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  • Doosra Pehlu by: Nirmala Rawat 399.00

    The book; Doosra Pehlu;( language -Hindi with a slight tinge of English) by the author Mrs
    Nirmala Rawat depicts the other side of parenting and schooling. The book is full of beautiful
    quotes, references ( of various authors), insights, analogies, instances which elaborate how
    judgments or labels may damage a child’s cognitive domain. Disempowered grown-ups
    disempower children that further turns into complex behavioral patterns or we can say
    personality disorders(which are acquired and can be deleted). A child’s very simple needs if
    remain unmet in the early stage, take various forms, and re-create patterns that may be self-destructive ( in order to fulfill those unmet needs) !! The book is an outcome of the keen observation, experience, vision, and passion of the author. And it will definitely prove a big help in
    improving the parent-child equation where the child will be treated as an equal and not as subordinate.

    The core message of the book is that a child needs unconditional acceptance first and anything
    else second or third. The child must be seen and heard and protected at all cost. Acceptance
    and compassion to children will lead to a crime-free, addiction-free social scenario for sure!!
    So get ready for a joyous, emotional ride !!

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