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  • Parishranta (Maithili) by: Dr Pankaj Kumar Jha 150.00

    Parishranta is a book which deals with the self-analysis of an individual for uplifting one’s emotion continuously. Being the best creation of God, human beings get themselves tangled in exploring permanent pleasures in temporary things which is quite impossible and leads them to the waters of disgrace and repentance. Each chapter of the book has been written to deal with such issues and to find out their solutions.

    By choosing a field of interest, the thinking power of a person increases, which can lead to self-realization. The various modes of coordination between enjoyment and renunciation are also described, which keeps an individual away from the fear of death and inspires him to be courageous, joyful, and energetic throughout one’s life.

    Considering this book as an instrument of power, an attempt has been made to provide lessons to human beings always to engage in ‘Satkarma’ i.e positive work. Similarly, the meaning of life has also been considered empirical not enlightening. The meaning of life is loving behavior and deeds of charity, whose interesting explanations can be found in this book.

    Apart from this, an attempt has also been made to describe the realization of the universe in one’s inner soul and the realization of one’s inner soul in the universe which is the real root of happiness. Devotion and confidence in life is said to be an instrument for paramount success which inspires a man to be energetic and industrious.

    In short “Parishranta” is an effort that motivates an individual to be ‘Sthitpragya’ in every situation and sphere of life and preaches to excel in one’s chosen field with persistent efforts.

  • Beyond The Horizon, An Inter-Continental Anthology by: Dr. Sanjay N. Shende, Ms. Priti Sharma, Dr. Prafulla K. Panda 571.00

    Beyond the Horizon, an inter-continental anthology of poems presents a panoramic picture of
    life with myriad colours— ruminations on the present, nostalgia of the past and hope for
    future. It is a collection of 247 poems written by poets from ten countries of the world
    including USA, South Africa, Serbia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Srilanka, Nigeria
    and India. The major features of this anthology are — rhymed and unrhymed poems, poems
    written by contributors of all age groups—young and old, established poets and emerging
    ones, passionate lovers of poetry and experimenters with this genre. The anthology includes
    poems which are subjective as well as objective offering personal, social, political, and
    cultural perspectives. The anthology features poems in different poetic forms such as sonnet,
    lyrics, and ballad. Apart from traditionally occurring recurrent themes, this anthology
    contains poems on nationalistic fervour, critique of political system, longing for the simple
    rural life, state of isolation, life, death, humanity, inner voice, loneliness and many more inter
    alia. We believe that poems included in this anthology will provide ‘comfort, meaning and
    hope’ and a new perspective of looking at life in today’s critical situation of pandemic.

  • HISTORICITY OF GOD INDRA” – ‘ The King of the Vedic Hindu Gods was a Living Human of Mesopotamia”. (Hardcover) by: Sukumar Das 500.00

    “A Hugely Significant Break-through in Indology” :

    “Some fixed dates identified for Prehistoric India of 15th Century BC”

