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  • Gyan Kalp by: Mita Guhaniyogi 155.00

    This book Gyankalp is a collection of poems. I wrote them in my leisure without putting too much effort. I wrote as they came to my mind. This corona pandemic caused me a lot of pains to see the loss of people all over the world.
    Most of the poems are reflections of this pain. I am a God loving person. So some are like my prayers.

    Love you all !

  • Alag Nazariya by: Rekha 122.00

    Through this book I want to bring up the change in the stereotype mentality of this society and want to begin a new world where there is love, honesty, truth and harmony.
    Each poem here promotes human to do struggle even when there is no hope.
    A more thing I wanna to put up in eyes that whatever amount I’ll earn from this will put 50% of that to social work being a social activist.

  • Premotthan by: Prem Srivastav 265.00

    “Premotthan” is a beautiful collection of poems and devotional songs. The author’s thoughts cherish the elegance of bygone times while appreciating the progress of the current generation and its times and ways. Premotthan is a read for all, and describes Author’s experience in an illustrious way while reflecting upon herself and her values in life. It provides an emotional and spiritual anchoring, motivation, and inspiration for those who struggle in the journey called Life but come out trumps.

  • Winter Grows on Paris by: Amit Kumar 150.00

    Winter Grows on Paris is a collection of poetry on Love, Self and Silence as much as on journeys, people and places. In rhyme and blank verses, these poems weave stories by delving deep into and caressing gently the myriad human emotions Self endures and experiences while negotiating the jazzy, vivacious, poignant journeys of loving, unloving then loving again interspersed with hope, despair, nostalgia, joys and torments in equal measures. Journeys which ultimately become voyages of self-discovery. Intensely emotional and often a tad philosophical the poems take the reader through a passionate journey of life in multi-chrome taken in many lands, across many winters, summers, springs and autumns, through full moons, dark nights and shades in between.

  • Break the Norms and Set her Free by: Maryum Khalil 1,100.00

    Break the norms and set her free is a collection of poems that discuss the condition of women in the world and how important it is for them to stand up and fight for the right, about how women are bounded by some weird stereotypes and not allowed to live their life. In short, this book is about empowering the female gender and encouraging them to have a voice.

    It is divided into six sections,

    Her dreams
    Her self
    Her body
    Her heart
    Her death
    For her
    Each section discusses the topic relevant to its title.

  • Pyar Bhari Kavita by: Nisha Bharti 150.00

    This book is based on love poetry, all poetry is filled with beautiful emotions and feelings which makes you feel the essence of true love.

  • Dear Iris by: Manasvini Duggal 230.00

    “Dear Iris” is a selected collection of the author’s experiences from their first year of adulthood. An anthology inspired by home, personal philosophies, a new city, and love, these poems tell a story of the quintessential teenage experience. Under the umbrella theme of a young adult’s first coming-
    of-age experiences, the author uses subtle emotions and vivid imagery to present their thoughts. Deeply steeped in romanticism, each poem in “Dear Iris” summarises the author’s growth over twelve months, and the inevitable full circle that life brings about. The poignance of a sunset; the friction of moving on; the thrill of being alone in a strange city; the necessity to be open to love, pain, and guidance; “Dear Iris” is a raw exhibition of a teenager’s mistakes, exploration, and ultimate transcendence.


    This is a personal collection of poetries , thoughts & quotes. Not everything but definitely some of it will hit your thoughts, cuddle your feelings and touch your wounds. If this introduction reaches you there might be something that you need from it. It will ensure you your time and money was worth reading it.

  • Bebaak Jajbaat by: Jugmohan Singh dutta Sagar 238.00

    In this book “Bebaak Jazbaat” the poet has revealed his emotions in a manner so that the readers can realise what the author was feeling while inscribing his thoughts. Bebaak Jazbaat is the collection of poems which represent the fearless emotions of the author.

    The leaves of this book not only portray the reactions of the author but also depict the feelings of a common man. This book represents how the poet can transform his thoughts into a rhythmical collection of poems.

    Dear readers this book has been framed by the author with an intent to touch your feelings.

  • Life is a Pinch of This….. by: Rashmi Shivaprasad 122.00

    This anthology of poems emphasizes life’s varied moods and emotions. Love, desire, passion, confidence, reliance, trust, compassion, shrewdness and so on. Gratitude to every seed and soul that nurtures us. Gratitude to optimism that elevates our spirits. Gratitude to the pessimism life bestows, building us stronger and cautious.

