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    Life’s Meanderings grapple with some of the mysteries of life’s existence. These poems have dealt with the questions that mankind has been asking himself since the beginning of civilization but the answers his explorative and philosophical mind has thrown back has always been illusive and nothing very concrete. There are several categories of poems in this book ranging from philosophical takes on human existence, the ethos of nature, common everyday social life to romance. In spite of life being a trouble, the poems try to uphold its enchantment, mystery and intoxication.

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    The book about life, the book about the reality that we live in every second and we survive for it,to complete this process in our life we have need to think and this is called soch

    Soch by: Md. Azaz Khan 100.00
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    This book is a collection of poems and illustrations,both done by Sindhu with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.Life is a journey with emotions of various kinds.This book is a capture of some emotions at various moments in her life.Its fun to read and connect with these emotions.Its a mixed bag, easy reading and a joyful collection which stays close to your heart in all glory.

    Galleon Treasures by: Sindhu G 300.00
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    ‘TEMPEST and a RAINBOW’ is a collection of poems that have been chosen by the author from the pages of her diary. Like a rollercoaster of emotions, the poems are divided into four different sections which revolve around the feelings of a teenager. The poems represent a complete journey of how a person falls in and out of love and even after facing heartbreak and despair they emerge stronger.

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    “Main Johar Hoon”” is a poetic rendezvous that takes the reader on a panoramic journey to the the ‘Johar Valley of Kumaon’ in Uttarakhand. Without Johar Valley, ‘Dev Bhoomi’ is incomplete.

    The book is a light, alluring read that instantly strikes a chord with Johar Valley, which is full of natural beauties. A trove of more than 40 poems, is quilled with virtues of Johari’s and their love for nature. They have established a divine relationship with Himalayas and Tibet. Their Courage, Wisdom, Serenity, Love, Hope, Strength, Joy, Compassion and Gratitude is well depicted in these poems.

    “”Main Johar Hoon”” is a book that revolves around emotions that most Johari’s experience. The collection of poems helps in understanding Joharis and their values, culture and traditions. “”Main Johar Hoon”” very easily develops a personal connection with the reader that is indeed refreshing.

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    About the book: Its an emotional journey of true love, brokenhearted faith and ever lasting memories. I always found solace in my poems. Alike, find yourself connected with my poems, every sigh of despair because true love is immortal. Believe me

    Zakhm Gehre by: 149.00
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    ‘An awaited dream – that came true’. 

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    “Lady of the blue yonder

    A collection of poems which chronicles the daily events of the poet. It is confessional poetry in nature, and follows the traditional method of writing poetry.

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    Tears to Joy is a short collection of poems depicting the light and dark motifs of Lifeas written down by a girl, a woman; a daughter, wife and mother . The backgroundeverywhere isfilled with Natures beauty . Whether it be joy or sorrow ; love or death the author brings in birds and trees and flowers; sun and showers and mist to tell her story. The theme of ‘Tears to Joy’ is seen in the spiritual thread that runs throughout as the author ends in either joyous praise or transcending the bondage of pain.

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    “The themes of this collection are many and varied– simple joys of life in the family circle, innocence, and tenderness of childhood, love in its many shades, nature in all its grandeur and mystery, philosophical reflections on time, life and death and a constant examination for the meaning of all these, were reverie and reality join hands. The verses are mostly lyrical but not in the formal pattern of the conventional lyric. It is just informal, intimate poetic speech. The free, rapid flow of words, often in the monologue mode, sometimes the breaks rules of syntax and punctuation in trying to keep pace with his thoughts. The poet’s style is also remarkable for its frequent use of personification and capital letters to make his point. In a way, this work is a poetic autobiography of one who has lived a rich and contented life. It offers us an hour’s delightful reading.”

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    After my first book, Tarangini (Part 1), which was a collection of poetry, I am glad to present to you my next book, a curated collection of shayari. Hope you like & appreciate it.

