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  • Gift of Wisteria by: Girish Illindram 276.00

    The book is about Mahindran and Saurabh, two individuals at two extreme spectrums of life whose worlds collided on one fateful day find themselves in the middle of a war that has far more implications than they could ever imagine in their wildest dreams. Everything was going smoothly for Mahindran, an IPS officer until he received an assignment that asked for a sacrifice he could not make. He was drawn into a battle reluctantly, a battle which he did not choose but was chosen; a battle which he wished he could have avoided; a battle which could never be won. Just when Saurabh, a ruthless and wicked businessman who built a multi-billion dollar empire from scratch, though his life was about to propel towards a meaningful end, it took a violent turn. He buried his only son, his only family left on the planet. He had nothing more to live for, his empire crumbled before his eyes. It was all due to an individual who could not do his duty properly and the individual must pay the ultimate price for his incompetence. Both the lives of Saurabh and Mahindran were intertwined by destiny for a reason far beyond their imagination. The rest of the story revolves around the greater cause for which destiny had chosen them.

  • Park Ke Wo Saat Din by: Shivam Tanu Sharma 140.00

    Sometimes by chance, we meet some people whom we do not even know that they will become so special in the future as moonlight for the moon, night for day, and rain for cloud…This story is also about two such mischievous people who are as straight as Jalebi. Here, an attempt has been made to tell the story of two such bubbly friends who may have grown up to be friends. Whether there is friendship, love, love, or anything else between them, it is not known, but the relation which is with him is not with anyone else. Both meet by coincidence at Allahabad University and everything turns sour and sweet between them by coincidence. What’s more, the good thing is that they are still together by coincidence. The meeting of two strangers in the narrow streets of our Sangam city Allahabad (Prayagraj), their quarrels, love, love, and their talks, the whole fabric of Allahabadi culture has been woven between them in this novel. Well, now whether it should be called a coincidence or not, it will be up to you readers to decide. I hope by reading “Park Ke Wo Saat Din” you will be able to feel the same things, go through the same paths through which the characters of the novel Amar-Bala have passed… I hand over my first attempt to all of you.

  • Practical Guide of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics for B. Pharm Students by: Jasmine Kaur Randhawa 200.00

    This book is prepared to cover the practicals of biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics to be performed during the B.Pharm curriculum. The practicals cover different topics of biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics related to analysis of pharmacokinetic parameters by different methods. The special emphasis is given on the procedure of practicals which will be helpful for the teachers as well as students with greater ease of understanding the concepts of
    biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics. Many books are available which deal with theoretical aspects of the subject but very few such books are available that deal with practical aspects. So this book will be very helpful to the academicians as well as the industry in understanding the concepts of biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics. This book is written in simple language to help in understanding the concepts of biopharmaceuticals and pharmacokinetics.

  • Coffee Smiles & Tears by Starlight (Short Stories) by: Debaleena Mukherjee 200.00

    Coffee, Smiles & Tears: by Starlight”; is a collection of short stories. These are vignettes and miniatures. They are the doll’s- house in my heart. These tales are of fleeting moments in which we live a lifetime of emotions. These are my ‘Wonders’ and ‘Closures’ in life. I emerged from the cocoon;I found my wings. Here are stories of “Life” that never ceases to surprise me. As with my collection of poems, so with these stories, this is “Life” as I see it. They are ramblings, musings. I claim no definition, because, for me life does not come with tags. It enfolds you every which way. Being a coffee lover, I believe in dipping every nuance of my life in coffee, especially late into the night. I love looking at the night sky and gazing at the stars. They know of my tears and smiles. So that’s my time to watch the starlight blend into my coffee. Debaleena Mukherjee.

