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  • Khamosh Alfaaz by: Sarabjit kaur 205.00

    This book is quite old and was lying just in one of my rusted cupboards. It came outside in the open air. This is the gist of my very own life’s good and bad, sweet and sour experiences. This contains the wonderful feelings and emotions of each one of us we all feel and rather have the same experiences at different phases of life. Some taste it earlier and some later. In the end, we all become learners after passing these phases. These all poems are a quite beautiful compilation of life’s experiences. “jisse shayed zindagi kehte haii” ‘love you Zindagi”

  • Meraki (A dreamer’s journey) by: Tavisshi Dhawan 200.00

    Meraki is a journey through one’s emotions. It is a compilation of honest and raw conversations with oneself. The book consists of four segments, each talking about a different emotion. Flowers represent these emotions, Purple hyacinths for sadness, red roses for love, Angelicas for inspiration, and Lavenders for happiness.

  • ADAMYA VICHAAR by: Nivedita Alexander 360.00

    The lessons and senses from experiences and observations are rhapsodically metrical with a touch of Parnassian feel, cultural hints, mystically inclined, and substantially presented. Inspiration driven from music, art, and nature too has been the keel and axis for the soothing effect. Questions are raised answers given, and solutions provided. Have you ever heard of myths and fiction being absolute certitude? Have you ever read a bitter truth that was finely aesthetic? Or seen a lie being graced and elevated, as vacuous being eminently publicized?
    In her first book, Nivedita Alexander has rendered this collection of poems to captivate everything that brings learning, thrill, and fascination. In a nutshell, this collection of Poems is a complete family book for all age groups.

  • JIBONMUKHI by: Dr. Ashim Kumar Naskar 230.00

    I wrote my book JIBONMUKHI in Bengali which is my mother tongue. It is a Bengali poetry book. The book is a collection of poems. The poems are mainly on the lives of human being, their different life events, sorrow, happiness, etc. The name JIBONMUKHI is appropriate because the poetries are life-oriented of human beings. I am proud of this book.

  • Zindagi – Ik Ratjaga by: Batra Guru Daas 149.00

    This is a unique yet simple book comprising Hindi poetry depicting various emotions and feelings of a normal person living life in today’s world. This book particularly conveys the message that life is something that needs a different approach to living happily and needs continuous efforts to put into it in a positive manner.
    The poetry in this book is written using very simple words and a free-verse poetic manner so that one can relate to it easily and understand what the poet is trying to convey. The poet had a basic vision in writing this book that we all need to learn from our pasts and keep reminding ourselves about the learnings and try to live our current life in a better way.

  • Quarantined by Pranith- 15 Recites by: Pranith Varma 122.00

    “Quarantined By Pranith” is a collection of 15 poems. These poems are realistic and sensual in their own way. The author, Pranith talks about different things ranging from the perceptions of the human brain and mind to the abnormalities in society.

  • ENGINEERED THOUGHTS by: Suash Sinha 165.00

    You are on your own for the first time. Far away from home, you are a free bird who has no restrictions over him. The world is your canvas to paint but you have to choose the colors wisely because it will leave stains for the rest of your life. New place, new people, new surroundings, and there is you with your fragile, timid heart walking through all this. You have a chapter in your life to fill with the heading “my college days”. What will you do?

    This anthology is what I did. It was a way to vent my emotions, feelings, and point of view of all the things happening in and around me.

  • My Fantasy by: Rajeev Ranjan Sinha Kundan 225.00

    ये मेरी तीसरी किताब है जो कि मेरी पहली किताब “The Unforgettable” and ” The latest and the Best” के नाम से प्रकाशित हुई है। मैंने मेरी तरफ से हर तरह के गीत एवं ग़ज़ल को इस नई किताब ” मेरी कल्पना की उड़ान” में शामिल करने की कोशिश की है।

  • Dharohar by: Syed Abdul Haseeb 200.00

    This book is a collection of timeless incidents captured in words and Prose through the lens of a common man from Lucknow. Various incidents from the ’80s & ’90s till the beginning of the 21st century are very beautifully captured with a versatile combination of humour & satire. Sit back, relax, enjoy and share with others. This book will give you a quick run-through of those sweet memories from the past which touch upon political/social incidents of yester years.

