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  • Solved problems of Elementary Algebra from Hall & Knight by: A K sen 309.00

    This books contains total 20 chapters for elementary knowledge of Algebra. Author has tried to put up the solution in simple and understandable way for students .

  • Panchatatva Sanjeevani For Longevity by: Dr. T. S. Sagar and Kiran Lata sagar 249.00

    Panchatatva Sanjeevani For Longevity” gives a deep insight into the world of natural healing. This book explains how the five elements of nature i.e., Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Akash are associated with the overall health of human beings. This book pertains to simplistic philosophy of life which can be understood and adopted by all living human beings to lead a happy, healthy, and harmonious life in the society.

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    In year 1995 a school boy fell in love with his classmate. Opponent situations arise and they become separated. But love is unforgettable and unavoidable sweet poison. All the friends, one of school teachers and some seniors help him through organizing a function to get his beloved again. The boy faces lots of troubles and finally grabs one opportunity to study the professional programming course in Chennai NIIT. At the same time the girl passes the pre-medical tests and chooses one medical college at Chennai. Will they meet? Can the dreams overcome the realistic world? It is based on some true events.


    Experience the twists and turns in life when an innocent boy falls in love with his supposed doom’s wound. Manoj falls head over heels as things escalate between him and his crush, former classmate Megha. There are many hurdles these young lovers have to overcome, her fearful elder brother, who is notorious for giving young boys like Manoj himself, nosebleeds. But as the saying goes, love finds a way and these two lovebirds find themselves in gushing romance. However, the story takes unforeseeable twists. Will Manoj and Megha be successful with their highschool romance? Will these ‘Doom’s Wounds’ be left bare and open?

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    Pichwai art and paintings have been in practice for the last three hundred years in the Vallabhacharya Sect temples of Lord Krishna’s followers. The paintings, on textile, portray Lord Krishna’s leelas. The Pichwai painting art of Nathdwara is an ancient art form passed on from generation to generation. The art is being taught under the teacher-disciple tradition of India. The book sheds light on Pichwai paintings and the artists of these paintings.

    NATHDWARA PICHWAIS by: Anu Julka 1,500.00
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    What a joy and relief it is when kids start loving what they do specially subjects like Maths..

    This story takes the readers through a series of events that Sam and Polly, the main characters go through to realise the value of Maths in day to day life and how they realised it is better to start loving the subject instead of fighting it and letting it affect their lives.

    It is definitely a parents dream come true !!!

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