  • AI in Food Industry for Food Products Quality Inspection by: Dr. Syeda Sumera Ali 1,047.00

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of science & engineering that deals with machine learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) are the commonly used algorithms in the field of Artificial Intelligence namely. Models learn from data available and used by customers, government agencies & companies for sake of analysis. In food industries, the design of standard reliable procedures to inspect & control the quality of products is a major objective. The deployment of AI to achieve better customer experience, supply chain, management, improve operational efficiency, reduction in material movements, vehicle activity, and better results in the business. Automation in the food industry for sake of control a process at optimum level, reducing costs & time, monitor food processing, minimize the error, respond to production issues, safety, tracking & improving quality. AI has various applications includes sorting fresh produce, effective cleaning, consumer preference, saving time and resources.

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    Dare 2 be Yourself by: Gaurav Singh 249.00 200.00

    The whole purpose of your study, learnings, and life experiences is to know Who you are? What is your strength? What are your shortcomings, what is your weakness? And this is the only way to get ahead in life. The more you know yourself the more you will be able to know this world and the people around you.

    I’m upset that the narrative these days is that everyone needs to be number one, own a company, be in charge. A lot of people are going to lose in that way.

  • Udan Chhu Khwaab by: Chandra Bhan Sitare 135.00

    उड़न-छू ख़्वाब’ एक कविता-संग्रह है जो तीन खंडो में विभाजित है। प्रथम खंड ‘प्रेरणोक्ति’ है जिसमे आत्म-प्रेरणादायक कविताएँ है जो आपको ऊर्जान्वित करने का प्रयास करेंगी । जबकि द्वितीय खंड ‘व्यंगोक्ति’ है जिसमे सत्ता और समाज पर तीखे तंज हैं जो दकियानूसी समाज व सत्ता की उदासीनता पर कहीं न कहीं आपके मन में उठ रहे प्रश्नों का काव्य रूपांतरण है। वहीं तृतीय खंड ‘प्रेमोक्ति’ है जो आपको प्रेम में होने वाली सभी अनुभूतियों (संयोग श्रृंगार रस व वियोग श्रृंगार रस ) का अनुभव करायेंगी। इस पुस्तक की अधिकांश रचनाएँ सामान्य बोलचाल की भाषा में लिखी गई हैं ताकि उन पाठको को भी समझने में सरलता हो सके जो हिन्दी साहित्य से अधिक सरोकार नहीं रखते हैं।

  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika (Light on Hatha Yoga) by: Sriramkumar 350.00

    This book explains about yoga and significance in health improvements.

  • Statistics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) by: ALTAF HUSSAIN HAJI, ISS 550.00

    The Book “ Statistics Multiple Choice Questions” is about the various topics of statistics subject. The coverage of topics is broadly on “Basic Statistics and Statistical methods, Probability and Probability distributions, Linear models, Statistical inferences, Hypothesis testing, Sampling, Design of experiment and Officials statistics of India ”. This book is prepared for preparing various competitive examinations conduct by UPSC, SSC, SSRB of various states UGC-CSIR –NET, etc. particularly for preparation for Indian Statistical Service Examination conducted by UPSC for posts of group ‘A’ service of Central Civil Service as a Statisticians. This book contain in about 1650 questions of different nature of statistics subject for their use in various examination particularly Indian Statistical Service ( ISS ) examination. The author has made every effort to give the touch of every content of basic Statistics, Statistical methods, Probability, Probability distribution, Linear model, Statistical inferences, Hypothesis testing, Sampling theory and Design of experiment of the syllabus of various examinations include questions of maximum topic of statistics which may be needed for preparation of various competitive examinations such as Indian Statistical Service (ISS) examination.The material in this book have collected by author through various sources of contents of Statistics by his own preparation of multiple choice questions

  • 999 Motivational Quotes by: Shivam Sahu 250.00

    In this book Shivam Sahu, wrote 999 different motivational quotes in both Hindi and English languages. Motivational quotes of both Hindi and English languages did not match with each other, they all are different from each other but if some quotes are matching with each other then we are not responsible for that.

