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  • A Photographic Journey of Prophet Migration (പ്രവാചകന്റെ ഹിജ്‌റ) by: Mohammed Shameel 130.00

    prophet’s migration to Madeena is considered as the major turning point of
    Islamic era. after prophesy Mohammed (swa) become unaccepted for the
    disbelievers of Mecca and They decided to boycott the Muslims from all

    after the second treaty of Aqaba, the Muslims of Madeena, called as Ansar
    Decided to Invite the Muslims to Their Land and offered them full support.
    hence prophet give permission to the, Muslims in Mecca, Called as Muhajir,
    This Book is about the Migration of Prophet Muhammed (swa) to Mecca with
    his Companion Aboobacker (Ra) through the places covered in each day with
    some history occurred later some of that places.

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