  • A New Dawn Of A Hundred Hues by: Monica Prem Bajaj 180.00
    A New Dawn Of A Hundred Hues’ is a collection of a hundred poems.
    Each poem in this book will touch your heartstrings, speak to your spirits and enhance your consciousness. This plethora of poems is divided into five sections according to the themes.
    The first part, ‘Nature’s Rendezvous With Reveries’ is enhanced by natural beauty.The second part, ‘ The Glory Of Stillness’ emphasizes the  relevance of solitude and stillness.  These poems carry dark with streaks of light. The third part , ‘Let Me Love Thee’ comprises the poems of Love and desires. Here, love occupies the status of Deity. The fourth part, ‘ Lilac Shades Of Life’ depicts the various hues of life that will leave the reader exploring asserting, questioning and probing its new vistas. The fifth part, ‘Musings Of My Soul’ gives glimpses of our intricate, intuitive, and magnificent soul.
    As you travel through its pages, you’ll feel a personal connection because ‘ A New Dawn Of A Hundred Hues’ has been created for you. May the experience of reading this book leave you in a sense of delight, awe and wonder!
    I’ve made butterflies of words
    To spread joys in void arcane
    I give all I have in me
    For you, I’ve  beautified my pain
  • Kaleidoscopes by: Nandana Nair P. S 150.00

    “Kaleidoscopes” is a collection of poems based on real life, the everyday existence of a teenager and about finding one’s place in this world. It is about exploring the self through poetry, coming to terms with life and its nuances and finding beauty and art in everything.

  • Zephyr: Taming the Tempest by: Zoovi & Vanae 185.00

    Divided in two parts, Zephyr talks about our demons pulling us down and then rising from the ruins, carrying our scars on skin like a prize.
    The 2 writers bound their words in poetry for the broken and anguished; for the healing and for the ones growing.


    This collection of poetry brings forth the harsh truth of mankind woven in different relationships . It focuses on the vices as well as the beauty embedded inside a human heart that is full of chaos . This book plays a wonderful job by bringing forward the colourful roles played by various relationships in reality which surrounds the poetess’s life .

  • Memories – Ankahe Ansune Jazbaat by: Vaishali Verma 200.00

    “Ankahe Ansune Jazbaat”, has a very fine collection of poetries, curated over the past few years with the intention of portraying the emotions in the most unfiltered way possible. The poems speak about Love, Friendships, Heartbreaks, Family and all things associated with Life. These poems can be your constant companion across the entire spectrum of your mood and would give you a soul soothing experience.

  • Good Girls With Love and Craze by: Saoumya S Varma 250.00

    This book is for everyone but mainly teenage girls who love the idea of ‘Love’. It’s a collection of poetry, which the author has experienced over time. Let love rule you, yet not be ruled by love. The book will make you wonder and yet you’ll be surprised in some way. Enjoy as you explore the world of love and heartbreaks.

  • Saagara Geeti (Odiya) by: Sagar Kumar Baitharu 168.00

    Poetry on life, philosophy, divinity, Psychology, Romance, love, on science.

  • No Rhyme or Reason: An anthology of poem by: KILLADA SHREEVANI 155.00

    Words can be a comfort to anyone who reads them. Words carry the voice of people, their experiences and beliefs. It is words that connect us, words that bring us closer. Through these words people find each other and themselves. Such is the power of words, the power of expression.

    This book is an anthology of poems written in such words: words that found me and words that are bound to find you.

    Each one of us finds a special meaning in words, meanings that change continuously. We must find our own special meaning.

    These poems are not about politics or agendas, these are about feelings, about thoughts that most of us have but we hardly give importance to. These poems take form from my experiences as a normal teenager and recount every tiny thing that made me think.

    These poems are merely a teenager’s thoughts.

  • The Poetic Whispers by: Omkar Kaul 153.00

    With sincere satisfaction, the book with poems composed by Omkar Kaul, is being presented to the reader. The present book titled “The Poetic Whispers” is full-filling a long standing desire to restore to print the poems of which a few have already been published in the book “Passage To Inner Castle” and to bring together other poems too which are written by the author; and now are being presented in this book.
    Lot of consideration for present and the past have gone into the preparation of this publication. Re-reading of these poems sometimes get corrective variation due to the emotions and thoughts of the author; but it is upto the reader to analyze and to study the poems and delve in as per his taste.