  • Dangay Dingi by: Lity Munshi 699.00

    Dangay Dingi is a Bengali poetry book, written by Lity Munshi. Poet has compared the human body with a boat that is rowing on land. She also has compared the mind similar to a ship in the ocean of life itself. Ups and downs in the journey, tide, and waves in the shore of thought, the action at the wheel of a life controlled by someone else, who cannot be seen, asked, or commanded. Mind and heart have freedom of thinking, feeling but circumstances are always decided by waves, tides.

  • Olive by: Lity Munshi 699.00

    Poems are in free verse form in the book all about unknown, known situations faced by life. Not every trip is joyful, or even. There are hurdles we must go through and overcome stillness in heart and mind. Like any tree sometimes in life, we feel no place to move, no sky for freedom, no wings to fly, and rude seasonal hopes, dreams causing more pain in life.
    Yet, just like trees, serve our unique qualities to the surrounding, facing all odds and winning the journey at the end of the season. That is all about the book.

  • Sugandha by: Sujata Bhattacharya 110.00

    This book is a mirror of life’s journey.

  • Chanakya Khandkavya by: Manish Kumar Mishra 135.00

    The present section is based on the life of the great guru Chanakya of poetry history. He is also known as Vishnugupta or Kautilya. His father Aacharya chanak was a famous Aacharya in the state of Magadh. He wants to Taxila after being humiliated by King Dhananand of Magadha. On the way, he met a young man named Chandragupta. He also took him with them. During this time Yavanraj Alexander attacked India. He urged Dhananand to save India but instead of helping, he again humiliated them. After the Chanakya got Dhanananda defeated by on the strength of his cleverness, made Chandragupt Maurya the first historical emperor of India and fulfill the dream of a United and powerful India.

  • Shabd by: Abhinav Bhoyar 200.00

    ‘Shabd’ is an anthology of Abhinav Bhoyar’s poems that he has written over the years through
    his experiences in the span of life he has lived. He has tried to express his life experiences through his poetry. Abhinav looks at life through his own vista, through his poems sometimes he questions life, tries to solve the conundrums of life, and sometimes tries to find the answers to the unknowns. Hope this book will give you a different perspective of life.

  • Phulwari by: Dhawal Pandey 185.00

    Phulwari is a collection of self-composed poems filled with sweet and sour experiences of life. Just as each flower and each leaf of a garden carry their unique color and fragrance, similarly this collection is a brief presentation of the experiences of life of those colors which are either of my life, or are scattered around me. It is just about everything life can be related to. It’s my beautiful Canvas painted in colours of love, joy, pain, freedom, happiness, grief, success, failures, passion and dreams.

  • Meri Geeta ki Pooja by: Rama Sethi 130.00

    Collecting the pearls of wisdom in seemingly mundane moments of a lifetime, this exuberant 70-year-old rises above her familial pre-occupations to pursue her passion. She is a……..by profession, but now retired, she has offered a sneak peek into her magical world where life doesn’t just happen, It performs for you!

    Marching ahead with spunk and grit into the twilight years of her life, she has conjured this collection of poems and couplets as a kaleidoscope of her colorful, empathetic, satirical, and perhaps even a little humorous take on family, festivities, relationships, parenting, and a lot more.
    Sit back with a cup of coffee and soak in the nectar of her words. A must-read for all those who wish to rise above the frivolities of life and seek meaning in its happenings!!

  • Kaurageously Yours by: Gurpreet Dhariwal 275.00

    We all need a voice at the end of the day, and what a beautiful and courageous voice has stood up in ‘Kaurageously Yours’!

    Gurpreet Dhariwal shows in her poetry the beauty of her authentic soul and the rising of her voice. She stands up for all those who have been through depression, anxious and suicidal thoughts. For all those whose voice was silent because people did not understand their mental illness. If only people understood the problems of others, this world could have had fewer suicidal cases than we witness nowadays, is one of the messages.

    In this beautiful poetry book, you will experience parts of her warrior soul. It is impossible not to relate to her vulnerability. It makes you think of strong women that pave the path for equality and compassionate love. It shows you how we can all, against the odds, overcome our ‘demons’ and give an example of how we can become and live our truth.

  • An Encounter with Death by: Bhawani Shankar Nial 250.00

    “An Encounter with Death” : The anthology of compilation of poems of Bhawani Shankar Nial on death consciousness is first poetry collection in English. His book have been translated into many international languages like Italian, Serbian, Russian, Chinese, Francis, Polish, Albanian, Arabic, Spanish, Philippines & Vietnamese.

