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  • Stop The Pandemic of People Pleasing by: Ceema Picardo 200.00

    This book is written for scores of people who battle with “people-pleasing” behavior.  Their tendency to be “nice” and do favors for people is not well received- as a result, they are always taken for granted and shown zero appreciation.  Therefore, this book effectively guides you to break free from the stronghold of this type of behavior by helping you discern how susceptible you are to it, and offers very practical tips to avoid and confront people who take you for granted.  This book with its introspective and engaging style will help you break the stronghold of people pleasing-ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

  • MERAKI by: Pallavi 150.00

    As you are holding this book in your hand, you belong to it. It’s not about what is in it but it’s all about what’s in you and how you work for yourself and your peace. This will empower you, guide you and let go of all the negativities just like a friend by your side. It talks about the chances we missed and the moments we never are sure about but altogether it helps us to revive that life is all about different situations and different people with different thoughts. So let’s embrace it together and walk in the dark with our thoughts and it’s a spark.

  • Happiness in Totality by: Anvi Darda 210.00

    How many of us know what our true happiness is? Or how we can find it to stay pretually happy after that? Through this book you will find the answers to such questions while discovering a path of self love and positivity. So, let us unlock our happiness and move a step closer to live a life that most people only dream about.

  • My Indispensable views of life by: Hrishikesh Tamkhane 300.00

    Hrishikesh Tamkhane has shared his views of life in this book. His views of life will bring a drastic change in life. The book will help you to discover yourself and provide a positive perspective of life. This book will focus on different areas of life.
    Hrishikesh Tamkhane also explains how the awareness and understanding can lead to changes in life. His views of life will solve many questions of life like –
    – Who am I?
    – How should I live a life?
    -What are my duties to myself?
    The book will act like a ‘light’ in life.

  • The Divine Yog of Energy Healing. by: Rear Admiral Rakesh Pandit, AVSM, NM (Retd) 639.00

    This book is intended to be a ‘Single Point Book of Reference’ for issues related to good health and well being. Accomplishes a ‘First’ in presenting a comparative
    analysis of the seven main energy therapies namely Acupressure, Acupuncture, Pranic Healing, Psycho Neurobics, Reiki, Yoga and Yog Nidra.Promotes a ‘Preventive health care’ Strategy employing ‘Health of Energy Body’. Affirms ‘Integrated healing’ of Physical and Energy bodies towards accelerated and total healing. Advocates ‘Blending of Energy Therapies’ to fight major diseases.

  • Live Up To Your Holistic Lifestyle Potential by: Aarti Y Vyas 129.00

    My academic qualification always gave me faith that we are born with immense power of healing within. We can master our mind, body and achieve the desired goals. I always wonder if man is the only animal who enjoys doing things which harms him.
    Lifestyle factors such as lack of physical activities, obesity, high fat diet, stress and tension, alcohol and smoking innocently manifest themselves as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and other ailments. We have the power- knowledge and the
    means- not only to maintain the proper functioning of our body. But also to prevent many types of malfunctioning and diseases before it occurs. Everyone desires good health and it is the ultimate objective of all those who want happiness in life.
    Health is so often a matter of creative habits. We must teach ourselves to lead the life that makes us healthy, happy and satisfied with perfection. Discovering that we have choices and what we can do to help ourselves should be our primary objective (self-

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    Master Time Management in Sixty Minutes is a concise well-structured guide that will enable readers to briefly understand the essence of the science of time management and assist in learning the art of its application in their personal and professional lives. Described in the book are over 1000 practical and down-to-earth timesaving tips in the form of readily actionable Dos and Don’ts. Structured in logical sequence encompassing activities from getting up in the morning to sleeping in the night, these prescriptive tips can easily be related by the readers with their lives and straightaway implemented opening up the doors of stress-free, enriching and satisfying lives. This life-enhancing book also contains a precious collection of the most powerful quotes of all time from the greatest achievers of the world and valuable timesaving practices successfully followed by them. A special chapter titled ‘The Art of People Management’ imparting priceless wisdom is also included in the book to enable readers to develop enriching interpersonal relationships. Prepared after extensive research of the available literature on the subject and over four decades of self-learning as an enlightened consumer of time, this thought-stimulating book has a potential to transform your life and take it to the next level.