    Rig-Veda mentioned 237 times that Indra killed Ahhe, identified beyond all doubts as Ashur-Nadin-Ahhe-I of Assyrian Kingdom in the year 1433 BC when Indra [original name was “Idrim” before deification by Rig-Veda, as per Idrim’s own Statue-Inscription and clay tablets discovered from Alaka [ Turkish name ‘Alalaka’ City ruins] was a vassal king under the ‘Mitanni Kingdom’ in present Turkey-Iraq area. Warlord Indra, the vassal king of Alaka from 1449 BC to 1433 BC, killing King Ahhe-I, but failing to take over his kingdom, left Mesopotamia forever, and made his fortune and created a great history by successful invasion and conquest of some parts of India first in 1432 BC, many times till 1390 BC, establishing 4 Aryanised Kingdoms, Suryavamshi, Chandravamshi, and Yadava Dynasty, and a kingdom under Tuvasha, and his own Aryavarta Empire in mainly Afghanistan and part of Iran and Central Asia, with his capital at Harivarta [ now Herat] on the bank of river ‘Hari-Rudra’ , now called “Hari-rud” having his multiple protectorate kingdoms and vassal kings in present India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, locations as specified or indicated by Rig-Veda, while describing 15 major wars of Lord Indra, capturing, colonizing and Aryanzing of the-then greater India, including Pakistan Afghanistan and part of Iran, induced and sponsored writing of ” Rig-Veda” making himself the “King of all the Vedic Gods”, making his own Chief Priest Vrihaspati as Devaguru, his 63 Cavalry Chiefs was God Mautas, his own employer in Alaka vassal state, King Barattarna of Mitanni Kingdom between Assyrian Kingdom and Hittite Kingdom deified as God Mitra [ Sun] , the-then Babylonian Emperor Burna Buriash, named as God Varuna, his “war-designers Ashvin-twins as God Nasatya, all together 12 chief gods of Rig-Veda were all living humans of 15th Century BC in Mesopotamia, and out of 33 total gods of Rig-Veda, natural phenomena Fire, Sun, Air, Water, Rain, and hard drink Soma were major Gods, and rest were very minor gods. Thus Indra was the creator of Vedic Hinduism, introducing foreign invaders as worshipable Gods for the captured parts of India, taking all the gods names from Mesopotamian Gods’ names, and he himself changed his mortal name “Idrim”, glorifying him with the Indo-Aryan Kassite War-God’s name “Indas” with little modification as “Indra” and the Rig-Veda in Cuneiform Scripts became so popular that within 50 years Indra, Varuna, Mitra and Nasatya appeared as God for oath-taking, in the Royal Treaty Texts of Mesopotamian Kingdoms”. A great revealing research work, enlightening and delighting in reading these texts backed by constant supporting reference of unquestionable authenticity. Hope this book will be a “must-read” for people willing to know the ancient world and forgotten past from India to Turkey now.


    Constituent Assembly Debates, which made the Constitution of India, are the
    original source to understanding how the Constitution was made. The
    debates are bold and blunt, conducted using soft expressions and language.
    Rather than reading the Constitution as it is, what we discovered over the
    last fifty years of its adoption is that it is read differently, suiting the persons
    of the political parties speaking as they selectively suppress the spirit of the Letters.
    Terms such as socialist” and “secular were later inserted in the Preamble
    through the 42nd Amendment in 1976 and that opened up Pandora’s box.
    Unfortunate derivation continued to progress, opening up opportunities to
    influence the meaning of socialism, secularism, and religion. Politicians
    didn’t even glance at the spirited debates, on how those very words were used
    to rench the consensus collectively among them. Inequality continued to
    increase year after year, which should not have been there after the insertion
    of those words. Politicians and religious leaders at that time considered it
    more appropriate to convert those words as more relevant terms like
    religion, caste and creed. There onwards, the country started experiencing a
    different taste of socialism, secularism, and religion. In the author’s view, all
    such conceptions were solely serving self-interests. This is where we stand
    today. The author has made a humble effort in this book to highlight the
    misconceptions of these terms as envisioned in the Constitution.
    People tend to be generous when sharing their nonsense, fear, and
    ignorance. And while they seem quite eager to feed you their negativity,
    please remember that sometimes the diet we need to be an is a spiritual
    and emotional one. Be cautious with what you feed your mind and soul.
    Fuel yourself with positivity and let that fuel propel you into positive
    metion.” – Dr. Steve Maraboli.


    This book strives to find out how the rulers of our country missed the opportunities in hand to resolve the boundaries of India with Pakistan and China. The author has used the words “missed opportunities” because opportunities to settle the borders were offered to the rulers of that time. But what happened instead was the wanton self-denial of those opportunities. Those errors of judgment and political mistakes cost the country heavily, both in terms of loss of lives and increasing monetary burden.

    What is waiting to come is difficult to predict. The author considers that the historical and legal documents of the past 200 years provide irrefutable grounds for India to reclaim the large tracts of land at the borders. The book urges the reader to think and wonder: how long will India wait for this settlement? How can we silence the borders any longer, when the noise has been growing louder for decades?

  • Teen TO World by: Arpit Bhatnagar 222.00

    The author of this book has tried to share the perspective of a child towards his life and the lessons which he has learned till teenage. These lessons may look insignificant to older people but are actually the starting point of a strong foundation. This book’s main focus is on a person’s originality and self-improvement. In this book, some of the lessons may be known, unknown, or forgotten by people. This book strives to help people understand which person is worth their friendship, respect, mentorship, influence, etc. It also wishes to help people acknowledge different aspects of their lives, from knowing to realizing, betrayal to friendship, the potential end to start of a new foundation, self-doubt to self-improvement, and many more things. These lessons are derived from a child’s perspective, aiming to help adults solve major problems at a simpler level.

