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    This book narrates the unforgettable and golden memories of the journey from kindergarten to high school. The most important thing is that the author remembers his first class of kindergarten. This is not about education, but about enjoying the years of friendships, restrictions, rules and regulations of school life. It is about enjoying the control in disciplined situations. Arnie studied in Saint Augustine, a co-ed school with his four friends, Andy, Aarya, Shail and Vincy. Arnie has a female friend, Nia and Andy’s friend’s name is Myra. Both have a different love story, but realize once they leave school. But whatever time they spend together, they build memories. Arnie remembers his first day in the kindergarten to the last day of high school. He and his friends are average students. They are quite notorious; get punished several times, yet escape from certain situations. Their families always get informed about their activities, and develop coldness towards them.
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