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  • Dreamcatcher by: D. SnehaJansi & S. Sri Rakshana 149.00

    A great Tamil lyricist called Valli in an A.R. Rahman song, had written, “Valibam oru Fantasy”, which means Youth is fantasy. Indeed, it is, at that time of our life, we undergo a lot of new experiences like going after our dream, getting to face the real world on ourselves, empowerment, upgrades, development and of course, love. This book, “Dream catcher”, is the fictional representation of youth life in India, particularly Tamil Nadu. It is written by two young lasses who not only represent themselves but all the other young people. If you want to get some light on inspiration, aspirations, good feeling and love, you can try reading this book which have those things inscribed in it. Dream catcher restricts the bad dreams and let the sweet dreams get through it, likewise this book help you to get all the positivity amidst this pandemic.

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