  • Be Beher by: ख़्वाब एटवी’ 200.00

    Be-Beher is the first ever collection of ethereal ghazals and nazms authored by Khwaab Etvi.

  • Lockdown by: Bhawani Shankar Nial 250.00

    The anthology “Lockdown” of Bhawani Shankar Nial, a compilation of his poems on human problems, predicaments and suffering tinged with universal orientation is his second poetry collection in English. His book have been translated into many international languages like Italian, Serbian, Russian, Chinese, Francis, Polish, Albanian, Arabic, Spanish, Philippines & Vietnams.

  • Andaz – e – sandhya by: Sandhya Rathi 199.00

    Hello readers, I am eager to present my first collection of poems. Here, I have tried to express small moments of life through the wordings of the poem, where you will observe all sides of human feelings. I believe these poems would help you to connect yourself with your every – day lives. It is
    my request to everyone to read one poem at a time so that you can feel the emotions which is been
    expressed in every poem individually.

  • Unheard Screams of silent heart by: Humera I. Shaikh 169.00

    A collection of poems, prose and thoughts UNHEARD SCREAMS of silent heart is about the journey of growth and healing which begins from pain.  It’s about finding and loving self unconditionally.  This book is for those who are at war for conquering their own selves.

  • Amidst the downpour by: Arayna saxena 520.00
    Amidst The Downpour’ is a book about the downpour of my thoughts, opinions, and imagination through poetry that represents different themes including self-love, peace, recovery, morality, individuality, optimism, faith, and strength. In terms of the book cover, with this wind and through this book I’ve let my thoughts free in the form of poems for others to read and perceive. So these pages flying with the wind, are my thoughts searching for a reader’s mind as their destination.

    The book comprises beautiful calligraphy titles, bookmarks, thank you cards, and illustrations highlighting the concepts of the poems.

  • Gyan Kalp by: Mita Guhaniyogi 155.00

    This book Gyankalp is a collection of poems. I wrote them in my leisure without putting too much effort. I wrote as they came to my mind. This corona pandemic caused me a lot of pains to see the loss of people all over the world.
    Most of the poems are reflections of this pain. I am a God loving person. So some are like my prayers.

    Love you all !

  • Alag Nazariya by: Rekha 122.00

    Through this book I want to bring up the change in the stereotype mentality of this society and want to begin a new world where there is love, honesty, truth and harmony.
    Each poem here promotes human to do struggle even when there is no hope.
    A more thing I wanna to put up in eyes that whatever amount I’ll earn from this will put 50% of that to social work being a social activist.

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    Premotthan by: Prem Srivastav 265.00 185.50

    “Premotthan” is a beautiful collection of poems and devotional songs. The author’s thoughts cherish the elegance of bygone times while appreciating the progress of the current generation and its times and ways. Premotthan is a read for all, and describes Author’s experience in an illustrious way while reflecting upon herself and her values in life. It provides an emotional and spiritual anchoring, motivation, and inspiration for those who struggle in the journey called Life but come out trumps.

  • Winter Grows on Paris by: Amit Kumar 150.00

    Winter Grows on Paris is a collection of poetry on Love, Self and Silence as much as on journeys, people and places. In rhyme and blank verses, these poems weave stories by delving deep into and caressing gently the myriad human emotions Self endures and experiences while negotiating the jazzy, vivacious, poignant journeys of loving, unloving then loving again interspersed with hope, despair, nostalgia, joys and torments in equal measures. Journeys which ultimately become voyages of self-discovery. Intensely emotional and often a tad philosophical the poems take the reader through a passionate journey of life in multi-chrome taken in many lands, across many winters, summers, springs and autumns, through full moons, dark nights and shades in between.

  • Break the Norms and Set her Free by: Maryum Khalil 1,100.00

    Break the norms and set her free is a collection of poems that discuss the condition of women in the world and how important it is for them to stand up and fight for the right, about how women are bounded by some weird stereotypes and not allowed to live their life. In short, this book is about empowering the female gender and encouraging them to have a voice.

    It is divided into six sections,

    Her dreams
    Her self
    Her body
    Her heart
    Her death
    For her
    Each section discusses the topic relevant to its title.

  • Pyar Bhari Kavita by: Nisha Bharti 150.00

    This book is based on love poetry, all poetry is filled with beautiful emotions and feelings which makes you feel the essence of true love.

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