    Master Time Management in Sixty Minutes by: M.U. Shah 350.00

    Master Time Management in Sixty Minutes is a concise, well-structured personal improvement guide that will enable readers to briefly understand the essence of the science of time management and help learn the art of its application in their personal and professional lives.
    Woven around the principle-centered approach of the fourth generation of time management, the book advocates subordinating the clock to a compass and thus shifting the focus from urgency to importance.
    The book provides hundreds of practical and down-to-earth time-saving tips encompassing activities from getting up in the morning to sleeping in the night. These readily actionable tips will provide much-needed direction to your time investment, opening up the doors of stress-free and rewarding lives.
    Also included in the book is a special chapter titled ‘The Art of People Management’. This chapter is packed with priceless pearls of wisdom aimed at developing enriching interpersonal relationships.
    This thought-stimulating book has the potential to transform your life and take it to the next level.
    You are a decision away from the transformation of your life. The decision to read this book can
    do that transformation.

  • PAGES FROM WRITER’S DIARY by: Ryth panda 200.00

    There comes a moment in everyone’s life where they find themselves fortunate to relize what is impeding them towards their success. This book is a collection of all such moments which helped me to pave my life in a right direction. This book includes some of my personal notes in form of quotes , poems and short articles, which succeed in shaping me as a better findings of achieving an enlightened mind and living a peaceful loving life are jotted here. Life sometimes feels unfair but if viewed from a different perspective it hide something to learn and grow everytime, to shape and mold oneself for the better . Learning from every failure and being committed to self improvement will change your life for the better. Always remember your the creator of your own reality. Your thoughts, actions, words, emotions and beliefs shapes the world outside of you. So choose them wisely. I would be very glad if my work encourages you to understand you life in a better way. Thank you for choosing this book.

  • Physics Behind The God by: Manish Verma 170.00

    “Physics Behind God” is all about living and winning life with simple formulas of spirituality backed by science. It is specially dedicated to those young people who are yet to discover their true potential and purpose in life. Throughout this entire book, Manish has beautifully explained the essential laws of nature through the lens of the Bhagavad Gita and physics
    Through this book, Manish has tried to open up your eyes to such hidden mysteries of science and nature, the knowledge of which can turn your life towards an abundance of success and peace of mind.

  • Entrepreneur- journey to success by: Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh 200.00

    If one thing is certain, its that life can be counted on to present challenges. How a person handles them is an important factor in how happy and how successful they are likely to be .

    Author Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh understands this well and has stepped up to help with his recent release of his eye-opening book “Entrepreneur journey to success – A guide to systematic entrepreneurship change.

    Some of the topics covered in the breakthrough new book include: Be a warrior not a worrier, believe in yourself, go getter personality and take action. Don’t listen to those people who doesn’t contribute to your growth, just do your work irrespective of criticism

    Try to be proactive in approach, advance planning and timely execution highly needed to achieve your desired goal.

    Entrepreneurship is all about your vigilant leadership and action – its journey

    Leaders don’t force people to follow they invite them on a journey to success so be consistent in your efforts.

    It’s the development of skills that benefits human capital employability, improve quality of life ,promoting the realization of dreams ,aspirations and much more.Free of fluff, Indrabhuwan delivers value on every page of the book which seems destined to be a self help classic.

  • Dastan by: Dalton Saraswat 149.00

    I wrote this book on the basis of most activities of society. In this there are lines related to meeting and separation in love and friends and country love as well as Corona. Keeping some social aspects in mind, some lines have been written in it. I have mainly used the word Dastan repeatedly in this book, due to which it is a Dastan.

