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  • What’s your credo? by: Mayank Agrawal 149.00

    “Moral of the story”, isn’t that what we sought from the little stories as kids? Today, as adults, we have the capability to inculcate these morals and ethics into ourselves from our own experiences and stories. The author too, found his in these 8 short, life changing stories that made him win his war against COVID.

  • Panchatatva Sanjeevani For Longevity by: Dr. T. S. Sagar and Kiran Lata sagar 249.00

    Panchatatva Sanjeevani For Longevity” gives a deep insight into the world of natural healing. This book explains how the five elements of nature i.e., Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Akash are associated with the overall health of human beings. This book pertains to simplistic philosophy of life which can be understood and adopted by all living human beings to lead a happy, healthy, and harmonious life in the society.

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    Imagine a world where you’re surrounded by people, yet alone. In this world, your mind stops time just as things progress from bad to worse so that your endless fall into the abyss of fear is nothing more than a flash flood of horrible memories and regrets. This is the world of one man — a man whose quest for answers and redemption leads him into just such an inescapable world. Join him as he goes on a journey through his mind, through the light and the dark, to the furthest reaches of his heart and mind, hoping desperately to find the answers that will give him a semblance of peace while he holds onto the few things that still make him smile. This is the world of ‘The Forsaken.’ “Every coin has two sides, and every side has two reasons. Every reason has an explanation. The deeper you go, the more detailed it gets; the more the detail, the harder the quest. Whether God is in the details or the Devil is,we may never know.”
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    A school teacher meets an immortal man from Mahabharata times. He has many questions about mythology, history, and contemporary. Man of that era was an immortal bystander and he witnessed most of the important events which occurred on earth, such as Kurukshetra war(he participated in the war), Buddha’s birth and enlightenment, Jesus’ birth, Chanakya’s struggle, Gupta dynasty, Shankaracharya, Mohammad Paigambar, Invaders in India, Babur, Akbar, Maharana Pratapsingh, Aurangzeb, Shivaji, Guru Nanak, Meera, Kabir, 1st and 2nd World war, and Mahatma Gandhi.How a primary school teacher met the man from Mahabharata? What was their conversation? The school teacher lived with that man in the deep forest and experienced thrilling moments. How they encountered predators and escaped? How’s the fauna in the forest? Whether the forest is really a scary place? Are there any spectacular things to experience in the forest? It is a fictional fantasy story of a common man meeting a huge personality.

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    Herald Pinter (1930-2008) was a British author who won the Nobel prize for Literature in 2005. He said about cricket, ‘I tend to think that cricket is the greatest thing that God ever created on earth.’Morals and values are the things that make a human life complete. We only emphasize on Universal values that can be followed by all the people of the world, irrespective of their caste, creed, language, religion, sex, nationality and the like. The human tendency is such that if they are forced to follow something they will resist it. Character and behaviour have to be moulded carefully over the years. So how do we do that? This is where one thought cricket could be useful. If values can be taught through stories why should it not be done through cricket? This is the motto behind writing this book. In the first chapter which is an Introduction to the volume, the role of philosophy in cricket is discussed. In the other chapters also, a judicious mixture of cricket and philosophy is served out in order to make it look like a delicious dish made out of milk and sugar. It is for the readers to enjoy it.

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    This book is a compendium of my lifetime experiences, knowledge and wisdom, presented as palatable small units in a ready reckoner form. The nine chapters in this book are densely packed with material, smaller than essays but larger than quotations; there can be some overlaps in different chapters. An attempt is made to bring into focus the essential knowledge and wisdom relevant to all Humans. It includes spiritual and philosophical thinking of the past and present of this Indian subcontinent. Time and again we are reminded that all Humans are one; with a common African origin, having the same consciousness, joys and sufferings. It is time Humans change the way they are living, self improve, learn to coexist with the other life on Earth; finally trying to leave this Wold a better inhabitable one.

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    The book tells the story of a young professor, who had incredible achievements in his short span of career. Suddenly, he left the world of teaching and he never intended to return back. He lives near the bird sanctuary in his cottage and he had one servant named Robin, who lives with him like his family. Two students found his research project, in the library and they began the quest to meet him. With the help of the librarian they met him and as story progress it unfolds the mystery that what would had happened that all of a sudden the professor said goodbye to the teaching world. The book answers whether the professor will make a return or not?

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    “Most of us might have suffered a lot in silence. Sometimes we must have
    also misunderstood people, places, circumstances, and even destiny as well.
    “Pessimistic thoughts are devilish whereas an optimistic mindset is the real
    intrinsic asset behind a fruitful outcome.” Problems, obstacles, and the
    agony a person has can be of many reasons. The Mindful fact that one has to
    recognize the consequences and must be aware of real life glorifies a
    person’s living by application of his/her broadened intellect. Life is not just
    about being professional or just being personal. It is a combination of both.
    You will endure and learn in every aspect. In fact, without learning and
    without having visionary perception there will be something that seems to be
    missing or empty in life. Keeping in mind everyone and every single thing,
    Author Asra Noorin has written this book in a very simplified language with
    the usage of clear vocabulary that it should be very easier for her readers to
    understand. Asra has specifically added her impact of words in everything
    she has written in connection to the reality everybody faces. This book is
    going to connect you with emotions, motivation, and guidance throughout.
    The reality is going to hit you deep and you will be certainly moved by the
    way the author has depicted it. Asra has also written 10pages of this book in
    Telugu and Hindi language trying to make her words reach effectively into
    the hearts of people.”

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    This book looks into the narrative of Buddhism that it is about an account of two thousand and six hundred years ago when Buddha was conceived who later on became one of a kind psychotherapist. It further illuminates the concept and purpose of Buddhism is not as philosophy only rather the practical and authentic way of life also within the circumference of the Nature. The people in general have been taught and made convinced that the Buddhism is an atheistic philosophy whereas it does not concern whether there is the existence of God or not rather the human being and other creatures have been suffering. Practical ways and methods with regard intuition and meditation have been explored through Zen Buddhism. More over the impression and influence are perfectly contained in the fictions which the author has selected to be contemplated for research work in hand.

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