country mentality and cultural rebellion, integrated their lives into the teachings of Buddha. Elsewhere, only the tragedy looks tragic to the hero, but that hero also continues to cope with his tragedy with restraint and only to live. This has become the story of middle and low families all over the world today

  • Mere Jeewan Ke Anubhavh by: HARI DASS AGGARWAL 334.00

    In this book, I am going to show you how can we make life and business
    easier!… Exciting!….. more rewarding!

    I have shared my experience of life and business with you will get rewarded!

    But, it’s important that we’re always moving forward. This is a lesson that I
    learned early in life.

    All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the life better.

    I enjoy life when things are happening. I don’t care if it’s good things or bad
    things. That means you’re alive.

    Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.

    Starting a business is tough. And not just practically, or financially
    — emotionally, too. Which is why these top inspirational business tips are
    so valuable.

    So, let’s jump into it!
    – Haridass Aggrawal

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    A memorable travel through the lenses of a public servant traversing along the path of wisdom, truth, philanthropy, humor and wit.

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    कई महिनों से एक विषाणू नें सारी दुनिया में त्राही त्राही मचा रखी है.हमारे भारत में भी,40-50 सालों से,हमारे ही लोगों नें निर्मित किए ,एक वाॅयरस नें ,देश को डावाडोल करके रखा है.किसी को उसकी कोई जानकारी नही.क्या काले धन को ,स्वयं सफेद करके देने में रूची लेनेवाली सरकार ,देश को काले धन से मुक्ती दिला सकती है? खुदकूशीयो पर नियंत्रण ला सकती है?

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    As beings that are always evolving, why are we afraid of change? Is happiness unachievable? Daily entanglements of life have caught us all in a web of discontentment, fear and worry. Many of us have lost the ability to identify the good things in life and are always looking for something bigger and better. What if I told you that the secret ingredient for eternal happiness is right within you? Mind Mysteries is a book that will demand your action and attention towards self betterment by showing you the answers that lie in front of you. Commence on a journey of healing, self-confidence, success and encouragement by taking the wheel of your life. Through real-life case studies and analysis, Mind Mysteries shows us the beautiful and important lessons life has to offer and how we can make the most of them. Are you ready for the

  • The Four Unpredictable Years by: Shivam Bansal 112.00

    The story starts with the author being confused about his career option and chosing a desired college for further studies and how he manages to live outside his hometown for the first time. How a reserved not so good looking guy and shy person got changed into one of the most popular personalities of his college.

    The author then meets the crush of his life in an exam hall and how he manages to talk to her and did he confess his love to her or not?

    He then remembers some moments with his friends and why he felt being cheated by his best friend.

    He also narrate about various trips he had during college and discussed his experience and how a mere trip changed his life.

    The author then talks about his final year of college and how he desperately wanted to work in an organisation and was he able to clear his interview or not?

    He then comes to the final phase of his student life and how a call turned his entire life.

  • The School by: AD Krishnapal 456.00

    This book is titled as ‘The School’ because it contains the experiences of a guest teacher in the precinct school. It shows the various qualities of teachers in government school including the attitude, methodology adopted, level of knowledge, interest in teaching, behaviour towards the students and fellow beings, the faction based on various grounds etc. The book enshrined the facts of educational level of students in government schools and the how the government schools became a mid-day meal centre for the children who come from lower socio-economic sections of the society. The schools do not remain the centre for shaping personality of students, but become the centre of dirty politics. The character and the behaviour of the teachers are explained comprehensively. The book contains the eleven chapters in chronological order from the first day of appointment to end of session. The book contain the various policies of government towards the school and educational process. The first chapter include the description of school and introduction of teachers. The subsequent seven chapter explain the events happening in the school. The tenth chapter explain the status of advocate and how they got success, but not happy. The court helped the guest teachers for continuation of job. The book explain at various place how the exploitation of guest teachers continue. I think, This is the first book of its kind.

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    The Ten Commandments by: Vijay Kumar Dewan 600.00 560.00

    Author says change is the essence of ife. lIndian civil service has to mount a public-sector wide initiative in a drive for organisational excellence. Its purpose has to position the public service for superior capability and delivery in the next one century. Let us take up this activity of achieving excellence in the form of a mission called “IndiaNext”.

    This book is about achieving the mission called “IndiaNext”. It discusses the objectives, the focus areas, goals, strategic imperatives, failures, pursuit for excellence, how the change implies change and its implementation strategy. IndiaNext mission is to build India as the most developed nation in the world and with a vision to fulfill all the expectations of the people of India.

  • Express and Espresso Heavenly Combo Series 2 by: ARHAA 124.00

    Series of heartfelt feelings expressed as thoughts covering subjects that matter to all of us. Author has tried her best to put forth a fresh perspective to our dearest debated topics

  • SECULARISM by: Sanjiv Mukherjee 190.00

    Was the term ‘Secularism’ inducted in the Preamble of our Indian Constitution in the year 1976 was for true equality of all faiths or for some other sinister reason.

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    This book “the tiger of India” which greatly affects the author, he hopes to impress all the readers as well,
    its idea is different from other books. This book dedicates to father of author Mr. Qazi Ahmed Ali, and late
    grandfather Qazi abdul ali and the beloved teachers Shakib Ahmed and Shahnawaz Siddiqui , the writer is
    a laborer for all kinds of errors.

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