    ” This Dastan is such a bunch,
    Who will join heart to heart,
    And in this world of mud,
    The lotus of knowledge will bloom. “

  • Angels Life Quotes by: K. Alagumani 300.00

    This book is full of life lessons.At last of reading this book you will get better idea
    and vision about life even you failed in life. This book is a vision of young girl who is experienced more pain in her life. Most importantly this book is written by a young girl.

  • Chahat khushiyo ki (Hindi) by: DR VIVEK TANGRI 206.00

    This book is for those who want to live their life happily. It has often been observed that whatever events happen in your life, whether it is small or big, family or social, we keep compromising on our happiness in almost every aspect of life. The most precious thing in life for which we are making all our endeavors every day is to find happiness only and we keep away from that happiness due to useless reasons. This book is a squeeze of the life experience of the author and by means of this book, it has been tried to suggest that by making some small changes in our lives, we can bring happiness in our lives and create a happy environment for ourselves as well as our family and surroundings. A prosperous society, a prosperous nation is possible only when our present is in a strong and happy mental conscious state and this is possible only when we can get happiness from every aspect of our life. With the simple experiments given in this book, it is definitely possible to bring lasting happiness to the life of all of us.

  • UNIQUE THINKING – Leading and Managing by Thoughts by: Srilekha Kaluvakunta 380.00

    Unique Thinking is one of the best-thought management
    leadership and execution guides that can change the way
    we think by defining the ways of thinking unique and
    different; focused on methods and practices to attain
    these unique thinking capabilities. It covers the concepts
    of how we need to think in order to achieve the desired
    results we want and fulfill our aspirations and dreams by
    way of our thoughts and thought process. It details
    about how we can change our life by our thoughts to get
    results just by changing the ways of our thought process.

    This book Unique Thinking can direct the ways of our
    thoughts and thought processes and illustrates how we can
    manage our mind and thoughts during the mental states
    of ambiguity and distraction. It is focused on the
    concepts of Thought Management for attaining the
    states of Uniqueness in Thinking and Unique Thought

  • GOOD LIFE WITH MATSOGI DO by: Vikrant Tiger 350.00

    This is an inspirational book. The good life book encourages you and takes you on a future journey that alerts you about your health. How can you live a good life and see yourself succeed. Your children will get better manners by reading the book. This book sprouts as a seed of sacraments to improve the lives of your children. When your children study and they adopt the sacraments, you will get the sweet fruits of their praise from society. The author has put his 25 years of experience into this book. This book will make you know a new definition of martial arts and its mystery knowledge. After reading a book you will find yourself living as a successful person. How your children can focus on studies. How to bring better results in every field. This book will encourage them and work to make them successful. If you are lacking good ideas in your life then you should also read this book. Because this is the book, which you will definitely want to read once in your life. If you can give a better opinion on the issues people discuss and you should read this book once.

  • Project Report Essentials for a small business by: Yasmin Rizwan 200.00

    Entrepreneurship has often been highlighted as a panacea for challenges. Many people invest in small businesses hoping to make it big. The objective of this book is to help them understand the nuances of making a project report for a small business. This book guides them by providing information in a lucid and concise way so that they can understand the concepts as well as the practical aspects and put them to use.

  • Decoding The Heart Winning Personality by: Owais Khan 370.00

    This book offers practical advice using very easy language for the reader’s understanding. There is a world of difference between impressing people and winning their hearts. The Almighty has gifted everyone with a unique personality. After reading this book, you can refine it. The expectation from this book should be that it will help you improve your personality in general and shall give you varied tools to make your life better. This means that it will focus on personal growth. You shall be handed practical solutions to difficult problems of life, and these solutions will help you win people’s hearts. This book is neither gender-specific nor age-related. Any person, male or female, young or old, educated or skilled will find relevant tips and advice in this book. In short, this book will let you stand out from the crowd.