    You can do anything but if you do not have motivation, you cannot do anything in your life because motivation is a very important factor towards one’s success.

    But the problem is that in today’s world people do not have a strong desire, a strong motivation to do any work. To overcome this problem, Shivam Sahu wrote this book so that if you are feeling demotivated you can read these quotes, you can feel these quotes from your heart and then you can do anything in this world.

  • My Feelings in Ink by: Saisha Israni 200.00

    This book is a series of short poems written to convey stories of struggle, hope, grief, terror and more. It will make you smile then cry and make you feel a multitude of emotions. Every poem is a spontaneous overflow of emotions that conveys a story.

  • Conquer Invisible Anxiety and Depression by: Dudala Pandu Ranga Reddy Vineeth 549.00

    This book “CONQUER INVISIBLE ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION” SERIOUSLY focuses on the permanent solution to Anxiety and Depression problems most people are facing in their lives. It is common for almost everyone to believe that problems are common in our lives. This appears to be the obvious truth but it is ABSOLUTELY a false idea. If we make the idea of what we REALLY WANT in our life a dominating idea in our mind, then we will not have any problems in our life. This book focuses on getting awareness of the Anxiety and Depression problems and
    guides you to make the idea of what you REALLY WANT into a dominating idea in your mind. A big problem for person 1 may be a small problem for person 2 and may not be a problem for person 3. This is because person 3 has his own ideas (things he REALLY WANT) stronger than these limiting problems. This book guides EVERYONE to become this person 3. It is a simple training program for EVERYONE to strengthen their dreams in their minds. The stronger your dreams, the stronger the results will become.

  • Songs of my Heart by: K. Lakshmi Rao 200.00

    Songs of my Heart is a dream project of the author for many years. It has taken three decades to bring out this book as a 108 poems compilation, not for any other reason but to complete her responsibilities as Educator. This book comprises 108 poems coming directly from her heart on various occasions, expressing a vast range of feelings from remorse, to sadness to happiness and contentment and not forgetting the philosophy of life. Most of the poems expressed my feelings on nature and human emotions purely imaginative and very few reflect my interest in the description of physical structures. she tried creating visual and auditory images through her poems.

    I am sure that each poem triggers the inner feelings among the readers.

  • Endless Emotions by: Bishal Kumar Bhuyan, Jina Moni Upadhyaya & Shubham Bhowmick 150.00

    Endless Emotions is a collection of poems in which the poets mainly reflect emotions, the sentiments of those who feel strongly at different phases of life. Each poem depicts different shades of Sentiments associated with different phases, be it love, nature. Firmly placed by poets, the strophes touch on the lives that we feel, the lives that we go through.

  • Alone in the Dark by: Inktip 150.00

    Two friends get more than they bargain for while vacationing at a family home.

  • MAYABINI MAYA by: Arindam Sain 999.00

    An adventurous journey to a different planet where there are so many mythological as well as scientific mysteries.

  • Dhakshinendhyayile Vishwa Brahmanar by: Vishnu Ganesh 250.00

    വിശ്വബ്രാഹ്മണ സമുദായത്തെ കുറിച്ചുള്ള ചരിത്ര പഠനത്തിലേക്കുള്ള ഒരു ചുവടുവയ്പ്പ്

  • Prasiddh kahaaniyaan by: Munshi Premchand 356.00

    गोकुल की माता का मिनट तक गत-सी बैठी जमीन की और ताकती रहीं। शौक और उससे अधिक ने सिर को दबा रखा था। फिर पत्र उठाकर पढ़ने लगी।स्वामी,जब यह पत्र आपके हाथों में पहुंचेगा तब तक में इस संसार से विदा हो जाऊंगी। में अभागि हूँ। मेरे लिए संसार में स्थान नहीं है। आपको भी कारण कलेश और जिन्दा ही मिलेगी। मैंने सोचकर देखा और यहाँ निश्चय किया कि मेरे लिए मरना ही अच्छा है। मुझ पर आपने जो दया की थी, उसके लिए आपको जीवनसतुका नहीं की परन्तु मुझे दुःख है कि आपके चरन सर सकी। मेरी अंतिम याचना है कि मेरे लिए आप शौक न कीजिएगा ईश्वर आपको सदा सुखी रखे। माताजी ने पड़ रख दिया और आंखों से आँसू बहने लगे बरामदे में र निस्पंद खड़े थे और जैसे मानी उनके सामने खड़े थी।