  • Shaman woman & the rooster by: Jon Pebi Tato 200.00

    The book is totally fictional, no character in the book is based on true events. The book revolves around few People from Damyo village who happen to visit a great shaman in the southern province and in the midst of their journey, an unprecedented event occurs.

  • Tiddler to Ripe: A story from school benches to college garden by: Hitesh Santwani 227.00

    Tiddler to Ripe is such a story about this enticing journey that makes one wise, mature, independent, and a true lover. It is the story that helps readers to know How Life teaches maturity. This story shows the chronological life-flow of Malav, who made first-time friends of the opposite gender, about his feelings, about his nature of possessiveness or tolerance. Sooner, inspired by the love story of someone who he counts as an idol, creates the imaginations of his love story. With the going life he finally fell in love and how an emotional person lives his life has been portrayed in this story. As a writer, I feel there is a small emotional person residing in each person of all generations. I feel each and every person will get help to analyse their own life emotionally.

  • Boons & Curses Samvad/ Chandrayan Mystery by: Ruby Kanodia 220.00

    This book contains the largest collection of 198 Boons i.e. Benefit, advantage, a blessing. Godsent, Extremely useful, helpful, Beneficial, favor, request, Welcome, kind, generous. pleasant, merry, etc. These divine boons are frequently awarded by Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva whoever performed great tapasya and whatever is demanded boons were given Without looking at its consequences. The largest collection of boons 198. Curses are the antonyms of boons. He who has made a terrible mistake or crime is cursed to suffer a lot. The largest collection of curses 186. There are Adhyatam Kathayein and men and women are created by Virat Bhagwan and gods takes birth daily in a way and permanent duties of nature. 

  • Reveries by: Vibhanshu Prashant 150.00

    Search for the self seems to be the dominating factor in some of his
    poems. It seems that the poet wants to achieve some higher level of
    consciousness and that longing has come out in the form of poetry
    As far as the title ‘Reveries The Saga Of Life’s Journey ’is concerned, there
    maybe a question mark in the mind of readers about the peculiar title
    but exactly the sweet, sour, philosophical, and painful experiences of the
    the poet has come to his mind in some tranquil and contemplative mood
    and have resulted in the form of poems. The reminiscences of some past
    memories and their frequent remembrances have become the stimulus
    for the poet to name this collection of poems as’ Reveries -The Saga Of
    Life ‘s Journey’

    The right judgment of this book can be done only by readers who may
    define, analyze, and may express critical opinions for this collection of

  • The Unstoppable Creative by: Reema Nakra 200.00

    Creativity is magic. Workers need this magic to flourish in the future of work. Reema Nakra, the founder of TSMC and author of the “Future of Work: The Complete Blueprint,” provides the answer to the question, “Why is creativity the skill of the future?” in this book that traverses the new job landscape, explores the radical changes and offers the panacea for workplace problems caused by the avalanche of AI technologies.

    The best way to stop AI from becoming the overlords of workplaces is by harnessing creativity, argues Reema Nakra, whose HR background and years of corporate experience have made her acutely aware of the workplace disruption due to technologies. She sheds light on gig work, digital economy, the importance of collaboration and diversity, future leadership style, and explains why even salesmen, too, will have to tap into their creative skills. And, the book sends a loud and clear message to companies, “innovate or perish.”

    Weeks of painstaking research have enabled Reema Nakra to illuminate the critical role that creativity will play in the future of work and how it is the key to their success. The book will resonate with leaders, current job holders and job seekers, and potential job seekers.

  • And Life Goes On by: Saroj B Chadha 315.00

    And Life Goes On…is the story of Janice Whittle, a WHO staffer, and Karan Khanna, an Indian doctor set in the background of the Coronavirus pandemic. The story takes a violent and criminal turn when the Chinese mafia in New York comes into the picture.