  • Review of Psychiatry by: Dr Prashant Agrawal 806.00

    This book ‘Review of Psychiatry’ is a must book for MBBS students, interns, post interns, junior residents (PG Psychiatry Students) for preparation of various Pre PG entrance of NEXT PG & INI CET 2021-22 and D.M. entrance exams This wonder book is written in ante grade pattern following latest ICD 10 & 11 and DSM-5 guidelines which composed of easy concise chapter wise theory followed by all latest MCQ’s of recent entrance exams up to 2020 with authentic correct referenced answers and explanations, ‘Mnemonics’ were added in various places with ‘Images/ Photographs’ of various scientists, procedures, psychological tests which were already asked in recent exams and likely to be asked in upcoming recent exams. This book is compulsory for preparation of NEXT Pattern exam

  • Life is All About you by: Kamini Sen 199.00

    Life is a boon to mankind, relationships being an integral part of it. The moment we are born, we set ourselves on this beautiful journey that comes to an end with our death. However, the thought of departing from this world shouldn’t stop us from living this wonderful life. Live your life to the fullest, create stupendous memories and preserve your relationships. Life is too short so don’t miss out on people who form a significant part of your everyday life. You can have all the luxuries of the world at your feet but life will still remain a barren land without relationships.

    This book will help you to lead a happy and satisfying life by having a positive outlook towards it and nourishing your existing relationships.

  • E Zindagi by: Juned Ur Rehman 200.00

    This book ‘ E ZINDAGI ‘ is the sea of care, love, and motivation, which contains many emotional and happy moments of life. This book is not written only on any single topic, rather it is written on many different facets of life which are the part of almost all human beings life, like Relations ( between parents and children, between brother and sister, etc.), much more about the student life and the life begin after that period, about the situations which come in someone’s life and how to handle that situations, about someone’s feelings and much more real life-related and motivational content is also present in this book.

    Quotes and Shayri at different-different places make the book more interesting and effective.
    This book is written in HINGLISH ( Hindi language, English script), which makes the book so much easy to read and understand.

  • Teen TO World by: Arpit Bhatnagar 222.00

    The author of this book has tried to share the perspective of a child towards his life and the lessons which he has learned till teenage. These lessons may look insignificant to older people but are actually the starting point of a strong foundation. This book’s main focus is on a person’s originality and self-improvement. In this book, some of the lessons may be known, unknown, or forgotten by people. This book strives to help people understand which person is worth their friendship, respect, mentorship, influence, etc. It also wishes to help people acknowledge different aspects of their lives, from knowing to realizing, betrayal to friendship, the potential end to start of a new foundation, self-doubt to self-improvement, and many more things. These lessons are derived from a child’s perspective, aiming to help adults solve major problems at a simpler level.

  • Doosra Pehlu by: Nirmala Rawat 399.00

    The book; Doosra Pehlu;( language -Hindi with a slight tinge of English) by the author Mrs
    Nirmala Rawat depicts the other side of parenting and schooling. The book is full of beautiful
    quotes, references ( of various authors), insights, analogies, instances which elaborate how
    judgments or labels may damage a child’s cognitive domain. Disempowered grown-ups
    disempower children that further turns into complex behavioral patterns or we can say
    personality disorders(which are acquired and can be deleted). A child’s very simple needs if
    remain unmet in the early stage, take various forms, and re-create patterns that may be self-destructive ( in order to fulfill those unmet needs) !! The book is an outcome of the keen observation, experience, vision, and passion of the author. And it will definitely prove a big help in
    improving the parent-child equation where the child will be treated as an equal and not as subordinate.

    The core message of the book is that a child needs unconditional acceptance first and anything
    else second or third. The child must be seen and heard and protected at all cost. Acceptance
    and compassion to children will lead to a crime-free, addiction-free social scenario for sure!!
    So get ready for a joyous, emotional ride !!