  • The Monkey Thief at Ding Dong Circus by: JOSMA ETTUMANUR 95.00

    The Nilgiri langur monkey at Ding Dong Circus is missing. School detectives Joshi, Chandran, Johny , Mammu and Tomy rushed to the spot. Sanku, the caretaker of the langur was questioned by the team. Except the tyre marks of a scooter near the cage of the monkey, there was no clue. At the bus stand they saw an advertisement of the Forest department about the Nilgiri langur monkeys. Joshi and team saw one old man staring at the picture of the monkey on that board. They went after him and found that he was manufacturing Monkey malt Langur tonic. Mammu heard some strange animal voice from his neighbour Professor Rahman’s house. The team gate crash there at night and investigate. Who is the thief, the tonic man or the Professor or the care taker? An adventurous detective story for children.

  • kaagaz ki naav by: Anshul 100.00

    Its a poetry book that written by me (Anshul). In this book you will read my random thoughts that I have put together in a rythematic way. These are my daily experiences. Everybody has some experiences, when you collect those experiences and put it together than you discover a new skill. In this book I talk about love, I talked about hate, I talk about life and of course the death. see I am totally a confused person when you read this book than you knew about it.

  • Vihangini A Soul by: Sudha Sikrawar 108.00

    VIHANGINI is collection of such poetry , which can be the soul of anyone, One who wanders from one place to another, sees problems , faces problems , asks questions to the God.And then finally lives in this world by finding solutions.

  • Impressions by: Robert Sam Raj 200.00

    Impressions is a collection of memories picturing moments of piety and pleasure. By taking the reader along the winds of poesy, navigating the reminiscing thoughts, the poems make the reader feel one with the author. They reflect the pictures planted in the memory of the author as he experienced and enjoyed along his life’s lonely road.

  • THE LIFE OF SHAYAR by: Fareed Ahmed 311.00



    If you think you are alone and depressed! Don’t think,feel free and ready to smile! Because, this book is with you (^_^).

    To me a poetry is a piece of art & like every good piece of art,it should be appreciated not only by artist but by everyone who surround the artist as well.

    This book is written with the feeling of each and every SHAYAR, who always try to express his/her feelings through some special lines and I hope my every line will touch your heart & make smile on your face.

  • Manmeet by: Meenakshi 220.00

    Through this book, the author wanted to state that by using meaningful and fewer words in life. One can present good thoughts.

  • DIL KI BAATE – KUCH ANKAHEE, KUCH ANSUNI by: Pratik Agarwal 299.00

    Do you ever feel that there is a lot of feelings buried deep inside your heart which becomes difficult to express or is neglected when expressed by you?
    If yes, then you’ll surely be able to connect to this book till the very end because all these poems are based on feelings that every human possess and understands.
    Gradually, after reading the poems, you’ll understand that how important it is to share those feelings with our closed ones.
    These poems will freshen up some of your old memories and will give you relief for a while from this hectic chaos of the world.

  • Choti Chiddiya by: Satya prakash singh 220.00

    At the time of complete lockdown in covid-19, how nature had started settling in tone, the birds appearing in the parks, in this context, this book makes us aware of the ill-effects of tampering with nature. We should follow complete lockdown one or two days in a week then we can avoid natural destruction to some extent.this book Inspires to be spontaneous and alert for nature.

  • Into the Unknown by: Sidrat Ul Muntaha Anees 150.00

    Every human being contains a mixture of feelings within but can’t express them always. Sometimes the words written by someone else can exactly relate to the feelings we wish to express.

    “Into the Unknown” is a collection of poems written on various themes. All those themes revolve around the lives of human beings so the readers can easily relate them with their own lives.

  • My Dream by: Arni Midday 120.00



  • No title, Just vibes , My Indelible memories by: Mahi Agarwal 350.00

    With a plethora of my emotions and bits of my life experiences, this book has “No Title, Just Vibes”. These are “My Indelible Memories” portraying numerous shades of my feelings. It’s cheerful, bubbly, a little bit rocky, and all about self-love. Most importantly, it’s about never giving up, no matter what! So here is Mahi Agarwal writing from the bottom of my heart and with #NoFilter

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