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    This Book is a collection of 50 poems that would narrate some part of the authors life. Everything is not real and everything is not imaginary but yes, every poem is the authors feeling penned down for the world to read and understand. This book is the first step to world of poetry and would request the reader to connect the dots and feel my world of emotions.

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    “I wrote and read everything in my childhood, in every genre. The first story appeared in Hindustan Times in 1971. Being busy with a bank job could not get so much time. Now after retiring, I have tried to reach my creations. Many awards have also been received but my creations have not reached many people.
    : Readers will be able to tell whether they like my poems or not. I have tried to get everyone’s thoughts and feelings in my poem. All that I have seen and experienced about my family, love, community, kids and my country has been put in my thoughts. I hope you like my first attempt towards this exciting journey of entering into the magical world of books and poems.”

    Ankahi by: Veena Bhatia 155.00
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    “””Ek yaad adhuri

    ek baat adhuri””

    “”Ek aas adhuri

    ek pyaas adhuri””

    “”Hogi mukammal

    ek naa ek din””

    “”Teri meri yeh

    kahani adhuri””

    “”Milegi gale fir

    yeh jhoom kar””

    “”Ek arse se bichadi

    Zindagani adhuri””

    “”Khilega gulshan

    milegi hawa se bahare””

    “”Jo naa milegi woh hai

    humari chahat adhuri”””

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    ” May the spirit of oneness embrace us all Sakina is all about the magic of peace which helps us to become one with ourselves and with universe ”

    Sakina by: Sabina Samad 267.00
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    “Strawberries and Cigarettes,

    Is a book expressing mostly the heart of nowadays youth. It’s a journey from falling in love with not only someone else but one’s own self and then getting that heart broken, and then picking up those shattered pieces and continuing on.

    -Because not all the time can we let things out on our own, sometimes we find our story in the words of someone else.”

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    “Every part of me will be in love with you for the rest of your life. I wanted to be the one that you never see coming. It is tough to believe that you let me go. You may see a million sunrises in my absence, but only I can make that beautiful for you.” An intense feeling of love, which is beyond to express in words, acts like a fierce “flame.” Moon has the power to make nights beautiful by fading the darkness away with its charm. This book is about the “flames” of a lover who was left by his love of life. His pain and grief that not being with his charm of the living “moon”. But he will never stop his fight until he wins his battle. This book contains 36 poems. It is a journey of true love. And its madness for beloved ones. This book is the expression of unconditional love towards their partner. “I will love you until God decides that it is time for me to leave this body…leaving my body is an end but my love will conquer this world to start a new beginning. In my absence, it will worship you for ages.” There is no death for love. If you truly love anyone, even your death will conquer this world.

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    At our every walk in the pathway of our life, we come across moments. Bound with less of choice, we have to walk through it, be it happy or sad. Such moments that we encounter from the start till the end of our lives are being piled up in this book which is named “Moments of Life – a book of poetic illustrations”.

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    “”” A drop of ink may make a million think””- Lord Byron,
    Is exactly what I hope to achieve from this book . When I started writing, it was at first very personal , like for a friends special celebration or an announcement, but then I witnessed what a powerful impression words could leave behind .

    So this book contains my poetry which is written on various topics , such as Love or The Youth of today or even Religion to name a few & make us ponder on how we view the world at large .
    These verses express my heartfelt feelings for that particular subject & I hope to leave the readers with an afterthought of
    What can we do next to Improve our Existence ? or shed light on our world through my own perception .
    If my few words can help others reflect ( like it made me), to pause in life , look around , be gracious with gratitude , then I will believe my purpose of writing has been successful .
    We all have a lot to say but I hope this book makes you feel the emotion .”