    A novel that shows sacrifice, selflessness, Romance, and belief. Historical fiction with nature’s love. How respect is important in a relationship. It is a small novel in which Persian culture can be seen and it is an English translation Of शाज़मान-ए-शब Which is written in the Hindi language.

  • Urban Planning (A Literature Review) by: Aasna Arora, Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Emmanuel Daniel Okech, Lubandzi Africa Magongo, Mayuri Sakpal, Priya Yadav, Nahome Teshome Ejo, Sainabou Sanyang, 1,200.00

    This book explores the literature review of various aspects of urban planning, exploring through research papers, books, reports and diverse articles. It analysis the literature gaps in the fields of Road Safety, Public Transportation, Vehicular Pollution, Drainage Management and Housing.

  • Fallacious Dream (Contains Treacherous Poems Read on your Own Risk) by: Medha Toor 221.00

    Warning! This book bleeds, weeps and sprinkles black magical words! Poetry in this book is mostly sad and miserable at the beginning and cool at the end, but one can also laugh about it with a little attention to detail.No matter how much you identify with one of them, know that poetry itself is music for the eyes and that it was always meant to be sensed and forgotten. Rest, love has always been tragic and most of all insignificant and temporary. If you are a dog lover, a guardian, an altruistic soul, a survivor, a believer and have a fairy heart, this book is yours.

  • Carbon: The Element of Life (The Story of Carbon and How it Helps in a Planet B) by: Vishal Yalavarthi 983.00

    Ever had the question: does life exist outside Earth? In this book, we shall explore the primal concepts of science to stitch together the answer we have been looking for centuries. We will explore the dark realms of science, trawl into the fundamentals of science, learn about various chemical compounds and how to make them (on paper), explore the sinister dungeon of our body to learn what tissue does what function in the body… and much more… EXTRA: The book has some extra chapters which are not related to the main question of the book but will enhance the reader’s knowledge on the subject of modern science. May science emerge victorious!

  • Slices of Life by: Usha Vardhan Sharma 200.00

    In this book there are values of life like honesty is priceless but the impact is powerful, selfless social service of strangers and impact of having cordial relation with neighbors. A vacuum created by their mother’s death has silenced the silence even. Social evils of society should be eradicated from the society, how deep does the wound gets when widows are deprived of certain rituals and celebrations. Wrong parenting and its consequences are also highlighted in this book of mine. Animal post-delivery care is no less than humans so don’t underestimate the emotions of animals. I have also focused on the fact of having worked with the right mentors – how my mentors helped me in framing my career graph. I have also thrown light on the fact as to how baby girls should be welcomed into the world.

  • Murg Mareechika by: Sudhir Srivastava 122.00

    कहानी और संस्मरण में क्या फर्क है?जब आप की कथा का नायक मैं हो या किसी घटना अथवा पात्र के साथ

