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    “I do believe a 360-degree integral approach for disease prevention is
    necessary for high performance & happiness in life. The approach is equally important for physical and mental health that helps people to fit his natural evolution with his modern-day life. There are personal & professional factors for your overall health. Our choice of food, our scope & requirement of exercise, our scope of sleep, and our requirements of stress management are determined by both our personal & professional factors. Personal factors are your – daily routine, taste preferences for food, habits, beliefs, and focus. Professional factors are – work schedule, type of job, place & movement for the job. The inclusive & integrative approach to transforming lives will save humanity from diseases, disabilities & death in millions. In this integral approach lies the four pillars of health that should be actualized for the purpose of FOOD, EXERCISE, SLEEP & STRESS MANAGEMENT. A common-size overall guidance for all towards healthy living has been provided. It has the inherent flaws that it is not customized to someone’s personal & professional factors. That’s where you will need professional help. But I believe many of you will be benefitted from just following simple healthy living advice. That’s where the book comes in.
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