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  • The Chronic Diseases, their Peculiar Nature and Homoeopathic Cure – Annotated Edition by: Dr. Anaswaradev A, Dr. Arundas Menon, 850.00

    The book ‘The chronic Diseases’, their peculiar Nature and Cure – Annotated Edition’ is a combined annotated (descriptive, evaluative, and informative) version of Homoeopathic book ‘The Chronic Diseases, their peculiar nature and their cure’ by LH Tafel, published in 1896. The aforementioned English translation is from German book by Dr. CSF Hahnemann. Apart from the translation of original work in 1896, there is no annotated version exist hence, it is of first of its kind being published in the Homoeopathic literature world.
    The abstruseness of the subject, the peculiar writing style of the 18th -19th century, lack of text book format style, translation errors, lack of advanced science to explain all aspects,etc has made it difficult to put into practice. All the relevant literature of Hahnemann from 1789 to 1842 are connected in a logical manner and substantiated with genetic, epigenetics, microbiology and immunology along with research gaps. The other relevant medical system also included. Thus, culminated in 4 volumes and this fist volume comprises ‘Nature of chronic diseases’ explained
    from the view point of disease knowledge. The book is useful for the students, professionals, teachers as well as researchers.

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