    मैं का जुड़ाव हो तो संस्मरण हो जाता है।हालाँकि कुछ संस्मरणों का अच्छी कहानियों में शुमार होता है।इसी प्रकार पात्रों का नाम राम, श्याम,गीता,मीता कुछ भी रख दें तो कहानी हो गई।लेकिन पढ़ने वाले इसके बावजूद आप की ही कहानी मानेंगे।इस संदर्भ में श्रद्धेय फणीश्वर नाथ रेणु जी की उक्ति गौरतलब है-“आप अपनी कथा के पात्र का नाम राम-श्याम-यदु रखिए या हैरी-डिक-टॉम, बुझक्कड़ लोग उसको आपकी ही कहानी मानेंगे।और जिस दिन आप सचमुच में अपनी कथा अर्थात आत्मकथा सुनाने बैठेंगे बुझक्कड़ों की मंडली त्राहि-त्राहि पुकार
    उठेगी… अहं की भी सीमा होती है।… अपने आपको पंडित नेहरू समझने लगा है,… मानसिक चिकित्सागार में भेजो इसको।“
    पाठकों को विश्वास दिलाना चाहूँगा कि मानसिक चिकित्सागार में भेजे जाने लायक योग्यता अभी तक प्राप्त नहीं कर सका हूँ। यह आत्मकथा नहीं बल्कि अपने आसपास घटने वाली घटनाओं का एक संकलन मात्र है।इन्हें कहानी कहें या संस्मरण, अपनी तरफ से मीठा-तीखा-चटपटा बनाकर आपके समक्ष प्रस्तुत करने का एक छोटा सा प्रयास मैंने किया है। स्थापित परंपरा के विपरीत मैंने इस संकलन को अभी किसी को समर्पित नहीं किया है।यह संकलन हिट हो जाए और दूसरा संस्करण छापने की नौबत आ जाए,तभी किसी को समर्पित करने के बारे में सोचूंगा।


    “Pensive in pandemic” is a collection of thoughts which have crossed my mind from childhood to maturity. Blended moments of glory, failures, melancholy and laughter are expressed through these poems. The very simple language used would help the readers to identify moments which could be a part of their everyday living.
    The trying pandemic situation gave me a positive chance to reflect upon the thoughts and memories which had been a part of my being and perhaps for several others also, who had managed to battle adversities during the covid situation. I humbly request all my readers to read all the poems and feel them too.
    The mid school students, the high school learners, the young adults, the college crowd, the senior citizens; all can connect themselves through the realities portrayed in most of the poems as they illustrate love, success, failures in the light of the ordinary struggling individual.

  • Ashrudhara by: Madhu Bala Rustagi 200.00

    The book “Ashrudhara” has been written by Madhu Bala Rastogi, who is a aspiring poetess and writing since her teens. Most of her poems have been published in journal by the organisation where she worked. Most of her poems, ghazals and nazam comprise feelings of a woman, her sufferings, her endurance towards this world. Voices her own feelings through her writing which have been summarised in her book “Ashrudhara”. Through her book, readers will get a chance to understand that a woman always lives upto 9th level of her consciousness and has deep perspectives.

  • Solit’al by: Ravi Shah 300.00

    SOL’ IT. AL – is a handmade book of guidance on major aspects of life, the essential teaching can be summed up simply as – Relax / Rest / Let-Be / Allow…
    When we consider that we are born a part of the Cosmic eco-system, inherently capable of tremendous & miraculous creativity, we can return to knowing our Original Nature – and we can regain so much.
    Through various useful walks of life application of ‘Relaxation’ is explained. How being Relaxed leads to a fuller, richer quality of life is explored.

  • Aasha Ke Ankur by: Shabana Anjum 150.00

    ‘Aasha ke ankur’ is a Hindi poetry collection, which is written by Shabana Anjum. The meaning of the title is ‘Sprouts of hope’. The core theme of the book is to inspiration and hope. There are eight sections in the book.
    The first section contains poems that reflect the emotional plot of the poet. The second section contains poems which depict some current topics of the world. The poems in the third section take inspiration from the Nature and convey it to the readers. The fourth section aims at germinating hope in the minds of the readers.
    The fifth section portrays the value of a mother in our lives. The sixth section has poems which are close to the heart of the poet. The seventh section has poems which is a reprimand for some evils dwelling In us. Last section is a beautiful set of some ghazals penned down by the poet, with motivational touch. The book is brought in light with the aim of making a shift in the thinking process of its readers towards hope and bring about a positive change in their life.

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