  • CHINU’S NOTES ON KNOW ALTERNATE THERAPIES by: Sankaran Srinivasan 1,150.00

    We are a part of the vast sea of humanity that is searching the ultimate utopia, mislead by the thought that successful careers and wads of currency will buy us a place here. so in a bid to accumulate thosewads and reach the pinnacle of successful careers , we have surrendered our peace of mind, unblemished souls and physical health the 24x7x365 culture has invaded this planet companies proudly flaunt the nonstop work culture , slave driving their employees with promises of more greenbacks to compensate for the mental peace and happiness they have lost the taunt muscles, the rigid jaws and the overstrained nerves are a few pointers to our unrelenting torture of the self .So man today is sick because he thinks he is sick .sickness and disease have no place in the life of person who does not accept and tolerate the self-limiting thoughts which are real seeds of our myriad ailments , we stand hypnotized by the belief that disease and illness are our fate and destiny , rather than health and bliss , which are truly our birth right and heritage .in order to emerge from our mass hypnosis and collective hysteria and to experience health , joy and creative fulfilment , we must make a systematic application of holistic living through alternate therapies in our daily life. The success of efficacy of alternate therapies he experienced provided the impetus, inspiration to him to come with compendium of his documented collection over a decade in this book . In effect, this book makes a humble effort in finding a genuine and truly helpful lifeline for many people, giving important popular alternate therapies in SINGLE WINDOW for ready reference, self-study and self-treatment as it primary objective .it is to help you live life to the hilt that his book has been written .Life is not about toil and ambition alone; it is bout enjoying each moment .it is learning to relax and take things in stride .It is about the blissful enjoyment of the years granted to us on this planet. Believe me , you will be more successful, happier and contended if you pursue your career, relationships and ambitions in a relaxed manner outlined in this book .

  • THE MISSING P by: Amith Gauji 199.00

    In this book Author he has shared some points which is ignored mostly by many people at different stages of life , according to author after reading this book one will understand how actually to live life towards success and how to develop personality, corporate politics ,childhood mistake and how to think positive.


    “Through this book, I would like to lend you a helping hand of
    different perspectives for solving life entangled threads of problems.
    Meanwhile, who knows maybe we all learn something new in this
    process, and become a better person!
    This is not my book, but your own book, which has been written for you,
    after being inspired by you. I hope you will like it and then maybe,
    starting loving your life too….
    Thank you!”


    The book helps a reader to live a healthy and fulfilling life. The reader can get important ideas on how to control stress in his life, inner purification, and Physical fitness. By practicing the concepts and the action points given at the end of many chapters, a seeker can contact God and perceive bliss. As a seeker pursues the Path, his efficiency increases and he can enjoy True Happiness (or Bliss). The life of such a seeker would be free from sorrow and miseries. You will learn: How to channelize your mental energy productively and succeed in life? How a seeker can develop good habits and reduce bad habits? How to attract showers of wisdom? How to develop willpower? The benefits of making small changes in your lifestyle so that you can enjoy a healthy life.

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    “STOP, LOOK, GO – Parenting, The Changing Norms -Then and Now, is a collection of
    thoughts, anecdotes, and experiences written in a conversational style. The book addresses
    issues of child development through various situations and has takeaways for the parents of
    all age groups children, covering the joy, amusement, thrill, and stressful situations due to the
    changing environment.
    The book highlights the need to realign with the changing norms of parenting as the child
    grows up, reminding that every child is unique and deserves quality time and attention. “


    “STOP, LOOK, GO – Parenting, The Changing Norms -Then and Now, is a collection of
    thoughts, anecdotes, and experiences written in a conversational style. The book addresses
    issues of child development through various situations and has takeaways for the parents of
    all age groups children, covering the joy, amusement, thrill, and stressful situations due to the
    changing environment.
    The book highlights the need to realign with the changing norms of parenting as the child
    grows up, reminding that every child is unique and deserves quality time and attention. “

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