  • Secondary Mathematics Class 10 ( Volume -2 ) by: P.A BARAD 300.00

    I feel proud to have the First Edition Of this of MATHEMATICS Class 10. Compilation of questions in this is for the welfare of the students to clear the CBSE Board examination. It is provided with well acquired PYQs ( Previous Year Questions ). It is mostly been focused on because Students can tally their conceptional bases of understanding of all the chapters through PYQs. I prefer you have a full first complete look at the NCERT It is all the basic source to which the NCERT is availed and asking the most basic part of its from the NCERT. Well being in Pandemic as well You have to concentrate mostly all the sources through which “you can be challenged in front of paper” – P.A BARAD

  • Mera Dark (HINDI) by: Kartik Mittal 180.00

    Mera dark’ ek 60 kavitaon ki kitaab hai Jiske dwara Kartik Mittal ne kavitaon ki khubsurat duniya mein apna aagman kiya hai. ‘Mera dark’ se kavi apne shabdo ko jod kar kuch kavitayein prastut kar rahe hain. Jinme bhagwaan se lekar bharose aur zindagi ke kayi vishyon par kavi ka nazariya jhalakta hai. Manushya ki tez raftaar zindagi aur rishto ki ehmiyat aur unme aane wale utaar-chadhaav par se parda uthaaya gya hai. Mahilaaon ki sthiti or desh ki vyatha tatha kranti ki chingaari ke sath humare aaj ko aaina bhi dikhati hai ‘mera dark’.

    Rachnatmak tareeke se likhi ye kitaab na sirf mann ko prasann krti hai, balki hume samaaj ke anek pehluon se waakif krati hai. Kavitaon ki duniya mein amar rehne ke liye kavi ne khudki kalam ko ‘Ayyaar’ naam dia hai. Ek lambe safar ka pehla kadam hai ‘mera dark’. Asha hai koi na koi kavita apko khush karegi ya ek nayi soch ka beej apke mann mein bo degi.

  • Secondary Mathematics Class 10 ( Volume -1 ) by: P.A BARAD 500.00

    I feel proud to have the First Edition Of this of MATHEMATICS Class 10. Compilation of questions in this is for the welfare of the students to clear the CBSE Board examination. It is provided with well acquired PYQs ( Previous Year Questions ). It is mostly been focused on because Students can tally their conceptional bases of understanding of all the chapters through PYQs. I prefer you have a full first complete look at the NCERT It is all the basic source to which the NCERT is availed and asking the most basic part of its from the NCERT. Well being in Pandemic as well You have to concentrate mostly all the sources through which “you can be challenged in front of paper” – P.A BARAD


    This book is written specifically for children and is about them. A happy combination of ancient wisdom and thought with present-day realities. It contains 44 rhymes.

  • Deal with Draveen by: Tushar Tandwalia 350.00

    My endless love and infinite guilt unleashed his revenge for blood.

    A man named Tiyash, is dying in his car after a brutal attack on the outskirts of Gururgram. He takes a long breath which is supposed to be his last and finds himself in a place where there are no living beings. A surreal red atmosphere envelops the place, with an eclipsed sun and two bright lights running end to end. He meets a strange man in the wilderness named Draveen and they both get comfortable with each other and Tiyash shares his broken love story with him. Draveen offers him a deal and asks for something in return.

    But who is Draveen? What is this place? What deal does he offer? What does Draveen really want? And why did he choose Tiyash? A series of murders take place and the police investigation begins. A love story turns into a horror story and then a revenge story. An Aghori awakens and realizes there is a war coming which will shake the loka (realms). Is this destiny taking its shape or karma fulfilling itself? But in the end, will love win?


    The book is a horror romance fiction that touches various aspects of mythological beliefs. It is the first in the trilogy.

  • Tandoor – A journey through time by: Anshuman Sharma 250.00

    This book is the epitome of knowledge on tandoor and cookery, a guide to
    both students and professionals in the food & catering industry
    around the globe. This book contains a vast chronicle of tandoor and
    innovative recipes – a product of years of meticulous research and
    rigorous field testing.

    It provides a comprehensive introduction to the tandoor, the
    fundaments of the tandoor, the history of tandoor, tandoor, and Indian
    food culture, safety procedures, do’s and don’ts, world-famous
    tandoor dishes and many more.

  • Corona Dairies by: Ahana Srivastava 220.00

    While the entire world was in a state of bewildered, our inspired author was busy penning down her day to day experiences as diary pages which turned out to be a book in your hand, the world will certainly, refer to this book for a long-long time to understand how people survived 20-20 along withCovid19.

    All of the new words which took place in common vocabularies like Janta Curfew, Lockdown, Amphan, Unlock 1.0, quarantined, flatter the curve, Doomsday, New Normals, are well described and significantly used as beads for a rosary.