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    “”” Poetry is a deal of joy , pain and wonder with a dash of dictionary .””
    The above quote depicts the mood of my book – ‘ Deepak ki Roshni ‘ – , the best . My this collection of poems , songs and ghazals is a kaleidoscope of feeling of love , joy , pain , anguish , wonder , disgusts , empathy to name a few .
    All the subjects are a part of our neighbouring surroundings and are related to the life of a common man in some or the other way . Where some of them show the ugly face of society , the others allow us to peep in the world of nature , love , beauty and happiness .
    I have sincerely tried to creat a colleague of how I see the world and what it means to me . So this collection can be called as spectrum of expressions .
    As a veteran , life has enriched me with various experiences which I took as enlightenment . Hence “” Deepak ki Roshni “” was possible .
    I take immense pleasure in presenting the first collection of my poems to you with a ray of hope that you all will consider it and embrace it with affection .”

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    “Today when I will shut the windows, I will not be sad. I will be smiling,looking over our book , on your bedside table. The black cover we chose, it’s not black anymore. The love you poured, colored it red.”

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    Its an emotional journey of true love, brokenhearted faith and ever lasting memories. I always found solace in my poems. Alike, find yourself connected with my poems, every sigh of despair because true love is immortal. Believe me

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    “””This book deals with the emotions of person going through phase of love and after that.
    Various tastes of emotions dwell in this situation and this book contains all that forms of love. “””

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    The collection of poems in this book is an attempt to awaken in the reader a desire to know the true reality. To understand this reality, one needs to delve deep inside oneself, access the Ocean of Memories that lies well within the ambit of each soul; memories that can be invoked by the blessings of a Master.

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    It is a wonderful poetic collection, describing the continuous decline of society and the everyday struggle of youth. Which provides the direction of harmony to the nation. With the rise of human civilization, culture and tradition were also created. Due to the constantly moving chronology of the world, civilizations were distorted. Human traditions and original culture began to be violated. For this reason, the youth also began to decline automatically. To compensate for the same downfall, I composed this poetry collection. So that a universal awakening can arise in the youth and society for centuries.

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    “Myriad emotions experienced through life, sometimes across a lotus pond, sometimes amidst the presence of a Guru, sometimes when watching the stars, or measuring your heart’s beats waiting to be inked
    lest they be lost..

    That’s how this book came about.”

    Sweet Soul by: Mary Abi Nader 624.00
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    “Desires play a very important role in our life to remain happy and satisfied.

    Our desires equal everything we secretly dream about, visualize or imagine. They’re not just far-off, impractical wishes or impossible hopes. We all must follow what our heart desires and we will definitely reach the real happiness.

    This book is all about what our heart desires and is expressed beautifully by the author in the form of poems making us enjoy our life, our surroundings in the best possible way.”

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    “Riya Dama is currently a high school student in Mumbai, India. She has been elected as the President of the student council of her school for the academic year 2019-2020. She loves to travel and experience new cultures and ways of life. The beauty and diversity of the world is an inspiration for her to write and compose music. She believes creating original content lets her explore her uniqueness. Get in touch with her :- @riyamdama on Instagram and Twitter.

    Riya express diverse feelings with a rogue mixture of poetic devices and styles in order to create extremely effective verses. Inspired by people around her, great poets, breath-taking sights and simply the course of life, she creates an atmosphere which forces the readers to be compelled by the words which lay in front of them, enhancing their imagination, sensitivity and emotions.

    Poetry is an art form that can touch the hearts of many in just a few words. It is remarkable how a young adult like yourself is able to encapsulate such deep feelings in poems. Your way of expressing thoughts, beliefs and ideas is unique and meaningful. Hon. Mrs. Smriti Irani (Minister of Woman and Child Development and Textiles –India) Poetry helps us make sense of our struggle and our pain while finding beauty in them. Your poems have that strength – the strength to value fear, darkness, insecurities in general. You’ve found beauty in things we tend to ignore and that is truly commendable. Miss Sriti Jha (Indian Television Celebrity)”

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    Every poem I wrote was crying out for help. I was alone and depressed and had no idea about who I was or who I would become, which tore me apart. I was looking for a book which understood me, and the only purpose behind writing this book was to get people out of that feeling and help them not feel alone. This book shouts out the problems a teenager goes through – falling in love, anxiety, mood swings, confused identity, and feeling alone surrounded by people.

    Hot at times by: Ashi Dahiya 90.00
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