    Not just being philosophical but this pandemic taught that almost everything in this world is frangible, living with necessity is what required and word recorrected to its basics 2020 Era of Corona knitted in the thread of 15 Chapter series for the book, putting facts in sequence as a continuous story, compiling entire word experiences of most troublesome time, with fall of hopes, people spending time with cheer and fear, this puts everyone life upside down, virus effects on entire human civilization; ecosystem, touched geopolitical issues along with effect observed on our mother nature, reduced level of pollution, Ozone repair, wildlife survival, finally the hope survives.

    While flagship & preceded book of the author “Once Upon A Time” is based on childhood imaginations which forced readers to revisit bachpan, Author is committed and promising readers to present her next book shortly based on Mystery Fantasy, surely readers will be lost in the imaginary world

    created by the author with her powerful words.

  • NAGAMUCHI by: Manohar Bhatia 225.00

    Manohar Bhatia’s {“NAGAMUCHI”} is his second
    work of fiction after his earlier successful spy novel::
    {The Man With The Magic Spectacles} published by in Alberta (Canada) on 11th
    October 2007. He has now come out with a story that
    spans across country, peoples, places, and cultures.
    Truly engrossing and innocently delightful, it is a
    a simple story that begins a birth of rejoicing, moves on
    to despair, hope, and finally triumphs.
    The guru-shishya relationship between the princely
    Japan-born child Nagamuchi and the Indian born
    music teacher Suryavanshi finding a unique cure for
    treating deafness by music seems to be a unique idea
    that brings hope and reward. It is a story that can
    further bridge Indo-Japan relations.
    The story is as inspiring as the story of Helen Keller.
    Poignant and full of hope as the Indian story ‘Black’
    enacted by Amitabh Bachchan on celluloid. It has the
    potential to draw the crowds to the theatre if told on
    the silver screen.
    Right from the first page, a better chapter awaits the reader on the other side. So read on…..

  • Visit To Mumbai by: Sanskriti Gupta 250.00

    This story revolves around a teenage girl Sonia Gupta. She is an enthusiastic girl who is always excited about adventures. When she left for Mumbai after her father’s posting. She was happy because she thought she will get an opportunity to meet her favorite film star as well as inspiration ‘GAURAV MALHOTRA’ but she was unaware that she will face threat even here. She faced the adventure of saving a girl, dealing with other gangsters who were a threat to her life, and also facing a ghostly forest. She also met a handsome boy VICKY MALHOTRA who helped her in giving a beautiful surprise to her aunt. In that process only he fell in love with Sonia. Will Vicky be able to confess his love? Does Sonia also love him?

    This story is a mixture of thriller, fantasy, morals, adventure, and romance.

  • Inquest: The Ambers of Life by: Anupam Mishra 249.00

    Inquest is an anthology showcasing the understanding of life and its philosophy perceived by the various poets who have contributed their emotions for this anthology. 

    One can get the poems from a 7-year-old girl to a seventy-year-old retired man which presents the various level of understanding and perception of each of them.

  • Star Dust by: P Bala S Devi 395.00

    Every other learning has been instilled in us through storytelling for eons and is going to be so for ages to come. The fascinating moments when a mother starts telling stories to her child are the most magical of all. This collection of bedtime stories will trigger untouched yet strong chords that lay cozy in every memory lane. Welcome to the world of muses, which every child loves and every mother is proud to traverse with her child!


    YOU are invited to witness a miracle. Miracle of sadhnas, the best guarded ancient secret of Sanatan Dharma that holds the key to wish fulfillment.

    All of the 18 sadhanas in this book are a highly sought-after real gem and a medium to change your life, and direct it to its fullest potential. These enchanting prayogs are from the pure source of Sanatana Dharma, which not only has the power to turn durbhagya (bad luck) into saubhagya (good luck) but also holds the power to grant your wishes. Be it about monetary gains, or enhancing your luck, relationship issues, and other materialistic benefits. We have got you covered.

    And then you may try another, one after the other, as each prayog is one of its kind. Do it with utmost devotion, love, and vigor. That energy itself will act as a chisel through which your life and wishes shall be crafted, and the sculpture shall present itself.

  • Understanding Parents Through Qur’an and Sunnah by: Er.Tausique Ahmad Hashmi 190.00

    As the generations are heading with higher pace towards the technological
    advancement, the attachment, adornment and understanding towards the parents
    are also decreasing with much higher pace. Today parents are being disregarded
    and disrespected in all forms. Qur’an has very strongly instructed not to say even
    “uff” to your parents which is least and smallest way of showing disrespect and
    dishonoring the parents. As if the word “uff” has encapsulated the entire theme and
    road map how the treatment with the parents should be. There is such a strong
    endorsement from Allah that do not say even “uff” to your parents.
    This book dive deep into the various Qur’anic ayaat which have given parents a very
    high status. There are many Qur’anic ayaat and authentic hadith which depicts the
    respect, obedience, care, honor, kindness and dutifulness towards parents which are
    discussed in this book in great details.
    After reading this book, I hope that children will engage more and more with their
    parents. Also it ignites our soul to understand the Qur’anic guidance about the
    parents and triggers our heart and mind to love, respect, care, obey, treat and
    address them with ihsan, in the best possible way.

  • Contemplating Everyday Texts: An Interdisciplinary Review by: Professor Satnam Kaur, Dr. Shivani Sharma and Mr. Rahul Verma 250.00

    It has a collection of twenty papers by scholarly authors who have discussed various issues
    and subject matters that explore multiple perspectives from different disciplines, sub-disciplines and areas of expertise. The book provides rich theoretical descriptions and hands-on approach that is conceptual and practical and reflects advances in the literature on research, learning, and assessment. Multiple perceptions produce deeper understanding or illumination, viable solution or a product that creatively and innovatively accommodates different perspectives.
    As a maturing academic field, interdisciplinary studies needs to define itself to make the case that interdisciplinarity is, in fact, contributing something distinctive and valuable to
    the academy and to society. The movement is from the most general to the more specific, from breadth to depth.
    An Interdisciplinary insight is an expert’s view on a particular problem that is based on research. This approach is produced when the interdisciplinary research process is used to create an integrated and purposeful result. In this book, disciplinary experts, scholars and students have produce insights.
    The edited book highlights the valuable ideas, views, outlook, observations and thoughts in the form of chapters by authors from reputed institutions across India. It is a complete package, consisting of an interdisciplinary review of diverse ideas and considerations highlighted by the authors belonging to different disciplines. Modern technological developments and globalization add to the complexity of problems and in response, an integrated approach is very much required. Each author’s focus is on another innovative factor at different level of analysis, using different theoretical frameworks, and different methodologies.
    These various aspects discussed and displayed through the interdisciplinary examination, in fact stimulate and invigorate the aspiring research scholars, academicians, researchers to look deeper into some of the issues for further exploration. It will be, indeed, a very good reading the miscellaneous discussion about integrative research papers which is a sort of innovation—that is, change—in the means of knowledge production. Here the researchers thoroughly studied the subject and integrate the information to produce new understandings and meanings.

  • Maize – Golden Grain of Himachal Pradesh (Hardcover) by: Dr. R.K Rajoo 380.00

    This book is meant for Agriculture Scientists , field workers, researchers, planners etc for the over all development of Maize in Himachal Pradesh. It is based on up to date scientific information collected for all possible sources.

  • Shiva in India-India in Shiva by: Bhabani Charan Das 135.00

    Thousands of books have been written on Shiva showing him as the Religious God of Hinduism but this is an exception showing not on religious aspect but on Indian civilization wholly tainted with secularity from the point of view of history and the latest scientific analysis of the relevant features. Here lie the novelty and originality of the book.

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    Poetry emerged as the primal and primary form of any language and carries the weight of the antiquity of eons. Older than history and as old as any religion, it has evolved through various forms and still stays multi-faceted and multi-colored. Nothing can teach and guide better than what the aesthetics of poetry could possibly do. This book is a few strands of such aesthetics that the author has strongly enjoyed and experienced.

    Moon Bites by: P Bala S Devi 225.00

    Poetry emerged as the primal and primary form of any language and carries the weight of the antiquity of eons. Older than history and as old as any religion, it has evolved through various forms and still stays multi-faceted and multi-colored. Nothing can teach and guide better than what the aesthetics of poetry could possibly do. This book is a few strands of such aesthetics that the author has strongly enjoyed and experienced.

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    A book explaining every emotion of life in poetry.

    JEENA ISSI KA NAAM HAI by: Rajeev Agarwal 325.00

    A book explaining every emotion of life in poetry.

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